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Pauly Shore Video a Fake!

12/12/2006 7:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The shocking footage of Pauly Shore getting socked in the face is phony baloney according to police.

The Odessa, Texas Police Department claims that an officer "had met with Mr. Shore prior to his set, and was asked to participate in the skit. The officer stated that the skit went as designed and that Shore was not injured in the designed skit."

The incident, which took place during a comedy show in Odessa, took the Internet by storm after video was released on the Internet.

It all went down after a female heckler started razzing Shore during the middle of his set. According to witnesses, Shore fired back, "Shut up bitch." That's when the woman's massive boyfriend stepped in.

The man began defending his girlfriend and other people Shore allegedly picked on during the performance, saying "Hey, F*** you, he paid to be here just like the rest of us." Shore responded, "Well, first off, shut the f*** up f***ing hoss."

Then, all hell broke loose.

The man rushed onto the stage, despite several desperate pleas from Shore to leave him alone. Shore makes a last ditch effort to apologize before the man reaches back and plants one right on Pauly's kisser, knocking the comedian to the floor. Clutching his face, Pauly grabs the mic and calls the crowd "white trash," before walking off the stage.

Reps for Shore would not comment when contacted by TMZ.


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I went to see Pauly very recently in Houston, TX. He was great! My husband was kinda hoping for the whole "weasel" act, but he's showing that he's past being "the weasel" and he has a life other than that. He is a comedian. So whether this was fake or real... it doesn't even matter! I love Pauly :-) He was very cool, and very funny, and I didn't even get drunk! He even included an elderly guy in part of his act. He didn't show him respect... but that's because that's how his comedy is. The person on the stage is taking things out of life and squinching them all up together in one act so you can laugh your butt off. It doesn't mean that's who they are. It's an act. And he's great :-) I love ya Pauly!

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Candace, I've been in Odessa SEVERAL times, I run my mouth all the time, and I have yet to be "put in my place". Odessa is basically like EVERY OTHER TOWN IN AMERICA! There's people in every town talking about how their hometown is so big bad and hard, when it's a bunch of BS so they look tough. I live in Joplin Missouri, don't come here, because we roll hard. Not really, but I should say it so I can be cool too. Also you should note that the video is fake...F.A.K.E. That means he didn't get put in his place.

I swear the literacy rate in this country is getting worse and worse, much like our economy, standard of living, cost of living, rate of pollution, violence, and our lawsuits. Oh to live in a better country.

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this is directed to Sloane (Posted at 6:58PM on Dec 12th 2006 by sloane)

this is 2006 quit living in the past that you were never involved in. its ok THEY CANT HURT YOU ANYMORE! people like you are what keeps racism alive you cant let it go. you were not even there when slavery was around. hell you probubly werent around in the 70's. words dont mean sh*t ERGO "nigger, White trash" whatever. your not going to lose your house your job your car or your wife because someone called you a nigger. there is no orginized slavery today in the USA so what is it, Just words man Just will live to see another day i Promise.

2816 days ago


Wow, that was a really lame thing to do.

2816 days ago


Pauly is BRILLIANT! Always has been and always will be.
It is unfortunate that most of you just don't "get it"

2816 days ago


hahahahah!!! Hasn't Mitzi died yet? Time to get a job, dude....

2814 days ago

Peggy Savant    

What a slap in the face!! I felt horrible and even made a post apologizing for my fellow southerns. I take back the apology. It seems we have more class in the south than Pauly Shore!! This was a sick prank!!! I hope Pauly Shore continues to be a has been. Makes me wish he had gotten punched!!

2812 days ago

joe robb    

he is such a punk I cant believe anything he does is newsworthy-just cause his mommy gets him jobs as old favors.what a dick

2812 days ago


Ok everyone needs to read #33. It is the most sensible comment on here. The Sloan guy on here is absolutely rediculous. Just becuase you used a few long words, that you probably don't know the meaning of, doesn't make you sound intelligent. You sound like a complete moron. I hope to God that you don't talk like that in real life.... because you would not be looked at as an intelligent "black man" or anything else... you would only be looked at as stupid. And that would be the same case for any other race.

2779 days ago
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