'Bachelorette' Star Chad Johnson I'm Porn Pad Hunting in Vegas ... With Hulk Hogan's Son!!!


Reality TV star Chad Johnson's ready to make a career in porn his next reality ... and he's teaming up with Nick Hogan and a pro in the industry to make it happen.

The 'Bachelorette' bad boy was spotted house hunting in Las Vegas this week with Hulk's son and adult film star Tana Lea, Nick's GF. Chad tells TMZ ... they're prowling for the perfect porn palace.

Johnson says he's moving to Sin City to build his own porn studio as we've reported, and he's partnering with Lea and Hogan on the project ... including finding the right house for producing explicit content.

We're told the plan is to set up a website and app that offers a paid subscription to what's being called, "ChadsPlayHouse" ... which will release 2 episodes weekly.

As for the content ... Chad says the eps will feature uncensored parties where girls, YouTubers, and other personalities drop by to party, play games, accept wild dares and other sexy stuff.

Also in the works is an X-rated 'Bachelor' type show, and Johnson says multiple companies are interested and he's weighing offers. Of course, he still has to lock down the right house ... but he's working on that.

It's interesting -- Chad previously told us he was partnering with his ex-GF, Annalise Mishler, on the porn venture ... but it's unclear if that's in the case. She's not seen searching for houses with the others.

As we've reported ... their relationship is more than complicated.

Porn Star Richelle Ryan Chad Should've Leaked Sex Tape ... But I'll Play W/ His Johnson


Chad Johnson should've leaked a sex tape before getting into adult videos ... so says a world-famous porn star who is ready and willing to get a tryst going on camera!!!

Richelle Ryan -- star of over 200 XXX movies, including classics like "Dynamic Booty 5" and "Mom Knows Best" -- says the 'Bachelorette' bad boy is skipping some important steps in his quest for adult video superstardom ... but she has an idea on how to ensure Chad's porn career has a happy ending.


As you know ... Chad told us he's moving to Sin City to buy a house and build his own porn studio, and he's partnering up with the ex-GF he claimed tried ruining his life, Annalise Mishler.

Richelle has been in porn for decades, and she says Chad is already 10 years behind the rest of the bros in Sin City ... but she isn't ready to write him off.

Even though Chad never leaked a sex tape, Richelle thinks he can generate buzz with his 'Bachelorette' background ... and she tells us why she wants to shoot some porn with Mr. Johnson!!!

Tyler Cameron No Shirt, No Hannah ... No Problems!!!

10:19 AM PT -- 4/23 -- Tyler is addressing some backlash he's getting on social media ... he says he was practicing social distancing during his workout and wants to make it clear he's taking the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

TC just tweeted ... "I'd like to address this TMZ article that has people upset about social distancing. I am just like y'all and am taking this serious. There are loved ones that I miss because I can’t see them just like y'all, and even worse people still getting sick."

Tyler adds ... "I take these precautions very seriously but you try and keep a bunch of grown folk to comply with all the rules you're trying to set. Not the easiest of tasks. But back to the article, some neighbors were running sprints, one goes to school and plays sports with Ryan. I challenged them to some sprints after our workout and we talked for a bit… from a distance."

TC says people on the internet are jumping to conclusions and says, "now going to clean my house for all the Facebook moms."

For Tyler Cameron, workouts are essential ... but Hannah Brown is not, and neither is his shirt!!!

The "Bachelorette" hunk-turned-male model stepped out Wednesday for a shirtless workout down in Jupiter, Florida ... and while he's got a workout buddy, she's a mystery blonde and definitely not Hannah.

The shirtless stud is still pretty active even though gyms are closed because of the novel coronavirus ... Tyler's racing around his friendly neighborhood streets, lifting some heavy-looking boxes and playing basketball. Pretty much anything to get a sweat in.

Tyler's rock hard abs are looking on point as usual -- he never misses a chance to flaunt his shredded bod -- and it looks like he's growing out his beard in quarantine. No wonder ladies love him!!!


As you know ... Tyler continued his on-and-off relationship with Hannah when he picked her up from the airport last month and they played some beach volleyball together, but things have since simmered down.

