Indiana Pastor Admits Affair with 16-Year-Old ... As Enraged Congregation Demands Truth


An Indiana Pastor attempted to come clean in church about adultery he'd committed 20 years ago, only to have the congregation turn on him when the woman called him out -- revealing she was just 16 at the time of their encounters.

Pastor John Lowe of New Life Christian Church in Warsaw, IN stood in front of his church Sunday to reveal he was stepping down after confessing to cheating on his wife with one other person many years ago. Lowe was met with forgiveness and applause ... but then a woman and her husband walked up to the altar and addressed the congregation.

The woman revealed she was the one Lowe cheated with, but claims she was just 16 at the time when Lowe had sex with her on his church office floor, taking her virginity.

The age of consent in Indiana is 16.

The stunned congregation looked on as the woman continued, saying the affair went on for 9 years and pleading for Pastor Lowe to tell the truth.

Once the woman and her husband left the stage -- people in the audience began to shout at Lowe, to tell the truth -- and he ultimately fesses up, saying the woman was, in fact, only 16 when he had an affair with her.

A local report says the county prosecutor has opened up an investigation into the matter.

Jamie Foxx Welcome to My Loooooove Boat!!!

Jamie Foxx is living it up in the South of France ... making out with a super hot blonde on a yacht and tooling around on a jet ski!!! It's good to be the Foxx.

Jamie is at Cannes for the Film Festival, but it ain't all work -- he's onboard a luxury yacht with a stunning woman, and his lips are very fond of her. They were all over each other, engaging in some heavy-duty PDA on deck, and on a daybed.

It looks like Jamie and his special friend are getting along swimmingly ... he had her laughing and then they slipped on some lifejackets and shared a Sea-Doo, with JF at the controls and the woman holding on for dear life.

The last time we saw Jamie on jet skiing, he was cruising around Biscayne Bay with his then-girlfriend Katie Holmes ... but as we've seen, the exes have since moved on quite happily.

Vive la France!!!

Kanye West I'm Not Official with Kim Look-Alike ... But Similarities Drew Me to Her

Kanye West certainly has a new muse in Kim Kardashian look-alike Chaney Jones, but the two don't consider themselves a couple, at least not yet.

Sources close to the two tell us ... while they've been together here and there over the last couple weeks, it's all for fun. We're told Kanye's obviously attracted to Chaney ... undeniably drawn to her because of her similarities to Kim.

As for how they met ... nothing fancy. We're told Chaney slid into Kanye's DMs and things went from there.

Of course, Chaney and Ye started hanging out shortly after he and Julia Fox split up -- Julia herself had admitted things were never that serious -- and our Kanye sources echo that ... he's not looking for commitment with anyone right now.

Chaney's style lately has almost been a carbon copy of Kim ... especially the tight-fitting bodysuits. She's even worn the same sunglasses as Kim.

Kim just spent a full week overseas at Milan Fashion Week where she has clearly ditched Balenciaga and dressed exclusively in Prada. As we reported, Kim's made it clear ... she now feels confident enough to make her own choices.

Kanye West Looking Smitten with Chaney Jones Beach Bod Explains Why!!!

Kanye West might not be able to have Kim Kardashian -- but he's got the next best thing, it seems, in her look-alike ... who's almost like her carbon copy down to a curvaceous T!

As you know ... Ye's been trotting out his new flame, Chaney Jones, more and more lately -- stepping out in public with her in full view, whereas before ... he seemed to be trying to keep their relationship low-key.

The parading continued into the weekend, with Ye and Chaney leaving ZZ's Club in Miami very early Friday morning at around 3:30 AM ET ... coming down an escalator together, staring deeply into each other's eyes and then departing in the same SUV.

Just like she usually does, CJ was looking like a dead ringer for KK -- and Ye seemed to be all about it ... flashing a huge grin as they walked side by side.

As you know ... he still is very much trying to halt his divorce from Kim at the moment -- and seems desperate to get her back any way he can. It would appear that until he can have her to himself again -- which is probably NOT going to happen -- he's willing to settle for Chaney.

She's certainly not the worst consolation prize by any means, though ... evidenced in what she put on display Saturday at the beach -- namely, her rockin' bod, which she showed off from the front and the back.

Indeed, she's got the hourglass figure -- with quite the caboose -- just like Kim does ... so, you can see what Kanye digs about her in the looks department.

