Take Dr. Laura Everywhere

11/1/2006 6:28 PM PST
After a long day of dealing with the trials and tribulations of life, it's nice to sit down, have a cup of tea and vent to your Dr. Laura action figure. Or, perhaps, have her unload a little tough-love on you.

Self-loathing women everywhere are rejoicing now that they can finally take the wisdom and likeness of radio personality Dr. Laura with them where ever they go. The 11"-tall action figure utters 23 phrases including her famous "Now, go do the right thing." Dr. Laura was actually involved with the creation of the doll to try make it as true to life as possible.

For $29.95 you can take Dr. Laura with you wherever you go or have her solve your other dolls' problems. If anyone is going to help Barbie deal with her self-destructive relationship with Ken, it's Dr. Laura. Just keep her away from that Lance Bass action figure you just added to your collection.