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Gere to Photogs: Stay Away From My Kid!

1/18/2007 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Richard Gere's afternoon in the park with his son turned into a paparazzi confrontation, which culminated in Gere shoving one of the cameramen.

The "Chicago" star can been seen running around a Soho playground playing tag with a group of kids, one of whom is his son, Homer James Jigme. Gere's rep tells TMZ that Richard was upset about the paps photographing his son and asked them stop. According to the photogs, Gere then angrily grabbed the younger of the two shutterbugs.

Then, in an ironic turn, the older photographer confronted Gere -- because the photog he shoved was his son.

Gere can be seen arguing with the elder lensman, pointing a finger in his face. The video cuts, then Gere can be seen shoving the man as a truck passes in front of them. Hey Richard, he was just doing the same thing you were -- protecting his son!


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Boy, some of these people are hate mongers. Whats the childs name got to do with the whole subject ? It's Gere's father's name & shows he has respect for his Dad. We all have the right to protect our kids in the way we find fit. The paparazzi doesn't know what the word NO means. Good for you Richard.

2810 days ago


so much for the love of buddaism. The guys so so old news already

2842 days ago


You guys should learn to respect peoples privacy, especially when they are just trying to spend quality time with their children.

2842 days ago


good for him!

papaz have no reason or sense of entitlement to video tape or photograph their kids for profit.

2842 days ago

He's Boring now    

price of fame Richard...if you dont like it than take up another occupation where we dont get bothered when playing with our kids.

Its not nice but surprised you arent used to it by now and than pulling a Sean Penn is like making it all worse.

Instead of living in NY why not head for a quiet suburb in the Midwest...might find less intrusion.

2842 days ago


Gere's son is a little boy. The other goy's son is a man. If the guy want's his son to be in a business that poses risks, he should have him take pics of a football game.

2842 days ago


I agree that having the papaz taking photos everytime an actor steps into public is a price of fame, but the actors children did not ask to be famous. I think a line needs to be drawn there. When the actors/actress are by themselves, then by all means snap away. But when they are with there kids I think the papaz need to back off.

2842 days ago

Socialism has no place in this country    

I think the man can live where ever he wants... Not to mention protect his child... As a parent I would resort to shoving and maybe even more to protect my child!

Good for him!

2842 days ago


Richard should have kicked his ass...

2842 days ago


Nahh....It's one thing to photograph adults who choose to get into show business, and by definition, get into the limelight and deal with a loss of privacy, but it stops with the kids. UNLESS the kids either by their own volition or their parents choose to get into show business, then all bets are off in regards to a right of privacy. Little kids don't have a choice, and a good parent, like Gere, is doing the right thing.
I will never forget what Howard Stern when paparazzi took photos of his underage kids without his permission...he demanded an apology from the photographers, lest he broadcast the photographers home address, and where THE PHOTOGRAPHERS KIDS went to school! Also, tell where the photographer's wife worked, etc. Needless to say, the photographer called within MINUTES to apologize.
Adults are okay to photograph for the who are not in the business, should be OFF LIMITS.

2842 days ago


Good for Richard Gere, the cameraman deserved to be pushed. There are lines that shouldn't be crossed, and I can't even imagine being a celebrity and having the paparazzi there all the time to begin with. An occasional photo is great, but it's gotten out of hand.

2842 days ago


I'd say good for Richard Gere. I think he's totally allowed to get the photog's away from his child.

It's one thing to hunt the "stars" for their pictures...but their children and family members.....not!!

2842 days ago


Paparazzi aside, why would he name his child Homer James Jigme? I hope Jigme is his mother's last name and not a second middle name. For the childs sake I hope they call him James. It's bad enough that the child is going to face ridicule of his dad liking gerbils up his ass, much less getting teased of his name.

2842 days ago

Mad Balls    

what ever happened to Him being Gay ? Do we need Isiah to help out him ? dickheads . Gere . know for his outburts , needs to keep thinking like a buddhist . Remember ? All is nothing , Dude . Get that stick out of your butt unless you really like it . dickhead .

2842 days ago


Good for Richard!! Keep away from the children. Seriously why is that news and let's these celebs enjoy quality time with their kids. These guys are out of control.

2842 days ago
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