It's like they say ... if you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with!

Nelly Sorry for Leaked Oral Sex Video ... 'Never Meant to Go Public'

Nelly is apologizing for a video of him receiving oral sex which, somehow, got posted on his social media -- and he says the old clip was never meant to see the light of day.

The "Hot In Herre" rapper started trending Tuesday on Twitter after his IG story briefly included an uncensored video of a woman performing oral sex. The video was quickly deleted, but not before folks were able to capture screen recordings and repost.

Nelly tells TMZ ... "I sincerely apologize to the young lady and her family, this is unwanted publicity for her/them. This was an old video that was private and never meant to go public."

As for how it ended up getting on his Instagram account?

Well, it sounds like Nelly may have been hacked, because his team tells us they're investigating a breach and are concerned more of Nelly's private content may also end up online ... including financial information, personal documents and passwords.

Antonio Brown Appears To Deny Hooking Up With OnlyFans Model ... Before Jets Game

Antonio Brown seems to be calling B.S. on the report that he hooked up with an OnlyFans model prior to the Jets game earlier this month.

Brown was doing a recent sitdown interview with Fashion Nova ... when he seemed to shoot down the rumor that he had sex with Ava Louise in his hotel room the night before his meltdown at MetLife Stadium.

During a questionnaire with the former Buccaneers star, the reporter asked, "What's the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself?"

AB didn't take too long to find an answer, saying, "Yeah, I heard something like some OnlyFans girl said, like, she got down with me."

"I'm just saying, like, that was crazy."

If you're unfamiliar, Louise -- a social media star with hundreds of thousands of followers -- said last week that Brown snuck her into Tampa Bay's team hotel in New Jersey the day before the Bucs played the Jets.

Louise said the two had sex, claiming at one point during the interaction, Brown asked her to film it.

Louise said she did not spend the night, and claims she went public with the story because she thinks it all could have played a part in the Brown blowup that happened the following day.


Brown didn't specifically name Louise in his Fashion Nova interview, but he appeared to be talking about the model in his answer nonetheless ... saying, "She ain't got no video, my G. No video."

As we reported, Brown was booted from the Bucs roster after his shirtless exit from MetLife Stadium. He's since said he's regretted at least part of his tantrum, telling paps this week it wasn't professional.

Brown has insisted he still wants to play in the NFL moving forward.

A-Rod 'Hot Date' a Big Not Date ... Just the Wife of a Good Friend!!!


3:24 PM PT -- Sources close to A-Rod tell TMZ ... he wasn't on a date with this woman -- if anything he may have been third-wheeling. We're told this is the wife of a friend of his, who was also there ... and that they've bee hanging out all week.

A-Rod and Kanye West have something in common -- THE DATING GAME!!!

A-Rod brought a date to The Langham Hotel in London Saturday night. Eyewitnesses tell TMZ ... they arrived together at around 9:45 PM and got super cozy ... as they talked J Lo's ex put his hand on her thigh as he sipped a non-alcoholic drink.

Folks at the bar say they were not looking for attention .... in fact, at one point they moved to another part of the bar that was further away from other folks. There wasn't any kissing or hugging, but they were clearly affectionate and into each other ... so say the witnesses.

No one approached A-Rod, but some folks in the bar clearly recognized him.

A-Rod and Kanye really do have things in common -- they're both recently single, and not of their own doing. But, A-Rod and Ye seem to be moving on ... a good start to 2022.

Originally Published -- 7:33 AM PT

Tristan Thompson Requests Emergency Gag Order ... In Paternity Case

Tristan Thompson is trying to keep a tightly-sealed lid on info from his latest paternity case -- asking a judge to silence the woman who claims she's carrying his child from leaking info about the case ... while he continues to blast her as being out for fortune and fame.

The NBA star filed an emergency petition Tuesday in Harris County, TX -- asking the judge to issue a gag order in the case ... barring the parties (himself and Maralee Nichols) from speaking out about the case as it plays out in court.

Tristan points to multiple instances in which he believes Maralee has violated what he claims is a confidentiality order the judge orally granted earlier in the case after she sued him over paternity.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Tristan claims Maralee has been doing interviews with the media, leaking personal info and even taking to IG and other social media to spread what he says are blatant lies about himself and his family. Specifically, he claims certain Snapchat messages -- which Maralee has claimed were sent to her by Tristan -- were fabricated.

