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Richards' Rant -- What You Didn't See

11/22/2006 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Laugh Factory patrons Kyle Doss and Frank McBride appeared on the "Today" show this morning, and gave their account of what you didn't see on the now infamous tape of Michael Richards' racist rant.

According to the two men, they were out for a night on the town to celebrate a friend's birthday. They arrived at the Laugh Factory at the beginning of Richards' act. They ordered drinks and acknowledged they probably disrupted Richards' act with their talking. What they got next was outrageous. Doss says Richards made a racial comment and gave him the finger -- and then launched into the tirade caught on tape by TMZ.

The two are now represented by omnipresent publicity hound Gloria Allred, who says a retired judge should decide what monetary compensation these two should receive.

How very "People's Court" of her!


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All American Girl    


2855 days ago

common sense    

These tools will probably use any payout they get on 'Crack', anyway.

2855 days ago


They would sell their parents and children into slavery for a few bucks. What real niggers they are. Richards was right on the money with these two slim balls. Why is it every time someone is offended in this country all you have to do is make them get over it with money. I get offended by a lot of people in entertainment and polotics but I don't think they should pay me off for it. Even though maybe I should give it a try. Maybe I will start going to comedy clubs and heckle some black or hispanic comedians until they insult me then I can sue them for a few bucks. It beats working for a living.

2855 days ago


typical niggers just out to make a quick buck

2855 days ago


Gloria Allred....Jesus! This woman would sue her own mother if it meant some Cash & PR. Get a life lady

2855 days ago


BULLSHIT! What in the hell do they need to be compensated for?

I am with #11, I'm gonna start a class action lawsuit againt these two for using the "C" word. I find that very offensive, only a Cracker can call another Cracker a Cracker. Who do they think they are using that word. There's alot of history of hate and bigotry behind Crakcer. I am emotionally scarred.

If they don't want to perpetuate the stereotype of blacks looking to make a fast buck, they need to not persue this.

And Kramer should sue them for interrupting him in the middle of his lively hood, he was unable to perform his job because of their interruptions that they admit to.

2855 days ago


Give me a break! These friggin guys come in being a bunch of idiots and they're called on it...grow up. Walk out if you don't like what you hear, otherwise sit down and SHUT UP! This guy is a comedian, he's human, he's entitled to his opinion! If his opinion is that these morons are the n-word so be it! Why is everyone turning into such pansies?? QUIT WHINING!!

2855 days ago


Yes!! Make him pay for those insults. It's the only way he'll truly be sorry. Just remember, that whatever is in the heart will evently come out of the mouth.

2855 days ago


Lets see, go to the Laugh Factory.

Call the comedian a white cracker and other racial slurs...the comedian comes back with a few racial slurs of his own.

The comedian apologizes.

They hire a media whore/publicity SEEKER, attorney like Gloria Allred....

Now the hecklers want compensation. Compensation for WHAT? For being chit starters to begin with?

Only in America................

2855 days ago


Gimmeeeee a BREAK!!! I used to like Gloria Allred. BUT OMG! GIVE THESE NIGGERS MONEY? I hope she is kidding. This is just so typical - Try to get money - Since when is calling someone a name illegal?

This is sooooooo out of proportion it isn't even funny. I was quite unhappy with Matt Lauer as well. He was egging them on! I can't believe the TODAY show even had them on!! My gawd! These 2 idiots started it!!!!!!

I agree with Bradley - GREAT POST!!!!

These stupid people need to move on.

2855 days ago


I think Senator John Kerry should step in with his PR firm and help Kramer how to do damange control on Kramers supposed "botched joke"

All Kramer needs to do now is say it was a botched joke, like when Sen Kerry (who served in vietnam btw) insulted American troops serving in military combat in irak by saying they are failures in life, stupid, worthless.

To address the massive backlash? he simply said it was a botched joke, and all democrats and the liberal mainstream media said ok we all forgive you, lets move on, youre restored to being good and normal.

So if this is what we need? then Kramer can just say its a botched joke, and no lawsuit, no nothing.

2855 days ago


Guess I need to go to a black comedians show and see if I can piss him off enough to call my cracker or honky so i can sue him over "emotional distress". What a couple of dumbass niggas. Guess their unemployment or welfare ran out so they decided to go sue some rich guy so they could continue to be sorry asses and milk the system some more. Wonder when Jesse Jacksons gonna get involved?

2855 days ago

Tmz is lame    

Yeah, turn it into a money thing, that makes you look really credible.
Freaking idiots.
Have some class and just walk away like men instead of trying to squeeze money out of it.
What a couple of losers.

2855 days ago


I hope Richards doesnt give in and give a cent to these guys. I'm black and it really makes me sick how black people act over a word. Richards has the money to fight this and I hope he does.

2855 days ago

U Know Who    

Kinney102 - You HAVE to be kidding?


Welcome to "Thought Crimes" - Where's Tomkat?

LOL Not ONE PENNY SHOULD GO TO THESE IDIOTIC CLOWNS. And IF in fact they manage to get it into "some sort of court?" they should be charged for EVERY Second it takes up. And THEN Thrown out on their ears.

What a joke Gloria All-REDCOMMIE should be absolutely ashamed of herself. And oughta wipe off her upper lip from the sh*t that has just spewed forth.


2855 days ago
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