Kanye West Out in Public for 1st Time in Weeks ... With Mystery Woman

Kanye West is back to his regularly scheduled program -- getting out and about again, and with a new mystery woman by his side during his first time in public in several weeks.

Ye appeared to be all smiles Sunday afternoon as he drove around his Maybach in Bev Hills. In what's become his typical single guy move ... he had a new female companion riding shotgun for their Sunday Funday.

Unclear who the woman is, but they were basically hand in hand as they walked into the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

Ye's been off the map for several weeks now -- rumors started spreading he was missing when his ex-business manager Thomas St. John said Ye was nowhere to be found.

As we reported, Ye made himself persona non grata just about everywhere after he unleashed a slew of antisemitic remarks and bizarre comments ... all of which ultimately cost him a ton of business deals, and his billionaire status.

At one point, he was traveling the country with white nationalist Nick Fuentes by his side, and the duo went to Mar-a-Lago to dine with Donald Trump, stirring a war of words with the former president.


No sign of Fuentes in Bev Hills this weekend ... so, it at least seems like Ye's upgraded the company he's keeping.

Leonardo DiCaprio Livin' It Up On A Yacht In St. Barts ... With Tons of Chicks

Leonardo DiCaprio continues to be one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, spending time on a luxury yacht surrounded by a ton of hot women in bikinis.

A shirtless Leo was spotted in St. Barts Monday while getting some serious vitamin D and chatting it up with multiple models on board before taking a dip and then laying in the sun.

Unclear who all of Leo's female friends are ... but one of the bikini-babes was Madison Headrick, Leo's pal Joe Nahmad's fiancee.

Of course, Leo recently ended his relationship with Camila Morrone, after several years together.

He's been linked to several others since the split, including Gigi Hadid and more recently has reportedly been spending time with 23-year-old actress Victoria Lamas.

Clearly, he's not ready to settle down again any time soon.

Drake Woman Claims He Kicked Her Out After Romantic Night ... Rapper Calls BS on Her!!!

Drake is denying rumors from a woman who claims the rapper flew her out for a romantic night, but then gave her the boot once she started recording him.

The Canadian rapper issued a statement Wednesday on Instagram, apparently addressing the women's TikTok video about their alleged encounter. Drake wrote, "Never met. Never spoke. Never flew." He added, "I hope people start doing more with the one life we are given s*** is sad out here".

In her TikTok video, the woman states that Drake direct messaged her after she posted a story mentioning the music icon while she was clad in lingerie.

She says they began talking, which led to Drake booking her a flight to see him. Before anything went down between them, Drake made her sign an NDA or so she claims.


At one point she says, "he kept on rubbing on my stomach and asking me questions like 'do you want kids?'" She went on to say they started drinking and vibing ... and eventually, things escalated to them having unprotected sex.

The woman also claims Drake became angry when she began recording him ... saying he slapped her phone out her hand and kicked her out his crib.

Of course, the woman's video went viral  ... but the clip has been deleted now that Drake has entered the conversation, calling BS on her accusations.

But, the woman insists she has proof that what she says about Drake is TRUE!!!

We'll keep an eye out for those receipts.

Pete Davidson Hangs Out with Chase Sui Again ... But, Just Good Friends

david and Emma?!?

3:07 PM PT -- A rep for Pete tells TMZ ... "Chase and Pete are great friends and they have been since they met filming 'Bodies, Bodies, Bodies." We're told they hang out all the time, and are most definitely not an item.

Pete Davidson might have another body on his hands -- because he was out on a grocery store date with a mystery woman ... whom we're told appeared to be Chase Sui Wonders.

The ex-'SNL' star was out at a Whole Foods Saturday afternoon in Brooklyn, where he was definitely trying to lay low and stay incognito -- as was his lady friend next to him ... both of them wearing their hoods completely over their heads as they exchanged smiles at checkout.

Fortunately, PD recycles his fits a bit ... and we'd recognize that nifty New York jacket anywhere. It's the same one he wore at the Rangers game on Thursday ... where Chase Sui was also in attendance with her fellow "Bodies, Bodies, Bodies" cast member.

They weren't hiding then, but if this is in fact CSW -- which an eyewitness insists it was -- then they're definitely not trying to be seen together here ... which could signal they're a thing.

The cat was almost outta the bag at the hockey game ... but there was plausible deniability since their other 'BBB' costar, Rachel Sennott, tagged along -- and it could've been a 3-way friendly outing. But, if Chase is hanging with Pete solo ... well, life might imitate art after all.

If you haven't seen their movie yet, they actually play a couple onscreen ... David and Emma, who have a rocky relationship. Based on these get-togethers between them lately ... their chemistry in the real world seems to be much stronger ... with a lot less drama.

