John Mayer Asking Andy Cohen If We Hook Up ... Is Highly Offensive!!!

John Mayer's pissed a journalist asked his pal Andy Cohen if he and John are hooking up -- calling the question demeaning to Andy, himself and the general public.

John put all his emotions down in an open letter to The Hollywood Reporter's co-editor-in-chief, who conducted the interview with Andy -- and in it, he says, "To suggest that people are dubious of a friendship like mine and Andy’s is to undermine the public’s ability to accept and understand diversity in all facets of culture, be it in art or in real life."

ICYMI ... THR told Andy, fans are "dubious" of his friendship with Mayer -- in other words, people think they're banging. Andy responded, "I honestly love John Mayer, and he loves me. But because we are so affectionate to each other, people don’t know what box to put that in." He also flatly denied they're sleeping together.

GloRilla Sidesteps Lillard Q On 'Club Shay Shay' ... Can't Say, Shannon!!!

Club Shay Shay

Shannon Sharpe asked GloRilla the question everyone wants to know the answer to -- did her flirtatious shot at NBA superstar Damian Lillard actually work -- but the rapper dodged the query expertly ... and the whole interaction was hilarious.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer peppered the Memphis rapper about the message she sent to Lillard while the two were on Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" show this week.

Initially, Shannon tried to get her to talk about her favorite NBA players ... before he pivoted the convo to her social media post where she said she "wanted" Lillard.

'LIB' Jessica Vestal & Harry Jowsey Hot & Heavy in Mexico Vacay Pics ... But Taken Months Ago🤔

Jessica Vestal seems to have found a new love on a completely different Netflix show with a new reality star -- and that'd be Harry Jowsey ... who she got hot and heavy with last year.

Here's the deal ... nobody knew who this woman was until the latest season of 'Love is Blind' -- in which she stars -- came out this month ... which is why these photos of Jessica and Harry cuddling up in Mexico from this past September completely flew under the radar.

As you can see ... the 'LiB' star and the "Too Hot to Handle" star were out in the water in Tulum in September -- when these pics were taken -- and yes, they look like a couple.

The reason this is interesting now ... well, Jessica is all of a sudden relevant in 2024, seeing how she was passed on in the pods -- but has remained a lingering presence this season.

The Viall Files

"Love is Blind" has been teasing her return to shake things up -- and she herself has even been making the media rounds lately to suggest she is, in fact, dating somebody from the reality world ... without disclosing exactly who. She said as much to Nick Viall last week.

While Jessica was spotted at LAX a couple weeks ago with fellow 'LiB' costar Johnny McIntyre -- that sighting might've been a red herring in terms of romance ... because she looked way more involved with Harry here on the beach. Granted, this was months ago.

Love At LAX

Considering these were taken all the way back in September ... it's hard to say if she's still with Harry or not -- we haven't seen any evidence recently of them being linked.

With that said ... it wouldn't surprise us if they go public as a couple in the near future.

One other thing about this little Mexico outing -- there are rumblings this may have gone down during filming for yet another Netflix series that throws a bunch of their reality TV castoffs together in one big pot (similar to "Bachelor in Paradise") called "Perfect Match."

They already aired Season 1 of that last year, and announced a new season was in the works ... and considering the crossover effect happening here, it may well have been for that.

Time will tell, we suppose, if Harry's the dude Jessica's seeing these days. He has appeared to be leaning into the fact he's into "MILFs" on his social media ... so all the dots are kinda connecting at this point.

If they are actually together ... that'd certainly be the curveball nobody saw coming.

We'll say this -- they certainly suit each other. Both are smoking hot, and if Jessica is already on to the next Netflix show ... we suppose it's better things didn't work out with Jimbo.

Stay tuned!

Kristin Cavallari Goes Public with New Boyfriend ... After Mexico Getaway


3:08 PM PT -- Kristin Cavallari just took her relationship to the next level, going IG official with her new boo in a cute selfie. She captioned the post, "He makes me happy."

Kristin Cavallari has a new stud in her orbit -- and it looks like she brought the young buck with her on vacation south of the border ... and TMZ has the first picture of this hunky fella!

