Where's Tori?

6/25/2006 3:03 PM PDT

Where's Tori?

I'm told that Candy Spelling is "devastated" over the loss of her husband, Aaron. Some of her friends visited Candy at her mansion on Saturday to comfort her.

Aaron's death was not a surprise -- he was very ill for a very long time -- but the grim reality is never easy to handle once it happens.

Of the people I know who were there, no one saw Tori. It's no secret that she was feuding with both her mom and dad before his death. Candy was especially outraged at Tori's reality show, in which Candy feels she was unfairly trashed.

Tori has issued a statement that she made peace with Aaron before his death. She visited him last week, though I'm told she was not there when he died. Tori has made no mention of peace with her mom.

Aaron Spelling was a wildly successful and rich man, so presumably Candy is now in control. It will be interesting to see how that plays out with Tori. In Hollywood, power shifts have a way of changing everything.