The reason Tristan thinks she's doing all this is "to achieve some sort of notoriety and gain for herself in this lawsuit."

Bottom line ... Tristan wants to keep this entire proceeding under wraps, including any discovery or evidence submitted by either side. He also wants the court to sanction Maralee for the alleged leaks.

To hit that point home, he wants a judge to force her to fork over a $30k bond to ensure she has some money on the line if she breaks the confidentiality order.

As we reported ... Maralee says Tristan is the father of a baby that's due any day now, something he's denied. She also claims he tried to pay her to keep quiet about the whole thing, in the amount of $75k.

Tristan Thompson Fake IG Account Pops Up ... Baby's Name Still Unknown


7:55 AM PT -- TMZ did some further digging, and it appears the account claiming to be Maralee revealing the baby's name as Angelou Kash Thompson is a fake. We've also determined the photo the account posted claiming to show the baby is a rip-off as well, ripped from an L.A. newborn photographer.

Tristan Thompson is in the throes of what could become a paternity dispute, but the newborn's mother isn't waiting for a judge to decide whether he's the daddy ... she's already given the baby his last name.

Maralee Nichols posted of photo of the baby, with the caption, "First came love, then came you ❤️ Angelou Kash Thompson."

Maralee went on to grouse that Tristan is not embracing the child, saying, "I want to thank everyone for your well wishes. Me and baby are doing great. Right now my heart and mind is on focusing on the baby right now. I am heartbroken that Angelou's father doesn't want to be in his life. I am hoping this lawsuit will bring us together and we can be a family."

It is interesting ... Maralee wrote, "First came love" ... clearly suggesting this was more than what Tristan has called it -- a one-night stand.

As we reported, Nicole claims the baby was conceived in Houston back in March ... around the time Tristan was in town to celebrate his 30th birthday. If she's right on the timeline, the baby was conceived when Tristan was still with Khloe Kardashian -- at least publicly they were together.

Nicole, who filed legal docs to establish paternity, claims she and Tristan were together for 5 months, and she also alleges he offered her $75,000 to stay mum on the baby ... with this threat -- he allegedly said he's retiring after this season and he will then become unemployed, so she'd get way less than the $75k he was offering.

She also claims, according to the Daily Mail, she had promised him a "birthday surprise" in Houston, which he knew meant birthday sex.

If this is indeed Tristan's baby, it would be child #3 for him.

Maralee is asking for child support and reimbursement for the medical expenses related to her pregnancy and birth.

Originally Published -- 5:58 AM PT

Willow Smith COVID Cleared and PDA Positive ... On Beach in Miami

Willow Smith got some time on the beach, time with her friend and time making sure she was COVID-free all at once ... talk about multitasking!

The 21-year-old was on the beach in Miami Friday where a nurse grabbed a quick swab -- presumably for COVID -- while the singer sprawled out on a lounger chair.

Once the test was finished, Willow was free to hang out and even share some PDA with a friend, who looks like the artist DE'WAYNE, who she's recently been touring with across the U.S.

Willow and DE'WAYNE chilled out with a walk on the beach after their cuddle-shesh.

Her beach playmate is clearly not rumored BF Tyler Cole -- the duo's performance of "Meet Me At Our Spot" recently went viral -- but keep in mind, Willow's said in the past she's polyamorous.

Tristan Thompson Allegedly Expecting Baby #3 ... Woman Says He Offered $75k to Stay Quiet


11:21 AM PT -- According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Nichols claims TT offered her $75,000 to apparently stay quiet about the baby. Interestingly enough, the alleged messages from Tristan also claim he will retire after this NBA season, making him unemployed -- and at least, according to him -- will require him to pay a smaller amount in child support.


Tristan Thompson is allegedly about to become a dad x3, this time with a woman out of Houston who claims she got pregnant after a brief fling with the NBA star ... and now wants him to pay up in the form of child support.

Maralee Nichols claims she's due to give birth to a baby boy today, December 3, according to new docs obtained by The Daily Mail. Nichols says the baby was conceived in Houston back in March ... around the time Thompson was in town to celebrate his 30th birthday.

The DM reports Thompson admits to having sex with Nichols several times at the hotel ... and previous to meeting up she had promised him a "birthday surprise" which he knew meant birthday sex.

