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Top Stories for 08/05/06

8/5/2006 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones has disappeared from "The View" – and so has the listing on the New York penthouse apartment that she's been trying to sell for over a year and half.

Now, it looks like the recently unemployed Jones isn't going anywhere for a while – the pad's been taken off the market, according to her broker.

The three-bedroom triplex apartment, according to the New York Post's Braden Keil, was displayed in all its glory on the website of New York real estate firm the Corcoran Group – the gold bathroom that Star used, her shoe menagerie, and Star's apparent affection for a zebra-print motif. But the listing has vanished from the site, and a spokesperson for Corcoran says that the apartment is "temporarily off the market" for unspecified reasons.

Keil points out that the firm had to take the listing down from once before, when an Internet gossip site posted it and it attracted 14,000 hits –- in one hour.

Ferrell Doesn't Like Wet Bed

Funnyman Will Ferrell is apparently not amused by a good super soaking. According to Page Six, the "Talladega Nights" star was hanging out at New York megaclub Bed with his family when a water skirmish – replete with water guns and ice buckets – broke out. One source says that the revelers were "running around like inebriated kids at recess." In any case, Ferrell eventually got a bit of a drenching from a couple of scantily clad women, and that was that – he and his bodyguards hightailed out of the club.

Courtney Vance Sued By Former Agent, Manager

Actor Courtney Vance is being sued by his former agent and manager for unpaid commissions related to his work on "Law and Order: Criminal Intent." In the lawsuit, according to the Hollywood Reporter, Endeavor agency and Dolores Robinson Entertainment claim that Vance terminated his contracts with them after he was supposedly dropped from the NBC show. However, he ended up returning to the show, and the plaintiffs claim that he fired them to deprive them of their commissions, each of which should have been more than $125,000. They're asking the court to pay them their 10% commission from Vance's earnings from "Law & Order" in 2005-6 and unspecified compensatory damages.

Macauley's Not Home Alone Anymore

Macauley Culkin's next career move? A role in a group-sex film called "Sex and Breakfast," according to a report on The movie is about a couple with problems in bed who seek advice from a therapist. Group sex, apparently, ensues. The actor, who shot to fame for his role as a kid left behind by his family in "Home Alone", signed on for the film because he "loved the script." Wonder what his girlfriend, "That '70s Show" star Mila Kunis, thinks about that.

Leno and Smith To Sit in Balcony For Ebert

Jay Leno's got a new gig-movie critic. He'll be filling in for Roger Ebert while the famous film critic recovers from cancer surgery. "The Tonight Show" host's appearance with Ebert's co-host Richard Roeper will air tonight and tomorrow. Next weekend, Roeper will be joined by "Clerks II" director Kevin Smith. If Smith's recent antics are any indication (he publicly eviscerated film critic Joel Siegel after Siegel walked out of a "Clerks II" screening), it should make for an entertaining show.

Goodie Bag: OutKast Album Finalized, Taylor Hicks Gets Big Bucks for Memoir

After months of wrangling, hip-hop duo OutKast has finalized the tracks for their forthcoming album, the soundtrack to the musical film "Idlewild." The album, which hits stories August 22 (three days before the movie opens), features guest appearances by Lil' Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Sleepy Brown and Macy Gray. The first single is called "Mighty O" ... "American Idol" winner Taylor Hicks is out to prove he's more than just a pretty voice: his memoir, "Heart Full of Soul," will be published by Crown in the spring of 2007. The book will chart Hicks' rise from a bar singer in Alabama to Idol champ. He reportedly pocketed a $750,000 advance for the book, which Rolling Stone contributor David Wild will be ghostwriting.

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No Avatar

Sam Doe    

They should fill Star Jone's spot with the hilarious talk show hostess Windy Moore -- she was once a stewardess with Paris Hilton's mom, Kathy. She's bouncy and vivacious, whereas the rest of the View cast seems to be a bit sour and self-obsessed these days, which makes watching it kind of a downer.

3009 days ago


Huh...every Law & Order CI fan was wondering what was up when NBC Media Village inexplicably yanked Nona Gaye's name off their website in the CI cast section (she was supposed to replace Courtney Vance, who last time I checked was still Mr. Angela Bassett).

It's good to see that Courtney is indeed back at work on CI. But it sucks that Endeavor and Dolores Robinson think Courtney jerked them around badly enough to file suit against *Courtney* when the likely culprit is Dick Wolf.

Dick Wolf has a long track record of jerking around actors -- Chris Noth, Dann Florek, and Richard Brooks are just 3 who were in similar circumstances (and these are off the top of the head recalls by this Law & Order fan). Wolf believes all actors are fungible - i.e. you can easily substitute one for another and the fans won't care enough to stop watching the show (Wolf was an advertising man before he got into TV so it's questionable as to how much he understands about the relationship between specific actors and their fans). So when actors ask for money for their contribtions in making Wolf's shows successful, Wolf 'declines to renew' their expired contracts.

And in the case of Law & Order: CI, Wolf has set a precedent of not renewing the contract of the show's real creative force: producer and writer and creator Rene Balcer (Balcer also asked for more money from Wolf and didn't get it). Hopefully CI won't suffer, but I suspect the show's scripts will be lacking in that certain something due to Balcer's departure.

