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Bosworth Breaks Bread

8/7/2006 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Bosworth"Superman Returns" star Kate Bosworth proved that food is not her kryptonite and enjoyed a girls' night out on the town this weekend.

Bosworth dined at trendy Hollywood restaurant Magnolia on Saturday with four girlfriends -- including pop singer Jewel and their stylist Jessica Paster.

For appetizers, the not-so-big-boned beauty had cigarettes and bottled water, followed by a heaping bowl of bread. Bosworth finished off the course with a wedge of iceberg lettuce.

Jewel, who was quoted in Blender magazine saying "alcohol really does solve all your problems," steered clear of any complications and ordered herself a cocktail.


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Oooh, bread and lettuce. I'm quite impressed. At least she didn't skip the carbohydrates. Maybe she's just on the bulimia diet.

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2938 days ago


Who cares what she does or does not eat? She can act, sort of, and she looks fantastic.

2938 days ago


Wait a minute ... is this for real? Cigarettes, water, bread and iceburg lettuce? Sheesh ... at least go for the romaine lettuce!

2938 days ago

Jeff Davidson    

nice dress....

2938 days ago


I thought cigarettes were a no-no in California. Is this report accurate? Either way, any meal with Jewel can't be a bad meal. Iceburg, though, Kate? Let's at least go for a nice romaine or something. Iceburg is so "Denny's."

2938 days ago


They are a no-no INSIDE a restaurant. Magnolia, like a lot of places in California, has a few tables out the front.

2938 days ago


are you freckin' kidding me? is this article for real?? "Kate proves that food is no kyrptonite" ummmm, yeah okay if anorexia is a new reality, then yes that would be normal. I'm sorry but cigarettes, water, bread and lettuce sound pretty abnormal to me. and I have had anorexia for 7 years now. and for those of you who think anorexics don't eat, you're wrong. anorexics EAT, just not enough to maintain body weight. you can't NOT eat anything- that's when I ended up in the hospital being fed through a tube and in restraints. don't congratulate her on eating this so called "meal"- that just feeds into the mindset. she looks very undernourished and too thin. maybe not emaciated, but she doesn't look healthy. I am not here to bash her- all I can say is this girl needs help, and to stop denying that its a problem. she needs to get out of her denial. yes, shes in the public eye, so she should be a "role model" and think of others and how they look up to her, but more-so that if she doesn't admit to herself that she has a weight problem, she'll just go further into the illness, or....well she'll die. come on guys. don't cheer her on, with the rate of her weight loss she'll be dead in 6 months

2938 days ago


who in the heck cares about what she eats??! for godsakes she's just a regular person just lyk u and me! I mean do you have people constantly monitoring how much you eat? Hollywood and stupid sites lyk this, is the reason why all the stars are sick! My god, GIVE 'EM A BREAK AND SHUT YOUR FREAKIN' MOUTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2938 days ago


Are we all so bored that we need to have a day to day count on who said what about Mel Gibson? Surely there's something happening thats more entertaining to write about. Mel Gibson is an actor....he's good at what he does. That's all I care about unless he marries my daughter. The alcohol problem and driving drunk is a far bigger threat to all of us than what he believes. We are not responsible for that and it's not our job to punish anyone. How about we let God do his job and we do ours? Lets just ask him not to drive drunk, we are certain he did that.

2938 days ago


this is almost as boring as any news about k-fed and i feel dumber for having read it...

2938 days ago

Sarah Aldrich    

Maybe she wasn't hungry? Maybe she had something to eat before she left the house? I do that sometimes why not her?

2938 days ago


Im lmao at the "who cares" comment YOU obviously cared, enough to read the article. Then you feel you can slam others for doing the same? grow up.

2938 days ago


She looks fine, for now. Leave the girl alone. She was probably just shy about eating in public. I get weird like that.

2938 days ago


Everyone is so critical its ridiculous..
Maybe she was just going out with her friends for some drinks and they never intended to eat a huge meal? Why does everyone have to judge someone just because they happen to be thin?

2938 days ago


To answer Kayla's ridiculous comment, we care about what she eats because it's people like her that promote this obscenely disgusting self image to young girls and promote eating disorders. My sister is borderline anorexic right now because she wanted to be thin and look like a model. She's gone from a size 8 to a size 00 and looks horrible. So, just because you don't care that girls everywhere are starving themselves to look like Kate Bosworth, doesn't mean everyone else has to share your obviously ignorant opinion. People like Bosworth, Lohan, and Duff are poster children for eating disorders, and it's disgusting.

2938 days ago
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