Cuba Gooding Jr. was in Miami this past weekend -- the same place Diddy has been amid an ongoing federal investigation ... interesting considering their alleged connection.

TMZ obtained a photo of Cuba in South Beach on Easter Sunday, and as you can see ... he's by his lonesome on the back of a golf cart, which is advertising yacht rentals, and there are 2 unknown fellas sitting up front.

Cuba looks relaxed with his shades on as he peruses his phone -- and yes, he's certainly dressed for a festive sunny day in the Sunshine State.

Diddy Surfaces in Public Again This Time with Stevie J in Tow

Diddy Spotted
Instagram / @watson_fit

Diddy is out and about in Miami -- and he's even speaking now too ... evidenced in a new clip that an influencer took of the mogul out in the wild, who also captured Stevie J.

Fitness trainer and life coach Wes Watson -- who has more than a million followers on Instagram -- posted a video and a photo on Friday that shows Diddy at a cafe in town called Pura Vida ... and it looks like Puff was in a good mood, flashing a smile and even chatting.

Unclear which location this was at specifically -- there's a zillion of these in the area -- but our bet is that it was one of the ones close to Diddy's homes there on Star Island.

Diddy Vuelve a aparecer en público, esta vez con Stevie J

Diddy frente a la cámara
Instagram / @watson_fit

Diddy está paseando libremente por Miami e incluso hablando, lo que quedó en evidencia en un nuevo clip capturado por un influencer donde se ve al magnate en público junto a Stevie J.

El entrenador físico y coach Wes Watson, que tiene más de un millón de seguidores en Instagram, publicó un video y una foto que muestra a Diddy en un café llamado Pura Vida el viernes, donde Puff aparece de muy buen humor, con una gran sonrisa y conversando.

No está claro en qué local del café estaba exactamente, hay un montón de estos en la zona, pero nuestra apuesta es que era uno de los que está cerca de las casas de Diddy en Star Island.

Diddy Relajado en Miami en medio de la investigación federal...

Diddy parecía estar interpretando el papel de "¿preocupado, yo?", el jueves por la noche mientras llevaba a sus 2 gemelas hasta el Top Golf en Miami, la misma ciudad en donde los federales allanaron una de sus casas a principios de esta semana.

Diddy hizo una señal de paz con los dedos cuando iba saliendo con sus hijas de 17 años, Jessie y D'Lila. Las chicas iban sonriendo mientras Diddy caminaba detrás levantando sus 2 dedos. Definitivamente, no se podría estar más relajado...

Nos dicen que todo el mundo estaba de buen humor, y que jugaron por 2 horas, aunque tras bambalinas es todo menos tranquilo en el mundo de Diddy.

Diddy Swingin' in Miami Amid Federal Probe

Diddy created the image, "What me worry?" Thursday night as he took his twins to hit up Topgolf in Miami ... the same town where feds raided one of his homes earlier this week.

Diddy flashed a peace sign as he left with 17-year-old daughters Jessie and D'Lila. The girls smiled as Diddy walked behind raising his 2 fingers. You can't look more chill than the Sergio Tacchini velour tracksuit he was rocking.

We're told everyone was in good spirits as they played for 2 hours, although behind the scenes it's anything but calm in the Diddy camp.

UFC's Chito Vera Someone Broke Into My Home ... Legal Docs, Watches Stolen

UFC star Marlon "Chito" Vera says his personal belongings were jacked from his home while he was in Miami for his title fight against Sean O'Malley ... and now he's on the hunt for the people responsible.

The Ecuadorian fighter went all five rounds with Suga at the Keseya Center on Saturday ... ultimately losing via unanimous decision.

But, it isn't the L in the Octagon that's got him pissed now ... 'cause he shared an image of his home forcefully broken into -- and he's vowing to find the culprits.

Vera provided more information on the matter on Wednesday ... saying he's working with authorities in hopes of getting to the bottom of it.

"Came back home to fill police reports and try to get all my legal documents & watches inside the safe that some piece of s*** stole from my house," Vera said. "First stop Italian consulate thanks for take care of us."

Despite the crappy situation, Vera added he knows everything will be okay ... and proceeded to send a message to his opponent.

"Who braid your hair @SugaSeanMMA you where grease to the bone I wonder how much gel they use ?" ... to which Sean replied, "Send pic of your face."

Sean did feel bad for Vera's home situation, though ... commenting his disapproval after the news broke.

"That's f***ed."

MIAMI BEACH SPRING BREAKERS, STAY TF Away ... City Rolls Out Strict Rules!!!


Miami Beach has had enough of party animals taking over their streets ... so they've launched a campaign with some super strict new measures to put a stop to the madness.

Check out this hilarious video posted by the city itself -- it's an official campaign they're trotting out ahead of Spring Break ... and the whole theme is breaking up. In this case, it's Miami Beach calling things off with the would-be ragers who wanna swing by this year.

