Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner Dog Day Afternoon ... New Puppy in the Pack

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are getting over the death of their dog with the help of a new furry friend ... they got a new pup in their company just over a week later.

The couple was out Saturday in Miami, settling into what appears to be a vacation home with Joe's bro, Kevin, his sister-in-law, Priyanka Chopra, as well as some friends in tow. No word on whether Nick and Danielle tagged along -- they might be joining later.

The biggest addition to the crew though was a puppy golden retriever, who Sophie brought out of the van on a leash and what looks like a harness of some sort. Later, she gave this little lady a bath in the pool, and she didn't even seem to mind. Good girl (we think)!!!

There was another pooch there with them too, but Joe and Sophie's other dog, Porky, didn't show up in these photos. He's the brother of their Alaskan Klee Kai, Waldo -- who was tragically hit and killed by a car in New York last week, after breaking free from his leash.

As you'll recall, the pet owners were devastated in the following days ... and definitely didn't hide their emotions in grieving the loss of their canine family member.

Looks like they've found a new way to cope now -- whether the puppy here is a rental or permanently part of the pack, it sure is lifting their spirits.

Jordyn Woods Rick Ross Music Video Gig ... My Dad Would Be So Proud!!!


Jordyn Woods isn't typically in the business of making music videos, so everyone's wondering why she's starring in Rick Ross' ... well we know, and it's meant to be an homage to her late father.

Sources close to Jordyn tell TMZ ... she recently met the 'Miami' rapper while the two were doing an episode of VH1's "Hip Hop Squares." They got to talking and Jordyn's mom, Elizabeth Woods, brought up the fact her late husband loved -- LOVED -- RR's music.

Everyone exchanged numbers on the game show set, and they kept in touch. Soon after, Rick expressed to Jordyn he had a great opportunity for her ... and wanted her to be the leading lady in his newest music vid.

We're told Jordyn jumped at the offer ... feeling it was a great way to honor her father's memory. John Woods died in January 2017 -- when Jordyn was just 19 -- after a battle with cancer.

As we reported ... the music video shoot went down Wednesday in Miami, where Jordyn was showing off her figure in some lingerie and a cute dress, with Ross on her hip.

No doubt Jordyn's dad would be proud ... his daughter's a BAWSE!!!

Tamra Judge Crotch-ing It Like It's Hot in Miami!!!

Exclusive Video

Tamra Judge wasn't wearing apple bottom jeans or boots with the fur ... but the club was most definitely looking at her, 'cause her crotch was exposed.

The "Real Housewives of Orange County" star hit up E11EVEN Miami earlier this week to celebrate Vicki Gunvalson's engagement and Shannon Beador's recent divorce. We're told the entire cast tore it up for the double celebration.

But, ya gotta check out the vid ... Tamra got on stage and twerked her ass off to Flo Rida's "Low," maybe a little too much 'cause Shannon had to step in and pull down her dress to avoid exposing her crotch.


We've got pics too ... Vicki and Shannon wore "Bride to Be" and "Just Divorced" sashes to commemorate the occasion. We're told they all showed up late Tuesday night around midnight and left the club around 4 AM. They posted up at a VIP table and guzzled vodka and champagne.

BTW ... cameras were rolling for the show, so get ready to see this in an upcoming episode.

Carson Kressley Praises Dwyane Wade's Family ... For Supporting Gay Pride


Carson Kressley thinks it's a BEAUTIFUL thing that Dwyane Wade's family took his 11-year-old son to the Miami gay pride parade this weekend ... because families should support each other.

As we previously reported, Gabrielle Union took 11-year-old Zion Wade to the massive festival on Sunday where they danced and celebrated at one of the largest LGBTQ events in the country.

Dwyane was on the road with the Miami Heat but posted messages of support and said, "We support each other with pride."


There has been some blowback from haters who think Wade's kid is too young to attend a pride parade -- but Kressley immediately shot that down and said those people don't understand what Pride is really about.

"I would say [to those people] come to a gay pride [event] and you'll see how beautiful and embracing and how diverse and how wonderful it is ... and kids should be there to see it!"

He added, "It's a beautiful thing. It's great when parents bring their kids."

