Papa John's Founder Wife Files for Divorce ... After His Bizarre Interview

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Papa John's founder John Schnatter might be scarfing down even MORE pizzas -- he's officially heading for the bachelor life after his wife of 32 years filed for divorce.

Annette Cox filed the paperwork Thursday in Kentucky, saying her marriage to John is "irretrievably broken." According to the docs ... she says they separated back in April. They've been married since April 1987.

In her divorce petition, Cox points out she's self-employed but adds John is not employed. It plays like a shot, but those are just the facts. As we've reported, he was ousted from his pizza company last year following the n-word scandal.

According to docs, Annette and John already have a property settlement agreement, and she just wants the judge to sign off on it. They own several homes, including million-dollar pads in Utah, Florida and Kentucky. They also have 2 kids, but they're adults ... so no child support issues.

Schnatter's worth an estimated $500 mil, even after the fallout at Papa John's. We don't say we saw the divorce coming, but the man did say -- during a recent, bizarre interview -- he'd eaten 40 Papa John's pizzas in 30 days. Just sayin' ...


Divorce is just the start of his legal troubles ... Schnatter's also suing the creative advertising firm, Laundry Service, and its parent company because he claims it leaked the audio that led to him losing his PJ's gig.

John claims a "secretly-taped meeting led by Laundry Service in May 2018" resulted in the news story alleging he used a racial slur ... which he calls false reporting.

Schnatter's consistently defended himself over the comments in that meeting, insisting they were taken out of context and used as an excuse to get rid of him. He claims it was a revenge job because he refused to pay Laundry Service a $6 million fee.

Justin Hartley I'm Moving On From My Wedding Ring ... After Filing For Divorce


Justin Hartley is getting back to work after filing divorce docs, and he's doing it with a little less weight ... on his left hand.

Check out these pics of Justin Thursday on the set of a photoshoot -- you can clearly see his wedding ring is now MIA, which, honestly ... is to be expected at this point. As we first told you ... the "This Is Us" star filed to divorce actress Chrishell Stause 2 weeks ago ... after 2 years of marriage.

Justin's filing appears to have blindsided Chrishell ... because there's a huge 5-month difference in their accounts of when they separated. He says they separated on July 8, but in her response, she lists it as Nov. 22 ... the day Justin filed the divorce petition.

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The breakup is proceeding quickly now. Chrishell packed up her things Wednesday and moved out of the former couple's L.A. home and into a place of her own.

Justin ditching his wedding ring, publicly, the very next day is a sure sign he's moving on too.

Jesse Williams Gets His Kid on 6th Bday Ex Bent Outta Shape Over Yoga


Jesse Williams will be allowed to be with his kid for her bday -- but he had to fight with his ex over it ... who tried positioning things in her favor with yoga.

The "Grey's Anatomy" star won his latest legal battle against ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, after she refused to let their 5-year-old daughter, Sadie, be with her pops this weekend to celebrate her 6th birthday ... even though Jesse insisted it was his turn under their agreement.

In court docs, obtained by TMZ, Jesse argued that Aryn would still get to be with Sadie for most of her bday (Dec. 6), and all he wanted was for mom to drop Sadie off with him at 6 PM, like usual, and let Sadie hang out 'til he could drop her back off Monday. NBD, right?

WRONG ... at least according to Aryn, who argued in her own court docs that SHE actually deserved to keep Sadie this weekend 'cause she recently missed some mother-daughter time with her due to a work trip she recently had to take -- and wants to make up for it now.

Turns out, that work trip was a yoga retreat in India ... which Jesse lays out as something that's seemingly unrelated to work at all. He lists the classes attended -- like "Tea Break," "Tour of Dalai Lama's Residence" and "Finding Your Purpose" -- and calls BS on her excuse.

The reason he's so against Sadie staying home with mom on his weekend ... he says he had a full weekend of plans lined up for her birthday -- a Disney trip, a Nutcracker play, etc.

Welp, the court sided with Jesse. A judge wrote they couldn't see the connection between Aryn's yoga trip and work ... and insisted she could make up her time at another date.

