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Richards' Rant -- What You Didn't See

11/22/2006 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Laugh Factory patrons Kyle Doss and Frank McBride appeared on the "Today" show this morning, and gave their account of what you didn't see on the now infamous tape of Michael Richards' racist rant.

According to the two men, they were out for a night on the town to celebrate a friend's birthday. They arrived at the Laugh Factory at the beginning of Richards' act. They ordered drinks and acknowledged they probably disrupted Richards' act with their talking. What they got next was outrageous. Doss says Richards made a racial comment and gave him the finger -- and then launched into the tirade caught on tape by TMZ.

The two are now represented by omnipresent publicity hound Gloria Allred, who says a retired judge should decide what monetary compensation these two should receive.

How very "People's Court" of her!


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Ok I am not saying that what Richards did was right...but these two guys are trying to get money!!!! Give me a freaking break! I am so sick of anybody and everybody trying to get a penny out of anything they can!

2890 days ago


OH COME ON! You've GOT to be kidding. THEY disrupted HIS act, they admit that. Granted, Richards went way over the line with his tirade but now they want to make money off it? How convienent. Dirt bags. OOOHHHHH look at me I'm famous because I started a shit storm and now I'm gonna be rich. {puke}

2890 days ago


get Allred off the tube..that shameless excuse for a lawyer is doing for lawyers what OJ did for ex husbands

2890 days ago

We, are not amused.    

You gotta love it!
Come in late, talking loud acting a fool and then you get to go on the Today Show!
Poor Michael Richards, I kinda feel bad for him.
Fuck*ing Moolies musta thought they were at the Movies!

2890 days ago

Curiosity Killed the KAT ;-)    

I agree, Richards was wrong but they are trying to milk this cow for all it's worth. They are taking advantage of the situation, something I would probably do too... Even though it's wrong, I'm trying to be honest.

2890 days ago


Yep, now they are lovin' his comments because they see the green it will bring in. Mediawhores.

2890 days ago


Monetary compensation?? Give me a fuckin' break. They were probably calling each other "nigger" all night. Fuck dem niggas!!

2890 days ago


Thats just bull. Its not even about the tirade now, its to see how much money they can milk off it. Its ok for other black comedians to make fun of white people; but once a white man says the word nigger its all over. Get over it they shouldnt of disrespected him in the first place.
I know many black people who use that word; but once a white man does hes a racist. Double standard. What do i know though? Im just a honkey cracker. PLEASE!

2890 days ago


what a bunch of money grubbing idiots, and they hired the right lawyer Allred the publicity hogging bitch............f*** these two pricks and their p***y lawyer....these two a**hole heckeled and got a person angered while he was doing his was not [planned and was not why not just collect your welfare checks and go on with your patehtic lives

2890 days ago


Give me a break its not like Richards committed a hate crime,he went a little crazy you know, what happened to freedom of speech Gloria Allred or whatever her name is ,must have alot of time on her hands. Richards apoligized get over it they have no case what is Richards going todo sue because he was called a white cracker get over it all ready!!!!!!!!!!

2890 days ago


Compensation?! Please Gloria! It took less than 24 hrs. for this publicity seeking cow to jump her big mug into the fray. How predictable.

As far as the apology goes, yes, I do think Richards should apologize personally to them. We couldn't see what happened before the tape rolled, but if it went down like these guys said, then, yes, Richards needs to do more.

I'm not entirely sure that Richards is sorry. The tape of his Tonight Show apology seemed like he was more upset that he was caught. I think, give more time, stuff will come out of the woodwork on him. There's already a story here on TMZ about a woman who he called the "c" word because she was nice enough to pick up his fallen tape recorder at another gig. I think he's probably been like this for a long time (this kind of anger doesn't just manifest out of nowhere) and now he got caught because camera phones are everywhere.

I hope he gets help, and comes face to face with himself. That kind of racial tirade has no place in our society and it can only perpetuate hatred and tension.

2890 days ago


I think these 2 NIGGERS are liars. Matt Lauer on nbc? hate to say he is white on the outside and black on da inside but he is.

They lied because I bet Kramer never said "blacks and mexicans" since everyone knows there is deep racial hatred between blacks and mexicans.

But the 2 guys are liars because they want to try and get Mexican people upset at this, when Kramer never said any such thing

the supposed chain of events? no way, would not happen like that. They get phoney ambulance chaser Gloria Allred? sueing for money???


most blacks are immoral scum who dont care about values, they are using this to GET MO MONEY, its all part of the fake oh Im so hurt game because he said Nigger???

Then they should pay ME damages for mental anguish because the 2 lying blacks said white cracker motherf***er! so that hurts me emotionally and I want them to pay 1 billion dollars for my pain and suffering. I dont know what I will do now, Im so upset, they said the cracker word! oh my

2890 days ago


okay.................NO NO NO NO MONEY needs to be paid out to these guys. HEY, we do have the (free speech free to say what we want)

Now look at it like this, BLACK guys go to watch WHITE MAN be funny, don't think so. They would have after the show walked out like WHITE CRACKER WAS NOT FUNNY WHAT A DUMBASS CRACKER CRACKER CRACKER.
But, let them be at the KAT WIlliams show, and they was loud over him, KAT would have call them all kinda N@ggas, about a hundred times TALKED ABOUT THERE MOMMA AND FOODSTAMPS AND HOW THEY SOLD THEM TO COME TO THE SHOW. Yes, black me can call others the N word about every other word. Get over it, the passed is the passed. If they get paid for waht they caused, shit I'm going to be RICH...............Live and Learn. If you are in public act like you got some sence. Don't be RULED to the show and other people at the show.

2890 days ago


Look at these two idiots in their JC Penny clothes, no wonder they are suing!

Ok... that was mean. Seriously, this is ridiculous. Half of the people in this country are just looking for a handout of some sort. What Mr. Richards said was offensive, but I bet you won't find ACLU or other groups trying to protect his freedom of speech! I heard someone predict Gloria Allred would jump on this... that doesn't surprise me.

2890 days ago


Kramer, did you say ...Nigga??? Nigga???

Can anyone explain why Kramer was poinging up into the air when he said hes a NIGGER!

2890 days ago
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