Kressley has been a leader in the LGBTQ community for years -- and was the grand marshal at the 2018 Come Out with Pride parade in Orlando.

Tiffany Haddish Rough New Year's Eve Performance 'I Wish It Was Better'

F**K IT!

1:46 PM PT -- Tiffany tweeted about her show, saying, "Yes this happened. I wish it was better Miami. I prayed on it and I have a strong feeling this will never happened again."

Tiffany Haddish had a difficult New Year's Eve during her show in Miami ... especially when the crowd started to disperse mid-show.

Tiffany, who's almost always hilarious and on point, was performing at the James L. Knight Center to a packed house. But, her set wasn't connecting with the audience, and she clearly knew it. At one point, as some people started leaving, she said, "This is weird for me. Now, this is going to be on TMZ or whatever."

During her routine, Tiffany talks about her mom getting out of a mental institution ... she says she told her mom to punch her in the back and burp her. She also griped about her family asking her for money. She says her sister wanted a refrigerator and a new stove, but Tiffany said she told her sister she had just paid her rent, so she just gave her a cooler.

Tiffany changed things up, cracked open a bottle of Ciroc and started drinking with the audience.


It's interesting ... the day of her show, Tiffany posted a video promoting the upcoming comedy performance, saying she had partied the whole night and morning before.

Happy New Year!

Originally Published -- 7:45 AM PST

Meek, Nicki, Lil Wayne Celebrate New Year's Eve ... Miami Style!!!

Tons of celebs rang in the New Year at various events in Miami, and we got pics of a bunch of them!

2 Chainz, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Hulk Hogan, Jamie Foxx, and Dua Lipa were at LIV nightclub.

Benny Benassi hosted New Year's Eve 2019 at Wet at W nightclub in South Beach.

EDX hosted a New Year's Eve soiree at WALL nightclub.

J Balvin & Alesso were poolside at the Fontainebleau hotel.

Meek Mill hosted New Year's Eve 2019 at STORY nightclub.

Meek and Fabolous hosted D'USSE dinner at Mandrake restaurant.

Myles Shear and Don Julio hosted New Year's Eve 2019 at a Miami Beach Residence.

Tory Lanez hosted New Year's Eve 2019 at Rockwell nightclub.

AND ... CeeLo Green hosted at Two to Tango at Faena hotel.

Corinne Olympios Hangin' with BF ... No Prob with this Pool Encounter

Corinne Olympios spent Xmas day enjoying the Miami Beach sun with her boyfriend.

The former "Bachelor" and "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant was hanging with Jon Yunger. She's been seeing him since May.

This pool encounter turned out a lot better than a previous outing last year, when Corinne accused DeMario Jackson of sexually assaulting her on the set of "Bachelor in Paradise." She claimed she was super drunk and did not give consent to the sexual contact. The allegation brought filming of "BIP" to a halt.

An investigation -- which included video of the encounter -- concluded Corrine was a willing participant and there was no sexual assault. Filming resumed, but Corrine and DeMario were no longer on the show.

Corinne and DeMario since made their peace.

Ex-Marlins President Flips Off And Trolls Hecklers ... 'F*ck You!!!'

Breaking News

Ex-Miami Marlins president David Samson egged on hecklers at a party this weekend ... flipping off the crowd, bragging about his team's sale and then screaming, "F*ck you!!!"

It all went down at ESPN personality, Dan Le Batard's birthday party in Miami ... where Samson -- one of the biggest sports villains in the city -- got up onstage for a speech.

The dude -- who many blame for making the Marlins a mess and forcing city's taxpayers to foot the bill for their new stadium -- was boo'd relentlessly before he could even open his mouth.

Samson's message to his haters??

"Thank you so much. Thank you very much. Here's why I love when you guys boo me. Right? I want you guys to keep booing me. Because guess what? $1.2 BILLION! F*ck you!!!!"

Of course, Samson's reference represents the amount of cash he and former owner Jeffrey Loria were able to sell the Marlins for, to Derek Jeter last year.

For their part ... both Samson and Le Batard say the whole thing was a joke, with Samson writing on Twitter, "Actually,not at all how it happened. All on tape and all in good fun. And, all for Lebatard’s birthday. No bragging, no fleecing."