Namaste ...

Justin Hartley Divorce Wife Chrishell's Moving Out

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Chrishell Stause is making the next big move in her divorce from "This Is Us" star Justin Hartley ... by packing up her stuff and leaving their home.

The "Selling Sunset" star was seen talking to movers at her L.A. residence Wednesday, and it looks like she's staying positive through the rough situation. A moving truck was also parked in front of the house she's shared with her recently estranged husband.


We broke the story ... Chrishell filed her response to Justin's divorce petition, and strongly suggests she was totally blindsided by it. According to the docs, she lists their separation date as Nov. 22, 2019 -- the day Justin filed for divorce -- but he claims they separated on July 8, 2019.

As we've pointed out ... that's a bit odd, considering the couple was seen out together multiple times after that date, including a week before his divorce filing.

The separation date isn't the only thing the 2 don't agree on -- Chrishell wants Justin to pay spousal support and her attorney's fees ... but he wants the opposite.

Chrishell also took a thinly veiled shot at Justin on social media by sharing a quote about it being difficult to watch people change, and now ... she's changing her address.

Johnny Manziel Bre Tiesi Files For Divorce

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It's officially Splitsville for Johnny Manziel and Bre Tiesi -- the model has filed for divorce, TMZ Sports has learned.

We knew this was coming for months ... Bre and Johnny initially broke up earlier in 2019 after only a year of marriage.

Tiesi had previously called Manziel out for allegedly cheating on her ... saying, "vows were broken."

Bre filed docs Wednesday morning in Los Angeles ... which starts the process of officially ending the marriage.

The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and Bre started dating in 2016 and got married shortly after.

The star quarterback previously credited Tiesi with saving his life ... while he worked to beat off the field demons.

Of course, Johnny has been fighting to get back to football after the Cleveland Browns cut him in March 2016. He had a brief stint in the Canadian Football League before getting kicked out for breaking his contract agreement.

Manziel also played 2 games in Alliance of American Football before the league suspended football operations this past April.

Tiesi kick-started the Manziel cleanse back in August when she had all her Johnny-related tattoos removed ... saying there was a ZERO percent chance for reconciliation.

Shortly after they broke up, Manziel spoke with TMZ Sports about the split, saying ... "This is all very, very personal and very sad."

"I appreciate everyone who has been so supportive of both of us and I would just ask that everyone respect our privacy at this difficult time."

"My hope is to put my head down and be allowed to focus on work and what is required of me on the football field."

'This Is Us' Star Justin Hartley Wife Responds in Divorce Strongly Hints She Was Blindsided!!!


Chrishell Hartley and "This Is Us" star Justin Hartley see a huge 5-month difference in when their marriage fell apart and, according to her, his divorce filing was a total blindside.

Chrishell just filed her response to Justin's divorce petition and, according to the docs -- obtained by TMZ -- she's listing their date of separation as Nov. 22, 2019 ... literally the day Justin ran to court and filed his petition.

Meanwhile, he says they separated on July 8, 2019 ... which seemed crazy because we'd seen them out together multiple times since then, most recently in November -- just a week before his divorce filing.


Besides the separation date -- Chrishell and Justin don't see eye to eye on a couple of other issues. According to her docs, filed by celeb attorney Samantha Spector, Chrishell says she wants him to pay spousal support ... and he doesn't want to pay.

She also wants him to cover her attorney's fees, but -- you guessed it -- Justin wants her to cover her own legal expenses.

Chrishell seemed to indicate the breakup was bitter with a not-so cryptic post on Monday about watching people change.

Oh, and speaking of change ... Chrishell has one other request in her docs. She's going back to her maiden name ... Stause.

Ray J Already Ditched My Wedding Ring ... As Wife Threatens Divorce


Ray J is traveling a little lighter now that Princess Love says she doesn't wanna be married to him anymore -- he's no longer wearing his wedding band.

Check out this pic of Ray J catching a flight at LAX Monday ... his wedding ring is noticeably MIA from his left hand.