Check out the gallery ... and see what Hannah's missing out on.

Originally Published -- 4/22 5:56 PM PT

Chad Johnson From TV Jerk to Porn Star?!? Moving to Vegas Soon

Chad Johnson's ready to unleash his Johnson ... he says he's going into porn.

The 'Bachelorette' bad boy tells TMZ ... he's moving to Sin City soon to buy a house and build his own porn studio. As for who he's partnering up to do all this with ... the ex-GF he claimed last month tried ruining his life, Annalise Mishler.


Chad tells us he's moving to Vegas in a month or so as soon as he finds a huge house there. He says it's way easier and more affordable to fly people into Vegas where he'll have lots of bedrooms and a studio room for others looking to get into OnlyFans-style content.

Chad, as we told you last month, pimped his OnlyFans account when we wanted to get a straight answer whether he's back with Annalise or not after all their drama.


Before this news of Chad's new porn mansion was first reported by Daily Mail, you'll recall, Annalise claimed an argument in late February turned physical. Chad was arrested and charged with 6 misdemeanors stemming from his domestic violence arrest. Chad vehemently denied putting his hands on her.


But, it didn't end there. Cops made a welfare check at Chad's pad after he posted a disturbing picture hinting at suicide.

Cops determined during that visit he wasn't a danger to himself, but less than 24 hours later he was hospitalized and taken in for evaluation after posting some disturbing videos that included him telling someone, "I have no choice."

'Bachelorette' Star Tyler Cameron Back to Work ... Days After Mom's Death

Tyler Cameron is back to flaunting his pretty mug for work-related purposes as he continues adjusting to life after his mother's sudden passing.

The 'Bachelorette' star showed up to a photoshoot Thursday morning in NYC outside a barbershop in SoHo ... looking dapper in a navy blue coat, jeans and dress shoes. It's unclear what campaign he's shooting ... but he's got some brotherly love to comfort him.

Tyler's brother, Ryan -- a head-turner in his own right -- looked pretty chill just hanging with his big bro. It's certainly a nice distraction after a tough month.

As we reported ... Tyler's mother, Andrea Hermann Cameron, died just 11 days ago after suffering a brain aneurysm at a hospital in Jupiter, Florida. The Camerons are hoping to continue her legacy of giving ... by starting a foundation in her honor.

Tyler's coming off a busy weekend honoring his mother ... and, again, he wasn't alone. He was reportedly hanging out with the 'Bachelorette' herself, Hannah Brown, who visited Tyler in his hometown and attended a couple of events with him.

Hannah, of course, didn't pick Tyler, who finished as the season 15 runner-up but clearly they remain close friends.

'Bachelorette' Alum Chad Johnson Charged In Dom. Violence Case ... Still Holding Hands With Ex

Exclusive Details

3:30 PM PT -- Chad has just been charged with 6 misdemeanors stemming from his domestic violence arrest.

He's charged with one count of corporal injury to his ex-girlfriend, one count of battery, one count of witness intimidation, one count of trespassing and two counts of vandalism.

Chad Johnson and Annalise Mishler are looking like they're reunited -- after ripping each other for days over his domestic violence arrest -- but he's not off the hook, criminally speaking.

The former 'Bachelorette' villain and his ex-girlfriend hit The Cheesecake Factory Sunday night in Sherman Oaks, CA, and put on an eyebrow-raising PDA show as they left the restaurant.

The two seemed to deliberately waffle when asked if they're back together -- Chad instead directed people to pay for their fan account for the inside scoop -- but did say they're still working through things.


Chad also scoffed a bit at the pending charges he's facing for domestic violence and robbery after he allegedly got physical with Annalise last month. He seems to think the charges might be dropped. Annalise points out, it's not up to her.

She's right ... the policy for domestic violence cases in L.A. is that they automatically go to the District Attorney to decide how to move forward, regardless of what transpires between the suspect and alleged victim.

So, the D.A.'s office will ultimately make the call if Chad gets charged for the February 24 altercation ... not him or Annalise.

As we reported ... they traded allegations of trying to ruin each other's lives last week via YouTube vids and social media, but maybe it's all water under the bridge now.

For them at least -- not the D.A.

