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The N-Word Is Always Welcome Here

12/10/2006 4:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

At least one person in Hollywood doesn't think Michael Richards' racist rant was all that bad. In response to attacks on the former "Seinfeld" star, the black owner of the Comedy Union is opening his doors to comics who use the N-word.

Michael Richards

"Someone had to stand up for comics, and freedom of speech has to rule the day," says Enss Mitchell in a Yahoo News report. "No matter if you agree or disagree with what someone says, you have to allow them the opportunity to say it. It's a slippery slope when anyone wants to start banning a word."

Maybe comedians will start lining up here to avoid putting $20 into the Laugh Factory's self-imposed swear jar every time they use the racial slur.

Lindsay LohanLohan's 12 Baby Steps to Sobriety

Although she was drinking champagne and causing a scene at a recent GQ event, the New York Post reports that Lindsay Lohan is finally drying out. Last week, the party girl continued to hit such L.A. hot spots as Hyde and Chateau Marmont, but the starlet was seen sipping water. Her biggest step toward sobriety, though? Lindsay hasn't been seen anywhere near on-again, off-again BFF Paris Hilton. But that might just be a fluke since Paris jetted down to Miami for a few days to rekindle her relationship with Stavros Niarchos.

KFedK-Fed: Armani for Nothin' and Chicks for Free

For some reason, Kevin Federline is still being allowed to make the rounds in Hollywood. But it seems Brit's ex only cares about parties with free booze and swag. According to Page 6, the legend-in-his-own-mind hit up an Armani Exchange store in L.A. for thousands of dollars worth of clothes to sport at an A/X party later that night. He pulled up to the event in a rented Maybach, spent the night at the open bar and then left with a gaggle of "giggling girls." When will the free ride end?

Party Favors: Madonna Designs Full Clothing Line For H&M ... Elvis Costello and Diana Krall Welcome Twins ... Spice Girl Fires Back at Eddie Murphy

Madonna is taking her partnership with H&M to the next level. After designing a one-off tracksuit for the company, she will now release a full-blown line of accessories and clothing worldwide ... Singers Diana Krall and Elvis Costello welcomed twin boys, Dexter Henry Lorcan and Frank Harlan James, on Dec. 6 ... Former Spice Girl Melanie Brown is lashing out at Eddie Murphy's remarks that he doesn't know whether he's the father of her unborn baby. "I have no idea why anybody would want to conduct himself in this kind of manner about such a personal matter in such a public way," she says. "There is absolutely no question that Eddie is the father."

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No Avatar

We, are not amused.    

Regarding the Comedy Union:
Somebody has to stand up to the thought police! It's not the use of "offensive" words that's the problem, it's the offensive people who use the words!
Regarding Kevin Federline:
Grab all the free sh*t you can, for as long as you can. What's wrong with that? If he is lucky he'll continue to live the dream of NEVER HAVING TO WORK AGAIN!

2813 days ago


Richards spoke because of anger his act was not going well. Well here in America freedom of speech is allowed and I am thankful for that. In my world the N-word does not only point to a black person . Anyone can be called that in my vocabulary it is a person who is ignorant and can not conduct themselves properly in public. Whether you are black,white,latino whatever. If you act that way you will be called the N-word.

2813 days ago


Good for Comedy Union. As we all know many are still using the "N" word so it obviously isn't that offensive.

2813 days ago


This is a sad case. How many black comedians use that ugly word in there acts and rants. Why is that ok? Why is it also ok for them to make jokes and fun about whites. You cannot count the times "cracker", or "Honky" is used in bit's and acts. They even make movies solely on those issues. So why is that ok? It's not, but the White in America let it slide off and laugh. Do the Jewish make a fuss every time they are made fun of or racial slurs are used against them? No... So why is that ok? It's not. But these examples and many others are allowed to be freely spoken in public and private, with no offense. Let’s see a new blockbuster movie that makes fun of African Americans the out pour of lawsuits and banns would be unprecedented … The N word is a word of old and how can we all be equals if we do not let this die. The N word is kept more alive by African Americans in TV and song. These people that Michael Richards went off on called him a Cracker, but no word spoken to that. These people Richards ranted on are only looking for a hand out, another free ride in life. The man made a apology to them and the world, yet this will not heal there wounds. The only way to heal the wounds from the N word seems to be MONEY, we all know the real reason. How come nobody sues a African American musician, Comedian, or regular person for using this word of old in everyday life? Why give them the right to keep the word alive and teach it to our children? I guess the NAACP and people like J. Jackson don’t see this as hate. For a final thought on the whole picture…. Of course there are still ignorant people in this world that will use that word. But where are they? Hiding in private and ignored for there stupidity, so forget them. They will pass along with there old way of thinking.. Let’s all learn to be equals and not persecute ourselves by helping t keep this word alive.. , Stop the word In Song and television and in our neighborhoods.