We haven't seen Pete with Emily Ratajkowski lately either -- so more evidence this might be romantic. Plus, you don't just bring anybody to WF with ya ... that's the real deal right there!

Originally Published -- 1:36 PM PT

Elizabeth Hurley I Didn't Take Harry's V-Card!!! Princely Book Rumor Swirls

Elizabeth Hurley is denying an apparent rumor that she took Prince Harry's virginity way back when -- something that's supposed to be alluded to in his forthcoming book.

The actress addressed what The Times claims is a juicy piece of gossip floating around in the U.K. -- namely, that Harry shagged Hurley as a teenager ... marking his first time. In an interview with the outlet, EH flatly debunks any notion of this being true.

She's quoted as saying, "“Not me. Not guilty. Ha!” The author writes, "Something about that 'ha!' gives me pause," seemingly following up on it with her ... and Hurley responds with, "No. Not me. Absolutely not."

The Times notes that Hurley used to have a farmhouse in Gloucestershire -- northwest of London, and a bit south of Birmingham -- and that, in previous interviews, she'd made mention of how much fun it was to bang on a rug by the fireplace of her home.

They connect that with yet another rumor ... that Harry's set to reveal he first had sex with a beautiful older woman in the "countryside" as a teen -- something he'll supposedly reveal in "Spare" -- but apparently doesn't name names, or disclose other deets that'd pin this down.

As for how that ties to Liz, The Times simply states -- "There's a rumor it was Hurley," but it's unclear where the hell they're even getting that. In any case, it's in the rumor mill now.

We did some math and it sorta helps paint a clearer picture of when this alleged hookup could've possibly occurred. Harry would've been a "teen" between 1997 and 2003 (13 and 19, respectively) and that overlaps up with when Hurley owned this crib ... 2002 to 2015.

If there's any truth to this whatsoever -- which, again, Hurley says there isn't -- then H (as Meg likes to call him) would've likely been 18 or so. Hypothetically ... not bad, big guy!

Oakland A's Couple Allegedly Engages In Sex Act At Game ... Cops Investigating

A couple allegedly engaged in a sex act in the stands at the Oakland A's game on Sunday ... and now, police tell TMZ Sports they're investigating it all.

The two MLB fans were accused of going at it at some point during the Athletics' tilt with the Seattle Mariners at RingCentral Coliseum ... when a spectator in another part of the stadium appeared to capture the two getting it on in one of the last rows of the venue.

Footage appears to show the woman performing oral sex on the man for several seconds.

An Oakland Police Dept. spokesperson says cops are aware of the allegations ... and have launched a probe into the matter.

"The Oakland Police Department was not alerted to this until after the game," the spokesperson said, "and we have initiated an investigation."

If charged and ultimately convicted, we're told the penalty for the offense is up to 6 months behind bars and/or a fine of up to $1,000.

'Big Brother' Houseguests Knockin' Boots On A Pool Floatie!!!

Two "Big Brother" contestants did the deed on a butterfly-shaped pool floatie ... but it doesn't sound like their evening of romance lasted very long!

Kyle and Alyssa are houseguests on the latest season of the reality show, and they've been hooking up, forming a showmance.


Things got hot and heavy in the "Have-Not" room -- the show swapped out beds with pool floaties on the hard floor ... but that didn't stop the two from getting it on.

After their hook up was over, Kyle jumps into apology mode -- confessing he lasted a grand total of 10 seconds.

Alyssa didn't seem to mind ... although she sounded a little embarrassed when talking to housemate Turner after.

She does, however, call the quickie a "really nice moment."

Fans went wild online after the hook up ... but some had more sympathy for the floatie than Kyle and Alyssa.

Ansel Elgort Making Out with Woman in Italy ... Amid GF Breakup Rumors

Ansel Elgort seems to have a new lady in his life -- at least based on these shots of him sucking face in public with a gal who's definitely not his longtime dancer girlfriend.

The "West Side Story" star was feeling cozy in Capri Monday, but wasn't alongside Violetta Komyshan ... with whom Ansel's been romantically involved for years. Instead, this appears to be a mystery woman who's grabbed the attention ... of his hands and lips.

These pics, obtained by TMZ, show Ansel getting a handful of his lady friend's backside as they get ready for a dip in the ocean. They had company too ... another unidentified woman who joined them at the beach and a restaurant.

As you can see, the brunette and Ansel locked lips in the water as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

There have been rumors for months now that VK and Ansel split, and it's possible his Italian vacay without her confirms that. We've reached out to his reps, but no word back yet.

Ansel and Violetta were out together in NYC for opening night of the play "Funny Girl" back in the spring -- and they also reportedly bought a pad together in NYC.

Hey, they'll always have Broadway!

Tristan Thompson Partying in Greece with Ladies ... Amid Khloe K Baby News

papa bear party animal

Tristan Thompson is about to be a new dad again -- but instead of being in L.A. for the imminent birth ... he's halfway across the world, living it up with some lovely ladies.