Originally published -- 10:52 AM PT

'Bachelorette' Star Tyler Cameron Family Plans to Honor Late Mom with New Charity Org

Tyler Cameron's family wants to honor their late mother by starting a foundation in her honor ... and they're hoping to seed the organization with some crowdfunding.

The 'Bachelorette' star's brother launched a GoFundMe campaign just days after their mother, Andrea Hermann Cameron, died of a brain aneurysm at a hospital in Jupiter, Florida. She was rushed to a hospital after suffering the aneurysm, and died 2 days later.

Tyler's brother, Austin, says, "We feel compelled to honor our mother. We are developing a charitable foundation so that she can continue to impact others as she has always done."

He went on to say, "We feel this is the best way to continue her legacy of giving." Andrea regularly volunteered with multiple charity groups, and visited retirement homes to deliver presents around the holidays.

The campaign's goal is to raise $20,000. It's nearly halfway there after just one day.

As we reported ... Tyler was seen distraught in the wake of his mom's sudden passing.

The day after she died, Tyler posted a heartfelt tribute ... a photo of him and his 2 brothers holding her hand -- apparently in the hospital -- saying, "Heaven gained an angel."

Andrea was 55.

'Bachelorette' Alum Chad Johnson Ex-GF Says He's Out to Ruin Her Life ... Refuses Accountability


Ex-'Bachelorette' star Chad Johnson followed up a trip to the hospital for an evaluation by going on a smear campaign against his ex-girlfriend packed full of lies ... so says the ex herself.

Annalise Mishler says her ordeal with Chad's one of the most difficult things she's ever been through ... but it's being made way worse because he simply refuses to take responsibility for his behavior over the past 2 weeks.

Now, Mishler claims Johnson's out to ruin her life by posting false allegations to make himself look and feel better and make her look worse ... but she says it's very clear he's lying.


If you're unfamiliar, let's backtrack -- Chad was arrested for domestic violence and robbery last week after he allegedly got physical with Annalise. He addressed the situation the following day, admitting to getting angry and punching a hole in the wall -- which was seen on video -- but denying he'd put hands on her while also apologizing.

However, he followed that up days later with a concerning social media post depicting what looked like a makeshift hanging contraption, with the caption, "it'll be okay." The post sparked suicide fears and a welfare check ... and he was taken to a hospital for further evaluation less than 24 hours later after more troubling posts.

One of them included unfounded claims directed at Annalise, which ended with him writing, "All you had to do was hug me. You destroyed my life and it didn't even workout for you."

Johnson also made a YouTube video listing all the ways Mishler wronged him, essentially blaming her for his issues. She posted a response calling his vid "the most bizarre smear campaign attempt i've ever seen" and textbook manipulation.

Annalise feels he simply needs to be accountable for how he acts when he drinks and stop lying. She also has some advice for other people who are in a relationship and see red flags.

'Bachelorette' Alum Chad Johnson Taken to Hospital for Evaluation ... Says Ex Destroyed His Life

Exclusive Details

7:14 AM PT -- 3/1 -- Johnson just posted this, presumably talking about Annalise Mishler ... "You timed this entire thing. You started posting dancing videos. You started marketing your nudes. You did all of this thinking it would help you get recognition. All you had to do was hug me. You destroyed my life and it didn't even workout for you."

12:28 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Chad Johnson has been taken to a hospital by authorities out of fear he may be a danger to himself. We're told cops who responded to his home Saturday morning on a welfare check determined he needed to be taken in for further evaluation.

It's unclear if this would constitute a 5150 psychiatric hold, but for now ... it looks like the powers that be wanna get him checked out in the confines of a hospital to make sure he's okay. We're also told no injuries on Chad were reported by officers on the scene.

Chad Johnson is continuing to freak out his fans and followers on social media -- less than 24 hours after cops checked on him for a possible suicide threat.

The ex-'Bachelorette' star posted two new videos on his Instagram story overnight -- one of which shows him sitting at a table and blaring Billy Joel's "Piano Man" song, with what appears to be the cord he showed off on his door yesterday and a lone bottle cap.

