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Doug Bradley

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Mr. Bradley was born on September 7th 1954 in Liverpool, England. Since his school days Bradley has been close friends with Clive Barker. In the seventies Bradley and Clive Barker founded the progressive theatre group "Dog Company". While Barker worked on writing with his friend Peter Atkins (script-writer for several Hellraiser films), Bradley started acting. Bradley made it to the Movie Monster Hall Of Fame with his role as Pinhead the cenobite whom he portrayed in eight of the Hellraiser movies.  See full bio on IMDb »

Pinhead from 'Hellraiser' Movies: 'Memba Him?

Pinhead from 'Hellraiser' Movies: 'Memba Him?

Doug Bradley is famous for playing Cenobite Pinhead in all the "Hellraiser" movies. Guess what he looks like now! READ MORE >

Hell on Earth

Hell on Earth

The 56-year-old resurfaced at some event in New Jersey recently, looking not as sharp.In the '70s, Doug and "Hellraiser" director Clive Barker started a theater group called Dog Company.Bradley is… READ MORE >

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