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Gets Denied!

12/5/2006 2:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

120506-paris-hiltonParis Hilton got the Tara Reid treatment ... at her own house!

Due to a power failure in the area, Paris was left in the cold with the paparazzi when she couldn't unlock her security system. Returning from a workout with her trainer, the heiress wasn't carrying keys!

In true Paris fashion, she sat in her car and continued her beauty regimen by applying a face mask until someone showed up to open the door.


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I LOVE IT! She looked like a caged rat! This piece of sh*t thinks she is God's gift and she is nothing but a pathetic c*m catcher!

2848 days ago

800 Pound Gorilla    

Dear Paris,

I am waiting until December 26 to see your Simple Life 4 DVD.

James L. Crum

2848 days ago

Mad Balls    

Tired of this Ho . She is the ultimate power tripper with no real talent , lame dancer , lame singer , lame actor . I know she hits both ways but just take a look at her "MANHANDS" sometimes . Just sick . I wish her vagina would revolt and swallow her whole . Dickhead .

2847 days ago

Puh der Baer    

Now let's lock her ass out of the U.S.

2847 days ago


WHO FUCKIN CARES..................

2847 days ago


HAHAHAHAAHAAA!!! Even the biggest nobody moron carries keys to their house incase the power is out

2847 days ago


What the hell is TMZ's cameraman doing ON Paris' property? The guy is literally on her driveway videotaping Paris punch in her security code. Technically, isn't that trespassing? Give the girl some space dude!

2847 days ago

Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV    

This is news? Despicable.

2847 days ago



2847 days ago


WOW #9: How on earth can you hate someone so much?!?!?! You don't even know Paris. How sad and empty your life must be!!! You need some therapy sweetie!! Maybe you should try to find a better outlet to vent your anger before you have a heart attack!!! Just for the record I don't love Paris either; but I don't want to kill her!! Good Grief!

2847 days ago


Shes a hag that talks sh*t on fems she's jealous of. If she's so much better, then she would know thats a no no plus a big sign of low self esteem. .She also has a thing about other females men the second they split. Or at least any female she's secretly jealous of by being seen in public getting close to her secretly hated opponent's ex's.. I have a feeling Brittany is smarter than we think.. Do you think theyre now BFF because Brit actually likes her? She may not want him but Im sure it's safe to say she doesnt want leftover queen to want him either.buthanks to prenups hes not rich enough. But here's a small list of a few women who's men were: Shannon Doherty, Mischa Barton, 1 of 2 Olsen sisters, Linday Lohan & Shana Moekler. Thats barely a fraction of the list but enough to know she does this intentionally.

2847 days ago

Rena Hamrick    

Silly people...........You just keeps blasting paris and she goes her way...going to all the the good parties....Her CD was bashed, then sold!
Her TV show is picked up again...She shops and lunches and is invited everywhere...She's seen bazck with her gazillionaire guy Stavros .She's reading scripts...doing her music and TV. a little modeling..........and yall just keep bashing her...Yawn! it is getting old.

2846 days ago

Ashe 300    

Oh yeah and DOnald Trump is your Paris's bitch.

2846 days ago


Wow. I was able to see her license plate number and I'm sure if I use Zoom In Image 3.5, I'd be able to figure out her security code to her front door.

Just kidding, but I mean, wow, that is a lot of paparazzi there.

Paris' hair looks bad. It must suck being a fake blonde.

2846 days ago


I am not sure if everyone is seeing the same video here, I watched it three times paying very close atttention after reading some comments posted about being able to see her sercurity code if you zoomed in, however there is no way that is true, they are always on the side of her and never directly behind her to where you can see her put in the code. As for the paparazzi being on her property, come on people do you really think she was offended by this? Of course she wasn't, this is what someone like Paris lives for, she and other celebs like her don't care what is being said about her as long as she is being talked about. Now for the guy who wants to bash her head in, are you serious? I can't believe you would come onto a public forum and say something of that nature? In my opinon you should be arrested for threatening a human life, regardless of whos life it is or how much you can't stand her, maybe your hatered for her has to do with the fact that Paris can have anything she wants when ever she wants it and you can't? I say you are simply jealous of what she has, now do you have a right to be jealous? Sure you do, I mean everyone is right, she doesn't have any good talent and has only gotten the music,acting and modeling gigs she has gotten simply for who she is and not what she has to offer the industry that is as clear as the day is long, however we all must live the life we were dealt as best we can. Just remember that everytime someone comes on this site or any other site and takes the time to share their discust or the fact that they may like Paris, she is getting just what she wants, ATTENTION!!! Think about it.

2846 days ago
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