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Brit's PR Offensive -- K-Fed with Kid

6/12/2006 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Stephanie Lee    

She is right about the comment of riding in our parents laps in the car. I am also from the south and we use to do that all the time when I was younger. So I do believe her when she says that. I think people should just leave her alone. She is still learning. When I first had my son, thank god nobody was watching, because i made so many mistakes. Take Care Britney, and stay strong girl!!

3055 days ago


I too am from the south.But the south isn't STUPID you don' t drive down a road much less a highway with an infant in your lap. the paparazzi don' t have guns they have cameras "FREE PUBLICITY". What she had was a leathal Weapon a CAR... and yes she may knew what she was doing but you NEVER know what the other guy in the car behind you in front of you are beside you is going to do.. so from the south or not there isn't an excuse. The south is a direction not an IQ .

3055 days ago


Stephanie you are right about the south and riding on laps because I am too from the south. The only thing you left out was that when I rode on the lap of my grandfather or parent, I was not an infant nor toddler, I was about 5/6 yrs old and on a rural street not a major highway or a highway PERIOD. Brittney knows she is wrong and just trying to justify her wrong doings. I too am a "young mother" but I did not and will not place my child in harms way. But then again she only did it because of the pozo's but now its because of her upbring....which one is it?! And as for K-Fed and her being seen together, it's all for show. They are not really happily in love like she claims to be. They both are insane and need to grow up and take responsibility for their kids...all of them. There are alot of celebs out there who are under the same pressure they are but they aren't screwing up their children's lives by placing them in harms way everytime we look around. So no more excuses. And that's just my honest opinion.

3055 days ago


Britney and Kevin can do whatever they wanna do, even if that means not being photographed toughter...we don't see what goes on behind closed doors, all these false assumptions hurt, not only is it unfair to her unborn child for her to be under all this stress, but its not fair to Sean. He has to sit back and watch his Mother cry because people are throwing judgements left and right. Put youself in her shoes, alot of they stuff we read or see is all FORCED to the max, so what she lost her balance shes HUMAN not a God. So all you haters need to hop off her and let her live her life in peace, and i think ya'll should live yours and leave Britney and Kevin outta it.

3055 days ago


Hmmm, First it was Her saying she was terrified of the Paparazzi, now shes saying because she is Country... Which is it?? I guess the one that keeps her from Childrens serfvices. She may be a good mom, but she is ignoring all the rules... Allstates have Child seat laws, even Claifornia.
Im from the Deep South, and I am appalled that she uses that as an excuse, yes we did drive in the old days down back roads on mom or dads lap, but the laws werent as strict, and there was not as many dangers as there are today. I think her status as celebrity keeps her out of trouble on that, she should have been cited for that. If it were any of us, we would have been in deep Sh**.
Celebrities are people too? Then they should get the same punishment on crimes they commit as anyone else, especially if it puts a child in any danger.
She may be a good mom, but she needs to THINK before she acts. Afterall, she did have a bodyguard that could have helped her put the baby in his child seat, maybe would have taken 1 minute to snap him in.

3055 days ago


I believe she is being closely scrutinized because of who she is. I do believe she has made dumb mistakes (holding the baby as she drives and the car seat facing the wrong way) She needs some close friends who are mothers to give her advice. But, we all make mistakes. Babies roll off the bed. They fall down. This is part of growing up. No one is perfect. Just, use common sense.

3055 days ago


I can imagine she is an emotionally wreck, people calling her trash & a bad mother on a daily basis. Ever little minor accident, mishap, lapse in judgement is microscopically scrutinized. She dearly wanted a family for many years, and she obviously feels devastated that everyone sees her as a bad mother. Imagine your small mistakes being seen by millions of people before you even get a chance to proces it (her stumble). I totally feel for this girl. Even though putting her son on her lap and driving away was stupid, I don't think she is a horrible mother - I think she genuinely has it in her to be a good one. She doesn't just toss her kids at a score of nannies and let them bring up her kids. She will learn, and perhaps unfortunately due to the media, she will have to learn fast.

3055 days ago


No one should ever drive with a kid on their lap. Everybody trips, even when holding a baby.Walk through a mall and you will see lots of people making mistakes like that on. Are you going to put their mistakes on the front page of todays newspaper? Are ou willing to put your mistakes on any news? I doubt it. As for the car seat facing the wrong way; read a law. SC laws state from birth to one year rear facing. But it also says that 20 pound and up forward facing. my baby is 7 months old and 22 pounds.I was told by police that i can have her forward facing. And we all know that if your kid is not laying almost completly flat, when they fall asleep their heads can fall forward. We have all had that happen. SO GET OVER IT! P.S. have you ever asked child services how their children live?
Some of themm need a little help also

3055 days ago


Honestly I think everyone should just leave her alone. It has to be hard not being able to be a mother without everyone jumping in your face for a picture. I can admit yes she was wrong for driving with her child on her lap so young. But look at all the mothers that leave hospitals with their children, so poor they cant afford a seat. As for the SHE ALMOST DROPPED her son bit. Okay well guess what...I bet you if she didnt have to walk through a crowd of people it would be fine. YES she chose to be a Star...but come on now how many have almost dropped their child, accidentally hurt them? Scratched them because you had long nails? Give her a chance to be a mom without scrutinizying everything she does

3055 days ago


Years ago before all this traffic, yes we could ride without seatbelts. Not in this day and age. Heres how you do it, Brit.....while holding that precious baby in your arms, you slide into the car, lock it . and then you can take your time buckling him in.

3055 days ago


Leave her alone, being a new mother is hard as it is without everyone up on your sh**. No one has the right to judge her just leave her alone and let her live her life and try to be the best mother she can be. But Brittany just remember this: He will not change no matter what he says, if you financially can do it on your own kick his white ass to the curb and take your control back! He is frigin half asleep holding Sean what a punk

3055 days ago

Down To Earth    

I agree, the pop is really driving this girl crazy. Maybe if they would back off some she could relax and try to enjoy her life. I am not sure of all the rumors of divorce, we never know what is going on.

3055 days ago


I admit that I am a quasi Britney fan...and I have made fun of her for various reasons, but I have to say that this gal really seems to be taking an emotional beating lately, and the pics (video) of her crying in the that restaurant with her baby the day that she tripped, really got to me..Last night I saw a clip of her upcoming interview with Matt Lauer and she was really upset in one part..I hate seeing a woman cry....No matter what we think of her good or bad, she is someones daughter, someones sister, someones friend, and someones mom. We only see what we see when it comes to her life. I am sure she is just trying to do her best, and find her way in life..and every mistake she makes is recorded for all to see..
I for one have to learn to stop being so judgemental...
Walk proud Britney..

3055 days ago

Monica Adams    

I do not feel sorry for her. What does she expect. She started dating a man who was in a serious relationship with his pregnant girlfriend. Of all the guys in the world she chose someone like that. He has no morals and neither does she. She's getting everything she deserves. I know she's miserable with this second pregancy.....Oh well...In a few years she'll be a fat unknown washed up singer.

3055 days ago


The excuse for driving w/her child on her lap in a vehicle that has an airbag, is just stupid. She might have sat on her dad's lap while he let her drive, but I'm willing to bet that vehicle didn't have an airbag system with so much force, that a poor baby wouldn't be recognizable if it deployed on them. Excuses, excuses, excuses. If you're a good mother, then be one, and you wouldn't have to make excuses for being so bad at it. Time to find another nanny, for the sake of Sean and the other child's life.

3055 days ago
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