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Captain Awesome

Devon Christian Woodcomb, M.D., often referred to as Captain Awesome or simply Awesome, is a character on the TV series Chuck, and is portrayed by the actor Ryan McPartlin. The character's nickname comes from Chuck's assertion that "everything he does is awesome," and his frequent use of the word "awesome" in conversation. Ellie Bartowski's significant other, and they marry in the Season 2 finale. In the thirteenth episode of Season 4, their daughter Clara is born. Devon Woodcomb is the son of Woody (Bruce Boxleitner) and Honey (Morgan Fairchild) Woodcomb, and has two younger brothers. He played football for UCLA, and met Ellie on the first day of medical school there. He gave her his lucky sweater because it matched her eyes. Devon specializes in cardiothoracic surgery, and is now practicing at Westside Medical Center with Ellie. Devon and Ellie live in the same Echo Park apartment complex as her brother, Chuck. When originally cast, Devon was only planned to have appeared in a handful of episodes before being revealed as an enemy spy by the end of Season 1. However, because of the popularity of the character, this plan was dropped and Ryan McPartlin was added to the credits as a

'Captain Awesome' Dude Gets ID'd

'Captain Awesome' Dude Gets ID'd

That crazy guy who legally changed his name to "Captain Awesome" now has the official Oregon state identification to prove it.Last month, unemployed 27-year-old Douglas Allen Smith Jr. legally… READ MORE >

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