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Jessie Godderz

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The handsome, muscular and athletic Jessie Godderz has well-established his on-screen presence over the course of his growing career. Proudly owning the nickname of "Mr. PEC-Tacular", Godderz was born on April 23, 1986 in the small town (population less than 400 people) of Rudd, Iowa. He worked at the age of 19 as a conductor for the Pacific Railroad before entering professional bodybuilding with the World Natural Body Building Federation (WNBBF). During 2008, Godderz joined Seasons 10 and 11 of the reality series Big Brother (2000). Often times, he was voted for elimination but lucked upon certain reprieves that prolonged his stays in the house. He did of course, endure eventual eliminations during both seasons yet he established a recurring presence in later seasons, including Seasons 12, 13, 14, 17 and 18. With an impressive physique and rare degree of self-confidence in his own abilities, Godderz signed a contract with the professional wrestling promotion Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in 2011. He was sent to train in Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW). He spent a year there where he won the OVW Southern Tag Team Championship with Marcus Anthony. The following year in 2012, Godderz made his TNA debut at Bound for Glory (2012) where he was introduced as Lisa Marie Varon (Tara)'s "Hollywood Boyfriend". After his story-line with Tara concluded, Godderz went on to form a tag team called The BroMans. The team lasted from 2013 until 2015. During the course of his wrestling career, Godderz won the TNA World Tag Team Championship twice. In addition to his professional wrestling career, Godderz has established a career in television. He has since appeared in series including Tainted Dreams (2014), Snowfall (2017) and New Dogs, Old Tricks (2017).  See full bio on IMDb »

'Big Brother' Star Jessie Godderz Duct Tape Waxes TMZ Photog's Body Hair

Jessie 'Mr. Pec-Tacular'
Duct Tape Waxes TMZ Photog ... After He Fails Quiz

What happens when "Big Brother" legend Jessie Godderz runs into his favorite TMZ photog? This time, the answer is DUCT TAPE HAIR WAX -- a punishment for not staying up on "Mr.… READ MORE >

Big Brother's Jessie Godderz Gives Epic Wedgie to TMZ Photog

Jessie 'Mr. PEC-Tacular'
GIVES EPIC WEDGIE After Thumb Wrestling Domination

Word to the wise ... if you see Jessie "Mr. PEC-Tacular" Godderz on the streets, DON'T challenge him to a thumb wrestling match, or your butthole might just pay the price. Our TMZ camera guy… READ MORE >

- 589 days ago
TNA Wrestlers Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, Zema Ion -- Put TMZ Photog on All Fours in NYC

TNA Wrestlers
Put TMZ Photog on All Fours

Sadomasochistic sex just got sexier ... as 3 jacked TNA wrestlers ripped off their shirts and put our photog in a camel clutch ... so he could put the move on his GF.Here's how it went down -- our… READ MORE >

- 1655 days ago
TNA Star Robbie E -- Yoga Makes Me Fart ... But It Helped Me Prep for 'Amazing Race'

TNA Star Robbie E
Yoga Makes Me Fart But It Helped Me Prep for 'Amazing Race'

TNA wrestler Robbie E might take the wind-relieving pose a little too literally ... 'cause even though yoga helped him prepare for the "Amazing Race" ... it turned him into a human gasbag. Robbie… READ MORE >

- 1689 days ago
Ex-Big Brother Star -- TROLLS CROSSFIT ... After 41 Street Pull-Ups

Ex-Big Brother Star
TROLLS CROSSFIT ... After 41 Street Pull Ups

Former "Big Brother" star Jessie Godderz -- now one of the biggest wrestlers in TNA -- busted out 41 meatheaded pull-ups on an NYC traffic light IN A ROW ... and TMZ Sports has the… READ MORE >

- 1698 days ago
'Big Brother' Star -- Topless at the Airport

'Big Brother' Star
Topless at the Airport

Former "Big Brother" gym rat Jessie Godderz took his shirt off in the middle of LaGuardia Airport in New York yesterday ... so if you're into it, enjoy. If you're not into it ... don't worry ...… READ MORE >

- 2548 days ago
Big Brother Muscle Man Expected Death Threats on Show

Big Brother Muscle Man
Expected Death Threats on Show

Former Big Brother contestant Jessie Godderz -- who appeared in last night's episode -- isn't a bit surprised the family of former house guest Shelly Moore were targeted with death threats over… READ MORE >

- 2724 days ago
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