City officials aren't pulling any punches here ... making it crystal clear (albeit somewhat jokingly) that rowdy spring breakers causing chaos have pushed locals to their breaking point. After last year's headlines filled with violence, hundreds of arrests, and thousands of traffic citations, they're officially putting their foot down for some peace this year.

This year, they have new restrictions they hope deters the out-of-town Spring Breakers. They cite curfews, bag checks, restricted beach access and DUI checkpoints. Strictly business!

On top of all that ... they're slapping a hefty $100 parking fee and bringing in strong police enforcement for drug possession and violence. The message is clear ... stay away, y'all.

And to really pump the brakes on pandemonium, the city's closing parking garages in South  Beach altogether between March 7-10 and March 14-17. No stone has been left unturned!

As you know ... Miami has always been a prime hot spot for those looking to let loose, especially over spring break -- but over the years, the party scene has gotten totally out of hand, so it's not surprising the city's pulling out all the stops to restore some order.

It'll be interesting to see how the new limitations pan out for 2024.

Sean O'Malley To Chito Vera 'F*** You!!!' ... I'm Putting You To Sleep!

I'm Gonna Knock You Out

"F*** you [Chito]! I'm gonna knock you out, buddy!" 😲

Time doesn't heal all wounds ... more than 3 1/2 years after fighting, Sean O'Malley still ain't fond of Marlon Vera (and the feeling's mutual), with the reigning champ telling TMZ Sports he's going to render Chito unconscious!

We talked to 29-year-old "Suga" just days before he heads to Miami for the main event fight against his 31-year-old rival ... about everything from the effect of his only loss (Vera injured O'Malley during the fight) to if he'll chase double champ status against Ilia Topuria.

On the August 2020 fight -- which Sean lost by TKO late in the first round -- O'Malley had this to say:

"I got a lot of hate for saying mentally I didn't lose that fight. I didn't feel like my skills were beat. It was a freak accident. Yeah, he threw the kid. Yeah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I've heard it all. Mentally undefeated, going in there with that mindset. Going in there with the mindset to kill this dude, and it's as simple as that," Suga told us.

We asked O'Malley, brevity of the fight aside, if he could take away anything from the first outing.

"Not really," he added. "Like you said, it was such a short fight, there really wasn't too much to take away from it. I was confident. I felt very confident in there. Even with the injury, my foot was shut off and I was still piecing him up. Dotting him up, chasing him down. I'm just very confident going into this fight."

It's Sean's first fight as defending champion ... we asked what, if anything, was unique this time around.

"Nothing's been different. My second 5 round training champ. Obviously, that last fight didn't go 5 rounds, it only went 2, 1 1/2. Nothing's really been different other than Chito, big fight, rematch. Same s***, different day. I've been doing this for 13 years."

Speaking of his belt, Sean won it with a masterful performance against Aljamain Sterling at TD Garden in Boston at UFC 292 in August 2023 ... in front of a decidedly pro-O'Malley crowd.

299 isn't in Beantown ... instead, the March 9 event will take place in sunny Miami, a city with a large Ecuadorian population. Chito was born in Chone, Ecuador.

Is Suga worried the crowd will be against him? Not a chance. Check out the full interview!


Larsa Pippen pone a la venta su elegante penthouse en Miami mientras busca un nuevo nido de amor con su novio Marcus Jordan… según sabemos en TMZ.

Fuentes inmobiliarias nos dicen que la estrella de “Real Housewives” puso en el mercado el penthouse de 3,312 pies cuadrados el sábado por la impresionante cifra de $4.199 millones, y los nuevos propietarios pueden comprarlo totalmente amueblado.

Ella compró el lugar en 2022 por $3.375 millones, así que espera obtener una buena ganancia.

Nos comentan que el edificio en el centro de Miami, que fue ampliamente destacado en “The Real Housewives of Miami”, cuenta con 5 piscinas, una sala de juegos, estudio de boxeo, gimnasio e incluso un estudio de grabación, por lo que está bien equipado para una amplia variedad de hobbies.

Nuestras fuentes dicen que Larsa actualizó y mejoró el penthouse con cosas elegantes como papel tapiz intrincado y persianas de alta calidad.

El porqué se muda, fuentes cercanas a Larsa informan que está en busca de un nuevo lugar en Miami con más espacio para ella y Marcus, aunque nos dicen que aún no han encontrado algo que ambos amen.

Marcus y Larsa están pasando tiempo juntos en Los Ángeles, pero no parece que se estén volviendo demasiado cómodos en la costa oeste, porque Florida todavía está en sus planes.

Seth Semilof de Haute Real Estate, Inc. tiene la propiedad en venta.