Check out this photo we obtained, which was taken last Friday down in Cabo -- where we're told she'd just landed with dude ... whom we've identified as 24-year-old model Mark Estes. Eyewitnesses tell us this is them on the tram at the airport in Cabo heading to customs.

Even before this, though, we're told Kristin and Mark were very flirty on the flight over -- showing a lot of PDA ... and certainly looking like a couple.

Sources familiar with the situation tell us Kristin and Mark have been spending time together for about a month now -- but it's unclear if things are exactly romantic or not.

We're told Kristin was down in Mexico last week to work on her Uncommon James jewelry line ... and our sources say Mark tagged along for the quick trip. No word on how exactly they met ... but we're told they're hanging out right now, and that it ain't that serious.

Remember ... the last high-profile relationship Kristin was in -- post-Jay Cutler, of course -- was actually Tyler Cameron ... another model who's hobnobbed in and around Hollywood.

TMZ Studios

Doesn't look like Mark's as famous as him ... but he's definitely just as good-looking.

Originally Published -- 1:52 PM PT


Kristin Cavallari tiene un nuevo semental en su órbita y parece que se lo llevó con ella de vacaciones al sur de la frontera. TMZ tiene la primera foto de este chico guapo.

Échale un vistazo a esta foto que obtuvimos -que fue tomada el viernes pasado en Cabo- donde nos dicen que acababa de aterrizar con el chico a quien hemos identificado como el modelo de 24 años de edad, Mark Estes. Testigos oculares nos dicen que son ellos en el tranvía del aeropuerto de Cabo en dirección a la aduana.

Incluso nos dicen que Kristin y Mark estaban muy cariñosos en el vuelo y sin duda parecían una pareja.

Fuentes familiarizadas con la situación nos dicen que Kristin y Mark han estado pasando tiempo juntos durante un mes, pero no está claro si las cosas son exactamente románticas o no. Probablemente podemos asumir que están juntos.

Nos dijeron que Kristin estaba en México la semana pasada para trabajar en su línea de joyería Uncommon James y nuestras fuentes dicen que Mark la acompañó a lo largo del viaje. No se sabe exactamente cómo se conocieron, pero nos dicen que están pasando el rato en este momento.

Recordemos que la última relación de alto perfil de Kristin -post Jay Cutler por supuesto- fue Tyler Cameron, otro modelo con el que se codeaba en Hollywood.

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

No parece que Mark sea tan famoso como él, pero definitivamente es igual de guapo.

Luann de Lesseps Great Chemistry With Joe Bradley ... But We're Not Hooking Up


Luann de Lesseps says she hit it off with Joe Bradley, but they're not banging ... at least not yet.

We got "The Real Housewives of New York" star at ABC Studios in NYC and our photog asked her about rumors Joe slept over at her house after they got super flirty on Andy Cohen's show.

Luann says they went out to have drinks after the taping and there was great chemistry between them ... but he didn't spend the night and they're not hooking up.

It's not that Luann doesn't want to sink her cougar claws into Joe ... she says the "Southern Hospitality" hunk has a girlfriend, "Summer House" star Danielle Olivera.

Luann's respecting whatever Joe and Danielle have going on ... though he's recently said they aren't official. Danielle was in the audience at Andy's show while Luann and Joe were getting flirty on camera.

TMZ Studios

But, if Joe comes back to Luann as a very single man ... she's going to pounce at the opportunity.

After all, Luann tells us she considers herself a bit of a cougar.

Your move, Joe!!!

Kristin Cavallari I've Never Banged On a 1st Date ... But Do It If You Want To!!!


Kristin Cavallari says she's never actually had sex on a first date, but still encourages people to bang immediately if they want to ... so, somewhat of a clarification -- but not really.

The reality star chopped it up with a photog at LAX, and got asked all about her podcast remarks from last week ... when she caused a bit of a stir by encouraging women to hook up with dudes if they felt a connection ... or even if they just felt like it.

