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Richards' Rant -- What You Didn't See

11/22/2006 1:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Laugh Factory patrons Kyle Doss and Frank McBride appeared on the "Today" show this morning, and gave their account of what you didn't see on the now infamous tape of Michael Richards' racist rant.

According to the two men, they were out for a night on the town to celebrate a friend's birthday. They arrived at the Laugh Factory at the beginning of Richards' act. They ordered drinks and acknowledged they probably disrupted Richards' act with their talking. What they got next was outrageous. Doss says Richards made a racial comment and gave him the finger -- and then launched into the tirade caught on tape by TMZ.

The two are now represented by omnipresent publicity hound Gloria Allred, who says a retired judge should decide what monetary compensation these two should receive.

How very "People's Court" of her!


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okay... now heres the thing. the sh**s funny when black people talk about white people cuz the sh**s true! you never hear a black comedian talk about honkies, crackers anything like that. all they say is the truth. they mock. ive seen white comedians mock black people and its funny too, as long as nobody is doing it in a derogitory way... so that you can stick up your ass. now as far as them getting money for it... thats over the line.

2871 days ago

Sad to be a Britney fan    

Throughout the last few days, I have tried to ignore all of the attention this little "episode" has gotten. However, it seems that this "problem" is not going to go away until the "victims" are apologized to (i.e. they get their money). I wholeheartedly disagree with Mr. Richards comments. They were uncalled for and were truly disrespectful to the crowd, but most importantly to the Blacks of America. How dare he use a term that is considered, in my opinion, heinous!! I commend Mr. Richards for making a very public apology.

As for the 2 men that this has "greatly" affected, shame on you for heckling him to begin with!! You should have more respect for someone when they are on stage. Your lack of respect for him and his comedy was outrageous. You need to apologize to him for your uncalled-for bantering!

Now, as far as any type of monetary compensation goes, do you really think you deserve any money because of this? Had you gone to any other comedy club and watched any "Joe" perform and had this happen to you, you would not be receiving anything at all from the comic or the club. It's time the 2 of you start taking some blame for this as well. While I don't agree with his remarks, I also don't agree with you trying to EXTORT money from him. BTW - how is Ms. Allred - have you even met her in person or did she just pick up the phone and call you after all of this happened and the tape went public?

2871 days ago


Go for the money. He insulted not only you, your friends that were there, but the entire black race. Everything that our fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers fought for were brought up, insulted, and made to look like a joke. It is not funny to have a family member "turned upside down and have a fork stuck in them". And to all the racist people that think it is funny, God is not pleased. The guy should go for the money, he came there to have a good time, not look for a lawsuit, but was treated by dirt.

2871 days ago


RIDICULOUS! If I sued every time I was offended by something that was said to me..racial slurs included..I would be a millionaire! These guys need to get over it and move on. What LOSERS!

2871 days ago

jeannette k.    

It's amazing when i read these comments how many racially handicapped (smile)
people are still existing in this hugh world of ours. that we feel whenever we get
hastled that it's okay to see each other other than what God sees us. but wait since we've removed God from everthing in our country how else would we see anything. SAD

2871 days ago


I knew it! I just knew it! I knew that they would sue him. I am not saying what Michael Richards did was right. It was TERRIBLE! But they need to acknowledge that had it not been for their heckling, Richards would have never gone off the way that he did. I was really hoping that they would show some class and accept the apology that Michael Richards offered and acknowledge what they did was unacceptable as well. Granted, Richards was way off base and should have never used that language, they were the catalyst of the whole incident.

2871 days ago

Tired of It!    

This is ridiculous! Another way to extort money from not being so damn PC!
I am tired of everyone turning what someone says in anger or in a drunken state to a direct reflection of that person! This only shows once again that the blackman can turn anything into money! It always about race - never just about the moment!
Next we will have Jesse Jackson weighing in on this and it will become a complete racial war! No wonder we can't move on together - YOU constantly separate us! Sick N Tired!

2871 days ago


To "Kinney102".... you think making him pay will make him sorry? Think about it, it will probably make him more hateful!

Look, if the cop who pulled over Mel Gibson tried to sue him for saying offensive things about Jews, I would say the same thing. That is, Mel shouldn't have to pay a dime to the officer. And, for the record, I am Jewish. Mel's tarnished image is punishment enough.

Punitive damages would have made sense if Richards got the crowd to turn on these guys and they got beat up. But what is the scarring? Emotional? Please! If anything, they went back home a heroes!

Think about what happened. They were obnoxious in the club, then Richards calls them offensive names, they then shout names back. That's it! There was no lasting damage to these two guys. They don't like little wimps to me! These two idiots should be happy just knowing that Richards will likely never have a career again, and will always have many people think more poorly of him name wherever he goes.

2871 days ago

dick inya    

first off anyone that goes to a scummy racist comedy club gets what they get, has anyone been to one lately?? well all races are up for grabs, and its the blacks who are as racist with there own people as with others, i mean they call each other the N word( now you got me saying the Nword...wat a joke) anyway another example of words hurting, we are the most sensitive disfuctional society in the world, who cares what he said and for those two to try to get money for this, a judge should throw this suit out, and fast

2871 days ago


What Richard said was WRONG in everyway.... and I actually was feeling sorry for these guys..... HELL I was in SHOCK when I saw the video... BUT MONEY???? Are you kidding!!! They are the ones that give themselves bad names!!! So as said earlier when I go see Kat perform I will walk out RICH cause he will say AT LEAST one thing about white people!!! :) Looks like I need to buy some comedy tickets!!

2871 days ago

common sense    

These idiots claim in their interview that they weren't 'heckling', they were just 'talking loud'. Yeah, right! So why didn't they just apologise and let Michael Richards get on with his act? Instead they had to 'bait' him until he lost his cool. Idiots.

I will have less respect for Michael Richards if he pays these arseholes a cent!!

2871 days ago


When will Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton weigh in on all this hoopla? All they do is spew hate and fan the flame of hatred and racism.

2871 days ago


All they should get is an apology... and probably the money back from the show - NOT anything else.

2871 days ago

Mad Balls    

What you miss on the cell phone taping is the Two guys calling richards " Cracker " and " White F&Kin fool " right before the blow-up . I'm sure that this will be better on Judge Alex than in civil court as these guys can't plead that it ruined their reps as we didn't know who they were until they appeared with Allred on TV . There goes the defamation suit . Dickheads .

2871 days ago


what a joke

what he said and did were wrong.....however these guys did show up late, talk like fools and just generally disrespected this guy who was doing his job on stage, they shouldn't get one cent

They did give as good as they got, I heard them saying racist remarks as well like cracker etc.

the guy was trying to do his job while they egged him on, they could've got up to leave at any moment if they were that offended from being pointed out for their rudeness and it snowballing from that point


2871 days ago
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