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When Animals Attack Paris

8/10/2006 7:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perhaps channeling the spirit of Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton's pet kinkajou, Baby Luv, bit Paris on the arm early Tuesday morning while the two were playing. We repeat: PARIS' KINKAJOU BIT HER ON THE ARM.

The wound was superficial and Paris spent a few hours at the hospital and received a tetanus shot.

Paris called her publicist, Elliot Mintz, at about 3AM Tuesday morning after the incident occurred. Mintz tells TMZ he drove her to the emergency room where she was seen by a doctor, treated and released. The whole ordeal took just a few hours.

In an odd bit of foreshadowing, an MTV special focused on Paris -- that aired the same day of the incident -- actually featured Baby Luv in a segment, during which the animal tried to bite her.


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Come on now, people.. Some of you ":posters" truly act like children that have no manners when it comes to commenting on some celebrities. Its actually very disturbing to read that a handful are happy that Paris got bit by her pet. Exotic or not. Not to mention, some of you wish that she would have been bitten on her face...!!!!!! My goodness People, how imature, child like & pathetic can you be??

When reading your negative posts, the first thing that comes to mind is that "you people are so jealous, that the only way to vent tbecause you dont have a life filled of luxury is to be mean, negative and over all pathetic". How SAD is that? I would bet anything that if the negative posters on this site were as fortunate to have been born into such fortune, they would NOT harbor such ill feelings when the tables are turned. Can't you people just be happy for another that has such a grand life?

Maybe I was brought up differently. I can certainly say that when I am competing against someone, in a contest or sweepstakes or even the lottery, I dont get mad or bitter, Im actually happy that someone less fortunate than I actually won. Even when going to a casino, if someone sitting next to me on the slots or at a table cleans up with winning the jackpot, I dont get mad. Im just estatic that SOMEONE won, even if it wasnt me. Better them than the casino that keeps taking in such huge amounts of money from us all.

Hopefully, someday, good fortune will come our way. Best thing to do is remain positive.

By the way, Paris, I truly hope all is well and your wound heals in a timely manner.

2992 days ago

Misty Disinger    

Who is Paris Hilton????
What is all the hype????

2992 days ago


Does any know if Paris took a crap today. I have looked everywhere and can't find a report on her b.m. activity.

2992 days ago

Jean Rubnitz    

I'm really sorry that Paris was bitten by the animal but I don't think Mel Gibson is a person I would like to meet. He has a very bad atitude.

2992 days ago

Dark Angel    

Man that poor little kinkajou, no telling what type of disease it has. Maybe now Paris will stop trying to treat it like it is a play toy.

Dark Angel

2992 days ago

ruben villarreal    

who, the hell cares that she got bit, i sure she has gotten bit in other parts of her body,

2992 days ago

ruben villarreal    

who, the hell cares that she got bit, i sure she has gotten bit in other parts of her body,

2992 days ago


Kinkajous aren't monkeys! Idiot writer should do some researcher! They've been illegal to own since the mid 70s too - small wonder some super-rich brainless bimbo retard has one!

2992 days ago


Baby Luv is only JeALous that abu gets his cock sucked by paris while hanging upside down from a

2992 days ago


who cares, some people got bit by a shark or even a pit bull, who cares, u dont have to make a big deal of it and put it in the news
its like saying to the public "A lady got bit by an animal on her arm" wow, thats big news...

2992 days ago


Yeah, but the point is JULIE, that Paris should be lashed out at and I'm glad she was bit. I'm so sick of hearing about her and seeing her PERIOD! Anyway, I agree with ILovePapaSmurf, I would like to give the monkey a treat too! Good job monkey! ;-)

2992 days ago


You guys definetly have to stop hating on her. Her animal bit her- big deal! Leave her alone, all you guys are just ugly and jealous of how awesome she is!

2992 days ago


I cannot understand why the media devote so much attention to this whorish idiot?

2992 days ago



2992 days ago


Again, some animals are just not meant to be kept as pets - or accessories - as the case may be. . . Come on, Paris! Get over your high blown ideas about yourself as a living Barbie doll and stop accessorising with living creatures!
If you feel the need to accesorise, get a plant (a fake one at that) to brighten up your home! Or better yet, get a life, and give the rest of us a break from having to hear about these nonsensical mishaps you keep having with your living "toys".
Maybe a better idea would be to go to work for the HSUS for a little while and see the impact of what people like you do to the minds and psyches of our 4-legged friends!

2992 days ago
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