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You Be the Judge

12/14/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Good week for Khloe Kardashian -- she's just lost around 200 pounds.  And her step-dad is on his way to losing his Adam's Apple.  So we gotta ask ...


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who cares

279 days ago


The Kardashian is already out with some new "meat" this time is baseball trying a new sport you know, maybe this time she will wait at least 6months before getting married to a millionaire with a prosperous future. Good for her and the Kardashian brand .. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree .

279 days ago


Please revise the surveys to include the additional choice of "don't care", or "irrelevant"

279 days ago


Bruce Jenner has slowly been revolving into a woman before our eyes

279 days ago


I get paid over $87 per hour sitting at home with 5 kids thanks to Barack Obama. I never thought I'd be able to do it but my best friend earns over 10k a month doing this and she convinced me to try. The potential with this is endless. Heres what I've been doing,

279 days ago


How is Khloe not the biggest looser (in every measurement)?! THIS IS RIGGED IN THE KOW's favor, by TMZ.

279 days ago


The only thing practically everybody agree on is that Kanye is an A-hole

279 days ago


Hilton gets beat up but he's the perp, according to poll? Bwahahaha, Mikey Lowhan must have the software program to hack into tmz to 'add' votes.
And how is Khloe NOT the biggest talentless loser?? Lamar actually has talent and a career unlike the mooching worthless Khloe, blech. K-kow's sis must have the same software program for hacking in and adding votes

279 days ago


Why are you so concerned about Beyonce's album... Oh yeah I forgot... You are assisting Kim and Kanye with sizing up their competition. They want to know if the public is more receptive to Beyonce's masterpiece in comparison to that bound 2 bs.

279 days ago


You all are ridiculous, bash khloe for no reason, out of all the kardashian fakeness, she seems the most Normal and least shallow out of all of them. Everyone saying She turned Lamar to drugs, he wasn't doing it before her, is complete bull ****, his dad was a full on crackhead that took his money for mor e crack, Jamie is a dope head, so what make you think he wasn't one himself? Research some more, its not the first time he had been caught doing drugs. How about you stop hating khloe, and hate yourself for constantly clicking her articles, and mad that her "fat ugly" ass is making bank while your making ends meet.

279 days ago


The Kardashian matriarch also has an extensive history with drugs... So doesn't that mean that her off-spring would also be genetically predisposed to this type of addiction. If so... that would definitely explain why Khloe was on her radio/reality show with a vial of cocaine in her purse. Also saw a picture of them posing with bff Demi Lovato who recently made her cocaine addiction public. So with that being said... is is very possible that this hard core drug problem the only the Kardashians are claiming exists was triggered by his affiliation with them. He has a history of using marijuana... Not crack. You Kardashians trolls twist the truth as much as they do. Khloe is far from innocent she was just better than everyone else at hiding it.

278 days ago


George Zimmerman "will kill again" if he gets attacked by a thug again. And he should.

278 days ago


For the Beyonce question there needs to be a third option because it sucks! I previewed all the songs on itunes and there was only 2 that werent complete crap.

278 days ago


Um, TMZ... why is George Zimmerman included in anything that includes the word "star" in the title? Dear God TMZ what is wrong with you people? Have you actually gone insane?

278 days ago


Why is KFed irresponsible? He is MARRIED and in a long term relationship. He was also married to Brit. 6 kids is a lot but he is a full time parent.

277 days ago
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