Pedro Pascal 'Last Of Us' Like 'This Is Us,' Huh? Well, This Is ... My Job!!!


Pedro Pascal says he's aware that this new hit HBO show, "The Last of Us," is getting compared to another 'Us' series ... and his response to that is, take it up with the writers.

We got the TV star Friday in WeHo, where he was signing autographs and itching to leave. Before he did, though, PP chopped it up with us for a bit ... and we asked him why 'LOU' keeps on introducing great characters that we all love, only to kill 'em off immediately?

If that sorta gut-wrenching TV sounds familiar, it's because it is ... AKA, NBC's "This Is Us," which is a real tear-jerker and also tends to write out characters at a moment's notice.

Pedro says he thinks the pain viewers are experiencing by briefly meeting/losing onscreen faves like Bill and Frank (RIP), Tess (also RIP) and most recently, Riley (maybe RIP?) is actually worth it. He doesn't really explain why ... but perhaps he knows, that's just good TV.

When we pressed a bit further, he kinda just shrugged his shoulders and said ... hey, I just do the acting. In other words, the fleeting characters thing isn't his call -- which is honest.

Our photog also touched on another theme that's being brought up again and again throughout this first season ... namely, LGBTQ+ representation. Some of the names mentioned above actually lend themselves to that, and Pedro says ... yeah, it's important.

He doesn't spoon-feed an easy answer on why though ... he thinks we already know.

Sheila E. On Shania Twain She Was Right To Pass On Prince ... Breakup Albums Are Touchy


Sheila E. says Shania Twain doesn't need to dwell on what could have been -- taking Prince up on an offer to collab on a breakup album years ago -- because Shania was right to say no.

We got Sheila at LAX and our photog asked her about Shania's recent revelation -- turning down Prince after he invited her to Paisley Park to record an album together in the wake of her 2008 split from ex-husband Robert "Mutt" Lange.


Shania says Prince called and told her they could record the next big album -- like Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" -- but she just wasn't ready ... and Sheila says it makes sense, telling us why breakup tracks are "touchy" for artists.

While lots of folks feel Shania and Prince could have done something special together, Sheila tells us the 'Feel Like a Woman' singer didn't need Prince to elevate her music ... Sheila says Shania was already great, with or without Prince.

Sheila's got tons of history with Prince, both romantically and professionally, so it's interesting to hear her take ... and she's validating Shania's gut instinct.

Patriots OT Trent Brown Get Off Mac Jones' Back, Haters ... 'I Love Him!!!'


New England Patriots star, Trent Brown is going from protecting Mac Jones on the field, to doing the same off of it -- telling TMZ Sports the quarterback's haters need to go kick rocks.

The Pats' left tackle didn't mince words while out at LAX on Monday -- saying he's a HUGE fan of Mac ... and doesn't get the criticism that surrounded the QB for most of this year.

Brown said he straight up "loves" the guy -- and anything Mac's critics say goes in one ear and out the other for him.

"They don't really matter," Brown said of the Jones haters. "Really, nobody outside of that building matters."

"It's all about who's in that locker room and who comes to work for us every day. That's it."

Jones faced a ton of heat this year -- he threw 11 interceptions in 14 games and had just 14 passing TDs -- leading many to call for backup Bailey Zappe to start over him.

Clearly, though, Brown's got Mac's back ... and loves him at QB1.

As for how things will go next year and the following years after this season's 8-9 disappointment ... Brown promised things would turn around soon.


"I don't believe we'll be down too long," he said.

Music to Bill Belichick's ears.

Michael Peña Wishes Jeremy Renner a Speedy Recovery ... Marvel Has a REAL Hero Now!!!


Michael Peña has nothing but well wishes for Jeremy Renner after his snowplow accident ... saying he hopes he makes a full recovery, after saving lives on and off camera.

We caught up with Michael at LAX and asked all about his fellow Marvel Cinematic Universe star ... who's, of course, healing after a snowcat crushed him -- shattering more than 30 bones -- while he was trying to rescue his nephew.


Michael tells us, he hopes Jeremy fully recovers soon. In his words ... 30 is whole a lot of bones to break, so he's wishing him the best of luck.

You could tell he was pleasantly surprised at how positive Jeremy's been through such a horrific situation.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In case you didn't know, both actors are part of the MCU -- Michael in the 'Ant-Man' franchise and Jeremy in the 'Avengers' flicks -- plus, they costarred in "American Hustle."

While this obviously sucks for JR ... who won't be able to work for a while ... MP says Disney should hold the Hawkeye role until he's ready to get back in action.

As Michael says, the guy's out here saving real lives ... so, he's overqualified for the job!

REP. GEORGE SANTOS Loves Comparison to Leo's Con Man Flick ... Misses Point by a Mile!!!


