Harry & Meghan Staged Engagement, Attacks From Media All Wrong ... Says BBC Correspondents

Some UK reporters are firing back at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ... specifically about them claiming their royal engagement interview was rehearsed, and the media was out to destroy her.

BBC Radio 4 presenter Mishal Husain, who sat down with the couple in 2017 for their official engagement interview, responded to the staged claims with a bit of shade, saying ... "Recollections may vary."


Husain further explained she was "asked to do an interview and do said interview."

In their Netflix documentary, Meghan says the whole day -- including a photo session and the interview -- was like an "orchestrated reality show."

Lord Hall, the director general of BBC at the time of the couple's engagement, responded to the documentary noise, too ... saying Meghan's beliefs are "simply untrue."

BBC News

BBC's Nicholas Witchell also shot down Meghan's most biting claim about the media: "No matter what I did they were still going to find a way to destroy me."

He says while part of her anger was pointed toward the royal fam, he believes some was aimed at the media, too. Witchell calls it an "absurd" claim, though ... adding it "simply does not stand up to proper and reasonable scrutiny."

As we reported, a lot was unloaded in volume 1 of "Harry & Meghan" ... in addition to staged engagements and attacks from the media, Meghan also unloaded her feelings about never being treated "like a Black woman" before moving to England.

Meghan Markle I was Never Treated Like A Black Woman Before Getting in Royal Fam


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bombshell Netflix documentary isn't just a shot at the royal family over racism -- it also reveals her perspective, as she says, people didn't treat me like a 'Black woman' before moving to England.

In episode 2 of "Harry & Meghan" ... she says she never thought race would play such a big part in her marriage with Harry -- because growing up in L.A. as a mixed-race woman, being different had not been an issue for her.

Meghan says, "Now people are very aware of my race because they made it such an issue in the UK."

She added that before that, "most people didn't treat me like a Black woman," and as a result, she and her parents never had "the talk" about racism in America ... as most Black parents do.


The couple also got candid about their engagement in November 2017 ... saying the proposal was anything but natural, with Meghan laughing about the "orchestrated reality show."

On a much more serious note, Harry addresses his infamous costume -- he dressed up as a Nazi for a 2005 party -- and calls it the "biggest mistake in my life.”


He details the steps he took to learn from that moment, but admits there was a chance he could've mistakenly ignored all the criticism.

A lot has come out from the royal couple, and we're only halfway through -- part 2 of "Harry & Meghan" drops next week.

David Letterman Sit Down with Prez Zelensky ... For Netflix Talk Show

David Letterman sat down with Volodymyr Zelensky for his Netflix show -- and the interview comes on the heels of a big honor for the Ukrainian Prez.

The ex-'Late Show' host traveled to the European country in October to meet face-to-face with Zelensky ... where they engaged in conversation in front of a live audience, in a secure underground area within the beleaguered nation -- as seen in the just-released trailer for the new episode of 'My Next Guest.'

You see DL making the voyage to Ukraine, and he notes that Russian attacks are still underway as the war rages on ... so, pretty dangerous territory to say the least.

Zelensky shakes hands with Letterman, and they eventually have a seat as Dave is about to dive into some questions. The trailer cuts off before we can hear where he's going to start, but it's sure to be a fascinating chat considering everything that's happened over the past year ... including Zelensky and his military being able to turn the tables on Russia.

It's exactly because of this -- among other notable reasons, like Zelensky's persistence and bravery -- that Zelensky was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year, gracing the cover of their end-of-year issue.

Can't wait to hear him break it all down in his words. The episode hits the streaming service Monday.

Prince Harry & Meghan Accept 'anti-racism' Award At Gala ... For Calling Out Royal Fam

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are only days away from dropping what promises to be an explosive documentary about their time inside the royal family, but still made time to accept an honor for their efforts battling racism.

The pair was all smiles as they pulled up to the Ripple of Hope Gala in NYC Tuesday. During the event, put on by the Robert. F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation, Harry and Meghan received the 'anti-racism' award. 


The gala highlights leaders who have shown a commitment to social change. According to the official site, "This year's laureates [honorees] have prioritized equity, inclusivity, and sustainability in the workplace and the world."

Past recipients include ... Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton to name a few.

The honor comes just one day after Netflix dropped the trailer for “Harry & Meghan." In the preview, Harry calls out the "hierarchy of the family," alleging they leaked stories about his life with Meghan to support the family's "war against Meghan."


Remember, Meghan and Harry first came for the royal family during an interview with Oprah ... accusing unnamed members of the family of racism.

Not everyone is happy with them speaking up and telling their side of things, including Diana’s former butler, who wants them stripped of their royal titles ... but that's not stopping them from being recognized, at least during Tuesday's gala.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle Arrive in NYC as Doc Stirs Anger in UK ... Diana's Butler Says Strip Their Titles

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle seem to be in strictly business mode ahead of their controversial Netflix doc's premiere -- a project that has a former friend of the family saying they should lose any trace of royalty they have left.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex landed in NYC Monday, where they stepped off their private jet shoulder-to-shoulder and met with a group of friends on the tarmac before they were on to their next destination.

The trip comes directly on the heels of the latest trailer for "Harry & Meghan" -- in which they appear to take a scorched-earth approach toward his family while describing their experience trying to bring MM into the royal fold.

Harry's got a pretty serious face on here, as does Meghan -- who's wearing shades, but flashing the slightest of smirks too. No doubt, they've heard the waves of criticism for the documentary ... particularly across the pond, as they say.