Added Le Batard, "These bleeping fun suckers. Samson was playing the heel wrestling manager. No one would seriously wear that jacket. I was booing Samson before taking the mic from him. You don’t get the show."

Begs the question ... how many Marlins fans laughin' at this one??

Lil Pump Booted Off Flight and Arrested


12/14 8:50 AM PT -- According to court records, Pump and his manager entered a not guilty plea for the misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct through their attorney.

12/14 6:50 AM PT
-- Law enforcement sources now confirm Pump's story. The baggage handlers who were putting luggage in the baggage compartment smelled a strong odor of weed coming from a bag labeled Garcia -- Pump's government name. The captain then went to Pump and the rapper felt the pilot was being accusatory. The pilot eventually kicked Pump and his manager off the plane for being disruptive and it continued to get contentious in the terminal when cops were talking to them, so both were arrested for disorderly conduct. The bag, which was owned by a member of Pump's crew, was opened and NO DRUGS were inside.

6:15 PM PT -- A source connected with Pump tells TMZ, no drugs were found. The source says TSA flagged a bag that smelled like weed and was "mistagged." Agents questioned Pump, who insisted he was not carrying drugs. The source adds no drugs were found in the bag, which another person in Pump's crew said was his. Pump was arrested along with his manager because they allegedly became disorderly during the argument with TSA agents.

Lil Pump's flight to L.A. was cut short -- as in, he never got off the ground because TSA allegedly found drugs in his luggage ... TMZ has learned.

Pump was flying from Miami Thursday afternoon, and our sources say he and his crew had all boarded the flight, but before it pushed back from the gate ... a flight attendant told them there was a problem.

We're told Pump and co. were booted off the flight, and cops met them in the terminal to question Pump about what 2 airline sources said were drugs found in a checked bag with his name on it.

The flight was delayed over an hour, and we're told cops are talking to Pump right now.

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 12/13/2018 4:35 PM PST

Cardi B Goes Wild in Miami Let the Champagne Flow on Yo Ass!!!

No wonder Cardi B couldn't make it to her court hearing Monday in NYC ... she's hosting a WILD-ASS twerk fest down in Miami.

Okay, it's not a party, she's working ... it just doesn't look like work. The rapper was covered head-to-toe in tiger body paint while shooting a music video. She put in some serious twerk on a floating stripper pole, and when we say twerking ... we mean LOTS OF TWERKING.


Cardi's shooting with the Miami duo, City Girls ... one of whom rocked zebra body paint.

They kept the party going on a yacht with more than a dozen bikini-clad chicks who were also letting their asses do the talking. You've gotta see what happened when Cardi started poppin' bottles. We'll just say ... bubbly flows just fine where the sun don't shine.

As we first reported, prosecutors in NYC were frustrated Cardi didn't show up to a Monday hearing in her strip club beatdown case.

We can hear the excuse now: Your Honor, I was busy earning my stripes.


J Lo Stringing Along DJ Khaled ... Thongs for Memories!!!

DJ Khaled -- and lots of other people on a music video set -- could probably need a neck brace after eyeing Jennifer Lopez's wardrobe.

Khaled and J Lo were shooting Thursday in Miami, where she was rocking a highly visible thong. Her pants for the video were hanging just low enough to put a virtual spotlight on her underwear.

We can guarantee this is no wardrobe malfunction. Everything is functioning just as planned. And damn well, too.

Yes, even in baggy pants ... Jenny's still got back and Khaled seemed to be getting one last look as they both left the set. Ya can't blame him. Stopping men in their tracks is kinda what J Lo does.

No word yet if Khaled's cooking up a remix with Sisqo.

DJ Khaled 'It's Like Bad Boys 3' ... Water Rescue In Miami


DJ Khaled just auditioned for the upcoming 'Bad Boys' trilogy, sort of ... because the music mogul helped save his buddy who fell off a Jet Ski.

The wild water rescue went down Thursday in Miami, when Khaled and co-producer Ayo Juan encountered some trouble on the high seas.

Juan fell off his Jet Ski, and Khaled assisted authorities in a scene perfect for Martin Lawrence and Will Smith's new flick -- which, oddly enough, Martin and Will announced earlier in the day in an IG post. Talk about crazy timing.


