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Tori's Still Spending the Dough

9/7/2006 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Even though Tori Spelling and her mother are going through a nasty inheritance battle over father Aaron Spelling's estate, Tori doesn't seem to be worried about spending cash.

Tori and husband Dean Mcdermott were spotted grabbing lunch and checking out some leather goods at a store in Los Angeles on Wednesday. On this particular shopping trip Spelling was tightlipped about her family feud, unlike last week's outing where the actress set the record straight on the latest round of bickering.


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TEAM TORI right here.

2936 days ago

My two cents    

See, Tori is going to be JUST fine.

2936 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Better she should spend some of that money on a new face. The one she has now is enough to pull paint off the ceiling.

2936 days ago


Wow. Wish I was left with only a couple million dollars....especially for doing nothing more than broadcasting my boobs on daddy's tv show. LOL!! I guess I went into the wrong profession, being a nurse...(you know, saving lives & trivial stuff like that...)

2936 days ago


tori is beautiful????? you cannot be serious.

2936 days ago


I don't dislike Tori, but the comments that she is "beautiful".....are crazy.

2936 days ago

the wise old owl    

COME ON !! IT'S NOT SHE DIDN'T GET A DIME Her Dad left her $800,000 , the most you can leave a child without having the funds TAXED. Knowing how savy Aaron Spelling was, he probably set it up that way so Uncle Sam wouldn't get any of it. She might even get that amount every year that was set up in a TRUST FUND. I don't know about you, but I would be thrilled if my Dad left me $800,000.

2936 days ago

the wise old owl    

FOR POST # 2 : ARE YOU REALLY TORI ? I can't believe anyone would write that. Tori may be a lot of things, but BEAUTIFUL IS NOT ONE OF THEM. I am sure she would be the 1st one to admit that. She has never been touted for her acting ability or her good looks. After cheating on her 1st husband and going after a married man, I am beginning to question her CHARACTER , as well.

2936 days ago


Tori is completely out of control, and is suffering from the sixth generational effect...that is attributed to the heirs of super rich families...The problem for Tori however, is that she is going through the sixth generation effect and she is only a part of the first generation...which means her kids and grand children will be an absolute mess!!! I loved Mr. Spelling and was sadden by his passing...but Tori needs to give her mom a heart felt apology and stop acting like a brat...and the two bit fool she has become. The friends who she has surrounded herself with have given her bad advice...They don't care about her or her family, they care about getting their hands on her money (or what they were hoping she'd inherit)and getting close to her fame and that which her father generated as a result of his career. Why do I know this? Well, if they cared about or loved Tori...they would have given her the same advice I just did. Listen...Tori accused her mother of cheating on her dad...Okay, let's say it's true...These kinds of things happen in long term relationships...and the fact is...Didn't Tori alledgedly cheat on her own husband with the man she is now married to, a man, who was married at the time and expecting a baby with another woman??? I mean...hello???...Tori and her new husband need to stop being hypocrites here. Most couples, like it or not, tend to become like brother and sister...or at least friends, when the steam of romance runs out of the relationship. Its nobodies just happens. At which point, there are a lot of couples who stay together as a family...and love each other as such...but allow each other to look outside of the marriage for happyness...and sexual fufillment. If Tori's claims are accurate, I am sure Candy and Aaron Spelling had that kind of arrangement, and thus kept it between each other, and away from the kids, where it should be. No harm, no foul...if indeed, Tori's claims are again, true, in this regard. Tori...put yourself in your mom's shoes, and take your dad out of the equation...and replace him with your first husband...and you'll see there is no difference. The biggest ill in the world today, even more than hypocrisy!!! Call your mom and tell her you are sorry, before it is too late!!! You won't regret it!!! And ah...lose any of your friends who may have misled you. You know what I mean.

2935 days ago


As far as her (Tori's) inheritance is concerned...I am more than sure she received it in the form of a trust. That money is protected and can be dished out overtime...with the full mother load going to the inheritor in their mid 40's when they are responsible enough to manage the money.

2935 days ago

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