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McDreamy Choked By Castmate -- McJealous?

10/11/2006 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Patrick DempseyPatrick "Dr. McDreamy" Dempsey's pretty mug might've needed a little emergency care after a dust-up with his "Grey's Anatomy" co-star Isaiah Washington. According to Rush & Molloy, the simmering feud between Washington and Dempsey came to a head this week on set, when Washington said "some disgusting things" and got in Dempsey's face during shooting.

In fact, the National Enquirer had reported that Washington had choked Dempsey and shoved him, though other sources denied this. In the Enquirer's account, what started as an argument over lateness on set turned into a full blow-up. Dempsey's rep tried to downplay the incident, saying, "In any close-knit family, sometimes people argue. But everybody made up and went back to work." Neither Washington's nor an ABC rep had a comment.

Why all the commotion? It might stem, say sources, from Washington's frustration that Dempsey has become the poster boy for the show. According to Rush & Molloy's source, Washington "has issues. There's an underlying jealousy."

Madonna Adopted My Baby, Says Baby's Father

Her publicist may have denied it, but it looks like Madonna really did adopt a child in Malawi – and now the baby's father has come forward to confirm the news. Yahome Banda tells the Associated Press that the Queen of Pop visited the Hope Orphan Care Center in Mchinji, where his son had been living, and that Monday the little boy, whose mother died after giving birth to him a month ago, was taken to the capital Lilongwe where Madonna and entourage were staying.

Banda says that he's been told that the child, who will join Lourdes, 9, and Rocco, 5, in the Ciccone-Ritchie brood, will come back to Malawi frequently, and that even though he's losing his own son, he's glad: "I am very, very happy because, as you can see, there is poverty in this village, and I know he will be very well looked after in America."

China Cancels Jay-Z Concert in Shanghai

Citing his "vulgar" lyrics, Chinese officials canceled rapper Jay-Z's debut in Shanghai later this month. "Some of Jay-Z's songs contain too much vulgar language," a promoter named Sun Yun was quoted as saying in the Shanghai Daily, and as a result the scheduled Oct. 23 gig at the Hongkou Stadium has been unceremoniously dropped. Of course, the standard of vulgarity for the Chinese appears to be fluid: the Rolling Stones and Black Eyed Peas have been allowed to perform in the country.

Tara's Plastic Surgery Debacle

Tara Reid has been under the knife more times than she'd like to admit – but now, the actress tells Us Weekly all about the ordeals she's been through with her boob job as well as a botched liposuction procedure. As for the breast augmentation, Tara says that she had it done to even out her breast size ("the right one was always bigger than the left") and that she got C-cups rather than the big Bs that she wanted. And she even admits that potential suitors were grossed out by the implants.

Party Favors: Katie Holmes to Wear Chanel Gown For Wedding ... "Entourage" Creator Takes Boys' Club to Wall Street ... Odds on Depp-Paradis Wedding about Even

Katie Holmes has found a Karl Lagerfeld-designed Chanel gown to wear for her impending nuptials, according to Star magazine (via MSNBC). During her myriad (and well-photographed) excursions with Victoria Beckham, the future Mrs. Cruise scoped out Lagerfeld's wedding dresses ... "Entourage" creator Doug Ellin's next show will be about a rich guy and his buddies – except this time, the rich guy is really, really rich, because he's a hedge-fund manager. "They make Vince look like a peasant," says Ellin in Variety ... Online betting site is pegging the future nuptials between Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis – which are rumored to be happening sometime soon according to British tabs – as a dead heat. So bet accordingly.

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No Avatar


First "Kramer" and now the Chinese! Why does everyone hate black people? I don't get it? You know, you all need to get a grip and get over your hate. By the way, Mr. Washington can probe me any day of the week! Patty Dempsey is not hot at all! Get glasses, people!

2883 days ago

Bill G    

OK People, Most of this with the clebs is to get MORE press and you are giving them what they want, maybe, we sould send them something off of my Show them the LITE :)

2863 days ago


Don't choke mcdreamy!

Good to see Joey Potter is getting married- but Tom Cruise is no Pacey!

2933 days ago


WHO CARES...........sick of reading about Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. They are freaks!!

2933 days ago

Why would Madonna lie about adopting a child? Hopefully, she'll teach as much as possible about his culture.

Jay-Z needs to keep his damn mouth CLOSED!!!!

2933 days ago


I'm SO sick of hearing about Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes. He's a short, overbearing, controlling little man with a Napoleon complex who's bought into a load of GIBBERISH, passed off as religion.... and she's a BRAINWASHED little mouse. Hasn't the press learned... WE DON'T CARE. As Diane so eloquently put it... THEY ARE FREAKS.

2933 days ago


1. oh is Tara Reid still alive????
I thought she went away.....
2. ewwww Tom Cruise and the beard are getting hitched...yikes the word of the day is PRE-NUP.
3.JAY Z....does any one really care??
4. Does Madonna count anymore?? She is a little strange and she pretty much did it all....right??

2933 days ago


Not McDreamy!!!!! Hes too hot to be choked!!! They will end up fighting for the biggest paycheck soon!!!!! But we all know without McDreamy there wouldnt be a show so I wonder who would have to leave then..........

2933 days ago


that's what katie should wear -- a big hairy wig the size of a dress! going down the aisle as what she really is -- a bearded robot!

2933 days ago


Tom and Katie are as phony as Tara Reid's boobs.
Heard that Tom is going back on Oprah soon to pick up speed on his publicity.
How sad and pathetic he truly is....

2933 days ago


II'd choose to abort before I would let Madonna adopt my baby!

2933 days ago


Ummmm McDreamy and Studly are on the same playing field. I doubt Washington is jealous of Dempsey...if they dropped trou Washington would win, so why the jealousy?

2933 days ago


Greys Anatomy will go down in flames because of all of the egos. Before long they will all be fighting over who gets the highest salary and making all kinds of demands. All of these actors were pretty much unknown until 2 years ago. Now they all want the spotlight and it will cost them this show. Too bad because I think GA is great and McDreamy DOES make the show. I say get rid of Washington before things get worse.

2933 days ago


1. The Grey's Anatomy actors need to grow up!
2. Madonna is and always was a phony. Plus,she can't and never could sing.
3. The Chinese have a double standard obviously. Sad.
4.Tara Reid,Tom and Katie,etc.--who cares?

2933 days ago

Alyn Brodsky    

Is Katie and Tom's putative infant daughter Suri invited to the wedding--or are they still denying the truth about the "baby"--that it's really a 16-year-old transexual Chinese dwarf with alopecia (hence that nasty black wig) who works with a Hong Kong carnival where she runs up and down the midway jabbing people in the ass with a pair of out-sized chopsticks? As or the bride wearng a fancy gown, she'll still look like she's wearing a burlap sack. I hope Tom wears big lifts in his shoes, so that he can at least come up to her boobs. And how much is Vanity Fair paying for the photographic rights to THIS utter nonsense? The Maven is very curious about all this sh*t.

2933 days ago
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