Let's Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari

Her comments at the time were pretty clear, and she's re-explaining here -- saying she thinks there's too much emphasis placed on timing and what society deems appropriate.

Like we said, she makes to sure to be clear on this -- she's not necessarily one to do the deed right away, per se, but by the same token ... still seems to be advocating for open and free love. She even says the reaction she got wasn't as bad as it seemed (mostly bad).

Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari

Kristin also talks about Tyler Cameron again here ... confirming he was, in fact, the hottest dude she's ever slept with -- but noting they're just friends, and that she may have him on her pod pretty soon.


All's well that ends, we suppose. As for this sex-on-the-first-date stuff -- do you, boo boo.

Truth be told, nobody really cares anyway ... especially if you keep it to yourself. 🤫

Offset Denies Blueface Claim That He Banged Chrisean Rock

Blueface claims Offset slept with Chrisean Rock -- something she seems to be denying ... and which he's most certainly calling BS on ... this amid his latest issues with Cardi B.

The rapper made the allegation online Sunday amid his ongoing feud with Chrisean ... with the latest hurdle between them now being about their child together -- which Blue just announced the other day was not, in fact, his after he allegedly got confirmation.

On the heels of that drama, Blue tweeted out ... "Being tatted ona hoe is not a flex you literally f****d cardi B husband couple weeks ago I’m tired of n****s looking at me while they f*****g you get the rest of em gone asap please."

It looks like Chrisean is tweeting back at Blueface right now and saying it ain't true, to which Blue responded with specific dates and times ... "So you ain’t f*** cardi husband November 10th at 4am at their house in LA…I’m making this up ?"

Welp, Offset chimed in on the back and forth ... and he's saying yeah, Blue is making it up.

Offset wrote in direct response to one of Blueface's tweets, "I ain't never  talk or touch that lady. Real talk man you need some help!" To that, Blueface appears to have replied and said this ... "If the truth tears you down you living a shameful life and I feel bad for you cuz I ain’t never gone lie on my d*** if I hit it ima admit it on SY."

As for Chrisean -- who's been feuding a lot with Blueface lately, especially pertaining to her baby boy -- she threw out her own accusations at him ... including claims that she'd seen Blueface's Internet search history of late and saw some gay porn results, which he denied. She, of course, also denied his Offset claim, saying ... "U just crashing out making up s***."

Now what's interesting about Blueface's accusation here is the fact that Offset and Cardi do, in fact, appear to be going through more difficulties -- as she's been cryptically implying she's over him ... seemingly referring to him as "dead weight" and straight up unfollowing him.

She hasn't clarified what exactly the problem is ... but considering his history of alleged infidelity, something tells us it might be about that -- especially with this latest development.

Cardi hasn't responded to any of this mess so far, but she very well might soon.

Tom Brady De nuevo en el ruedo con Irina Shayk... Igual que en los viejos tiempos, ¿eh?

Tom Brady e Irina Shayk parecen estar de vuelta después de aparecer juntos en una fiesta en Miami, porque el tipo literalmente la recogió justo antes y fue capturado en el acto.

El retirado jugador regresó el viernes por la noche para hacer cosas que solo los mejores pueden hacer en la Ciudad Mágica, donde se está llevando a cabo Art Basel este fin de semana, con un montón de celebridades de fiesta, incluyendo TB12 e Irina, que parece que andaban juntos en el carro de Tom.

Echa un vistazo a las fotos. Tom se detuvo donde se estaba alojando Irina para recogerla, y apenas se dieron cuenta de que había un fotógrafo, se pusieron nerviosos y volaron de allí lo más rápido posible.

Afortunadamente, estas fotos fueron tomadas antes de su huida y muestran a Irina entrando al carro de Tom, mientras él rehúye de los flashes. Más tarde, esa misma noche, Tom fue visto en una fiesta llena de estrellas en la ciudad... pero sin rastro de Irina cerca de él.

Su sola presencia en la mansión privada de Wayne y Cynthia Boich el viernes habría sido suficiente para poner en los rumores de nuevo, pero estas fotos lo dicen todo, y es que están saliendo de nuevo. O por lo menos, que están coqueteando, que es todo lo que nos importa en realidad.