Here's a bit of advice for the legal team at Endeavor/Dolores Robinson: Wolf & Wolf Studios should be added to the Endeavor/Dolores Robinson suit as a defendant for tortious interference with contractual relations and tortious interference with prospective contractual relations.

3009 days ago


Star should just own up to marrying a gay guy when she was fat, and move on, because if he likes the same sex she is not going to be able to change him fat or thin because they do not care, and the only reason that they are seen with a person of the opposit sex is to maybe throw people off that they are not gay. So you dump him now and move on otherwise you are going to be dragged down the street when he dumps you for that guy and you will have to go back on Larry King with another story that you new but he insisted that he was a straight man and you believed him

3009 days ago


If Rosie Odonnel is hired on-I will know that Barabara (jewish) and Gelman the producer (Jewish) are racist. Rosie Odonnel is one of teh most loud mouth racist people that I have ever seen. The Congress of Racial Equality a few years back had to tell her to shut up when she went off on her rant about blacks and teh balck race. Then she is saying things about Starr Jones hunsband-which she has no clue-only becuase he is a black male and I assume since she is a fat, Irish, racist lesbian-she thinks that all black women should be sleeping with her and cant get married. If she is hired on-the only conclusion is that Barabara and teh prodcuers support racism-but Barabara is calling for boycotts on Mel Gibson due to his way milder Jewish rant-why the double standard??

3009 days ago

Sweet Pea    

This is regarding Susan's post @ 2:24p.m.---pick up a freaking dictionary!!! Do you even read what you TRY to write? Your text is so illiterate, I can barely understand what you're trying to convey.

3009 days ago


Susan...Michael Gelman is the Executive Producer of "Live with Regis and Kelly" NOT "The View". If you want to go off on a rant and accuse people of things you should in the very least try and get their names correct.

3009 days ago


Star Jones isn't all THAT bad! Macauly Culkin should hang it up already.

3009 days ago


Susan ... GEEEEEEEEZ. What in hot crispy hell are you trying to say?

3009 days ago

kitten with a whip    

Aw, c'mon guys. Cut susan some slack, she's just trying to draw this riveting parallel between Mel Gibson's public relations woes and Star Jones to make a compelling statement on racism. Does a person really require the grammar and spelling skills of an 8th grade graduate just to spew flawed logic with imaginary evidence?

3009 days ago


Rosie O'Donnell is not a nice person and she gives all Lesbians a bad name.

3009 days ago


Regardless of what you think of Star Jones; she showed up every day for nine years and was part of what made the show a success. As for Barbara Walters, I hope she realizes that a significant part of her viewing audiences are older women; (most younger woman are working in the daytime); and we older women dont like ignorant ,arrogrant ,loud mouth fools, weather they are fat lesbians like Rosie O'Donnell ; or anti semites like Mel Gibson. So just because she owns the show; it doesn't mean that people will watch it. Barbara need to realize that its time to go bye bye.

3009 days ago


Star Jones i'm happy she's gone from the view.. She had bad manners.She also
thinks her sh*t don't stink It's good to change people around get differant points of view she would talk as if she was a big time lawyer.

3009 days ago


Regardless if people liked Star or not, the View had a nice balance of host. Now we will have two comedians. Joy who we love is already funny and just loud enough. Now here comes Rosie who is even louder. I share the view of many people, Rosie is too much for early morning TV. I predict ratings will go down. Barbara, please rethink this. Debra

3009 days ago

joy levine    

I really cannot believe all the hoopla about Star getting "freebies" for her wedding! All the companies that donated were rewarded w/ "free" advertising! No dif than the celebrities that do "infomercials"! ~ The tabloid crap about Al Reynolds being gay is disgusting! Damn! I wish people who buy the rags would find a charity to donate that $$ to. (Mercy Corps, Red Cross, Feed the Children, etc.)
Since Star left, Barbara has been on every day. She is up in years & seems to be fragile, forgetful & "not all there"! She tries to be funny, but comes across as a woman that is out for the day from a nursing home visiting w/ the kids! Sometimes it looks like she is gazing into "neverland".
Elisabeth needs to take a "chill pill". Some of her input is worthy for conversation, however she gets sooo carried away on any given subject that she takes "personally". ~ Joy is hysterically funny, no matter what the subject is, and always knows when to cut back on the humor.
I will stop watching "The View" when Rosie takes over. ~ She is such a hypocrite! She made her millions and didn't "come out" until her show was off the air! She is way too outspoken on the "lesbian" subject. I personally don't give a damn about her "gay family cruises" or her "marriage" to her so-called "partner". ~ I would be in shock of the "pick" of Rosie for a replacement, but Barbara has always liked the "ugh" factor when making choices for interviews, etc. ~ She is probably the worst interviewer of the century! Just because she gets the "big names" doesn't make her a great journalist! She is sooo crass and embarrassing with the questions she asks. It will be a great day when she retires from all media! ~

3009 days ago


Oh Susan,
Please, get a grip. You my dear appear to be the racist!! Rosie is a very cool Lady, loved by many, she also puts her money were mouth is (so she is a little loud).
She donates so much $$$$. Where Star asked for freebies for her wedding, what a joke!! Rosie's partner in life is quite beautiful, I doubt if she wants to bed down with a black women, man or dog. Go Rosie!!!
By the way I am white, heterosexual & slim!!!


3009 days ago
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