Rep. George Santos is truly (we think) flattered he reminds people of Leonardo DiCaprio's character from "Catch Me If You Can" -- but he's hung up on the Leo thing, and not the compulsive and convicted liar part!!!

File this hilarious clip under "Ya Missed the Point" -- but we got the embattled Congressman from New York Wednesday morning on Capitol Hill ... where our photog asked if he's seen the Leo and Tom Hanks movie about infamous con man, Frank Abganale.

Santos claims he hasn't seen the Steven Spielberg-directed film that had Leo portraying Frank conning his way through life -- pretending to be an airline pilot, doctor, teacher and prosecutor.

Perhaps not shockingly, Santos tells us he's "flattered" to be compared to Leo ... but totally ignores the real reason people are making the parallel. Y'know, the lies on lies on lies part!!!

The Congressman did latch on to one other thing besides Leo's looks, saying he wishes he had the actor's bank account. Of course, there's a good chance he's already told someone that he does!


In the movie, Leo's character is caught in the end ... and Santos has already been caught in more than a few lies. Besides his fib-packed resume, he recently admitted he DID have a drag alter ego in his youth in Brazil ... after initially denying it.


As for a movie about his lie-filled path to Congress -- doesn't sound like he's down to sell the rights. Someone should tell Georgie it doesn't work that way -- if nothing else, he's a walking Lifetime flick waiting to happen!!!

Frederic Prinz von Anhalt My Ring Finger's Gone!!! 😲 Lost In Car Accident


Frederic Prinz von Anhalt says he got into a nasty car crash at the top of the new year ... one that resulted in a total LOSS of his finger!!!

We got Zsa Zsa Gabor's widower Monday in Bev Hills, and he filled us in on the ordeal -- saying he got himself a brand-spanking new Rolls-Royce for the holidays, and was taking it for a spin when he got hit on the driver's side.

On top of the decimated digit on his right hand, he tells us his shoulder on his left side is hurting too. He even jokingly calls out Zsa Zsa for putting this on him from beyond the grave.

You'll recall, Prinz was on the short-lived reality show "Adults Adopting Adults" last year, taking in Kevin Feucht -- only to reverse the adoption process once the show got canned.


We got Prinz soon after news broke, and he told us he's still on the market for an heir -- but more likely an heiress, saying it's all about trust. Kevin told us he was "shocked, disappointed, and sad" about the reversal.

BTW -- Prinz tells us the missing ring finger means no more marriage for him. Nice try, but it's his right hand that's injured. Can't knock him for trying!

Kyle Richards Chrissy Should Be Next Housewife ... She Can Replace Lisa!!!


Kyle Richards disagrees with Erika Jayne saying Lisa Rinna can't be replaced on 'RHOBH' ... Kyle thinks Chrissy Teigen would be a great addition to the show.

We got Kyle leaving Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills on Monday and our photog asked her who she would cast to replace Lisa, who is leaving the reality TV franchise after 8 seasons.

Kyle says Chrissy would be the best option ... and she's always felt CT had what it takes to make it on 'RHOBH.'


Kyle's answer is in stark contrast to what Erika believes ... as we reported, Erika says producers can try but they won't be able to replace Lisa because she's the "f***** G.O.A.T."

Chrissy and Kyle have been friends for years ... and it sounds like she's got someone in her corner if 'RHOBH' producers come calling.


Of course, Chrissy's a little busy at the moment ... she just gave birth to her and John Legend's fourth child ... so it's unclear if she would even be interested in joining Kyle on the show.

Take notice, Chrissy ... Kyle tells us why Lisa isn't lying about some of the show's pitfalls.

Chris Brown Seen for 1st Time Since Arrest 'I Love Everybody!!!'


Chris Brown is stepping out in public for the first time since being arrested for allegedly raping a woman in a Paris hotel -- something he called total BS -- but today he's spreading a message of love.

Brown was leaving the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris Wednesday -- the same place where the alleged rape went down -- and he had just a few simple words to share, "I love everybody."

As we reported ... Chris was arrested Monday night by French police on possible rape and narcotics charges. The alleged victim told Closer Magazine Brown brutally and violently assaulted her for 25-30 minutes in a dressing room after a night of partying.

Although prosecutors initially told us Chris would have to answer in court and possibly surrender his passport, he was released the same day of the arrest with no conditions. He still has his passport and is free to return to the U.S.

Sources familiar with the Parisian legal system tell us there are signs the case fell apart.

Brown's attorney, Raphael Chiche, vowed Tuesday -- Chris would file a defamation case against the woman.

Blac Chyna Wasted Appeal to Voters It's the Midterm, Bitches!!!


Blac Chyna is ripping a page out of Taylor Swift's electoral playbook -- except Chyna's version sounds a bit more drunken ... and hysterical, TBH.

BC was leaving Mastro's in Bev Hills and, right off the bat, it was clear she had more than water at dinner. She did have a designated driver, who failed miserably at stopping Chyna from ranting about the importance of registering to vote and lots of other stuff.

