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Dr. Phil Lays the Smackdown

12/15/2006 9:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

He might act like a softee, but Dr. Phil doesn't take any s**t from anybody.
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The TV shrink was fuming during a segment involving Ty Beeson, the man behind the controversial "Bumfights" DVD series -- and kicked the guy right off the set!

During a graphic video profile featuring footage from "Bumfights," an outraged Phil demanded that his crew immediately stop rolling tape. Phil then booted Beeson from the set while telling him, "That's despicable. I don't want to talk to you. You can go. You can go."

Beeson, who appeared on the show in a Dr. Phil costume (baldcap and all), didn't leave without getting in a few choice words, "Every time you bring a guest on this show, you exploit them and spread whatever problems they have to the whole world. You think that's helping them?" Security then rushed Beeson offstage.

Phil apologized for the incident, telling the audience, "That is absolutely despicable, and I refuse to publicize that ... he clearly could not have a serious dialogue about this."

The episode DID make national air on Tuesday, with clips from "Bumfights" included in the show. Dr. Phil episodes are all pre-taped. Our question: If Dr. Phil was really against publicizing the material, why didn't he edit it out of the show?


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When did Dr. Phil turn into Jerry Springer? I guess that's what happens when ratings are low.

2835 days ago

DJ X-MAN    

Did anybody notice that the "footage" from bumfights was only news footage of bums being beat up. There was no actual footage from the dvd's. was Dr Phil disgusted by the news reports? Like someone else said.. if he really was so disgusted he would've never let that air on the show. He just didn't like the guy making fun of him on his own show..

2835 days ago

chris voss    

Yes I said the same thing why would he replay it. You'll notice to the tape is over and runs out to the static part, it was a stunt

2835 days ago


Dr. Who? What a joke..... just another bad show from a Oprah want-to-be. I think it's sad Phil you making money that way. May I suggest the coal mines? That's a perfect job for you...... out of sight... out of mind....

2835 days ago

Hidley Boxn    

I think Dr. Phil got offended when the guy came out with a shaved head and a moustache. He looked just like Dr. Phil. The bumfight was an excuse plus I'm glad this happened. Now I hope this guy without even a license to practice medicine can go back to where he came from. He should feel lucky he duped all of us for long enough to make millions. Boycott his show. I had enough B.S. from him. Would you take an psychiatric advice from an unlicensed person passing himself off as a doctor? His license got revoked in Texas from what I read on his bio.

2835 days ago

G.L. LaMotta    

I think bum fight videos are absolutely despicable and without any redeeeming merit whatsoever. That said, that S.O.B. Crawford is a stinkin' hipocrate for "exploiting" those men every bit as much as the producer of the videos.
Phil is full of backwoods, hillbilly euphamisms passed off as professional
advice. He's just as disgusting as the bum fight video producer, if not more.

2835 days ago


I agree- I am sure there is nothing that gets on the air without a complete viewing and editing- there was nothing on that tape that would have come as a shock to Dr. Phil- it was grandstanding. I also don't understand why Robin is being inlcuded in more and more segments. I almost feel that she told him that if he doesn't inlcude and promote her- she is hitting the road. Ironic, Dr. Phil is being emotionally blackmailed!!

2835 days ago

A Former Dr Phil Fan    

Tell me Dr Phil didn't know what this segment was all about. Of course he did....he booked him. To kick him off once the guy was on stage was insincere theatrics.
Shows what a phony Phil is. He's as despicable as the Bum Fight producer. At least that guy doesn't feign righteous indignation as Phil did.

2835 days ago


Is anyone else wondering why that douchebag looked just like Dr.Phil?

2835 days ago


Makes me wonder if Phil just shows up at taping and has no idea who is going to be on and for what reason. His producers did a lot of work on that segment for nothing? Or did they really do no work at all, other than to book the fella, to be thrown off once he was on the stage. Something smells real fishy here.

2835 days ago

Jim Griffus    

"Doctor" Phil is an asshole. Now he is using his wife as a 'topic'. Her Bio only states "wife of doctor Phil" ............What ??? Did she not have a life before meeting him ??
His only claim to fame is kissin Oprahs ass.
He booted Beeson because the shaved head and suit was not expected. He couldn't deal with it without lookin like a fool. That is why he had the guy removed.
He was gonna look like a fool.

2835 days ago


I can't beleive you bits of sh-t actually side with the Bum guy! He mocks bums by having them get beaten up and beating up on each other. In that footage, they showed two kids beating up on an innocent homeless man. Have you forgotten, that we should expect others to treat us with respect not just because we are tax paying citizens! Because you have the ability to feel pain, nobody has the right to beat up on you. Okay, maybe you guys need a good beating. I'll volunteer.

2835 days ago

Jim Griffus    

Phil went over the top when he jumped all over the couple for not taking TWO herion addicts/whores into their home. The couple has a ten year old daughter. Its not like the 2 junkies are kids. They are 28 yrs old !!!
Why dont you and robin take them home Phil ? Maybe they could hook up with your son.
You sure showed your STUPID side.

2835 days ago

Luke Dogg    

Dr Phil is an explotive hypocrite who BLOWS GOATS!!
What are his credentials anyways, and his son married some playmate!! His wife Robin seems nice enough but her face is turning into the likes of Michael Jackson, I hope her nose doesn't fall off. I think Dr. Phil should help us all and shove his bullshit t.v show out the window. I think Jerry Springer's show is much better than Dr. Phil's, atleast Jerry Springer has something helpful to say at the end of his show and not some hillbilly jargon that nobody can understand.

2835 days ago


Dr. Phil has turned into the Jerry Springer of shrink shows. It's all about ratings and topping the last show idea. He's become a sideshow barker with a PhD. He's even started whoring out his family -- or they've started whoring out themselves. All of this, of course, is to be expected when you're one generation removed from white trash.

2835 days ago
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