If Nichols' timeline is accurate, Tristan was still publicly with Khloe Kardashian at the time he and the expecting mom hooked up.

One thing up for debate -- how long the fling lasted. Tristan reportedly says it was only a one-night stand, but Nichols says the two had been together off and on for around 5 months prior to the March hook-up.

As for Tristan and Khloe, they broke up in May, shortly after a woman named Sydney Chase made allegations she and Tristan had hooked up. Both Tristan and Khloe have publicly supported each other since the split and are often seen co-parenting their daughter True.

The baby boy would be Tristan's third known child.

Nichols is asking for child support and for Tristan to cover her pregnancy-related medical expenses.

Originally published -- 7:33 AM PT

Lil Fizz Hey Omarion ... Sorry I Dated Your Baby Mama, Apryl

Omarion is getting what many consider a long-overdue apology from his B2K bandmate Lil Fizz ... for getting with his baby mama while about to go on tour with the guy.

Fizz issued his mea culpa Friday at the Forum while he and the rest of the lineup from the Millennium Tour made their stop in L.A. ... and as he performed alongside O and other B2K members. It was a big moment -- dude stopped the whole show to say sorry in front of everyone.

Check it out ... Fizz didn't say exactly what he was apologizing for, but everyone who's been following along knew what was up. He was seeking forgiveness for dating Apryl Jones a couple years back -- who's the mother of Omarion's kids -- and doing so very publicly.

You might recall ... Fizz and Apryl hopped on an Instagram Live feed looking cozy, and word was that they were screwing around -- right as the initial Millennium Tour Omarion worked hard to get together was about to hit the road, with none other Fizz joining as well.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It was awkward as hell ... and yet, Omarion told us at the time that he didn't really mind it, just so long as their relationship didn't interrupt business on the big stage.

In other words, Omarion took the high road at the time -- and now ... LF is doing the same, albeit somewhat belatedly. Better late than never ... looks like they've buried the hatchet.

JFK Alleged Mistress Speaks on Affair ... Likens Him to Weinstein

President John F. Kennedy had an affair with a 20-year-old college student on-and-off for years -- until he phased her out, making her feel used ... so claims the alleged mistress.

83-year-old Diana de Vegh detailed the romance that she claims started up in '58 -- when JFK was still a U.S. Senator -- and carried on for four years into his presidency until 1962 ... a year before he was assassinated.

de Vegh -- who recounted her story for Air Mail -- says Jack approached her at a political event while she was still a student at Radcliffe College ... and says they started banging soon after that -- supposedly either at his Boston apartment or at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC.

She says she was swept up in the whole thing ... but as time went on and JFK got more involved in politics (and eventually a presidential run) DDV says she saw him less and less -- with John slowly starting to "put her back on the shelf" ... this as rumors of several other affairs surfaced in the same period, which de Vegh admits made her jealous at the time.

After a final meeting either at his home in D.C. or in the Oval -- following JFK's discovery that he was working with her banker dad for policy advice and a hesitation she says she sensed -- de Vegh says she never saw him again. A year later, the Prez was gunned down.

de Vegh says there was nothing particularly special about the relationship -- she suggests it was mostly chit chat, empty sweet talk from him, some sex ... and then sending her home. Of course, this was all going on while Jack was married to Jackie -- something de Vegh says she didn't even register or process at the time, because he apparently never brought it up.

In hindsight, de Vegh says she's only speaking out about this now because she feels that -- despite progress made in #MeToo -- women can still be beholden to powerful men, and she wants them to put themselves first.

In the same breath, she brings up Harvey Weinstein and other men who've been accused of late for abusing their power with women ... telling the NYP, "The whole idea of conferred specialness -- 'You go to bed with me, I’ll make you special' -- we’ve seen a lot of that with Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, show business."

While de Vegh acknowledges her alleged trysts with JFK were consensual, she still feels there was an off-balance power dynamic he took advantage of -- and wants to stamp that out in today's world among ladies who might be around other men in high-up positions.

Iggy Azalea I'm Not Banging Tristan Thompson ... Rumors Are BS

Iggy Azalea is stamping out a rumor that she's banging Tristan Thompson -- going so far as to say she's never met the dude ... not even once.

The Aussie rapper came out to address a report by blogger/YouTuber Tasha K ... who posted a new vlog this past week with the bold claim that Iggy has been sleeping with Tristan -- this amid other reports that Khloe Kardashian apparently wants him back (which she's denied).