A zoomed-in view even reveals the tan line where Ray's ring used to be. It's been more than 3 years since he slipped it on when he and Princess Love got hitched.


Ditching the ring is a big change for Ray J. He was wearing his wedding band as recently as last month, but that was before his blowout fight in Vegas with Princess ... and her threats of divorce with baby #2 less than a month away.


As we first told you ... our sources say Ray J desperately wants to work things out after she accused him of leaving her and their daughter "stranded" in Vegas. We're told Princess isn't talking reunion though, and is still strongly considering pulling the plug.

Let's face it, ringless Ray J ain't a great sign for reconciliation.

Chrishell Hartley Divorce Shout-Out to Justin?? Posts 'People Change' Quote


"This is Us" star Justin Hartley has his now estranged wife, Chrishell Hartley, scratching her head about who he's become -- in the wake of his divorce filing -- or so it seems.

The "Selling Sunset" star and veteran soap actress posted a not-so-cryptic quote Monday that reads a lot like a dig at her ex -- "It's hard to watch people change right in front of you. But it's even harder remembering who they used to be."

Paying attention, Justin? We'd be willing to bet a limb that quote -- from Indian writer Nishan Panwar -- is intended for him.

We broke the story ... Justin filed for divorce just over a week ago after just 2 years of marriage to Chrishell, citing irreconcilable differences. The shocking part is he lists their separation date as July 8, 2019 ... despite the couple being seen together multiple times after that and as recently as mid-November.


Point is ... it sure seems like Mrs. Hartley was blindsided by the divorce -- yet another reason he might be the target audience for Chrishell's post.

As for the divorce details ... Justin says in the docs he does not want to pay Chrishell spousal support and he wants her to pay her own lawyer's fees. It's unclear if there's a prenup.

The now-exes met through a mutual friend in the soap opera world -- he had a role on "The Young and the Restless" while she was on "Days of Our Lives" -- and dated for 3 years before he proposed.

They wed in 2017, just as he was starting to rise to TV superstardom -- or as Chrishell (and Nishan) put it ... "people change."

Vanilla Ice Marriage on Ice, Ice Baby ... Divorce Finalized!!!


Vanilla Ice and his now ex-wife are officially single people again ... they've hammered out a divorce settlement a mere 3 years after she filed to end their marriage.

According to docs obtained by TMZ, a judge in Palm Beach County, FL has already put his John Hancock on the divorce settlement filed by Rob and Laura Van Winkle. The couple had been together for nearly 20 years when Laura filed back in October 2016.

The judge's stamp of approval makes their divorce a done deal, but according to the docs ... the judge is reserving the right to drag the exes back into court if they don't stick to the terms of the settlement ... especially when it comes to health insurance and underpaid alimony.

Laura and Ice signed their settlement back in October, but the judge just recently signed it. They're keeping the terms of their deal private.

They have 2 kids, but both are adults ... so no child custody issues.

Ice and Laura hung together through some tough times -- such as 2 domestic battery arrests ... before they split up. Although Laura filed in 2016 ... they both acknowledged they'd been separated for a couple of years before that.

We'd love to say there was a problem and ... yo, they solved it -- but that's not how this song ends.

Word to your mother.

Channing Tatum & Jenna Dewan Divorce Turning Nasty ... FaceTime, Child Custody Allegations

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Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan's divorce has turned nasty ... all over child support, custody and allegations of FaceTime sabotage.

Our Jenna sources say she was stunned and super upset when Channing filed legal docs Tuesday asking a judge to come up with a holiday custody schedule. Our sources call it grandstanding, because Jenna had already signed off on the entire schedule. Our Channing sources counter Jenna agreed to some of the schedule but not all of it ... thus the need for the judge.

But, that's just the beginning. Several sources say, although Channing and Jenna had a custody schedule for 6-year-old Everly, there were times Jenna was working and asked to change the schedule but Channing refused.

Child support has also become a bone of contention. Our Jenna sources say Channing isn't contributing, but our Channing sources say there's a very specific, joint account with community funds that cover Everly's expenses.


