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The Z List - This Week's Biggest Losers 07/22/06

7/22/2006 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stedman, Lee, Shyamalan

Sometimes, the act of scaring up bad karma in the Zone is a matter of subtlety rather than severity. This weekend's roll call brings together a group of folks for whom the portent of things to come is as powerful as the initial faux pas.

M. Night ShyamalanM. Night Shyamalan:
Unless Manoj takes a break from the suspense drama movie genre, the artistic jig may be temporarily up. At the Monday all-media screening of "Lady in the Water" in Los Angeles, the usually respectful gathering of reviewers, industry folks and their friends was clearly in contempt. There was laughter, there were snarky asides and, at the end, one unidentified moviegoer yelling out over the closing credits, "Worst movie of the decade!" Although this fifth fright from author of "The Sixth Sense" isn't that bad ("Gigli", anyone?), it's an equally bad sign when the east coast residing father of the leading lady - Ron Howard, father of Bryce Dallas - is nowhere to be seen at the New York City premiere.

Katie Couric Katie Couric:
First, it was Elizabeth Vargas having to vacate the ABC chair due to pregnancy. Now, just a few short days after Couric made a relatively impressive pitch at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour (she bristled when asked about her fall, on-air wardrobe), the transitioning two comma gal has told an entertainment newsmagazine that she will not be doing any on-location broadcasting from the Middle East. "As a single parent with two children, that's something I won't be doing," she said. No word yet on whether she plans to borrow a page from "Today" and compensate via the regular feature, "Where in the World is Bob Schieffer?"

Stedman Graham Stedman Graham:
The look of his newly redesigned website,, projects an air of authority and quiet confidence. But over on, there is but one, fleeting, Bahamas wedding mention of Graham in the talk show queen's "Uncensored" conversation with best friend Gayle King (a feature in the August 2006 issue of "O, The Oprah Magazine"). One can appreciate the desire of Oprah and Stedman to keep the specific details of their private life private. But in choosing to deflect some very longstanding rumors of a secret gay relationship with King, the world's most beloved TV interviewer dropped the ball as an interviewee. Stedman should have insisted he be steadfast by her side, rather than simply his usual stealth.

Haley Joel Osment Haley Joel Osment:
By sheer coincidence, the lead actor of M. Night Shyamalan's breakout 1999 hit "The Sixth Sense" was involved in a car crash early Thursday morning northeast of downtown Los Angeles. It's not that he was driving a 1995 Saturn, or that it happened in the strangely remote burg of La Canãda Flintridge; Osment has always been known for his low-key, unspoiled approach to the biz. No, it's that the news prompted many of us to IMDB the actor and realize that since make the turn past his pre-pubescent "Sixth Sense-A.I.-Pay It Forward" days, it's been mostly voiceover parts. No Gary Coleman cash advance style TV commercial on the horizon, yet. But the just-turned-18 actor's flare-up suddenly proves life as a former child star is still hard.

Tommy Lee Tommy Lee:
There he is on "Rock Star," in a perfect position to put the moves on one of the reality TV show's female contestants, uncontested, when show co-host Dave Navarro ups and calls it quits with wife Carmen Electra. Compounding matters is the fact that ex-wife Pamela Anderson this week chose to reunite not with him, but with subsequent paramour Kid Rock. It's sort of the rock'n roll bookend to the aforementioned Haley Joel Osment. Tommy Lee will soon turn 44 and, if he's not careful, find himself gasping for air under a gaggle of Sexy Saturday winners (visit his official website for more details). It's time to start planning for the future, bro, or else you and your brother in inked-up arms Dennis Rodman may have nothing to do on that park bench but compare shrinking tattoos.

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Umm i think you all need to step off of Tommy Lee and let him Be! just jealous and you know wat things happen in relationships that was the pass so let it go .. and how many other men and women are like that so stop puttin the famous down just because you hear of it! for all we know your neigbor is hittin his wife of course you wont know it aint all in the news papers! I LOVE TOMMY LEE!!!! so back off! and many agree with me! and NOOO LADY O AINT GAY GEEEZZZZ ppl sometimes

2966 days ago


Congratulations to Katie Couric for knowing the right thing is to stay by your childrens side. When they have lost so much already, taking unnecessary risks is foolish and downright cold-hearted. She is showing alot of love for her girls and their future..

2980 days ago


I think Tommy Lee will be just fine as long as his tatoos are the only of his notably worthy attributes that shrink as he gets older...

2980 days ago


I'm just thrilled that Dave's back on the market. That is what a man is supposed to look like. What a hottie!!!!!!!

