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Piven to Billy -- You're "Bush" League

8/28/2006 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Click to return to TMZ.comSometimes Billy Bush just doesn't know when to quit -- and last night on the Emmy red carpet, Jeremy Piven lashed out at him for it. Last night, during the red-carpet prelude to the Emmys, "Access Hollywood's" Bush corralled "Entourage's" Piven, and began a line of questioning concerning celebrity babies. Piven had just flown in from Arizona, where he was shooting a movie with Jennifer Garner, and so Bush asked him about Garner's baby Violet.

Bush then asked Piven if, given that Piven lives in Malibu, whether he had laid eyes on Brangelina's baby Shiloh. Piven said he hadn't, explaining that he had "116 other things to do...I don't go hunting for celebrity babies, thank you, Billy."

"You need another job. You have potential as a human being..."

Undeterred, or clearly not getting the message, Bush then asked if he'd seen Suri Cruise. Piven finally lost his patience. "You need another job. You have potential as a human being," said Piven, not at all hiding his irritation. "This may not be right for you. Seriously -- can you focus on other things?"

At least Bush got one thing right. He predicted -- correctly -- that Jeremy Piven would get his statuette, and Piven did, for his role as Ari Gold.


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Bush is an idiot.

2978 days ago


SMACK DOWN! Right on Jeremey!

La Billy is prima donna and only has this job because of his family name.

2978 days ago


Well Piven got rude however Billy is like all Bush's and doesn't have a clue.

2978 days ago



2978 days ago

the wife    

I feel celebrities are "fair game" to a certain extent, but the media needs to leave their poor babies alone. Celebrities have as much right as the rest of us to protect their children from all the insane interest in their kids. Their kids didn't ask to be born to a celebrity. The media should give it a rest already....

2978 days ago


Billy is just doing his "job", eh?

So his job is being a brainess talking head?

Must be a "Bush" thing.

2978 days ago


Billy is about as smart as View dum dum Elisabeth Hasselbeck

2978 days ago

Righter of Wrongs    

Come on Billy! How dare you ask some light hearted questions to Mr. Piven.

The man is a serious actor who needs to be respected.

Next time, please keep your questions relevant. Maybe focus on Mr. Piven's great film roles in "Judgement Night" or "The Family Man."

2978 days ago


Oh how I love Jeremy Piven now. He's never been one to deal with stupid questions from airhead "correspondents" and I'm glad he put that little weirdo tosser in his place. Who the f*ck cares about harrassing little babies for the sake of a "story"????

2978 days ago


Billy Bush is an embarrassment to all pre-show interviewers, and in a profession where Joan Rivers, Star Jones, and Kathy Griffen are his peers, that's pretty bad. He is utterly without any charm or tact, and he simply is the worst at what these mostly brainless, phony, ass kissing, wanna be reporters do. It is about time someone took Bush to task for his smarmy, slimy ways. Bravo Piven for calling out Bush on live television. On a night that arguably is the biggest event in these nominees lives, it shouldn't be too much to ask that maybe the nominee would be asked something about him or her feelings, accomplishments, etc. To be asked not once, twice, but three times about other celebrities that have absolutely nothing to do with him, or even television in general, is simply irresponsible and in poor taste. It's too bad that Billy is the last to know how truly deplorable and unprofessional his line of questioning was.

2977 days ago


billy sure got upset when terri seymour kissed him, whatever that chick's name is , the one from desperate housewives. I'd be upset too, she's a hot mess!

Then, i do think celebrities should have some time off. I mean, snapping photos of them in public should only go so far.

2977 days ago


I like them both and thought that they were both playing...

I think it is odd that the general public and the media find celebrity babies so exciting. What are they famous for? They've accomplished nothing. Some of the celebrity spouses are in the media waaaay too much also.

2977 days ago

duh...totally !    


Loved it ! He's at the Emmy's and Billy Bush is obsessed w/ celebrity babies !?

freaking stupid ! I don't care if pix of Suri are EVER made's a baby for pete's sake ! Leave the babies alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2977 days ago


I'm on Jeremy's side on this one. Those were really stupid questions. Billy Bush is an idiot.

2977 days ago


#10 I agree with you. Can the people move on from asking these baby questions. Had that have been me I would have walked away. Billy was asking stupid questions all night long. I was also disappointed in Nancy Dell. Her interview with Annett Benning was stupid. If you don't have anything to say don't ask them stupid things.

2977 days ago
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