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Where's Tori?

6/25/2006 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tori SpellingI'm told that Candy Spelling is "devastated" over the loss of her husband, Aaron. Some of her friends visited Candy at her mansion on Saturday to comfort her.

Aaron's death was not a surprise -- he was very ill for a very long time -- but the grim reality is never easy to handle once it happens.

Of the people I know who were there, no one saw Tori. It's no secret that she was feuding with both her mom and dad before his death. Candy was especially outraged at Tori's reality show, in which Candy feels she was unfairly trashed.

Tori has issued a statement that she made peace with Aaron before his death. She visited him last week, though I'm told she was not there when he died. Tori has made no mention of peace with her mom.

Aaron Spelling was a wildly successful and rich man, so presumably Candy is now in control. It will be interesting to see how that plays out with Tori. In Hollywood, power shifts have a way of changing everything.


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Lisa Bartholomew    

Tori should be alble to marry whom she wants.This was the reason for the fight with parents. Candy should spend the money the way she wants. Tori can make it on her own. She is rich enough herself. Use the money to help people who really need help. Lisa B

3019 days ago


Whether she was there or not when he passed, Tori lost her daddy.
My deepest condolences to the whole family for the loss of Aaron Spelling.
His shows filled my childhood and impacted more than a couple generations.
He will be sorely missed. :(

3019 days ago


Tori is a spoiled brat - (created of course by Candy and Aaron.) She will be a serial marryer like Liz Taylor - and she will never be really happy. She should be ashamed of how she dishonored her parents, especially at the time of her father's illness. Hope he was smart enough to cut the trust fund for the ingrate before he passed on. No more gravy training for her!

3019 days ago


Aaron Spelling was not only a record-setting TV producer, he was also a great humanitarian, so with Tori still in the limelight as an actress, she'll probably do some humanitarian deeds in the same tradition as her late dad. BTW: Randy Spelling is an actor who hasn't been seen often (since Malibu Shores, circa 1995)

Aaron Spelling was not born from a rich family in Dallas TX (believe it or not!). Aaron started out as an actor in the 1950's and even appeared on an episode of I Love Lucy! The Spellings didn't have a mansion until the late 1980's.

Tori, Candy, and Randy, may the fruits of your late dad's labor help you carry yourselves and your endeavors forward.

3019 days ago

Marlene Bartel    

Excessive wealth does not mean you have class. Case in point: Tori Spelling. Since her second marriage she has gone to great lengths to publicly ridicule her husband's ex. Can't get any lower than that. Tori's got nothing going for her except her daddy's money.

3019 days ago


well i think people should have a little consideration for tori,,,after all she did lose her father,,,as for her mother,,life is too short to fight tori,,,make up with her and just agree to disagree,,might see u will have less arguements that way

3019 days ago

jane jansen    

Horseface Tori IS another spoiled rich brat-- one rung under Paris. Bet she is REALLY upset Paris gets all the attention.

3019 days ago


Stop with Tori leave her alone she lost her dad My heart goes to Candy, Tori and her brother...everyone seems to forget him...Leave them alone..We are sorry for their loss ...We love all the Spellings......

3019 days ago


It's really sad that this conversation or remarks are being made about Tori and the Spelling family. She just lost her father. Be kind and caring and stop all the gossip and trash that is published. Only Tori and her family know the truth. Why do you care? They are human just like you and I.
My Mr. Spelling rest in peace and my God comfort the Spelling family in their time of mourning. God Bless and may Heaven shine down on you.

3019 days ago

roni freels    

i am sorry to hear about aaron spelling's death. he knew how to stick to family values in all his productions. tori, hmmmmmmmm, not a fav of mine. she is one ugly child, who has been spoiled by her rich and famous parents. she now, as an adult is still spoiled and expects entirely to much from her parents. one thing for cant buy everything, if it could, dont you think tori would have bought some looks with her millions?

3019 days ago

Missy Beach    

If she (Tori) no longer speaks to her mother and her mother decides to disinherit her I wonder how long lover boy will stick around? On the other hand if she gets pregnant, she will probably reconcile with her mother. Has anyone heard anything about a funeral?

3019 days ago

Candy Spelling    


3019 days ago

Princess Poon    

I think it's funny and tragic the way people here think they have a right to comment on the lives of people they DONT EVEN KNOW.

Families, whether they are rich and famous or not, have problems just like everyone else. It's ridiculous to talk about people that you have never met, and dont know any details about their lives, other than what you read in some twisted rag.

Is your life so much better? You have no family squabbles or embarrassments? Here's a thought--worry about your own lives. People in the public eye dont want your comments, and they dont care what you think.

3019 days ago

Bill (Virginia Beach, VA)    

Everyone's seen all (or most) of Aaron Spelling's shows. As I was growing up...who could forget the famous "Zip Code Show" (90210)? Most of us could picture exactly what was happening and could relate to 90% of what happened to them in High School and the "growing up" years as they headed off to College.

Since then....We've seen a drastic "change" in Tori Spelling as her dad promoted her but now that Aaron's passed away will Tori get a reality slap...wake up call? Family is more important than $$$ but in Tori's case....I hope her family raised her with honesty, integrity and respect for others and the importance of "true family" relationships. Maybe Tori needs to review some of her old 90210 episodes and review the episode when her father (played a Dr.) passed away. Her life is not only "T.V" related...but the "reality" just hit home.

In all sense of the word....I wish the Spelling Family my fond best wishes in their loss but most importantly.....I wish Tori (and her Family) Best Wishes in their future will be in my prayers.

God Bless his Soul.
Virginia Beach, VA

3019 days ago


I think Tori is beautiful...a chip off her mom..Candy is also very beautiful. No one knows the family except for people close to them..quit judging them...don't we all have problems in our families..who knows if they did or didn't have these what??Its normal and you people condemning them ought to be ashame of yourselve's. Aaron just died and you should respect them at this time of grief. To the Spelling family..sorry to hear of your loss and may god be forever in your prayers. Bless the family and stop being so judgeamental..God Bless You..Candy,Tori and Randy

3019 days ago
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