Tasha flat out says ... "Does (Khloe) know that Tristan and Miss Iggy are f******?" She didn't elaborate on where she was getting her alleged intel -- but IA herself has shot it down.

She took to Twitter Sunday to deny the rumor ... writing, "Very weird fake news making the rounds about me dating a man I've literally never met a DAY in my life…. Like…. Y'all are really that bored?!?!"

Iggy went to add, "Literally have never even been in the same building as that man. I DO NOT KNOW THAT PERSON" -- this after a Twitter user pointed out it was Tristan whom she was referring to ... and followed up by saying Tasha seems to have made it all up.

The news does, in fact, seem to have come out of nowhere ... before Tasha came out with her so-called tea -- there wasn't even a whiff of this anywhere ... as far as we're concerned.

Yes ... Iggy has dated an NBA player in the past -- namely, Nick Young, who she was engaged to for a while back in the day before they split -- but there's no clear evidence, photos or otherwise, to indicate she or Tristan have ever met or mingled.

Tristan himself seems to have also responded to the news ... calling it nothing but gossip.

Lizzo Trying to Manifest Banging Drake??? After 'Rumors' Name-Drop

Lizzo says she name-dropped Drake in her new song to turn the tables on an age-old trope of rappers doing the same for women -- but it seems she's actually trying to bang the dude.

The singer told Zane Lowe she mentioned Drizzy on her new song, "Rumors," because she felt it'd be fun to give society a taste of its own medicine -- and in this context, that means flipping the script on rappers/male musicians name-dropping fine women in their tunes.

If you didn't hear the bar yet, it goes ... "Last year, I thought I would losе it // Readin' s*** on the internet // My smoothie cleanse and my diet // No, I ain't f*** Drake yet (Ha)."

The Drake thing seems to have come out of left field ... but Lizzo explained further in the ZL sit-down, jokingly saying she hasn't quite been able to manifest some bedroom boom with Toronto's Certified Lover Boy -- even though it sounds like she'd love to take a dip.

All kidding aside, Lizzo says she included the line as a way to turn what rappers have often done in music -- namely, name-dropping ladies/would-be sexual exploits -- upside down on its head. It's true ... fellas have done that for a long time in the genre ... see Biggie's "Dreams."

As far as their real-life relationship ... Lizzo says she kinda knows Drake, and that he's super cool.

Still, it seems she does, in fact, want some of what he's got -- at least based on her Twitter activity shortly after this interview aired. She tweeted right at Champagne Papi for the whole world to see, writing ... "Hey big head @Drake." Classic "wyd" vibes for modern dating.

Aubrey hasn't publicly responded yet ... but wouldn't that be something if he did??? Unfortunately for her, he seems to have his hands full with moms and stuff these days.

Kanye West Rebounds with Irina Shayk!!! Bday Rendezvous in France

Kanye West is moving on from estranged wife Kim Kardashian, and he's doing it with ... Irina freakin' Shayk!!!

Ye and the supermodel were spotted out and about in the French region of Provence on Tuesday, his 44th birthday, BTW. They were seen smiling and strolling around on the grounds of a luxury boutique hotel with some friends, but also by themselves ... looking very much like a couple.

TMZ has confirmed they are 100% romantically together, but our sources say it's unclear how serious they are at this point. In other words, yeah ... they're banging. Definitely FWB status, at the very least.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The big news comes on the heels of Kim, and others in the fam, publicly wishing Kanye a happy birthday with social media posts.

It's a pretty wild development -- seeing how it's been less than 4 months since KK filed for divorce ... and it appears Kanye's already got himself a new squeeze. Remember, Kim's the one who submitted the legal paperwork first -- this after quite some time of her and Kanye seemingly drifting apart -- but she doesn't appear to have taken the next step just yet on getting out there and dating someone new. At least ... not publicly, anyway.

While Kim's been somewhat vocal about the split via her family's TV show -- saying she feels like a failure over the crumbling of her marriage -- Ye's been the opposite ... mostly silent on the matter. This move, however, definitely speaks volumes.

Ye and Irina, who has a daughter with Bradley Cooper, have some professional history together -- she's modeled for Yeezy in the past, walking the runway in Ye's signature gear at a Paris fashion show, and he's even name-dropped her in songs before too.

So yeah, they're not total strangers by any means.

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