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Shaunna Hall

Shaunna Elizabeth Hall, an American composer and musician, was born July 28, 1963 in Modesto, California to musically inclined parents. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, soaking up the diverse music culture there. Hall played trumpet in school, studying under Jon Simms, the founder of the San Francisco Gay Freedom Day Marching Band and Twirling Corps, at Benjamin Franklin Intermediate School in Daly City, California. She started taking the guitar seriously as a teenager at Serramonte High School, and began her rock music career at Blue Bear School of Music in San Francisco where she studied songwriting. Shaunna Hall is a longtime San Francisco performing artist and composer, equally at home with a guitar in her hand, composing, or working behind a mixing board. Shaunna has worked with a wide range of bands, producers and artists all over the world since 1981 including 4 Non Blondes, Storm, Inc., The Eric McFadden Experience, and more.

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