Yup ... BC was dead serious about the midterm elections, but her execution was lacking. She could barely keep her balance before imploring everyone to look up their state's deadlines for voter registration.

She almost slurred her way through a breast cancer awareness statement.

Imagine how much more effective Taylor's message could have been if she had a couple margaritas beforehand!

Fittingly, her bizarre news conference came to a crashing halt when she got into an altercation with one of the photogs recording her.

Politics ... it ain't for everyone.

Sia Plays Peekaboo ... At Netflix Party


Now you Sia ... now you don't.

The singer -- known for covering her face onstage -- ditched her wig and showed her mug as she mingled with producer Zach Shields outside the "Ozark" Netflix party Tuesday night at APL Restaurant on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

But, it was back to business as usual when Sia approached our camera before and after the party ... covering her face with both hands.

Sia gave a nod to Aretha Franklin, who is gravely ill from cancer ... and told us her favorite song by the Queen of Soul.

Nick Jonas Bloody Good Hook-Up Down Under With Hot Mystery Girl

Nick Jonas isn't gonna let a little thing like an open wound on a hot chick's knee crush his game, as proven by this footage of their epic day ... complete with public makeout sesh.

Nick and his bro Joe are gallivanting around Australia this week, but Nick went solo on Wednesday for a hot date that got off to a rough start when his date banged up her knees during a bike ride.

Not to worry, he rescued the sexy sheila (Aussie for babe) in distress by sweeping her off her feet -- and gnarly knee.


Nick and his chick did lunch, did the beach, did a romantic nightcap at Sydney's Watson's Bay Hotel -- then, most likely, did each other.

They didn't even try to hide their hot and heavy hook-up, and we're told they left together after the place cleared out.

Beats the hell outta tossing balls with your bro.

Blac Chyna Tackles Rumored Second Sex Tape


Blac Chyna's leaked sex tape could be just the tip of the ... iceberg, because she's bracing for the worst and hoping for the best when it comes to more explicit videos leaking.

Chyna was out in L.A. -- the first time we've seen her since the video of her and her ex-bf, Mechie, doing the deed -- and she said she's trying to let her lawyers handle the crisis. As for how the video got out ... she says, "Your guess is as good as mine."

There was buzz a second video -- a way more graphic one -- was out on the Internet, but we broke the story ... it's not BC. Still, she isn't exactly ruling out the possibility of another video being out there somewhere.

Google Alert is Chyna's best friend these days.

Cardi B, Migos Swarmed by Massive Crowd .. During NBA All-Star Weekend


Cardi B, and the guys from Migos were swallowed up in a gigantic crowd waiting for them as they arrived for an event for NBA All-Star Weekend.

Cardi, her fiance Offset, Takeoff and Quavo all showed up in an SUV at Murano in WeHo. Victor Oladipo, a guard for the Indiana Pacers, was along for the ride.

Cardi made 6 figures for hosting the event, and she's expected to make a bundle more during the weekend festivities. She's also hosting at Penthouse and Ace of Diamonds.

The security is massive ... the hired muscle is especially vigilant after Cardi dissed the Crips during Super Bowl Weekend.

Al Pacino Gives TMZ Photog Thumbs Up ... For Scarface Impression!!!


Al Pacino, one of the great actors of all time, was IMPRESSED by our photog's homage ... seriously!!!

Dante spotted Al Friday leaving E Baldi in Bev Hills, and he surrendered his camera to someone and put it all out there ... first doing a bit from "Any Given Sunday" and then doing a more-than-respectable "Scarface." Check it out ... Al gave his seal of approval.

Speaking of this given Sunday ... Al seems pretty damn unimpressed by the Super Bowl.

Ciara, Russell Wilson Chowin' Down Multiple Times in Bev Hills!!!


Ciara and Russell Wilson spent Friday night eating everything in sight!!!

The couple hit up Mr. Chow -- for starters -- in Bev Hills, then beelined it for Sprinkles Cupcakes which is undeniably delicious.

That wasn't the end of a night filled with food and treats. They meandered over to Amorino for some tasty gelato.

The Seattle Seahawks QB seemed more than satisfied with his choice.

Bev Hills shuts down early, so they took off for parts unknown ... possibly for a third dessert. Sounds like a good evening for sure.

Justin Bieber I Totally Meant to Fall on My Ass


Justin Bieber took his smooth moves to a new height -- or maybe low -- while playing a pickup game of hockey.

Justin was repping his OG home team ... rocking a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey Sunday at an L.A. rink. The Biebs doesn't shy away from contact during these games -- he plays almost every week -- and this time he went down.

Hard to make out if he got checked, but somehow JB ended up on his ass. Rather than whining about a penalty ... he flipped over and banged out some push-ups.

Nothing to see here, folks.

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