2980 days ago

the wise old owl    

OKAY. 1st lets talk about Stedman. You would almost have to be gay to have a name like that. I just don't understand why the public refuses to believe that OPRAH IS GAY. What's the big deal ? I happen to have a lot of gay friends and personally think they pocess qualities that a straight person can't obtain because of the stigma that follows them. More loving, less judgemental, more excepting ya da ya da ya da. THE ONLY REASON OPRAH (AND TOM CRUISE FOR THAT MATTER) WON'T COME OUT OF THE CLOSET IS BECAUSE THEY WILL LOSE THIER AUDIENCE. Do you really think that middle America will tune in to see Oprah if they knew she was a Lesbian? NO WAY. Do you think middle America will buy tickets to see a gay LEADING MAN.? I think not. Remeber ROCK HUDSON? No one wanted to believe he was gay either. He denied,denied, denied. He even got married for heaven sakes. That proves nothing. GET A GRIP. iAs far as Tommy Lee goes. He is the biggest loser that ever lived. He hasn't learned one thing from his mistakes. DAVID NAVARO is absolutly FINISHED. I mean , come on, he DUMPED Carmen and cheated on her too. THERE ALL A BUNCH OF LOSERS ! WAKE UP AMERICA. OPRAH IS GAY. BIG DEAL

2980 days ago


Tommy Lee is a loser. The guy shoved Pam when she was holding one of thier sons to name only one of the many violent drunken things he's done. He will end up alone no one wants to be with a nasty drunken idiot.

2980 days ago


Good for Katie Couric not to go to the Middle East, but how about if she just drops out of sight completely? She's one of the biggest reasons that I am not allowed to watch network news any longer. Mostly because I tend to talk back to her and fill in the facts that she leaves out in most of her news 'stories". She's not a reporter, she's a newsreader...and has been grossly overpaid for years and will continue to be. Be interesting to see the plastic surgery that she'll be undergoing over the coming years.

2980 days ago

Katie Won    

OPRAH is not gay.. I don't know her and I don't watch her program any more. But I do know its possible for women to have long close friendships for many years without being gay. And who cares anyway. As for TC, he's probably a decent man with perverted religious type beliefs. As for being gay..Again, who cares? KA

2979 days ago

Kyle Larrow    

While logical for Katie to not go to a war zone, it only proves as a litmus test of reporters' worth. (MSNBC's) Tucker Carlson in Israel? Fine. (NBC's) Brian Williams? Oh, HELL no! Same w/ (ABC's) Charlie Gibson or on a lesser scale, even (CNN's) Anderson "gay, gay, gay" Cooper.

2979 days ago

mary poppins    

Why do some people want to make it seem like just about everyone walking around on this planet is GAY! Get over yourselves. As if you REALLY KNOW what someone is doing in their intimate time and with whom they are doint it!

2979 days ago


Who gives a rat's ass if Oprah's gay?

2979 days ago


A 'litmus test of reporters' worth'; hmmm....interesting thought.
How about a litmus test of parents' worth?
There are a gazillion fledgling, single wanna-be reporters that would be happy to take those jobs. And kudos to ANYone who is brave enough to go to those places to get the big news scoops.
But there's alot to be said for a woman who chooses responsible parenting over ratings.
(For those who are scratching their heads right about now, I took the liberty of finding 'litmus test' in Websters; it reads: 'a test in which a single factor (as an attitiude) is decisive'.
Too bad we don't have litmus tests for presidents or Hollywood celebrities. LOL!!

I can hear it now...the posts that will be popping up here: "Well, our Army/Navy/Air Force/ Marines"...they don't have a choice if they want to go to a war zone. How come a news reporter has the option?"
Two words: free will.
Actually, a few more words: "taking an oath & knowing what you are signing up for".
As a Navy widow, I have the utmost respect for our troops. However, it IS in the contract that they may have to see combat!!
I doubt that same clause is in Katie's contract.
Bravo to her for having her own moral contrct re: her children.
Sorry for rambling.
Have you ever felt like you have a TON to say, but just don't quite know how to say it all??!!

2979 days ago



Wonder if the correction will be picked up as widely as the misquote. Nah.

2978 days ago



2978 days ago

yeahisaidit for your assertion that gays are less judgemental, more acccepting and more offense, but that's a huge overstatement, and one that's not even particularly true... the only difference between gays and straights is that gays prefer more times to sleep with the same sex...THAT"S IT!!!! theres every similar variance of a type of person in common from straight to gay and in would so help if more people could just simply realize that IMO...

2978 days ago
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