Larsa Pippen Selling Miami Pad For Over $4 Mil ... New Home Shopping with Marcus Jordan

Larsa Pippen's putting her swanky Miami pad on the market, while also looking for a new place to nest with boyfriend Marcus Jordan ... TMZ has learned.

Real estate sources tell TMZ ... the 'Real Housewives' star listed the 3,312 square foot penthouse Saturday for a cool $4.199 million, and the new owners can buy it fully furnished.

You'll recall, she bought the spot in 2022 for $3.375M, so she's hoping to make a sweet profit.

We're told the downtown Miami building, which was heavily featured on "The Real Housewives of Miami," comes with 5 freaking pools, a game room, boxing studio, fitness center, and even a recording studio -- so it's well-equipped for a wide variety of hobbies.

Our sources say Larsa updated and upgraded the penthouse with bougie things like intricate wallpaper and top-of-the-line window blackouts.

As for why she's moving, sources close to Larsa tell us she's in the market for a new Miami spot with more room for her and Marcus to live in -- although, we're told they haven't found anything they both love, yet.

Marcus and Larsa have been spending time together in L.A. recently, but it doesn't sound like they're getting too comfortable on the West Coast ... 'cause Florida is still in their sights.

Seth Semilof of Haute Real Estate, Inc. holds the listing.

Offset De fiesta toda la noche para celebrar los 32 Cardi enojada en casa

Offset estuvo de fiesta en Miami hasta las 5 AM para celebrar su 32 años sin ninguna preocupación en el mundo. Todo, mientras su esposa Cardi B claramente estaba muy molesta en casa por el estado de su matrimonio.

Offset no solo tuvo una, sino dos fiestas de cumpleaños el jueves. Primero él y su equipo fueron vistos dentro de un lugar muy popular en el Miami Design District, el 'Coco Miami' hasta las 3 AM y luego en un club de South Beach llamado 'Playa' hasta las 5 AM.

Offset usó gafas de sol toda la noche, mirando sin inmutarse en las dos fiestas y estuvo rodeado de mujeres, con una furgoneta llena de ellas.

También asistieron a la fiesta el productor Southside, el hijo de Diddy, Justin Combs, Ari Fletcher y los jugadores de los Miami Heat Jaime Jaquez Jr. y Thomas Bryant.

De fiesta con su equipo

Ahora sabemos que Offset estaba celebrando como un hombre soltero. Cardi se descargó explosivamente en un directo de IG, que deja bastante claro que su relación ha terminado.

Descargándose contra Offset
Instagram / @iamcardib

Ella acusó a su marido de jugar con ella y "de sentirse muy orgulloso de él" por su nuevo álbum en solitario, el que ella le ayudó a promover.

Hablando de un cumpleaños agridulce. 🎂

Offset Up All Night Celebratin' Bday #32 ... Cardi Upset at Home

Offset partied in Miami until 5 AM to celebrate his 32nd birthday without a care in the world -- while his wife, Cardi B, was back at home clearly upset over the state of their marriage.

Offset had not one but two birthday bashes Thursday ... he and his crew were seen inside the Miami Design District hotspot 'Coco Miami' until 3 AM and then hightailed it to South Beach club 'Playa' until 5 AM.

Offset wore shades all night, looking unbothered at both of the parties as he was surrounded by women -- complete with a sprinter van full of 'em.

Also in attendance at the party was producer Southside, Diddy's son Justin Combs, Ari Fletcher and Miami Heat players Jaime Jaquez Jr. and Thomas Bryant.


We now know Offset was celebrating as a single man ... Cardi went live on IG in an explosive rant that pretty much signaled their relationship is over.

Instagram / @iamcardib

She accused her estranged hubby of playing mind games and "feeling himself" because of his new solo album -- which she helped him promote.

Talk about a bittersweet birthday. 🎂

BIANCA CENSORI Smiles and Enjoys Lap Dance!!! Drops Stone-Cold Image


Bianca Censori's looking like a whole new woman -- it just takes a lap dance to finally see her grinning, relaxing and thoroughly enjoying an afternoon outing with Kanye West in Miami.

Of course, Bianca's been her husband's muse ... serving as a blank and expressionless canvas for his artistic creativity -- no matter how bizarre -- which is why this video of her cutting loose Sunday is so interesting.

With Ye distracted by others, the Aussie model focused her attention on DJ Sky High Baby ... who got to work twerking in Bianca's lap -- and as you can see, she was totally diggin' it.

The stone-cold Bianca we're used to seeing was long gone, as she encouraged her friend's erotic moves. Good thing Mrs. West was dressed for the occasion, in an eye-popping sheer get-up.


She's also vibed along to the music blasting at Dukunoo Jamaican Kitchen -- the same spot where Kanye played some of his new music from his upcoming album with Ty Dolla $ign.

