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Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall is a NFL wide receiver for the New York Giants. He was selected by the Denver Broncos out of the University of Central Florida, with the 119th overall pick in the fourth round of the 2006 NFL Draft. He played for the Broncos from 2006-2009. He has also played for the Miami Dolphins (2010-2011), Chicago Bears (2012-2014), and New York Jets (2015-2016). Marshall is known for his ability to break and dodge tackles. He led all NFL wide receivers in yards after first contact for the 2007 NFL season. On December 13, 2009, Marshall set an NFL record for receptions in a game with 21. Marshall was born on March 23, 1984 in Pittsburgh to Diane Bolden and Freddie Marshall, but his parents did not marry until 1987. They had a rocky marriage and Diane filed protection orders against her husband three times. Marshall spent parts of his childhood in Florida and Georgia and enrolled in the University of Central Florida in the fall of 2002. Marshall married Michi Nogami-Campbell in April 2010. They have a set of twins. In July 2011, the athlete announced he has borderline personality disorder and sought treatment. Marshall has had several run-ins with the law for offenses ranging from driving under the influence to domestic violence allegations.

Brandon Marshall Cussed Out By Heckler, Smartly Walks Away

NYG's Brandon Marshall
Cussed Out By Heckler In NY ... Smartly Walks Away

Here's a video the NFL should show at the 2018 Rookie Symposium -- NY Giants WR Brandon Marshall being cussed at in NYC by a heckler ... and he handles it like a champ. It all started when an… READ MORE >

Chad Johnson Says NFL Comeback Talk Was a Joke: 'I'd Embarrass Myself'

Chad Johnson
NFL Comeback Talk Was a Joke ... 'I'd Embarrass Myself'

Chad Johnson is sticking a fork in his NFL comeback ... telling TMZ Sports IT AIN'T HAPPENIN' ... 'cause he says his body's "too f**ked up" to play anymore. The 39-year-old tweeted the N.Y.… READ MORE >

- 76 days ago
Kaepernick & Maxwell Hate Proves Our Point, Says Broncos' Brandon Marshall

Broncos' Brandon Marshall
Kaep/Maxwell Hate Proves Our Point ... We're Right to Protest

The fact that Colin Kaepernick and Bruce Maxwell are dealing with blatant prejudice proves that protesting is the right move -- so says Denver Broncos star Brandon Marshall. We spoke with… READ MORE >

- 88 days ago
Broncos Star Spoofs Von Miller's Sex Tape at Team Halloween Party

Broncos Star
Spoofs Von Miller's Sex Tape ...At Team Halloween Bash

All in good fun ... and funny as hell!  Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall went all out to dress as teammate Von Miller for the team Halloween party on Monday night.  He got the cowboy… READ MORE >

- 90 days ago
Denver Broncos Crazy Rookie Hazing, Worst Haircuts Ever!!!

Denver Broncos
Crazy Rookie Hazing ... Worst Haircuts Ever!!!

This is the BEST.  The Denver Broncos broke out the shears and went to town on the rookies -- shaving their heads into the best terrible haircuts ever ... and it's fantastic!! It's a… READ MORE >

- 151 days ago
Brandon Marshall Walks Off Radio Show After Things Turn Racial

Brandon Marshall
Walks Off Radio Show After Things Turn Racial

NY Giants WR Brandon Marshall proclaimed, "Black guys in America get treated differently" -- then he left.  That's essentially what transpired during a radio interview with Kirk &… READ MORE >

- 193 days ago
Brandon Marshall: 'Will Jets Have Enough Guys to Play?!' (VIDEO)

Brandon Marshall
Will Jets Have Enough Guys to Play!?

Brandon Marshall isn't blind -- he sees what's going on with the NY Jets and has a pretty simple question ... "Will they have enough people to line up?!" The NY Giants WR was out in NYC Wednesday… READ MORE >

- 228 days ago
Brandon Marshall Says Kaepernick 'Better Than Every QB In Free Agency'

Denver's Brandon Marshall
SIGN KAEP ALREADY 'Better Than Every QB that Got Signed In Free Agency'

Colin Kaepernick is BETTER than every single quarterback who got signed in free agency ... Mike Glennon, Geno Smith, Nick Foles ... this according to Denver Broncos star Brandon Marshall. … READ MORE >

- 283 days ago
NFL Players Describe Terrifying Elephant Encounter (VIDEO)

NFL Players
On Charging Elephant: We Were Scared as Hell!!

The 7 NFL players who had the crap scared outta them AS AN ELEPHANT CHARGED at their vehicle described the moment to TMZ Sports ... and it's pretty damn funny. We posted the video Friday… READ MORE >

- 296 days ago
Broncos' Brandon Marshall Has HUGE Elephant Scare ... During African Safari (VIDEO)

Broncos' Brandon Marshall
Elephant Scare ... During African Safari

Denver Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall almost got TRUCKED by an elephant in Mozambique ... and the whole thing was caught on video. The NFL star is on safari in Africa with fellow football… READ MORE >

- 297 days ago
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