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Scot Mendelson

Scot Mendelson (born February 21, 1969) is an American powerlifter. He is the current world record holder in the raw (unassisted) bench press with a 715 pounds (324 kg) press at the New England Bench Press Classic on May 22nd, 2005. He also held the world record in equipped bench press. Mendelson pressed 457.5 kg (1,009 lb) on his first attempt at the Fit Expo at the 2006 Iron Man Bodybuilding contest on February 18, 2006. The event also included the APF Mendelson Bench Press Classic in Pasadena, California. The new world record is now held by Ryan Kennelly with a weight of 488.6 kg (1075 lbs). Mendelson and his wife have 3 children and live in California. He now owns "Fitness Individualized Training" gym, which teaches strength training and combat sports. On November 23, 2008, Mendelson benched 465 kg (1,030 lb) at the WPC world championships in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Mendelson cut down 2 weight classes and as of December 12, 2009 his current bench press is 1030 at 275 lbs.

World-Record Powerlifter -- The $25,000 Accusation

World-Record Powerlifter -- The $25,000 Accusation

He holds the record for a 715-pound bench press, but badass powerlifter Scot Mendelson hasn't been pulling his own weight -- at least according to his landlord, who claims Scot owes him over… READ MORE >

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