TMZ has obtained footage of the NBA star at a club called Bonbonniere in Mykonos, Greece very early Friday morning (2:30 AM) -- where we're told he was surrounded by friends, plus, some female company ... a handful of women seemingly hanging around near him too.

The clip here isn't great lighting-wise, but we've brightened it up and slowed it down ... and sure enough, there's Tristan. Of course, he's also been photographed strolling around Mykonos the past few days -- so yeah, TT's in Europe right now.

As you can see, there's about four different women around him -- two of whom seem to be focusing their interactions on him specifically -- and even more hotties roaming about.

While you don't see any explicit PDA here in the footage, eyewitnesses tell us Tristan appeared to be getting cozy with at last one gal that was in the mix, and getting a little handsy throughout the night.

Of course, it's the dude's prerogative to do this. As we all know, he's officially unattached -- this after Khloe Kardashian dumped him amid yet the latest cheating scandal with Maralee Nichols, whom he also impregnated -- and they strictly have a co-parenting relationship now for True.

That's all fine and good, but as TMZ first reported ... this new baby is about to be born any day now, if it hasn't popped out already -- which it may well have by now.

So, to be frank, this doesn't seem to be the greatest of looks. Whatever though -- to each their own, we suppose ... keep on rockin' in the free world, brodie. 🥴

'Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp I Told Doja Cat I'm Sorry for DM Leak 'Everything is all good'

"Stranger Things" star Noah Schnapp came under a lot of fire for leaking DMs between himself and Doja Cat -- but says he's already apologized and things are all good between the two.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

17-year-old Schnapp took to TikTok Wednesday night to give an update on the situation between him and DC ... saying, "Guys everything is all good I apologized and I still follow her and love her music no hard feelings ❤️❤️". Doja's song "Kiss Me More" plays in the background of the video.

If you weren't following along, Schnapp had recently posted a private exchange between him and Doja where she was asking about his "Stranger Things" costar, Joseph Quinn, seemingly wanting to go on a date or get set up through Noah.


Doja didn't appreciate Noah's posting, saying it was some "weasel s***" ... but she did acknowledge Noah was young, and said everyone makes and learns from mistakes.

So, if you take Noah at his word, they're cool ... but who knows, maybe their DMs tell a different story.

Doja Cat Calls Out Noah Schnapp for Posting DM Convo ... That's Weasel S***!!!

Doja Cat's quiet efforts to hook up with Joseph Quinn are now out there for the world to see -- and she's pissed at his co-star Noah Schnapp for blowing her cover by posting their DMs.

Doja went live on TikTok Thursday night to address what went down, and you can tell she was trying like to hell to keep cool about it -- she realizes the 17-year-old actor might not have known better, but she thinks that excuse can only go so far.


To be clear, Doja was only chatting with the kid because she wanted him to hit up Joseph, who plays fan-favorite Eddie Munson in the latest season of the Netflix series.

Noah posted a now-deleted TikTok Wednesday that showed his brief chat with Doja ... where she asks about hitting up Quinn.

She checked herself pretty quick in the convo, though -- after asking Noah to set it up, she says no, asking "Does he have a GF?"

As for Noah's loose social media lips -- she says it's "borderline snake s***," but she hopes that's not who Noah really is and it was just a one-time slipup.

Unclear if she ended up sliding in Joseph's DMs, but odds are the actor won't be posting that convo online.

John Lennon Alleged Affair With Teenage Assistant ... Set Up By Yoko Ono?!?

John Lennon allegedly had an affair with an assistant who was 10 years his junior and it was all Yoko Ono's idea ... according to a new documentary.

According to "The Lost Weekend: A Love Story," a doc that just premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival ... John had an affair in the 1970s with his assistant, May Pang.

The film, narrated by May and from her point of view, claims May initially met John and his wife Yoko when she was 19 years old and starting a job at The Beatles' music company in New York, Apple Records.

The story goes ... John and Yoko liked May so much they asked her to become their personal assistant, working for them for a few years until one morning in 1973 when Yoko allegedly insisted May go out with John.

The doc claims Yoko told May she was not getting along with her husband and feared John would start seeing other people ... with Yoko suggesting May get involved.

May was 22 and John was 32 when the alleged affair began ... and she claims John had previously told Yoko he found her sexually attractive, though she didn't have romantic feelings toward him when he first pursued her.

The alleged affair lasted 18 months, beginning with John kissing May in an elevator ... and saw John and May move across the country to Los Angeles, where Lennon started making music again with Paul McCartney.

Things even got to the point where John and May were sending joint Christmas cards ... according to the doc ... though they are said to have kept their alleged affair secret from everyone outside their tight friend circle.

May claims she and John fell in love, and when Yoko found out she fought hard to win him back.

