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Taye Rips PENarazzi: "You're a Parasite!"

12/19/2006 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Don't expect to find any autographed pictures of Taye Diggs on eBay anytime soon.

After reluctantly signing two photos for an eager signature seeker, the "Day Break" star reached his breaking point and refused to sign any more. "Makes me feel like you're a bit of a ... parasite" Diggs told the man. "You're getting something for nothing."

The man desperately defended his case saying, "I stand out here in the cold." But Diggs shot back, "That's your choice!" The autograph hound then likened his efforts to charity, but Taye didn't take the bait. "I get something out of that, I don't get anything out of this."


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tired of it all    

He ought to be thankful someone wants his autograph, as for not getting anything in return how much money has he made in the past year off of people that actually give a damn whether he lives or dies....I'm so tired of stars egos being bigger than their I.Q.'s. Get a friggin' clue.

2865 days ago

Tmz is lame    

Taye who????

He's a B-lister. He should think twice before refusing to sign an autograph.

2865 days ago

Michelle LL    

What an a**hole !

2865 days ago

duh...totally !    

good for Taye....the stalker-razzi's ARE parasites ! leave the guy alone !

2865 days ago


He had already signed 2! How many was he supposed to stand there and sign for one guy who wasn't even a fan but autograph hound? Maybe if the guy bothered to get an education and a real job like the rest of us he wouldn't be standing out in cold like an idiot-a parasitic idiot. I don't really like Taye but he was totally in the right this time.

2865 days ago

Canuck Girl    

If Taye Diggs feels he's too good to choose to sign autographs for fans who support him and his lifestyle, that is totally his right. It is also everyone's right to choose not to pay their hardearned $$ to see any of his pathetic attempts at acting.

2865 days ago


well if it was just for a fan..thats crazy. your fans are the reason why you still have a job. if its for an autograph seeker who is just going to turn around and sell the signature (although i dont know how much you could really get for it) I could see why he would get offended.
i mean if you are a collector of autographs, then this guy should either contact Taye Diggs agent for autographs instead of hounding him for them outside a club.

2865 days ago

Who Cares?    

Parasite??!! LMAO

He couldn't think of anything better than PARASITE??!!

2865 days ago

Captain Retro    

Every moment you leave your house, someone is there. Every time you go to the store, someone is there. Every time you want to get a bite to eat, someone is there. It has nothing to do with ego, it's more about wanting to be left alone.

We walk the streets everyday without being harassed. We don't understand the CONSTANT begging, and hounding for a picture, or autograph that celebrities get. They can never have a moment to themselves.

It also has nothing to do with being ungrateful. I'm sure he loves his fans when he's at press openings, galas, and other "work related" ventures. But, if the guy is just going for a walk... give the man some peace, for crying out loud!

As for people who say that, "celebrities should stop complaining about being so famous, it comes with the territory..." they need to think again. An actor signs up to WORK. That's it. It's everyone else that makes a big scene. Don't get mad at the celebrity who can't even get to their car without being attacked. Blame all those people who have nothing better to do with their time then bother others for their own selfish wants.

2865 days ago


What a dirtbag. A hot, hot dirtbag.

meanwhile, over at crabbie's hollywood:

biggest losers 2006 continued

2865 days ago

skeptical at best    

i guess having your show cancelled after the commercial was on for literally a month promoting the show will put you in a bad mood.

2865 days ago


He need to be glad someone wanted an autograph after another one of his horrible shows got cancelled AGAIN!

2865 days ago


i've never understood the point of autographs ?

2865 days ago


The only thing any actor owes his/her "fans" is a good performance so the money we spend seeing them perform is well spent.
They do not OWE us an autograph, personal time or anything else.
And if someone is kind enough to give you one, DO NOT STAND THERE SHOVING MORE AND MORE PICS FOR THEM TO SIGN JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO LEECH A LIVING OFF OF SOMEONE ELSE'S WORK BY SELLING THE AUTOGRAPHS. Move out of your Mom's basement and get a life and a real job.

2865 days ago


Who is this guy? Honestly I've never heard of him. Hope his lousy KARMA starts today.

2865 days ago
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