Brandon, Putz of the Year

6/9/2006 11:00 AM PDT

Brandon, Putz of the Year

Someone made a comment on the TMZ message board that says it best -- Brandon Davis is a waste of human skin.

The grandson of late billionaire media mogul Marvin Davis went off on Lindsay Lohan in the most vulgar way, with his equal Paris Hilton by his side.

TMZ's crack photographer Josh Levine caught it all -- the sexual and hygienic insults, the racist remarks against Lindsay's ex-boyfriend and Paris thought it was so funny she called her friends so they could hear.

Let me tell you something about this guy.  Last January I was flying home from Hawaii and had the displeasure of sitting next to him.  He bragged -- yes, he was proud of this -- that he lived in Santa Monica, California but had his license suspended because of "a few" DUI's so he stays at the swanky Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills and drops 20 grand a month.

He also boasted that he won more than half a mil during his trip by locking himself in his room at the Four Seasons in Maui and sports betting.

And here's the best.  Davis was in a window seat on my right.  In the aisle on the row to my left -- Jennifer Love Hewitt.  They started talking (across me) and two more vapid people, I have rarely heard.

Jennifer:  You got any hobbies?

Brandon: Not really, you?

Jennifer:  I love to cook.

Brandon:  What do you like to cook?

Jennifer: Chocolate chip cookies and stuff like that.  So do you like going out to clubs a lot?

Brandon:  Nah, I've had it with that (he's such a liar).  Those people are really empty (seriously, he said that).

Then they made a bowling date and exchanged numbers.  Sorry guys, she really did.