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Madonna in the Water

7/24/2006 2:43 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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wow, a superstar female has managed to keep her clothes on. Good job!

3020 days ago


Were you guys bored at TMZ this morning?

3020 days ago


That was the cheesiest thing I have seen all day - I expected more from TMZ .. that was .. ridiculous

3020 days ago


No, no, no, Madonna didn't want her old, wrinkly skin to be viewed by the paparazzi. She may be a yogo nut, but no Kaballah prayers will keep the skin from flapping. . . . .face it, she's getting. . . .dare I say it? OLD?

3020 days ago


Best form of sunblock - coverup. She probably has to stay out of the sun with all the stuff that in injected into her face. Botox, Restolin, fillers, etc.

3020 days ago


LMAO! Why is she in the water with all her clothes on? Getting wrinkled?

3020 days ago

Kongo - Yoruba Magic Woman    

Madonna is beautiful, amazingly talented, and more fit then most women in their 20's. She is also highly intelligent. I suggest all of you who are critical of her take a look at your IQ, talent level, bank account, and then for the women......go put on an outfit like she has been photographed in while she was touring, stand in front of a mirror with the photo and take a good hard look at your own bodies...I have no doubt your physique doesn't come close! As for the men, I seriously doubt your women are built like Madonna........nor, for that matter, are you! So be quiet! Flabby and jealous is really ugly....

3020 days ago


Madonna is over the hill.

3020 days ago


Hey, Santera, bite me! The woman is almost 50 yrs old! I don't care what you do to your body, you can't hide the age forever. The only thing this woman has done well is bed lots and lots of men, may be why she prefers yoga for the extra stretching capacity. But get real, Madonna has based her career on "shock" and you can't shock what is drooping. I'm 28, mother of 2, and prefer Pilates. You bet your sweet ass I can look into a mirror and like what I see! Nope, not built like Madonna, at all; I don't have wrinkles on my face or body and I can wear a bikini because I have nothing to hide. No jealousy here, I'm the one who's 20 years younger, why would I be jealous? And what, I don't make her money? Well, Madonna has that problem, too, you see, without royalties (which she has none) she'll have to tour for the rest of her life to keep the lifestyle she has grown accustomed to. I get to retire and live off that when I'm 39. I don't need chefs to obtain the lifestyle I'M ACCUSTOMED TO.

3020 days ago


Thank you, Madonna!!! For keeping that old lady cooter covered up for once. You also might want to think about introducing that daughter of yours to a pair of tweezers.

3020 days ago


laughing my ass off sky lol,, dont pick on the kid lol,,

3020 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

We'll see how all your asses look when you all hit her age. You'll be wishing to look half as good as her. Don't mess with the kid. I don't understand all this hating on Madonna. She has never claimed to try and look younger. She keeps fit for her health and feel good. The reason she bounced back fairly quickly from her horse riding accident was, because she's fit. Give the lady her props.

3020 days ago


that jaws parody was the most cheesiest thing i've ever seen and i watch access! stick to what you do best TMZ

3020 days ago


Madonna is older, but u people shouting out how young you are will soon be old b4 u know it.

and it will come back to bite you by 20 year olds better than you. karma.

3020 days ago

urban shaman    

Hilda, if we had millions to spend on nannies, housekeepers, trainers, stylists, plastic surgeons, etc, etc, I'm pretty sure we could look like Madge. And by the way, the photos you see of the woman on magazine covers are airbrushed, retouched.

3020 days ago
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