And, yet another issue -- communication. We're told when one parent has Everly, that parent has to allow the other parent to FaceTime with the girl every day. So, Jenna sources say Channing doesn't allow her to FaceTime. They also claim when Jenna has the child Channing almost never FaceTime's with her.

Our Channing sources call BS ... saying Channing does indeed FaceTime with Everly when she's with Jenna, but they say Jenna's so difficult Channing just FaceTime's through the nanny.

Jenna's rep, Nicole Perna, tells us, "Jenna's priority has always been, and continues to be, her daughter's well-being."

Like we said ... lots of issues. But, hey, at least they're both legally single, right?

Channing Tatum I Want a Custody Schedule ... So I Can Be With My Daughter

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Channing Tatum says divorce has been tough when it comes to figuring out how to co-parent, so he's asking the family law judge to set some groundrules on which parent gets the kid and when.

Channing has filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, asking the judge to create a schedule for various holidays, including Thanksgiving, Halloween, Winter break, daughter Everly's birthday, Father's Day and Mother's Day. He also wants each parent to have consistent FaceTime with Everly.

Channing says the problem is pretty common ... he and ex-wife Jenna Dewan have busy lives. According to the docs, "Due to our constantly changing work schedules, we have had conflict over adjustments to our schedules to ensure both parties are able to have equal time with our daughter, Everly."

According to the docs, Channing wants a co-parenting counselor to help assist with scheduling-related matters to avoid conflict. Translation -- he and Jenna can't work it out without some help, which is pretty common.

Channing also wants permission to take 6-year-old Everly out of school for up to 5 days per year for special "work-related occasions." He says, "[Jenna] and I are fortunate to have employment that offers us unique and once in a lifetime opportunities. I would like to be able to share these experiences with Everly and believe that Everly would benefit from getting to take advantage of such opportunities."

And, there's this sign of the times ... Channing is asking the judge to prohibit him or Jenna from using Everly's image, name or likeness in any for-profit sponsorship, advertisement, campaign without the other party's consent.

'Orville' Stars Cmdr. Grayson & Lt. Malloy Back On??? Lead Actors Nix Divorce


"The Orville" might come back with less tension on set, because 2 of its lead actors who were headed toward a vortex of divorce just steered back into orbit ... or so it seems.

Adrianne Palicki -- who plays Commander Kelly Grayson on the show -- recently requested to have her divorce petition against costar and real-life hubby Scott Grimes dismissed. She made the ask last week and on the same day ... a judge granted it.

That's a complete 180 from where things seemed to be heading just a short while ago -- when Adrianne filed for divorce after a measly 2 months of marriage. She and Scott tied the knot this past May, and in July ... she was already asking a court to let her out.

We don't know why Adrianne did a U-turn here but based on what these two were wearing at a Comic-Con event in October ... something tells us they probably reconciled.

Adrianne and Scott sat right next to each other during a panel discussion, and both appeared to be wearing wedding rings. Scott especially ... ya can't miss that thing.


It should be noted ... they weren't wearing their rings at the Comic-Con event in San Diego this past summer. They even had another actor sitting between them during that panel.

The show's on a hiatus right now, and it's even gonna air on a different platform than its original home at FOX. Hulu picked it up, and season 3 is supposed to come back in 2020.

Here's hoping AP and SG can stay married until then ... should make for some good onscreen chemistry.

Fergie & Josh Duhamel We Agree on Divorce Terms ... Amicable on Child Custody

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1:43 PM PT -- Neither Fergie or Josh will be forking out child support. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, they've agreed both are flush enough with cash to take care of little Axl on their own. BTW, they also agree to on sharing legal and physical custody.

As for splitting up assets and finances -- that remains confidential under their settlement agreement.

Josh Duhamel and Fergie are seeing eye to eye ... about how to NOT be together -- they've agreed on the terms of their divorce, and they did NOT rush into anything.

More than 2 years -- it's actually closer to 3 -- since they separated, Fergie and Josh filed their divorce settlement Friday in L.A. Superior Court. We don't know the terms of their agreement yet, and a judge still has to sign off.