Khloe Kardashian 'You Really F***** Up Your Life' ... After Tristan Cheats Again


Khloe Kardashian has clearly had enough of Tristan Thompson and his cheating ways, giving a behind-the-scenes look at her reaction after she'd learned he got another woman pregnant.

Khloe didn't hold back on Thursday's season finale of "The Kardashians" during a chat with sister, Kim Kardashian, Khloe said of TT, "Wow, you really f***** up your life."

During the heart-to-heart, Kim tells Khloe, "If that were me and I was really trying to redeem myself and I was trying to be a better person, I would definitely just keep my d*** in my pants."

Khloe chimes in saying, "You would think. You either wear a condom, get a vasectomy, or you don't f*** random people that you meet in other states. It's not rocket science".

Of course, we know the random person turned out to be personal trainer Maralee Nichols, and Tristan ended up being the father of her son. As you know, Tristan filed legal docs admitting to having sex with her almost immediately after the 30th birthday party Khloe threw for him.


As we've reported, TT caught the full wrath of the Kardashian sisters, including Kylie who called him "the worst person on the planet", but clearly Khloe had a few words to say too.

Khloe and Tristan continue to co-parent their daughter, True, but are no longer together romantically.

AEW's Jake Atlas Charged With Domestic Violence ... After Allegedly Scratching Boyfriend

AEW star Jake Atlas has been hit with a domestic violence charge ... after he allegedly scratched his boyfriend following an argument over a sexual encounter.

According to police documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, Atlas was arrested on May 23 after cops say the 27-year-old wrestler's boyfriend and a witness told them Atlas became very aggressive following a night of drinking.

Police say while Atlas was out at a bar, his boyfriend joined him there ... and say the boyfriend told them the two eventually "went back to a female friend's house to take part in sexual activities."

But, cops say Atlas' boyfriend told them that after he had paid "more attention" to the female than Atlas -- the 5-foot-11, 230-pound athlete became enraged.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In the docs, officers say the boyfriend and a witness told them Atlas started a "huge verbal argument" -- and then tried to attack the boyfriend multiple times.

In his alleged fits of rage, Atlas was accused of scratching his boyfriend and tearing the man's tank top.

Cops say in the docs when they tried to interview Atlas for his side of the story, "he only wished to talk bad about" his boyfriend instead of being cooperative.

Court records show Atlas -- real name Kenny Sanchez Martinez -- was ultimately charged with domestic violence battery, a misdemeanor. The records show he was ordered to have no contact with the alleged victim.

He's due back in court for a hearing in the case in late June.

Atlas -- who is openly gay -- wrestled in the WWE from 2019 to 2021. He went on to wrestle with AEW in late 2021, but suffered a significant knee injury in Jan. 2022 and has not returned to the ring since.

We've reached out to AEW for comment, but so far, no word back yet.

Indiana Pastor Admits Affair with 16-Year-Old ... As Enraged Congregation Demands Truth


An Indiana Pastor attempted to come clean in church about adultery he'd committed 20 years ago, only to have the congregation turn on him when the woman called him out -- revealing she was just 16 at the time of their encounters.

Pastor John Lowe of New Life Christian Church in Warsaw, IN stood in front of his church Sunday to reveal he was stepping down after confessing to cheating on his wife with one other person many years ago. Lowe was met with forgiveness and applause ... but then a woman and her husband walked up to the altar and addressed the congregation.

The woman revealed she was the one Lowe cheated with, but claims she was just 16 at the time when Lowe had sex with her on his church office floor, taking her virginity.

The age of consent in Indiana is 16.

The stunned congregation looked on as the woman continued, saying the affair went on for 9 years and pleading for Pastor Lowe to tell the truth.

Once the woman and her husband left the stage -- people in the audience began to shout at Lowe, to tell the truth -- and he ultimately fesses up, saying the woman was, in fact, only 16 when he had an affair with her.

A local report says the county prosecutor has opened up an investigation into the matter.

Jamie Foxx Welcome to My Loooooove Boat!!!

Jamie Foxx is living it up in the South of France ... making out with a super hot blonde on a yacht and tooling around on a jet ski!!! It's good to be the Foxx.

Jamie is at Cannes for the Film Festival, but it ain't all work -- he's onboard a luxury yacht with a stunning woman, and his lips are very fond of her. They were all over each other, engaging in some heavy-duty PDA on deck, and on a daybed.

It looks like Jamie and his special friend are getting along swimmingly ... he had her laughing and then they slipped on some lifejackets and shared a Sea-Doo, with JF at the controls and the woman holding on for dear life.

The last time we saw Jamie on jet skiing, he was cruising around Biscayne Bay with his then-girlfriend Katie Holmes ... but as we've seen, the exes have since moved on quite happily.

Vive la France!!!

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