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K-Fed Got His Shine On!

7/6/2006 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before he became Mr. Britney Spears, Kevin Federline had a career in the service industry -- workin' at the car wash ... car wash, yeah.

K-Fed worked the Red Carpet for two years -- Red Carpet Carwash in Fresno, CA, that is, where he started at the vacuums and worked his way up to customer service.

Manager Gilbert Alander says his now-famous former employee came to him one day and announced he would seek fame and fortune as a dancer -- so he moved to Beverly.

Another of Kevin's former co-workers confesses he and K-Fed would "get a little wild" and let their "hair down a little bit."

So, with his marriage under scrutiny, if it doesn't work out it clearly wouldn't be the first time K-Fed got the brush off.


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I wish Britany would dump this loser. He is making you look so trashy. Come on girl clean up you have it all.

3031 days ago


He is disgusting and a TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE.....stop wasting time and money prining anything b/c noone cares

3031 days ago


Thats exactly what Kevin Federline should be doing, anything else other than trying to live off Britney. He's used her so much, feeding off her vulnerability and weakness for him. She loves him and he's taking full advantage of that, while he's partying and showing off, she SEEMS to be undergoing stress, depression and scared of the press released more scrutiny against her, affecting her carrer, family and motherhood. Yes, she might have done wrong by starting a relationship with him but it took two to play that game but she was naive and he saw it as a good opportunity. This is what you call NOT A MAN, a real man doesnt NEED to be living off his girl or wife, also trying to use her to jump start his career. Come on! Who was he before her?! He was just another wanna be. I know I aint no one to give advice to her, but BRITNEY, let this guy go TRUST ME! YOU CAN FIND BETTER. And for all of you who are going to talk crap about her, she could've done wrong before but two wrongs dont make a right. We all have made mistakes but that doesnt give anyone to screw us over and have poeple applauding.

3031 days ago


Britney, for all it worth, LEAVE HIS TIRED ASS!!

It's not all that bad out there by yourself and Trust me you'll be a better everything without him. It's better to be alone than to be with bad company.

3031 days ago


a bad photoshop pic.

3031 days ago


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3031 days ago


Who was he before her?..........He wasn't!
Who is he now?..............He ain't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Who will he be after her? Just like the rest of us..UNKNOWN!!!!!!!

3031 days ago


Um, whatever.

He manages to look like he has spasms in everything he poses in.

Thats nothing new.

3031 days ago


Oh, and here I thought the little punk had never worked a day in his life. I completely agree with those who say that he preyed upon Britney's vulnerability. I just wish she had realized what he was about before chosing to have two children with him. This guy needs to get a vasectomy and a personality transplant. Britney, darling, get rid of this yo-yo before he destroys you. Why don't these women think twice before having children with these losers?

3030 days ago


Britney, for all it worth, leave him and his partying ways and take care of Sean P. and yourself because you don't need him.

3030 days ago


What a lot of bigots and snobs TMZ is. I admire his work ethic and following his dream. One this I'll say about Brittney she's not a snob or a bigot. It's ok to be rich and act like Brandon Davis, who never had to work a day in his life.

TMZ this is Brittney's business, per her own words, she's happy and in love. Kevin is a good guy and I give him props for going out there and making a living on his own.

3030 days ago


What is with the way he wears his hats. It makes him look trailerpark!

3030 days ago


mannnnn he looks like a crack addict ,,, skinny as a tooth pick,,

3030 days ago


Excuse me, everyone seems to be ragging on kevin. Britney is not as innocent as you people seem to think. She's from the "country". I have learned one thing about relationships, you ultimately end up with someone that is "like you. She was not a spoon fed princess when she was bor. She was born into poverty and made to work at a young age to support her parents and sister. She's been through alot, yes, but how do WE know kevin doesn't love her? We don't know. All we know is he was a back up dancer and now he's married to britney. Remember, Britney KNEW about Shar when her and Kevin hooked up, they both knew what they were doing, Britney didn't care, which says alot about her.

I don't care for Kevin, but Britney knows EXACTLY what she's doing. Their marriage will be something like Bobby and Whitney's. Britney and Kevin are two of a kind and they feed off each other's insecurities and it seems to work for them, they've been married for a year now (I think). Britney is not as innocent as alot of people might think. That Chaotic Reality Shit told another side of her.

3030 days ago

James in Milwaukee    

He looks great when he's cleaned up. I don't see why folks get so worked up about him, they sort of make an interesting pair. I think now that Britney's career is over they'll move back to Kentwood and stay out of the limelight, we hopes.

3027 days ago

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