Curiosamente, este encuentro nos recuerda a la primera vez que vimos a Tom e Irina de paseo a principios de este verano, donde también fueron capturados juntos y poniéndose cariñosos. Es una escena muy parecida y parece que el hombre es de la vieja escuela con sus citas.

Aunque habíamos oído que su relación se había esfumado a finales de verano, había señales de que Irina seguía viendo a Tom. El mes pasado apareció en su edificio en Nueva York y lo hizo muy llamativamente, cruzando nada menos que por la entrada principal.

Por supuesto, ella también ha estado saliendo mucho con su ex y padre de su hija por estos días. Pero es bastante evidente que ella y Bradley Cooper son solo grandes padres y amigos (vean a Gigi).

Acabamos de ver a Irina mezclándose con Brad en la Gran Manzana. Fue una de las primeras clientas en llegar a su recién inaugurado carro de comida y él parecía muy contento de verla.

Como dijimos, Irina y Bradley Cooper son dos guisantes en una vaina, pero al parecer solo platónicamente ahora.

De todos modos, es bueno ver a Tom recuperando su gracia después de la jubilación. Teniendo en cuenta que su exesposa está constantemente saliendo con su instructor de jiu-jitsu -incluso junto a sus propios hijos- el hombre merece tener un poco de diversión también. E Irina parece ser la persona.

No se le puede culpar por volver por una segunda ronda con ella ... Ella es jodidamente buena, después de todo.

¡Felicidades a los dos!

Tom Brady Back in the Car with Irina Shayk ... Just Like Old Times, Eh?!?

Tom Brady and Irina Shayk sure seem to be back on after hitting up a party together in Miami -- 'cause the dude literally picked her up right beforehand, and got caught in the act.

The retired QB was back to doing G.O.A.T. things again Friday night in Magic City -- where Art Basel is going down this weekend ... and where a crap ton of celebs are out and about ... including TB12 and Irina, it seems, who were rolling together in Tom's sweet ride.

Check out the pics ... Tom pulled up to wherever IS was staying to pick her up curbside -- and as soon as they noticed a photog, they got skittish and flew outta there ASAP.

Fortunately, these photos were snapped before their getaway -- which shows Irina hopping into Tom's passenger seat, and Tom shying away from the flashes. Later this same evening, Tom was seen at a star-studded shindig in town ... no sign of Irina near him though.

Their presence alone at Wayne and Cynthia Boich's private mansion party Friday would've been enough to get the rumor mill going again -- but these shots seal the deal ... they're dating again. Or at the very least, they're banging ... which is all anyone cares about, really.

Interestingly enough, Tom and Irina's car ride here echoes the first time we saw them together earlier this summer -- where they were also caught cruisin' in his whip and getting cozy. This is a very similar scene ... looks like the dude is old school with his dates.

Although we'd heard that their relationship/fling had fizzled out by the end of summer, there were signs Irina was still seeing Tom ... she popped into his condo building in NYC last month, and did so very conspicuously -- through the main front entrance.

Of course, she's also been hanging out a lot with her ex/baby daddy Bradley Cooper these days -- but it's pretty evident at this point that they're just great co-parents/pals (see Gigi).

We just saw Irina mingling with Brad in the Big Apple, where she was among the first customers to hit up his just-launched food truck ... and he looked damn happy to see her.

Like we said ... her and BC are two peas in a pod, but seemingly just platonically now.

Anyway, good to see Tom getting his groove back post-retirement. Considering his ex-wife is constantly jet-setting with her jiu-jitsu instructor all the time -- alongside their own kids, no less -- he deserves to have a little fun too. And Irina seems to be just the ticket for him.

Can't blame him for coming back for round 2 with her ... she is smokin' hot, after all.

Happy art hunting, you two!

Kristin Cavallari Slammed for Telling Women Put Out for Guys Whenever!!!

Let's Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari says that women shouldn't have to wait before jumping into bed with a dude ... instead suggesting they should bang away whenever, but not everyone agrees.

