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DeVito: "View" Stunt Was a Joke!

12/12/2006 12:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Danny DeVito says his wacky appearance on "The View" was the result of being "groggy" after a wild night with George Clooney ... not because he was drunk.

The funnyman appeared to be wasted during the chat show, which included a rant against President Bush -- much of which was bleeped out by censors. He also cursed the "seven limoncellos" he drank the previous night.

In his first TV appearance since the incident, DeVito tried to clear up the situation last night on CNBC's "Conversations with Michael Eisner," telling the media mogul, "I was funny ... I was a little groggy ... I was joking, that was a joke." Ah, c'mon, that's a little Mickey Mouse.

DeVito added, "The media is a little bit cuckoo." And thanks for making it so, Danny!


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what an a**hole

2841 days ago


He should have stuck with I was drunk thing! If he said all that sober it makes him look even worse!

2841 days ago

mr skin    

Wow, Devito is partying with Clooney now!??

2841 days ago

Tmz is lame    

Oh Please! He was hammered.
Just admit it, Danny and then move on. Don't LIE about it!

2841 days ago


This guy's an old joke; go flap your mouth off to someone who gives a damn!

2841 days ago


Didnt care enough to be prepared for The View, they shouldve cancelled his appearance.

2841 days ago


Bummer. It's a shame he feels the need to apologize for something that was funny and entertaining - drunk or not.

I don't even think anybody was offended or cared.

2841 days ago


Guys who cares. You can still drink at night and be drunk the next morning. Whatever, this story sucks in my opinion.

2841 days ago


He looked like a complete & total dumba$$! I agree with #7, he came unprepared (not sober)...they shouldn't have had him on! Simple as that. Other than to promote his lame movie, he wouldn't have been there. He did the director/writers/other stars of " Deck the Halls" a dirty by not bring his best to a tv interview, even if it was on "The View"...gag! Not that I care, it's NOT on my list of movies to 'bout you?

2841 days ago

Yes, 'it was all a joke'. Of course you can drink so much at night and still be drunk the next day, especially if you drink long into the night and if you are a dwarf. Think about it. His body mass (BMI) is so small that it wouldn't take much for someone with dwarfish, like DeVito, to get such a high level of alcohol in his body that his small liver and kidneys couldn't process the alcohol. He was still drunk and there is nothing more funny than a drunken midget or dwarf!

2841 days ago


"I wasn't drunk! I was merely acting drunk!" A new defense for chemically dependant celebrities everywhere....

2841 days ago

the truth    

I guess it's "ok" to bash the President like he is an irrelevant non entity. He ONLY happens to be the STRONGEST LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD MORONS!!! Ridiculing him like the midget moron Devito did, as well as many of the hollywood menure out there, only gives our enemies reason to disrespect our nation! It makes it even more difficult for Bush to do his job, when so many low lifes, like Devito, spew hatred and disrepectful language against our President. Imagine how credible or important, FDR or JFK would have been, if the media and Hollywood, both ridiculed them as much as Bush is ridiculed. Devito is just a stupid little man who found someone UGLIER than him to marry. I guess he may need to get hammered beyond belief to get over she looks! It was disgusting to hear how he "wrecked" the Lincoln Bedroom, thanks to Clinton, the other pile of menure that unfortunately desecrated the White House and the memory of our sixteenth President. This was supposed to be the room where Lincoln died and thanks Devito and Clinton, it became just another room to rent in a proverbial whore house! And now we're supposed to believe it was all a "joke", that he was just kidding? ARE YOU KIDDING ME DEVITO, YOU INHUMAN DIRTBAG!! There are no words to describe how dispicable this botched abortion creature really is! I only hope that people no longer go to his movies not just because they're a load of crap, but because HE is in the movie!! I'm shocked that Matthew Broderick would sign on to do this type of garbage movie, after he just won Tony awards for his role in the broadway play " The Producers". Devtio basically made his Lou Depalmer character of his "Taxi" fame, more human than what he, Devito really is.

2841 days ago

Mr. X    

F*** that little piece of sh*t. Half a beer would get him drunk.

2841 days ago


I would give my husband's left nut to spend one (1) night with George Clooney! Danny, hook a sister up!

2841 days ago

coco puff    

Danny Devito has much better approval ratings than Bush. Danny would of made a much better President as well. I really don't care if he was drunk or not, it was funny as hell. All you people knocking him have no humor and are loser Bush supporters. Do use all a favor and go to Iraq and die in support of your President.

2841 days ago
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