It's a rare light-hearted, carefree sighting of Bianca ... who's trekked around the world with Kanye this year -- although, his critics think he's treated her more like an accessory during their travels.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Case in point, the couple drew the gaze of onlookers while hitting up Art Basel the same day ... with Bianca in her skintight, sheer outfit and teddy-in-hand.

Of course, it wasn't surprising, given that she's regularly left little to the imagination -- famously pairing a hotel cushion with a similar near-nude outfit months earlier.

2 Chainz sale del hospital tras un accidente automovilístico en Miami

2 Chainz está fuera del hospital y se está recuperando luego de estar involucrado en un accidente de tres carros en Miami durante el fin de semana.

Fuentes cercanas al rapero le dicen a TMZ que fue dado de alta horas después de haber sido llevado al hospital el sábado por la mañana, los médicos lo revisaron después del accidente.

Nos dicen que solo estaba un poco golpeado y por suerte se las arregló para esquivar cualquier lesión importante.

investigando la escena
Instagram / @2chainz

2 Chainz estuvo inicialmente en Miami para asistir al Art Basel, pero nos dicen que está feliz de estar fuera del hospital y en casa ahora, y le está dando prioridad a descansar antes de las vacaciones.

TMZ publcó la historia, confirmando un accidente que involucró a tres vehículos y al rapero en Miami. El rapero de "Birthday Song" también compartió un video de sí mismo en una ambulancia siendo llevado al hospital para ser revisado.

En cuanto a quién tuvo la culpa, 2 Chainz estaba en el claro ... con la policía sospechando que uno de los otros conductores estaba bajo la influencia del alcohol cuando golpeó al rapero por detrás.

2 Chainz publicó algunas fotos de la escena que muestran el gran impacto del accidente, con otro carro fuertemente destrozado en la parte delantera izquierda.

Por suerte, no hubo víctimas mortales.


2 Chainz is out of the hospital and recovering just fine ... after he was involved in a 3-car crash in Miami over the weekend.

Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ he was released hours after being rushed to the hospital early Saturday morning ... docs checked him out following the accident.

We're told he was just a bit banged up ... and luckily managed to dodge any major injuries.

Instagram / @2chainz

2 Chainz was initially in Miami for Art Basel ... but we're told he's happy to be out of the hospital and home now, and is prioritizing rest before the holidays.

TMZ broke the story, confirming a crash involving 3 vehicles and the rapper in Miami. The "Birthday Song' rapper also shared a vid of himself in an ambulance being taken to the hospital to get checked out.

As for who was at fault, 2 Chainz was in the clear ... with cops suspecting one of the other drivers of driving under the influence when they hit the rapper from behind.

2 Chainz posted a few pics of the scene, showing the extensive impact of the crash, with another car heavily mangled on the front left side.

Luckily, there were no fatalities.

Bianca Censori luce un traje transparente en Art Basel

mostrándolo todo


3:16 PM PT -- Parece que Kanye estuvo tocando nueva música durante su salida de Miami, incluyendo ese nuevo sample de una canción de Backstreet Boys con la que ha estado bromeando esta última semana.

Una buena parte de la pista se jugó durante lo que parece ser un evento de escucha improvisada a cabo en Art Basel, y suena muy pegadizo. Sabemos que Ye ha estado trabajando últimamente en un nuevo álbum y por lo que parece, puede estar cerca de terminarlo.

Kanye West y su esposa, Bianca Censori, están de vuelta en Estados Unidos y llegaron a Art Basel juntos este fin de semana. Bianca lo mostró todo en su atuendo transparente.

La pareja fue vista paseando casualmente el domingo en una de las galerías de arte que se exhiben en Miami en este momento, tomando su tiempo para ver las obras y mantener un perfil bajo, al menos eso es lo que se puede ver en este video obtenido por TMZ.

Échale un vistazo... Ye tiene toda la cabeza cubierta como suele hacer en estos días, y Bianca estaba en tan revelador de un traje como la hemos visto en estos últimos meses.

De hecho, parece que sus pechos estaban en plena exhibición, pezones fuera y todo. Por supuesto, ella no tenía ningun problema y nadie a su alrededor parecía pestañear tampoco. Como hemos dicho, es casi como si la mayoría de la gente aquí no los reconociera.

De todos modos, testigos presenciales nos dicen que era solo Ye y Bianca rodando con unos pocos guardias de seguridad, ningún séquito más grande de lo que parece. También nos dicen que no parecía que hablaran con nadie, ni siquiera entre ellos.

Un par de cosas más... por un lado, Ye está de vuelta en los Estados Unidos, lo cual es interesante teniendo en cuenta que ha estado fuera de un largo, largo tiempo paseando por Europa y Oriente Medio. Además, Bianca esta claramente de vuelta a su mundo, esto después de estar fuera de la imagen pública por un momento.

Como en los viejos tiempos, ¿eh, Ye?

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