Teach our children not to use the word no matter race or creed and only then it will stop.

2813 days ago


Dear B. Honest:

This is one of the most racist comments I've seen in a long time:

"These people Richards ranted on are only looking for a hand out, another free ride in life. The man made a apology to them and the world, yet this will not heal there wounds. The only way to heal the wounds from the N word seems to be MONEY, we all know the real reason."



2813 days ago


Are you all that stupid?....Lindsey and water....Try vodka...true recovering drinkers don't go to bars...If you know anything about would know it means changing people,places,and things!..untill she moves to utah and becomes mormon I will never belive she is sober!..dumb asses!

2812 days ago

We, are not amused.    

Negro, negro
Gallus gallus domesticus dinner
(for the liberal intellectuals among us!)

2812 days ago


Tmz is a fool wasting time covering K-Fed. Somebody once said we
better get the fact in our heads that he is gonna be around for a
whole lot more time!!! 99% of celebrities came from rags and now they
have a lot, and u can't never tell them to go back. Some of them can't remember where they came from....???
They are living the fabulous life and won't be seen dead wearing something under $1000..As if they were all born with a silver spoon from day !.
Let K-Fed have his day. By the way, he represents a clothing line and we forget that he has an income from time to time. He has friends who still support him...Even villains has TMZ you are the one adding more flash to K-Fed 's spotlight..
Until you stop, he is still a superstar bcoz He was married to a superstar!!!!!!!!!!

2812 days ago


This race thing is getting old. It's the same crap every day.
It will never go away so let's all just try to ignore it. They will never
get over what happened 200 freakin years ago so get used to it.
It's their trump card and they will use it forever. If you think I'm a
racist try to imagine how much I care. It's the freaking truth. Deal with it.
As for Lindsay Lohan, how sad is it to be an alcoholic at 20?
Gotta love Hollyweird.

2812 days ago

Poppa Civilize    

Alright then let's call Caucasians Cave boys cause that's exactly what they are right? EVERYONE knows crackers come from Caves. So while Niggers can be niggers, remember a caveman's place too, Egor.

2812 days ago


#10, I hate to be the one to inform you of this but calling me, as a white woman, Cave Boy, or Cave Girl, or whatever, is just funny. Was I supposed to be offended by that? I don't think there is any name you can conjure up that I would find offensive. Sorry to disappoint you.

2812 days ago


I want to know why it's OK to call white people "cracker" "honky" and all sorts of slurs, but don't dare use the word "nigger". It makes me sick. Somehow the blacks have more rights than whites, and I am sick of it. Suuprise! I am a liberal too!

2812 days ago



2812 days ago

John C jackson    

Well it's great someone in the US is actually for Free Speech.

That does not mean I personally would use the word, but that's for individuals to decide for themselves. Just as people who don't drink don't necessarily want prohibition.

However people like the guy who says he calls everyone "nigger" just for being ignorant, are idiots.

Ditto for the "they always bring up what happened 200 years ago" person. Obviously people not well versed in history or even current events. Around 40-50 years ago it was pretty much legal in certain parts of the US ( some might argue it still is) to murder people for being black and there are still parts of the U.S. where certain races are obviously treated different by society, law enforcement,etc.

I don't believe in "reverse racism" or anything like that. I support race neutral behavior. However people who say ignorant things like that just shed light on the problems that actualy exist.

"Cracker" and "honky"...people keep bringing this one out, obviously don't know anything either. When were those words ever offensive. White people usually laugh at stuff like that. It's a completely different thing. It's like saying calling someone a "nerd" is the same as calling them a "motherf***ing c**ksucking faggot" ( or something like that).

I would also add the guys asking for money certainly does not help their cause. The apology should be sufficient in this situation. Lord knows there are enough people in the world who REALLY are injured by people and deserve justice, and this makes a mockery of it.

2812 days ago


#14: Thanks for learning your history. We're not using slavery as a trump card. It's just a reminder to all that we deserve rights. Every white knows (or should know) that African-Americans from the 1800's have held up the American economic system; we're the main consumers. If EVERY African-American stopped shopping for a week, the American economy cease to exist. We give a lot to this country and get nothing but racial slurs and discrimination. The least we ask is to be given the basic human right of respect. That's not black or white or anything, that just is. We bleed just like you do, breathe like you do, sleep like you do. Why can't we be treated the same?

2812 days ago
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