The reality star shared her latest advice on her "Let's Be Honest" podcast, a clip of which she threw up on IG ... in which she says she's rethought the rules of dating as it pertains to when to sleep with a potential partner.

Once upon a time, KC says she was of the mind that women needed to wait a few dates before hopping in the sack -- but now, she says she realizes that "it doesn't f****** matter" and that gals should do it if/when they feel like it's right.

From her POV, there's no time like the present -- and if there's chemistry, she says why not ... screw to your heart's desire. Sounds pretty progressive and empowering, but it appears some more traditional women are firing at her in her comments over this.

One woman simply called it "Trash advice," and another said it was the worst thing Kristin to recommend to young women, especially in today's society. Somebody else took a pot shot at her and said, "That's why you're divorced and still looking for someone at 40+."


Others elaborated a bit further, saying that Kristin leaning into hookup culture is actually damaging to women's psyche ... and that it doesn't actually help form strong relationships or bonds with men they want to get serious with. Lots of opinions of course -- but it seems the vast majority of folks aren't on board.

Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari

Kristin's renewed perspective on putting out seems to be in line with recent revelations she's made since she and Jay Cutler went their separate ways -- including the fact that she hooked up with Tyler Cameron recently.

Sounds like she's still playing the field and then some. So ... good for her?

Kristin Cavallari Tyler Cameron Is My Hottest Hookup Ever !!!

Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari

Kristin Cavallari has revealed her hottest hookup ever -- Tyler Cameron -- and she still seems incredibly smitten!

The former "Hills" star talked all about it on her Tuesday podcast of "Let's Be Honest," saying, "Tyler Cameron and believe it or not, you guys -- I know this is really freaking hard to believe -- he's hotter in person."

Kristin added, "It’s insane. It’s insane. So yeah, TC for you baby." Wow, should we start ringing the wedding bells?

Not so fast. Kristin also implied she had almost no chemistry with the ex-"Bachelorette" star, claiming she only connected with Tyler because of his stunning looks.

What's more, Kristin was seen locking lips with Tyler at a 2022 photo shoot for her Uncommon James jewelry line in Joshua Tree, California. Rumors started spreading that they were a couple, but Kristin quickly put out the fire.

In April 2022, Kristin went on "The Bellas Podcast" hosted by former WWE stars Nikki and Brie Bella, explaining that she hired Tyler for the shoot to get press.


She said, "Everyone's like, ‘Tell me everything.’ I’m like, ‘I think he’s great but … we are not dating.'" But, Kristin admitted Tyler was a good kisser.


Later the same year, the pair were spotted hanging out together at a New Year's Eve soiree. As you know, Kristin filed for divorce from Jay Cutler in 2020 and has been playing the field ever since. Tyler has dated Gigi Hadid and Paige Lorenze.

As if Tyler needs more cred, but here it is!

Apryl Jones Omarion's Not 'Unbothered' If He's Still Mentioning Me ... It's Been 9 Years, Let It Go!!!


Omarion's getting praise for being cool about his child's mother Apryl Jones' relationship with his ex-bandmate, but she doesn't see it that way -- instead, Apryl says the "Touch" singer dished all sorts of subliminal shade!!!

TMZ Hip Hop linked up with Apryl in Studio City, CA, where "The Comeback" actress vented about Omarion's 2-hour sit-down with "Hollywood Unlocked" host Jason Lee.

Apryl tells us she and O have been broken up for nearly a decade, so the notion of him "forgiving her" for previously dating former B2K member Lil' Fizz is lost on her!!!

While she admits her Fizz relationship might have hurt fans raised on "Scream" tours ... Apryl has zero bad things to say about him. She points out they hooked up 5 years after she and Omarion split, and still credits Fizz for helping her through postpartum depression.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for her relationship with Omarion ... Apryl says she's woman enough to co-parent peacefully with him, but wishes he'd push forward with his career without using her in his storylines!!!

She's got her own movie -- with real-life BF Taye Diggs playing her love interest -- so, she doesn't want any unnecessary drama, IRL!!!

