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Shannon O'Toole

Shannon O'Toole is a former New York Jet's massage therapist who is currently suing quarterback, Brett Favre for sexual harassment. O'Toole and another therapist, Christina Scavo, were fired from their jobs as massage therapists after Scavo's husband called Favre on the phone and told him to stop sending suggestive text messages to his wife. The lawsuit states that both women want their jobs back, and a reworking of the NFL team's sexual harassment policy.

Brett Favre Massage Accuser -- The $18,000 Debt

Brett Favre Massage Accuser -- The $18,000 Debt

One of the masseuses suing Brett Favre for sexual harassment is no stranger to a good stiffing -- TMZ has learned she's on the hook for allegedly flaking on an $18,000 credit card bill ... TMZ has… READ MORE >

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