'Bachelor' Peter Weber Kissing Victoria F in Hometown ... Despite 'WLM' Controversy


'Bachelor' Nation might do a double-take at this -- one of the Victorias from this week's premiere went quite a ways with Peter Weber ... but probably not the one you thought.

The pilot stud was recently spotted hand-in-hand with contestant Victoria Fuller, who made her debut to the show during Monday night's episode kicking off the 24th season, to mixed reviews. Welp, it looks like she stayed in the game long enough for hometowns.

TMZ obtained video taken from this past October showing Peter walking along with the 25-year-old Medical Sales Rep and former model. We're told this was shot in Victoria's stomping grounds of Virginia Beach ... which means she was one of the last 4 girls.

Funny enough, a ton of fans seemed to think Victoria P would actually be one of the final four. It's possible she still is, but we know for sure VF went the distance herself.

Now, in the clip, you see the pair walking their dog, whom we're told is hers and is named Buxton. Later, you see them embracing in a kiss after a live band plays at a bar called The Shack. Clearly, VF left her mark ... even though she comes with some controversy.


As soon as Monday's episode aired, old modeling photos of Victoria F circulated ... showin' her rocking gear for a White Lives Matter campaign on behalf of the White Marlin Marina.  Fact is ... this White Lives Matter is designed to bring awareness to conservation of marlins.

'Bachelor' Alum Jade Roper Fantasy Cheating Claims Are BS ... We're Just Lucky!

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Getty/TMZ Composite

6:40 AM PT -- 1/7 -- Jade Roper and her husband Tanner Tolbert are firing back at claims they colluded to win the DraftKings $1 million fantasy football prize ... saying it was nothing more than "pure luck."

"We respect that Draft Kings feels they must do their due diligence in regard to Jade winning their $1 million dollar prize for the fantasy contest for the NFL’s wild-card round this weekend," Jade and Tanner said in a joint statement.

"Though we must ponder, would the questions, accusations and curiosity about this win be the same if the winner had been male and someone who wasn’t already in the public eye?"

"It is incredibly important for us to establish that Jade’s win is nothing more than pure luck and we are confident that Draft Kings will determine the same."

Former 'Bachelor' contestant Jade Roper Tolbert won $1 MILLION in a DraftKings fantasy football event this weekend ... but the victory has triggered an investigation after it appears she may have cheated.

Roper -- who appeared on season 19 of 'Bachelor' and season 2 of "Bachelor in Paradise" -- was participating in DK's Millionaire Maker daily fantasy contest, which involved selecting a lineup of players from the 4 NFL Wild Card games.

Roper submitted 150 entries -- the maximum allowed -- and one of her lineups ended up winning the $1 MILLION top prize. She even bragged about it on social media!

The problem ... fantasy football experts have pointed out an interesting wrinkle -- that her lineups seemed to be coordinated with her husband's 150 entries to maximize their chances of winning.

'Bachelor' Peter Weber I Just Gotta Fly

Buckle up

'Bachelor' star Peter Weber vows not to get trapped by Hollywood's grip after his season airs ... cause flying's the only way he wants to be close to the stars.

Pilot Pete was out Monday morning on his way to "Good Morning America" when he was asked whether he was going to try and parlay his newfound fame into a career in Hollywood or keep piloting.

Pete's answer is pretty refreshing ... considering how MANY of the 'Bachelor' alums do everything they can to stay relevant. There's this guy, this guy and ESPECIALLY this guy.

The 'Bachelor's' 24th season kicks off Monday ... and Pete's already suggesting there might be some turbulence. Can't wait.

'Bachelorette's' Lincoln Adim Takes Deal in Sex Crime Case


Lincoln Adim -- "The Bachelorette" contestant who gained notoriety for allegedly concealing his criminal record before joining the show -- has taken a sweet deal that will likely have whole the case dismissed.

Adim -- who was one of Becca's suitors in season 14 -- had originally pled guilty to indecent assault and battery in May 2018 ... just weeks before the show started airing. Adim was accused of groping a woman on a Boston harbor cruise. He got 2 years probation.

