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Karl Slover

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Karl Slover was 21 years old when he auditioned for the "Wizard Of Oz" movie, and in the process met the other 123 little people with whom he worked through a grueling two month production schedule. "Standing four feet four inches tall, I was the smallest Munchkin," recalls Karl. "I couldn't even reach the doorknob." He is best known for being the first trumpeter in the film but he also was one of the Munchkin soldiers, the only sleepy head boy in the nest of Munchkin eggs, and, one of the singers who led Dorothy down the yellow brick road. He had four parts total. After completing the "Wizard of Oz" he joined the "Original World Famous Singers Midget Show" and sang and danced across America. He also appeared in several movies. His advice to having a long life--"Just do the best you can. Enjoy what you have. Enjoy where you live. Most of all, remember what Judy Garland said in the movie, There's no place like home."  See full bio on IMDb »

'The Wizard of Oz' Munchkin Karl Slover -- Dead at 93

'Wizard of Oz'
Munchkin Dies at 93

The guy who played the lead trumpeter in the Munchkin band in "The Wizard of Oz" died yesterday at the age of 93 ... reducing the number of living "munchkins" down to 3. Karl Slover -- who played… READ MORE >

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