Another video that follows shows Chad seemingly talking to someone from behind a door, with him quickly saying ... "I have no choice." Of course, these new clips come on the heels of Friday's terrifying post, which depicted what looked like a makeshift hanging contraption.

He captioned that photo, "it'll be okay." Cops told us they went out to his San Fernando home on a welfare check yesterday, but determined no imminent threat on his life.

The scary moment comes just a few days after he was arrested for domestic violence and robbery after he allegedly got physical with his ex-girlfriend, Annalise Mishler. Chad addressed the situation the following day, denying he'd put hands on her while also apologizing.


We got a call into West Valley office of the LAPD to see if they're dropping in on Chad again in light of this new disturbing information. We're told officers were on the scene this AM for a possible welfare check, but no further details are known at this time.

Originally Published -- 2/29 -- 10:53 AM PT

'Bachelorette' Star Chad Johnson Suicide Fears After Strange Photo ... Cops Called to Check on Him


Cops showed up to ex-"Bachelorette" star Chad Johnson's home to perform a welfare check on him after he posted a disturbing picture hinting at suicide ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... cops got a call for a possible suicidal person and rushed to Chad's home in the San Fernando Valley. We're told cops made contact with Chad, and after a conversation ... determined he was not a threat to himself or others.

As for what prompted the call to police ... we're told a friend saw Chad posted an image of a rope, apparently tied to a door, with the caption, "it'll be ok." The friend was also concerned because Chad stopped returning phone calls around the time he posted.

He's since deleted the pic from his Instagram story.

This incident comes just days after Chad was arrested. TMZ broke the story ... Chad was busted after an argument with his girlfriend, Annalise Mishler, allegedly turned physical. Cops say they found visible red marks on her face, and booked him for felony domestic violence and robbery.

Annalise posted a video back on Sunday of a confrontation with Chad after he allegedly punched a hole in her wall. You can hear her say Chad was scaring her.


Chad eventually told his side of the story ... adamantly denying he put hands on Annalise. He said he's "100% confident any type of domestic abuse charges are gonna be dropped."

The former bad boy on JoJo's 'Bachelorette' season also said he would work to better himself.


In the meantime, due to his arrest, Chad's been cut from a charity boxing event featuring other 'Bachelor' stars.

'Bachelorette' Alum Chad Johnson 86'd from Charity Boxing Match ... After Dom. Violence Arrest


Chad Johnson is getting a TKO even before his "Battle of the Bachelors" boxing match, because organizers want nothing to do with an alleged domestic violence abuser.

TMZ has learned Chad, the bad boy from JoJo's season of "The Bachelorette," just got axed from next month's fight for charity at SoCal's Commerce Casino. Hearts Entertainment is putting on the event and its CEO, Bruce Thomas, tells us, "In no way shape or form do we condone the type of behavior Chad Johnson's been accused of."

TMZ broke the story ... Chad was busted Monday night following a heated argument with his GF, Annalise Mishler. She alleges things got physical, and responding cops say they found visible red marks on her face.

Johnson was arrested for felony domestic violence and also robbery ... for allegedly snatching Annalise's phone while she called 911.


He's admitted on camera to getting heated, throwing a phone and punching a hole in Annalise's wall -- but he denies getting physical with her.

Just last week Chad was at a boxing gym prepping to be the main event, and talking major smack ... even though he didn't yet have an opponent for the April 23 bout.

We're told the new main event is 'Bachelorette' fan favorites, Robby Hayes and Luke Pell ... who are also alums from JoJo's season.

Even though Johnson's out, we're told proceeds will now be split between Safe Horizon -- a domestic violence victims group -- and the event's original charity, the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation.

'Bachelorette' Alum Chad Johnson 'I Never Laid Hands on a Woman' ... Responds to Arrest


Ex-'Bachelorette' star Chad Johnson is breaking his silence following his arrest for domestic violence and robbery ... adamantly denying he roughed up his girlfriend.

Chad gave his side of the story Wednesday, and explained what led to the heated argument with his GF Annalise Mishler. Chad says they briefly broke up and got back together, but she got pissed when she found out he signed up for a dating app ... during their short break up.

He also says he's "100% confident any type of domestic abuse charges are gonna be dropped" because he didn't commit "any type of domestic abuse whatsoever."


