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Pierce Brosnan Prefers No Gas

9/18/2006 7:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pierce Brosnan and friendsPierce Brosnan and other celebrities campaigned and protested Friday against plans to build a liquefied natural gas terminal off the coast of Malibu. The $800 million dollar Cabrillo Port liquefied natural gas plant will be located 14 miles off the coast of Malibu. The facility is being shopped around by Australian-based BHP Billiton, one of the world's largest energy companies.

TMZ cameras rolled as the stars came out in support of the protest and Brosnan. Pierce says "This LNG project poses significant and potentially irreversible negative impacts to our coast, our environment and to the health and safety of our families," adding the terminal fails to meet clean air requirements.

A post on Brosnan's web site urging Malibu residents to join in the fight is signed by such A-listers as Tom Hanks, Charlize Theron, Darryl Hannah, Cindy Crawford, Olivia Newton John, Jamie Lee Curtis, Cher and Barbra Streisand.

TMZ spoke to a rep at BHP Billiton who said "If you are against fossil fuels, you won't like our project. I can't argue with that. But LNG is a better fossil fuel. Natural gas is the cleanest, and until all of us can drive our cars and power our homes with wind, solar, hydro or other renewables -- for the millions of people in Los Angeles and California, Cabrillo Port is a cleaner, safer solution."


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I think what these people are trying to say is that the plant should be built where poor people live, not where rich people live.

2959 days ago


#1- you are correct! To DaSecptic, they worry that when they sell their over-priced homes, they cannot get their money's worth!!!
All rich, but still not satisfied. These rich folks are full of bull-S! They think we 'ordinary people' are so stupid???

2959 days ago


haha, thats like that fatass blowhard kennedy, always preaching about how the country should go green...along comes a wind farm proposal off the coast of the kennedy castle & he killed it in its tracks.

a freaking wind farm, doesn't get any cleaner than that...

2959 days ago

Joisy Boy    

Lovely list of celebrity endorsers/signers...any chance they gave up their entourages, body guards and other worthless forms of self aggrandizement before signing the petition? Or maybe they actually charged for their powerful and precious autographs. Note to celebrity douche bags: GO F*** YOURSELVES! MALIBU NEEDS A PRISON, A NUCLEAR WASTE DUMP, AND SEWAGE TREATMENT FACILITY JUST LIKE EVERYWHERE ELSE...OOOPS, IT ALREADY HAS IT'S SHARE OF CUM DUMPS, LIKE LaLOHAN, PARIS, AND THE REST OF THE SELF IMPORTANT HUMAN DUMPSTERS...

2959 days ago

got your number    

You are a bunch of hypocrites, I wouldn't want some money hungry corp. building an eye sore or polluting plant next to my house or neighborhood and devalue my property, I have worked hard for it, damn right they paid good money for their homes. Then again maybe you don't own any probably live in a trailer

2959 days ago


#1 is right, I love all the celebs and rich that cry when something like this is planned that is actually better for the environment, has a very controlled risk, and would benefit all. This is slightly reminiscent of people in Massachusetts whining over a field of windmills proposed to be built in Cape Cod. umm it's free CLEAN energy, stupids.

but anyway why couldn't they come up with an original name for this thing? there's already a Cabrillo Beach in LA. I love how ignorant people are of the obvious

2958 days ago

Mr. Magoo    

If all the stars are concerned with is the envirinment, then where were all the celebs when we have been fighting the construction of these LNG terminals off the coast of Louisiana for the past few years? I guess none of the stars vacation down here.

2958 days ago


So let me get this straight, Malibu is full of Club NIMBY members,,, no open beaches in my back yard, no natural gas sites in my backyard, no poor people in my backyard walking on the beach or working ion rthe natural gas platform,,, bt it is okay for them to employ illegal aliens to watch their kids, landscape their property and drive them around in all those gas guzzling cars,,, so who died on the cross and made Malibu the new Holy land for the rich and wannabe famous??? Mel are you out there???

2958 days ago

Silicon Valley Guy    

Ah, Hollywood Celebrities, total air heads and hypocrites! Where in the world do these imbeciles think the electricity that they use in their homes comes from?
They are against every possible means of generating power. In no particular order they are against:
1) Coal Fired Power Plants - way to dirty, messes up the air.
2) Oil Fired Power Plants- too dirty and expensive (not enough oil)
3) Hydro Power-Don't want to build any new Dams- hurts enviroment, fish ect.
4) Nuclear Power- Oh heaven forbid, too dangerous (not) and what to do with waste 5) Wind MIlls-Not in their backyard (just like Cape Cod folks) Ugly also
6) Solar- Takes up too much space, is ugly and what the hell do you do when Sun doesn't shine?
So just how do they ( Malibu Residents) suppose the electrical energy we all use should be generated. Gas Fired Power Plants are the only way we can get the energy that is required for the growing demand in California. There is not enough Natural Gas in the state so the Gas must be inported in one way or another. Besides the Power Plant that will be generating the Electrical Power will not be in Malibu (as I understand it) . These people are pathetic! I've always said that people in the Entertainment Industry have the highest ratio of Money to Intelligence of anybody in society.
If it wasn't for the fact that inocent people would be hurt I'd like to see a tsunami take out the Malibu Colony.

2924 days ago

Patrick Francis    

What's up, Doc?
The study that says LNG poses “a serious hazard of explosion or fire” and is “vulnerable to terrorist attack” has been thoroughly discredited as ignorant scaremongering. A ship full of LNG couldn't release all its energy in one big bang, any more than a ship full of coal could.

2923 days ago


We live in north west Ireland where shell are trying to build a massive raw gas refinery on shore 3 or 4 hundred yards from some of homes that dot the beautiful land scape. 9klms in shore, shell says its better for the environment to clean the raw gas on shore instead of at sea, the people who live in the area do not give consent for shell to go though their lands , and last summer 5 men went to jail for 94 days because the Irish government minister Noel Dempsey said to commit the 5 men to jail if they wont let shell put a raw gas pipeline with pressure at 345 bar at just under 3 feet below their land. I mean who would want to live and have to cross over this unstable pipeline that is to be put on soft peat bog land. Also the fact that the regions drinking water is about 1 mile from the so called safe raw gas refinery, where are all the tons of toxic pollution going ? Not in one of the last finest salmon fishing lakes in all of Europe. There is no pollution in the north west area because there is no heavy industry, so they [ gov. and shell ] list our beautiful clean area as being of no value so they call it a waste land;; and shell are going to keep it that way , yea right, we have been having peaceful protests every morning at 645 marching up the road at the so called site for the past 16 months, since october 22006 the Irish government has deployed 170 police to keep the 70 or more peaceful protesters away from shells gate using brute force against the very people they took an oath to protect. I have witness young girls being punched in the face, kicked, battered and thrown down the sides of the roads. This is outragous for the irish people who live near the so called site to be treated this way in the year 2006. Somethings wrong with this story , the minerster who sold gov, land behind closed doors to shell, finnaly went to jail for 6 months, for not desclosing a 30,000 pound bribe he took. So everything is O K now , well it's not we the people of ERRIS IRELAND do not want this refinery or the lies and bribes that it took to split this community up sHELL is well knowed for destroying areas where the go,but we see the lies and deception that sHELL create, Please help
our web site is thank you MR ED C

2917 days ago

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