Nick Cannon Bre Banged Mikey B., Huh? Well, 'Twas a Long, Long Time Ago!!!


Nick Cannon's baby mama, Bre Tiesi, says she once got in the sack with the great Michael B. Jordan -- and if you think the father of her child is trippin' ... you'll be quite surprised.

The multi-hyphenate host and entertainer was darting through LAX Monday, when a photog tracked him down and asked him the million-dollar question that's been on everyone's mind since last week ... namely, whatcha think of Bre confessing to doing the deed with MBJ???


Remember, this is something BT proudly spilled on the Season 7 premiere of "Selling Sunset" ... when she and the other ladies were sitting around fantasizing about Hollywood's hunks.

Somebody threw out Mike's name pretty quickly, but Bre was immediately unimpressed ... 'cause she revealed that she'd already been there and "done that" with the guy.

Her pals were all shocked ... but Bre kept it even more real, saying she's slept with all her favorites -- which obviously ended up including Nick too. Speaking of him ... he's on camera here reacting to the news, and whodathunkit -- the dude's not really sweating this!


Check out his response yourself ... as he wisely points out, we all have a past -- and whatever Bre did with Mike was waaaay before him, so he doesn't give it a 2nd thought.

Of course, he and Bre share a child together -- so you'd figure he might be a little bent out of shape on this ... but he's really not. Happy-go-lucky Nick ... what else is new???


Travis Kelce Announcer Sneaks Swift Reference ... On First TD of Season!!!

Travis Kelce is said to be "hanging out" with Taylor Swift -- something the NFL world just can't get enough of ... and which bled into Sunday's broadcast of his big game.

NFL announcer Ian Eagle -- who called the Chiefs game Sunday -- snuck in a Swift reference after TK scored his first touchdown of the season against the Jags. It was a simple toss from Mahomes into the end zone ... but a big deal since Trav missed last week's opener.

As Travis and his teammates were celebrating ... Eagle said, "Kelce finds a blank space for the score!" His broadcasting partner didn't say anything, but everyone picked up on it.

Even right after this, Eagle kept it going ... saying Kelce was able to shake it off considering he didn't play last week following an injury. So, yeah, everyone's still giddy about the news.

Amazon Prime

ICYMI ... word of Travis and Taylor possibly dating first started to percolate earlier this week after The Messenger reported they've been seeing each other lately. Other outlets confirmed they're spending time together ... but stopped short of saying they're full-blown dating.

Based on what Travis's bro had to say about it on TNF ... sounds like they're just banging.

New Heights / Wave Sports + Entertainment

Remember, back in July ... Travis revealed he tried shooting his shot with Taylor during one of her concerts -- but apparently got denied at the time. Since sharing this story, however, it sounds like TS got in touch and then some -- which just goes to show, manifesting is real!

If Taylor and Trav are, in fact, keeping it casual ... that lines up with how she handled the Matty Healy fling earlier this year. TayTay's obviously doing her thing post-Joe Alwyn.

Anyway, the Chiefs are on the verge of a win ... and you gotta imagine TK's feeling good. For a number of reasons, really. 😅

Ne-Yo It's a Throuple-ful Life in MIA!!! Hanging Out with 2 Women

Ne-Yo is clearly exercising ALL his options in his post-divorce dating life ... the R&B superstar was recently spotted with not one, but 2 damsels on his arm!!!

The "She Knows" singer happily greeted a fan in Miami on Monday who captured him strolling and holding hands with his dual dates. Even with his hands full, he replied to the fan, "Hey, yo, baby. What up?”

If he only had a third hand.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Some of Ne-Yo's fans had a cow over his openly open lifestyle, but they might wanna chill ... the guy isn't breaking any laws.

Per the story we broke in February, Ne-Yo finalized his divorce from his ex Crystal Renay ... and they still remain friends to this day, so he's free to roam as he pleases.


The last time we spoke to him, he told us the single life couldn't be better and he was even open to dating loyal fans.

Sometimes good things come in pairs!!!

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