As TMZ first reported ... Warner Bros. said Lincoln lied to 'Bachelorette' producers and hid the case from them in order to get on the cast. They found out while season 14 was airing, and Adim was still in the running.

The bad news for Adim is no final rose -- Becca sent him packing in the 6th week. The good news, and more important news, for him is ... right around that same time his conviction was vacated on a technicality involving his GPS monitor.

That meant prosecutors got a do-over, and last week Adim struck a deal. He does not have to plead guilty but will be on probation for 3 months. If he stays away from the woman and keeps his nose clean ... the case will be dismissed after those 3 months.

Losing a reality show, but winning in court ... sounds like a victory overall.

Still, pretty sure Lincoln won't be "The Bachelor."

UFC's Kamaru Usman Gunning to Be the Next 'Bachelor' ... I'm Dead Serious!!!


UFC welterweight champ Kamaru Usman says he's got BIG things lined up for 2020 -- not just in the Octagon -- in fact, he wants to be the next 'Bachelor.'

... and yeah, HE'S SERIOUS!!!

The 32-year-old fighter had a huge year in 2019 -- not only defeating Tyron Woodley to win the welterweight belt but also beating the hell out of Colby Covington in a jaw-breaking performance at UFC 245.

So, how do you top that in 2020? Kamaru's got a plan ...

"I'm gonna blow it out of the water," Usman says ... suggesting he could try his hand at acting or broadcasting.

As for "The Bachelor," Usman first floated the idea back in October ... but now hopes his high-profile win over Colby will help him get on the show!

"Hopefully they were watching and they decided we need to pull the trigger on this!"

Ex-'Bachelor' Chris Soules Surfaces in H'wood 1st Time Since Fatal Crash


Chris Soules seems ready to put his recent past behind him ... showing face in Hollywood for the first time since he was busted for fleeing the scene of a fatal crash.

The former 'Bachelor' was out Friday night at KIIS FM's iHeartRadio Jingle Ball in L.A., where he certainly didn't shy away from the cameras ... posing for pics as he went in with a full smile on his face. It's his first major public appearance in Tinsel Town since 2017.

While it might've looked like a comeback attempt, Chris told ET he wasn't attempting to return to the spotlight ... and that he was just tagging along with other 'Bachelor' pals.

You'll recall ... Chris was arrested in April 2017 after cops said he'd rammed his pickup truck into a John Deere tractor and sent the driver flying into a ditch. The man ultimately died.

Chris stuck around on the scene until EMTs showed, but bounced before the police could arrive. They caught up to him later at his house and made the arrest. Just earlier this year, Chris finally accepted a plea deal from prosecutors that kept him out of jail.

He was handed down a 2-year suspended sentence after pleading guilty to leaving the scene of an accident resulting in serious injury ... an aggravated misdemeanor.

Tyler Cameron I'm All About Me Right Now ... Not Sweating 'Bachelor' Status or Stassie


Tyler Cameron is not concerned about things like potentially being tapped to be a TV 'Bachelor,' or his new It guy status ... he's just focused on Tyler's status.

The heartthrob model and former 'Bachelorette' contestant was at LAX Monday afternoon when he got peppered with questions about his love life -- a hot topic in Hollywood lately as his list of hot dates grows.

As we've reported ... he's gone from Hannah Brown to Gigi Hadid, and he's been recently linked to Kylie Jenner's pal, Stassie Karanikolaou.

Cameron doesn't seem like he really wants to talk about it, though. Like a true playa, he's trying to downplay the fact he's kind of a big deal right now.

Instead, he gives props to Peter Weber -- the current 'Bachelor' -- and says he's still trying to figure out all the other stuff people want to know ... just like the rest of us.

As for Stassie ... he doesn't want to divulge much about that situation either.

Always keep 'em guessing.

Kylie, Kendall & Stassie Club Hop with Tyler C After Rams Game ... Worlds Are Colliding!!!