Fergie filed to divorce Josh back in May ... but they announced they were separated back in September 2017 -- although both acknowledged they'd been apart for several months before that.

The exes have one child -- their 6-year-old son, Axl. Fergie wanted joint legal and physical custody. She also wanted to go back to her maiden name, Ferguson.

Originally Published -- 10:19 AM PT

Michael Strahan Wants Ex to Go Halvsies ... For Parenting Helper

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Michael Strahan and his ex-wife hired someone to help them work through their conflicts so they can parent better together ... but now they're squabbling about that.

According to legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- the NFL Hall of Famer and talk show host reached an agreement with his ex, Jean Muggli Strahan, in February to use a parenting coordinator ... and he'd cover 90 percent of the bill.

Michael claims she's abusing the arrangement by engaging in a "pattern of conduct designed to increase unnecessarily the involvement of the PC and to significantly increase the fees charged by the PC."


For example ... Michael says Jean threw a wrench in their plan for their teenage twin daughters -- Sophia and Isabella -- to attend a school in North Carolina, so the PC had to step in and tell her to stick to what they already agreed on.

Michael says another example is Jean being uncooperative in scheduling his visitation with their girls, which again required the PC to intervene. According to the docs ... the PC informed them she would simply have to make the visitation schedule for them because the situation had become "time-consuming, full of conflict, and unrealistic."

There's more -- Michael claims Jean accused the PC of working as his assistant and siding with him because he pays 90 percent, something Michael now wants to rectify.

According to him, the PC recommends the parents pay a 50-50 split to prevent this issue ... but Jean has declined that arrangement.

Michael now wants the court to step in and make them go halfsies ... especially since he believes Jean is not acting in good faith to minimize the use of the coordinator.


We broke the story ... Jean has her own issues with Michael regarding child support, and it looks like they're on their way to another face-off in court.

Justin Hartley Files for Divorce ... This is No Longer Us


3:59 PM PT -- The plot just thickened. Justin lists the date of separation as July 8, 2019 ... months ago. The weird thing is ... they've been together a number of times since then ... as recently as last week. And, in his docs, Justin says he does not want to pay Chrishell spousal support and he wants her to pay her own lawyer's fees. It is possible they had a prenup that would make spousal support unnecessary.

Justin Hartley has filed for divorce after only 2 years of marriage.

Hartley filed legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in which he claims irreconcilable differences as the reason for the divorce from Chrishell Stause, who has been on "Days of Our Lives" and is a star of the Netflix show, "Selling Sunset."

It's almost like this came out of the blue. Justin and Chrishell were together just last week, so something seems to have happened.

The couple has no children together, so custody won't be an issue. It's unclear if they have a prenup. BTW, Justin has one child from a previous marriage.


Justin and Chrishell dated for 3 years before he proposed. They met when their mutual friend encouraged them to go on a date since they were both starring in soaps at the time and were single. He was on "Young and the Restless," and the soap community is small.

Originally Published -- 3:17 PM PT

Princess Love I Don't Wanna Be Married To Ray J!!! Sounds Off After Fight


Princess Love says she's over being married to Ray J ... and she's preparing to be a single mother of two.

Ray J's wife opened up about their recent drama in a lengthy social media rant, saying she doesn't want to be married anymore and strongly suggesting their relationship is hurtling towards a divorce.

As we reported ... Ray J and Princess Love got into a blowout fight in Vegas, and she accused him of leaving her "stranded" after he got his own hotel room to give her some space. Ray J broke his silence and slipped in an apology, but captioned his video, "Love lost this time" with a broken heart emoji.


Now, Princess says she's still alone in Vegas with their daughter, Melody, and she doesn't feel comfortable driving back to Los Angeles because she's 8 1/2 months pregnant. Whenever she makes it home, Princess says she's gotta get her mind right before giving birth, because Ray J could leave her at any moment.

Princess says Ray J often threatens her with divorce when they argue, and she ended her rant with a pretty ominous description, "It's a divorce party, y'all."

Stay tuned ...