Paris' Auto Mix Up: "Sh&*! This is My Bentley Key!"

10/17/2006 2:03 PM PDT
Seems Paris Hilton is having trouble keeping track of her fleet of high-end cars these days. In fact, there are so many ultra-expensive rides in her collection that even Paris herself admits it's a tad bit much.

This past weekend Paris was leaving her home with her usual entourage, including publicist Elliot Mintz, when she noticed the dome light on her Mercedes SLR was on. Being the concerned car owner that she is, Paris screamed for someone to bring out her the key to her SLR. After losing her patience, and realizing that if you want the job done right you have to do it yourself, Ms. Hilton went to grab the keys herself. Unfortunately the keys she returned with were for her Bentley. Darn European car makers and their similarly designed keys. Lucky for Paris and the SLR, the dome light goes out on its own and the group piles into designated driver Elliott Mintz's car.

Another crisis averted for the Hilton heiress.