Two of reality TV's biggest factions came together in L.A. this week -- the Kardashian-Jenners are mixing with guys from "The Bachelorette" ... and they're all looking pretty chummy.

Kendall and some of her girlfriends -- including Stassie Karanikolaou -- all hit up the Rams game Monday night, and at one point ... a bunch of fellas who've been booted in "The Bachelorette" world showed up and joined down in their private, enclosed area.

Tyler Cameron, Peter Weber (the current 'Bachelor') and Dylan Barbour from 'BiP,' as well as some other dudes and other gals were all enjoying a front-row view to the blow-out.

Later on, it looks like at least a few of these pretty people stuck together and met up with Kylie to hit the town -- bouncing around to different clubs in WeHo, including The Nice Guy and Poppy.


We ended up getting Tyler and Stassie leaving the former together, and it all but confirms what we saw this weekend ... a very likely new couple. Paps tried peppering them with questions, but they stayed quiet and hopped into the backseat of a waiting car.

Eventually, the whole gang landed at Poppy to wrap-up the night -- where Tyler and Stassie were yet again seen hanging off each other's hip. Kylie was there too, and while waiting for their rides in the garage ... she got in (and lost) a few games of roshambo with a dude.


Doesn't look like a new love interest as far as we can tell -- Kylie and this guy seem to be just pals. Can't say the same for Tyler C and Stassie though ... they're getting closer.

Tyler Cameron Hooks Up w/ Mystery Blonde ... Might be Kylie's Hot Friend


Tyler Cameron went from Hannah Brown to Gigi Hadid, and now ... on to possibly one of Kylie Jenner's best friends. Talk about a hot streak, huh?

The former 'Bachelorette' contestant and heartthrob model was in L.A. Friday, catching the Clippers game at Staples Center and then later ... hitting up the club in WeHo.

TMZ obtained footage of Ty getting close to a smokin' hot blonde in Hyde, whom he later wrapped up in his big hunky arms and brought in for a kiss -- maybe a butt grab too. There's no question it's him playing Romeo, but the big question is ... who's Juliet.


Based on some circumstantial evidence we've combed through, it appears this might very well be Kylie's good pal Anastasia Karanikolaou ... otherwise known on IG as Stassiebaby.

She's in Kylie's circle of friends and often tags along for girls' trips across the world with KJ and co. More importantly though, she was also at the Clippers game last night in a private box -- and appears to have been wearing something very similar to our mystery chick here.

At least from the upper half,  anyway ... which seems to resemble Stassie's outfit for the night. Besides that, eyewitnesses are telling us it definitely looked like AK to them. Our sources say Tyler and this gal showed up together around midnight, grabbed a table and were pretty much inseparable the whole time until they left around 1:30 AM.

If it is Stassie, Tyler sure knows how to pick 'em. Take a gander through this gallery, and you'll understand what we're talkin' about.

'Bachelor' Creator Mike Fleiss Wife & I Reconciled!!! ... She Backs Him Up


Mike Fleiss says he and his wife have buried the hatchet and are on the road to reconciliation after a nasty divorce ensued between them this summer.

The 'Bachelor' creator tweeted out the news in a statement Sunday, saying ... "Happy to report that @FleissLaura and I have reconciled. I love my wife and am grateful for this opportunity to work on our marriage... Thanks for the support, #BachelorNation!"

His wife, Laura Kaeppeler, echoed that sentiment with her own Twitter account -- which she seems to have created in the past few days -- and even elaborated a bit by saying both she and Mike had made poor decisions that she labeled as "immature" and "irresponsible."

She went on to say that an emotionally charged incident over the summer led to a situation they both regret -- seemingly referencing the alleged attack she initially claimed Mike inflicted upon her -- but also denied that Mike had intentionally tried hurting her.

Laura writes, "We both take full responsibility for our actions and have worked very hard to repair the damage to our relationship and family and are working together with the help of a marriage counselor to rebuild what we lost. I love @fleissmeister and our kids very much. We appreciate your support at this time." They both retweeted each other.