Johnson reacted to the video Annalise posted of him yelling at her door after allegedly punching a hole in her wall. He does cop to ripping her phone away from her when she wouldn't stop recording him ... saying it was a "stupid decision."

TMZ broke the story ... Chad's argument with Annalise allegedly turned physical and responding cops say they found visible red marks on her face. He was arrested and booked for felony domestic violence and robbery.

'Bachelorette' Alum Chad Johnson Arrested for Domestic Violence ... Allegedly Fought with GF


Ex-'Bachelorette' star Chad Johnson is under arrest after police investigated a couple of alleged fights between his girlfriend and him ... TMZ has learned.

LAPD took Johnson into custody Monday evening, and according to law enforcement sources his current GF, Annalise Mishler, called 911 because he was at her apartment and they'd gotten into a heated argument.

Annalise told cops Chad -- known as the bad boy from JoJo's 'Bachelorette' season -- was also at her apartment on Sunday, but she says that time things got physical. She claims Johnson was drunk and not only punched a hole in her wall, but also got physical with her.

Officers who responded Monday to Annalise's home, found she had visible red marks on her face. That was enough for cops to arrest Johnson, and according to our law enforcement sources, he's been booked for felony domestic violence and robbery.

We're told the robbery charge stems from Annalise's claim Chad snatched her phone away from her while she was calling 911.


Long before she called cops ... Annalise had put Johnson on blast on social media. Mishler, who is a YouTuber, posted a video Sunday night to her IG ... showing the hole she claims her BF punched in her wall.

She also posted video allegedly showing Johnson screaming at her, saying "I hope you f**king die" after she'd kicked him out of her place.

He told TooFab he hadn't had a drink in 2 months, but "Had a little relapse. Well, I wouldn't call it a little relapse. Big relapse." He apologized for getting so drunk he didn't remember seeing Annalise, but also denied getting physical with her.

'Bachelorette's' Tyler Gwozdz Dead At 29 ... After Possible OD


11:24 AM PT -- We've confirmed Tyler died Wednesday. He was 29.


'Bachelorette' contestant Tyler Gwozdz -- who competed for Hannah Brown -- was hospitalized for at least a week following a suspected overdose ... TMZ has learned.

According to Boca Raton PD, officers and paramedics rushed to a home on Monday, January 13 ... responding to a 911 call for a possible drug overdose. They ended up transporting Tyler to a hospital where he was admitted to the ICU.

We know Tyler remained in the hospital for a week and was listed in critical but stable condition. Come Tuesday, he was no longer a current patient in their system.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

'Bachelor' Alum Jade Roper Fantasy Cheating Claims Are BS ... We're Just Lucky!

Breaking News

6:40 AM PT -- 1/7 -- Jade Roper and her husband Tanner Tolbert are firing back at claims they colluded to win the DraftKings $1 million fantasy football prize ... saying it was nothing more than "pure luck."

"We respect that Draft Kings feels they must do their due diligence in regard to Jade winning their $1 million dollar prize for the fantasy contest for the NFL’s wild-card round this weekend," Jade and Tanner said in a joint statement.

"Though we must ponder, would the questions, accusations and curiosity about this win be the same if the winner had been male and someone who wasn’t already in the public eye?"

"It is incredibly important for us to establish that Jade’s win is nothing more than pure luck and we are confident that Draft Kings will determine the same."

Former 'Bachelor' contestant Jade Roper Tolbert won $1 MILLION in a DraftKings fantasy football event this weekend ... but the victory has triggered an investigation after it appears she may have cheated.

Roper -- who appeared on season 19 of 'Bachelor' and season 2 of "Bachelor in Paradise" -- was participating in DK's Millionaire Maker daily fantasy contest, which involved selecting a lineup of players from the 4 NFL Wild Card games.

Roper submitted 150 entries -- the maximum allowed -- and one of her lineups ended up winning the $1 MILLION top prize. She even bragged about it on social media!

The problem ... fantasy football experts have pointed out an interesting wrinkle -- that her lineups seemed to be coordinated with her husband's 150 entries to maximize their chances of winning.

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