Saving his buddy was a no-brainer for DJ Khaled ... who wasted no time hauling ass over to Ayo and making sure he didn't drown. Luckily, Ayo was not injured and everyone made it back to land.

Derek Jeter Boots Home-Run Sculpture ... 'Cause He Hates It

Breaking News

Call this career homer No. 261 ... 'cause Derek Jeter just blasted the Marlins' center-field sculpture straight outta the park in Miami -- all because he absolutely despised it.

D.J. bought the Marlins back in 2017 ... and in his efforts to wash the stench of losing off the squad -- he's been battling to punt the obnoxious outfield piece of art.

In case you might not understand why ... it's a 7-story feature of fish, flamingos, lights and water -- and it all goes crazy after the Marlins' (not so many) taters.

Yeah, doesn't exactly scream winning baseball.

So, D.J.'s fought hard to get rid of it ... and finally, on Tuesday, he won permission from the county to boot the thing squarely outta sight.

The team says it's moving the piece outside the stadium ... and in its place will be an entertainment area where fans can stand and catch the game. Pretty cool, right??

As for Jeter ... he's refused to go on record with his distaste for the statue, but did say of it recently, "It's big. Yeah. It's big. It's big."

There it goeeeessss ... SEE YA!!

Le'Veon Bell Hits the Jet Skis In Miami ... Pay Me Already!


Le'Veon Bell is stayin' afloat during his holdout -- zippin' around Miami on a jet ski ... and TMZ Sports has the video.

Bell was chillin' on a yacht on Monday -- living it up -- when he decided to take one of the jet skis out for a spin.

Another rider in the area started chattin' Bell up -- and the running back agreed to make a short video with the guy.

"You already know what it is man, we out here coolin' on the jet skis," Bell said.

At one point, the other jet skier says, "Give my man his f**kin money" -- to which Bell smiles and replies, "You already know! You already know!"

Interesting to see Bell so happy considering his Steelers lost on Sunday, leaving them winless with an 0-1-1 record after 2 games.

Of course, Bell is pissed the Steelers won't pony up and give him a fat longterm contract -- and refuses to show up to practice until they do.

In meantime, at least he's wearing his life jacket!

Frank Gore's Son Gets Major NCAA Offer I'm Better Than My Dad!


The football genes run in the Gore family ... because Frank Gore's son just got his first major NCAA scholarship offer to Kentucky -- and the high school star tells us he's already better than his dad!

Okay, he's joking around ... but Frank Gore Jr. is legit on the field -- a star running back at Killian High School in Miami where he's already making a name for himself as a junior.

"I can return the ball, I can catch the ball, I can run the ball," Gore Jr. tells TMZ Sports.

As for the comparison with his father -- a 5-time Pro Bowler who's been in the NFL since 2005 -- FG2 has his sights set on being the best football player in his family.

"He's one dimensional -- he can run the ball. I'm shifty, I'm faster than him. But he's stronger, that's it. I'm more explosive."

In fact ... Frank Jr. says it's his pops who's helping him the most when it comes to football and his recruiting process!!

"He talks to me about my name, he knows that people are going to try to come at me differently," Gore Jr. says.

"He just tells me keep your head straight up on, and God has a plan."

As for where Gore Jr. will eventually end up -- everyone assumes it'll be the University of Miami like Sr. ... but the younger Gore tells us that's not entirely set in stone.

And, it sounds like Frank Sr.'s okay with that ... for now.

Alexi Lalas Chad Ochocinco is Crazy Enough ... To Be MLS Goalie


Chad Ochocinco wants to be an MLS goalie ... and Alexi Lalas says he already has one major keeper skill mastered ... he's crazy!!

We spoke with Lalas about Ochocinco's 2-year plan to try out for David Beckham's new expansion team in Miami ... and surprisingly, he's not completely shutting down the idea -- he actually thinks 85 could be ready SOONER than 2020.

"The only thing I know about goalkeepers is that they're crazy," Lalas says. "So he'll fit right in!"

"He doesn't need 2 years, he's crazy now! I love him!"


As for Ochocinco seeking the career change at 40 years old ... Lalas seems shocked, but it's clear he's not putting it past the guy to actually follow through with it.

But, if Beckham comes calling for Lalas? You gotta check out his answer.