This is a complete 180 from what looked to be a bitter and acrimonious divorce case just a few months ago -- when Mike claimed that Laura had violated the terms of their agreed-upon $10 million settlement by taking their kid to Hawaii and going off the radar.

Mike said Laura was allowed to go live in Hawaii, but was supposed to set up appointments with a psychologist, and alleged she never did that ... cutting off all communication and dashing Fleiss' hopes of co-parenting. She fired back  though, saying he was a bully and called her several bad names, while also making it difficult to co-parent.

This, of course, comes after they originally struck the big divorce settlement -- which led to Laura dropping a domestic violence restraining order she'd taken out against Mike.

Like we said ... a complete U-turn from where we thought things were headed.

'Bachelor' Star Amanda Stanton I'm with Morgan Stewart's Ex Now

Exclusive Details

6:49 AM PT -- 10/16 -- We obtained a picture of Amanda and Brendan having lunch at The Ivy earlier this month. Witnesses say they each were enjoying a couple glasses of wine, and relaxing together. Ah, young love.

Amanda Stanton has a new man in her life ... and the guy she's hanging with is fresh off a separation from his estranged wife, Morgan Stewart.

We're told the "Bachelor in Paradise" star and "Rich Kids of Beverly Hills" star Brendan Fitzpatrick started seeing each other about a month ago after meeting through mutual friends. He lives in L.A. and she lives in the OC but they make the hour-long commute work.

Might not seem like a long-distance relationship, but L.A. peeps know it's a bear.

Anywho ... we're told Amanda and Brendan, a high-end real estate agent, were spotted over the weekend holding hands at Nobu Newport Beach. Brendan and Morgan split back in August after 3 years of marriage, and 6 years together.

Tyler Cameron My NYC Bachelor Pad is Paradise ... For $7k Per Month!!!

TMZ/One Manhattan Square

Tyler Cameron's not crying a river over Gigi Hadid following their break-up ... thanks to a soft landing in a new high-rise apartment that looks a lot like bachelor heaven.

We're told the ex-'Bachelorette' star moved into the swanky One Manhattan Square downtown NYC luxury condos ... a brand-new, 847-foot-tall tower with 72 floors that offer sweeping skyline views. And, that's just the beginning.

It's easy to see why Tyler went berserk after moving in ... the building offers world-class amenities: a bowling alley, cigar room, adult tree house, 75-foot swimming pool, 24-hour doorman/concierge, dry cleaning, valet, wine room, theater room and golf simulator. Siiiiiiick.

Amanda Stanton Sued You're a Social Media Fail ... Fork Over $5,000!!!


Former 'Bachelor' contestant Amanda Stanton is blowing it as a social media influencer ... so claims the luxury boutique that's suing her for failing to do the simplest task.

According to new legal docs ... Moonstone Vintage LA says it gave Amanda a very pricey gift -- a Chanel purse worth $3,249 -- and in exchange, she would pimp the store out to her 1.2 million Instagram followers. Pretty standard social media quid pro quo.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Moonstone claims Amanda failed on the pimping part. As they say, it ain't easy. The boutique says not only did Amanda fail to tag them in her post from Coachella ... but she kept the purse.

As a result, it's suing Amanda for $4,996 ... the cost of the purse, plus shipping and handling expenses.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... Amanda requested the rare, vintage, black leather quilted mini backpack as a last-minute accessory for her Coachella trip earlier this year.

Our sources say the store personally delivered it from Santa Monica to the desert. And, while Amanda did post with the purse ... she tagged several other companies, but NOT Moonstone.

Adding insult to injury ... Amanda posted a second pic with the mini backpack and again didn't tag the company. Two days after her initial post, Amanda did finally tag Moonstone ... but the boutique's now saying too little, too late.

