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Ashlee to Playboy: No Thanks!

6/27/2006 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Ashlee Simpson has turned down a $4 million offer to pose for Playboy.

Ashlee Simpson
In Touch Weekly first reported the offer, and said the pop star was considering it. TMZ spoke with Rob Shuter, Ashlee's publicist, who confirmed that Ashlee did indeed receive an offer to pose in the legendary men's mag -- but turned it down.

A source close to Ashlee told TMZ the offer was big -- $4 million to be exact.

A newly glammed Simpson is currently on tour promoting her recent album, "I Am Me."


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I HATE Ashlee....she's a fake....I loved how she was booed hardcore at the National Championship game.....AMERICA HATES THE WINEY LIL BRAT!

3039 days ago


LoL!!! Man I have so much to say thats it wont even come out in my writing.. But I will say this, Horray ashlee for turning that down!!! She will gain a lot of respect for doing that. Thats totally sick to be willing to pay someone 4 million just to expose their bodies for all of these sick men and their perverted needs. There are way better things Hef can do with that money!

3039 days ago


i love Ashely SImpson- she is so beutiful! she deff turned it down because she would ruin her images and would no longer be the role model for many of her younger fans!

Love ya Ash!!!!

3039 days ago


im glad she didnt take that job!!!! if she did it would ruinher reputation!!! shes finally thinking straight 4 once!

3039 days ago


People need to get over her "transformation." I have a lot of respect for her for not accepting this offer. Sure, $4 million is a lot of money. In fact, it's a !%$& load of money, but to her, her self-respect obiously means a lot more than any amount of money. Playboy magazine is nothing but a magazine that exploits women. Im not a fan of Ashlee, but i do admire what she did now.

3039 days ago


I am so happy for her she is a very strong girl for turing that down i whould have done the same thing. I hope she keeps up the good work!!

3039 days ago


i think she did the rite thing. playboy sells for sex and thats not rite win guys only look at ur body and not ur persinality.

3039 days ago


I think it's very disturbing how many people here label men and women who are comfortable with their sexuality and sexual desires as "perverts" and "sluts", respectively. Sex should be openly celebrated and embraced by all levels of society, and only the outdated yet still somehow extremely powerful forces of religion are keeping it a taboo.

Religion is a vestigial thought process in the same way that the appendix is a vestigial organ. It was great back when we were all unevolved apes who didn't have the thought process to comprehend natural phenomena on a level other than "God did it." But science teaches us more and more about the way the world works every day, and God becomes more and more unnecessary.

Religion is generally harmless, but like an appendix, it occasionally rots and becomes dangerous. C'mon, society. It's time to have the surgery. Put up the Bible and go out and get fucking laid already.

3039 days ago

Anthony G    

Dammit!... :(

3039 days ago


u no all u people are perves unless u are glad she chose a good path cuz u dont respect woman and women arent just sex symboles there people to and ur sayin she did the wrong thing i think ur doin the wrong thing women are people who shuld be treated like people and if u dont like ashlee's choice go fuck ur self assholes

3039 days ago


Ashlee Simpson has had major work done. If playboy asked me to pose my armpit hairs for no money at all, I'd do it. Ashlee is unfortunately not going to keep up with her path of stardum. She's going to be the next overnight blow out success. She is gonna be out in no time, and this offer should not have been turned down, any publicity, good, bad, profane, or naughty, is good publicity.

3039 days ago


I think it was a good idea for Ashlee to say no to Playboy, no matter how much she was turn down that much money means that she has a strong character and won't do what she doesn't want to do...all Playboy is, is a bunch of women who walk around w/ barely any clothes on in public and make tons of money by posing nude for a bunch of sick-minded guys who look at them in the wrong way. We are not naturally supposed to show off our bodies like that and props to Ash for knowing where to draw the line.

3039 days ago


im glad she turned it down. i respect her because she respects herself.

3039 days ago


you go girl! Ashlee has some dignity...which is sad to say is becoming scarce. To NIema...have some self respect for crying out loud...what kind of decent guy would want a skank?

3039 days ago


i would jack off to her if she was nude daaaaang shes freakin hot kinda

3039 days ago
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