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Cops Say

Pauly Shore Video a Fake!

12/12/2006 7:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The shocking footage of Pauly Shore getting socked in the face is phony baloney according to police.

The Odessa, Texas Police Department claims that an officer "had met with Mr. Shore prior to his set, and was asked to participate in the skit. The officer stated that the skit went as designed and that Shore was not injured in the designed skit."

The incident, which took place during a comedy show in Odessa, took the Internet by storm after video was released on the Internet.

It all went down after a female heckler started razzing Shore during the middle of his set. According to witnesses, Shore fired back, "Shut up bitch." That's when the woman's massive boyfriend stepped in.

The man began defending his girlfriend and other people Shore allegedly picked on during the performance, saying "Hey, F*** you, he paid to be here just like the rest of us." Shore responded, "Well, first off, shut the f*** up f***ing hoss."

Then, all hell broke loose.

The man rushed onto the stage, despite several desperate pleas from Shore to leave him alone. Shore makes a last ditch effort to apologize before the man reaches back and plants one right on Pauly's kisser, knocking the comedian to the floor. Clutching his face, Pauly grabs the mic and calls the crowd "white trash," before walking off the stage.

Reps for Shore would not comment when contacted by TMZ.


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Mad Balls    

If he would have yelled " Cracker " three times very tense and agitatted i would have pissed my levis . all in all this guy was so last decade when he was a hit or so-called wonder . I never was on the p. shore wave . He seems kinda p***y in nature . I heard he used to get the chicks but maybe its' was in a david spade way . Dickhead .

2868 days ago


well if you think about it that cop got there kind of quickly...
in my personal experience when calling the cops they usually take more than 20 mins to come and sometimes longer.

2868 days ago


Right on, #12! There's too much disrespect towards the mothers of the world's children. Let's all get along, people!

2868 days ago


Pauly is hot.... and f*** all you white trailer trash hicks! You should all die!!!

2868 days ago

OJ Vid    

Wow, Pauly knows how to make a video... apparently, so does OJ... or does he?

See for yourself.

2868 days ago

Andy Kaufman    

Posers. With the announcement of "The Book of Illusion" and Andy Kaufman's "If I Faked It" these sad little people are racing to say "me too" and "look at me". Let's see pauley convince the world he is dead for over two decades. He can't even keep a punch a secret for over a week. Posers.

2868 days ago


I guess most of the rude and obscene comments forgot that this is a Comedy Club. If you didn't want to see it then you don't have to play it. I was there. It was a great night, and my wife and I had a really good time. So if you wanted to see the unedited reel, I have attached the link, so tmz could not edit the h*ll out of it. Remember, support your local comedy club, it is one of our last resources of humor in this world.

2868 days ago


I'm irritated that people are pulling the race card over a white person calling another white trash. Blacks call each other nigger, or "nigga" all the time, but nobody says anything. Nobody complains about blacks constant use of bitches and hoes. There's no excuse for calling a woman a bitch or a hoe, that woman is more than likely a mother, remember that you have a mother. And I don't want to hear a sob story of how your mother was so bad, she still put you on this earth. I also don't want to hear how whites have persecuted blacks for centuries. That was then, this is now.

Racism is still present, even though it shouldn't be, and it's present on all sides, it's not just black and white, it's Asians, Europeans, Hispanics, Indians, it's everywhere. So stop acting like you're a victim, just put up with it or do something positive about it instead of retaliating by spreading it.

2868 days ago

Get Real    

OMG...sorry guys, thats my uncle Earl. This is not like him. Usually he gets really drunk and says he "spanks his monkey"......I never though he would "Whack the Weasel". The family will have a sit down intervention with him later, next thing you know he will be "choking the chicken" !!!!.

2868 days ago

Get Real    

I have to disagree, I know Earl from Dallas. I know he would never fight in his favorite STETSON hat, nor would he throw a punch without rolling up the sleeves on his RUSTLER shirt !! Not to mention risking any blood stains on his Sunday best WRANGLER jeans. This must have been his brother DUKE.

2868 days ago


Pauly who.....

2868 days ago


Pauly who....?

2868 days ago


Didn't you just know this was coming after the amount of press Micheal Richards got after his tirade -- so sad.

2868 days ago


I Wanted to knock his block off for ''son in law''

2868 days ago


Hey Sloane! Is that chip on your shoulder heavy? What flavor is it? Please give us all a break... everyone. People are getting more and more intense with their rants these days, it seems everyone has their own cause, cross or crutch that they like to bitch about. What makes this a problem is people that use any excuse to air their argument for one side or the other, especially those arguments that don't make any sense, ergo Sloane. Friend, your argument was rambling and barley coherent. White people making fun of white people is not the same as white people making fun of black people, no matter how much you try to confuse us with your child-like logic. It may be too passive-aggressive to post anything on the Internet and still be taken seriously, but at least I'm leaving a URL so that all of you, including Sloane, can contact me and confront me about my comments.
It's easy to be a dick when your anonymous, too easy. The more you bitch, the less you learn.

2868 days ago
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