A rep for Amanda tells TMZ ... "There was miscommunication between Amanda and the brand. Amanda didn’t have full confidence in what she was advertising, and was trying to negotiate with the brand to cancel the deal. We are working to settle this privately."

'Bachelor in Paradise' Finale We Were Right, Pilot Pete Tapped for Tux Plus, 1st LGBTQ Proposal!!!

The "Bachelor in Paradise" finale was a fireworks show, and guess what -- we were right about ABC's next leading man -- plus the franchise aired the first same-sex engagement!!!

Hunky pilot Peter Weber -- who repeatedly scored with Hannah Brown in that windmill during last season's 'Bachelorette,' but ultimately got sent home -- is officially the next Bachelor ... so it was revealed on the 'BiP' finale.

Of course, we figured out what was up last week at LAX, when a film crew followed Peter around as he made his way through a terminal in his pilot gear. We asked him at the time if it was true ... but he just blushed his way up the escalator.


There were other headlines that came out after Tuesday's show -- notably, Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty becoming one of 3 couples to pop the question ... making them the first same-sex couple to get engaged in the franchise's history.

Demi got on bended knee for Kristian, asking her hand in marriage on the beach. Kristian then returned the favor in front of a studio audience (pretaped, obviously prior to Tuesday's show). It was a sweet moment.

And now .... some backlash. Many fans criticized the show for NOT choosing Mike Johnson to be the next Bachelor -- he would've been the first black guy with that title. Of course, Rachel Lindsay made history a couple years back as the first black Bachelorette.

Some folks felt it was time to do the same on the male side, but it looks like ABC brass went with Petey. Like they say ... win some, lose some. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Rumored 'Bachelor' Pilot Pete Busted by TMZ Photog ... He's the Chosen One!!!


Peter Weber is pretty clearly the next Bachelor ... and you can thank our photog, Charlie, for the scoop.

Charlie spotted Peter Thursday at LAX ... actually, it wasn't that hard, since ol' Peter had a camera crew in tow. Charlie jumped to a conclusion which seems rock solid.

There's a hilarious moment when Peter realizes TMZ is shooting its shot, and he's totally flummoxed.

The smart bet's always been on Peter handing out roses for the upcoming season. Mike Johnson was also a front-runner with Tyler Cameron in a distant 3rd.

Tyler can't be too upset, with the likes of Gigi Hadid as a consolation prize.

Delta pilot Peter is almost certainly the man ... best known to Bachelor Nation as the guy who banged 'Bachelorette' Hannah B not once ... NOT twice ... not THREE ... but a whopping FOUR TIMES in a windmill during a fantasy suite date near the end of Hannah's season.

It's never official until it's official. You'll recall what happened to Caila Quinn ... who also was being filmed in 2016 to be "The Bachelorette" but ultimately producers picked JoJo Fletcher. Still, the tea leaves aren't hard to read in this one.

Fun fact ... Peter's parents met when his dad was a pilot and his mom was a flight attendant.

'Vanderpump Rules' Scheana Shay Disney Date with 'BiP' Star DeMario ... TV Worlds Colliding

Reality (TV) doesn't get much better than this -- Scheana Shay and DeMario Jackson bringing their two franchises together with some lovin' at the Mouse House.

The "Vanderpump Rules" star and the former 'Bachelorette'/'BiP' contestant were spotted canoodling Tuesday at Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, where they were showing off some pretty significant PDA as they went ride-hopping with a few 'VPR' pals.

DeMario ('memba him?!) had his arms wrapped around Scheana a few different times throughout the day, and she seemed pretty down. Of course, it could all be for show.


Remember, DeMario was spotted with Corinne Olympios at Disnyeland a couple years ago after their 'BiP' scandal ... when she all but insinuated he'd violated her. It looked like they were romantically linked, but we were told otherwise ... just friends, apparently.

That whole thing is well behind us at this point, and DeMario and Corinne remained cool since then. Now, it looks like he's found a good match from across channels.

The big question now ... is a 'Vanderpump'/'Bachelor' crossover in the stars??? We can only hope not!