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Is Hilton's House the New Disneyland?

1/8/2007 1:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton's pad has become a new hotspot for L.A. tourists.

A line of fans waiting in the driveway of the heriess' home went wild as Hilton emerged, with one middle-aged Paris-ite exclaiming, "We're from New Hampshire, we just want to say hi while we're here. You're so pretty!"

Ever the crowd pleaser, Paris took photos with each of the girls before rushing off to the set of her new flick, "The Hottie and the Nottie" starring ... no one you've ever heard of.


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Dick Fitzwell    

Maybe I should fly out to her house so i can take a big giant SHIIT on her lawn.

i am can't wait till she od's and dies.

2823 days ago


MAYBE IT'S JUST ME but why do people CONTINUE to talk, blog or even care about this low class, no talent, and uninteresting person??

2823 days ago

Dr Gruv    

Bloody Hell!!

2823 days ago


Why do people do this? Losers.

2823 days ago


(Shakes head in disbelief) Well, she maybe a pampered airhead, but at least she's kind to her fans!

2823 days ago


She's uninteresting, coarse, and talentless, but, let's give the Devil his due. She came out and was polite, kind, and made the vacation for people who thought going to her driveway was a highlight (whateverrrrrr). Say what you will, this was a friendly gesture and she ought to be recognized for it.

2823 days ago

Paris Has A Penis Nose    

Paris's nose is shaped like a penis and the only talent she is good at is giving oral sex.

2823 days ago


Paris Hilton has got to be the LAST celebrity on earth that I would waste time people care what she does only because she will inherit some money? Because I have yet to see her do anything constructive or donate her time or money on behalf of anyone but herself.
I am embarrassed for her.

2823 days ago


Hmmmm,......Paris Hilton's driveway for my next vacation get there is an idea! I will have to run it by my hubby though!

2823 days ago


I think it was very sweet of Paris to be so nice to some fans.

As I recall, she made about $21 million dollars in 2005 and paid around $5.5 million dollars for the house.
Smart move, because it probably is worth about 10 million by now, given the high cost of California real estate.

So, her wealth increased by roughly $5 million dollars last year alone by doing nothing but living in the place.

I guess most posters do not understand how REAL wealth is buit- you rarely get it by working a 9-5 job.

Paris Hilton is listed as # 56 by Forbes and like it or not, she is RICH and getting richer. She is a Hilton after all.

2823 days ago


can someone tell where she lives??? my friend from work wants to go stand outside her pad...::like these f***en tourists:: and try to take a f***en pic with her ass..and if i dont post this she will never get off my ass!

2823 days ago


I don't understand why she isn't living in a gated community w/ all the money she has. She has already had multiple burglaries and this sort of easy access is just a "tragedy" waiting to happen. Seems kind of risky to me.

2823 days ago


Believe me, Paris Hilton is in no way dumb. She "acts" dumb and people
trip over themselves to do her bidding, but she's not stupid. She's
rich, pretty (not to me, but to others she is) and she has unlimited
cash flow. She's a f*ing genius!! Her sex video made her super famous,
Even when she was already famous for just being "famous."

Then she got real clever and canceled all her appearances and interviews when The Simple Life came out. Went on Letterman, who defended her against her sleazy video porno selling ex and gained a lot of sympathy.

Her TV show and ditsy personality made her seem adorably clueless and people loved her. Her feud with Nicole brought even more attention and the rest is history. This girl gets paid millions for club openings, print ads, perfume and more.

Doesn't sound like an idiot to me!!

2823 days ago


Why the hell are they encouraging, her the morons. Her friggin head id swelled enough as it is without these bozos making it even worse. Why is TMZ reporting this no news?

2823 days ago


It's a sweet jesture making tourists feel welcome.

Maybe she'll open a hotel for them all ;)

2823 days ago
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