Talk TV

Princess Diana's ex-butler, Paul Burrell, turned on his late boss's son publicly Monday night as he told Piers Morgan ... Harry and Meghan should be stripped of their remaining Royal titles.

Speaking out on the UK's Talk TV, he said Diana would be horrified by Harry's approach to disconnecting himself from the monarchy -- even if she could, in principle, support his move to America.

Burrell claims she would not have approved of what he describes as a route laced with "commercialism."

Burrell says the Duke and Duchess crossed a line, just from what he's seen in the trailer ... and he believes the actual series will be even worse.

He says King Charles should take a stand and turn them into true Average Joes.

You know what'll be streaming Thursday in Buckingham Palace ... and we don't mean "The Crown."

Harry & Meghan Documentary New Trailer Digs Deep into Royal Family ... 'We Know the Full Truth'

A new trailer for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's documentary has dropped, and it's clear the couple isn't holding back in taking some serious shots at the royal family.

Netflix released the new preview for "Harry & Meghan" Monday morning, showing more of the drama that'll be unveiled starting this week ... and Harry's calling out the "hierarchy of the family" -- claiming people inside his camp were leaking stories about him and Meghan.

Meghan claims everything changed after she married into the fam ... with one person talking about "a war against Meghan" -- while another claiming the drama was all rooted in hatred and racism.

Harry even talks about not wanting "history to repeat itself," while flashes of paparazzi swarm their car -- before showing shots of Princess Diana dealing with the same thing.

As we reported, Harry and Meghan -- who now live in the U.S. -- were stripped of their private security during visits to the U.K. back in July ... Harry claimed it wasn't safe for him, Meghan or their 2 kids because it's just too dangerous without security help.

Harry ends the trailer, saying no one knows the "full truth" except for them ... and we're only days away from finding out what that is.

Part one drops December 8, and part 2 comes on December 15 -- that just happens to collide with Kate Middleton's royal carol service, which will honor Queen Elizabeth.


The infamous Creel House from "Stranger Things" is changing hands ... TMZ has learned the owners of the home already have a buyer.

Our real estate sources tell us the homeowners accepted an offer Wednesday -- the last day for bids to be submitted for the Georgia estate -- and the home is under contract. The place went on the market with a $1.5 million asking price just over a month ago. The agents are being tight-lipped on the buyer's identity.

The Victorian-style "haunted house" is featured in "Stranger Things" season 4 as the Creel family home and Vecna's lair in the Upside Down ... and it was originally built way back in 1882, but it's undergone extensive renovations.

The main house has 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms ... and there's a separate guest house in the backyard of the one-acre lot.

Lucie Content / Toles, Temple & Wright, Inc

The property is in Rome, GA and it was once a very successful bed and breakfast before its Netflix fame.

Producers for "Stranger Things" used exterior shots of the home, plus some of the interior ... and the house was also recreated on a sound stage near Atlanta.

Jeb Arp, Katie Gettis Edwards and Mimi Richards of Toles, Temple & Wright Inc. hold the listing.

Prince William & Kate Holding Court at Celtics Game ... Collision Course with Harry & Meghan Doc

Prince William and Kate Middleton spent their first night in the U.S. at a Celtics game, as one Royal controversy has exploded and another is on the way.

The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge were front and center at the Celtics game Wednesday night against the Miami Heat -- they're in town for Friday's Earthshot Prize Awards Ceremony ... created by William to find solutions for global warming.


When they popped up on the jumbotron, there was a smattering ... maybe more than a smattering of boos. Now we all know that's the way Boston fans roll, but their appearance came just hours after William's Godmother, Lady Susan Hussey, stepped down from her Royal duties after asking some racist questions at an event.

And, then there's Harry and Meghan ... hours after the game Netflix dropped a trailer for their upcoming documentary, and it's clear as day they're going after the fam. Harry says, "No one sees what goes on behind closed doors. I had to do everything I could to protect my family."

The two brothers will NOT see each other during William's 3-day stay in the States. So much for a reconciliation after the Queen's death.

The timing couldn't be worse for the Royals ... the Lady Hussey scandal brought racist allegations back to the forefront, and the "Harry & Meghan" doc will almost certainly stoke those flames.

Actress Keyla McNeely Dahmer Show's Educational ... Learn from the Horror


Keyla McNeely says she's proud of her work in the Jeffrey Dahmer series even though some folks are upset over it ... because she thinks there are important lessons to learn.

We got Keyla, who plays Dorothy Straughter in the Dahmer docuseries, at LAX, and she pointed out what she believes are some useful takeaways.

Keyla says she knows lots of folks who didn't know a thing about Dahmer, his crimes or his victims before the docuseries exploded on Netflix ... and says the show shines a light on racial and homophobic bias from cops, which she believes is still present.

As folks who had the stomach to watch "Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" know, there's a narrative about police ignoring obvious clues when it involved gay and/or Black people.


As we reported ... some of the families of Jeffrey's victims think Netflix painted a sympathetic image of the serial killer, and some of the survivors are calling BS on Dahmer's father Lionel telling Dr. Phil he missed the warning signs with his son.

In any event, Keyla says the Dahmer story needs to be told ... if for no other reason than to educate and prevent something similar from happening again.

Jeffrey Dahmer's Dad Signs Son was a Killer In Dr. Phil Interview


Jeffrey Dahmer's father says there were at least a couple opportunities to stop his son's murder spree in its tracks -- which he described in gruesome detail to Dr. Phil.

Lionel Dahmer's interview with the TV host is included in a 3-day Dahmer special Phil and co. are airing this week ... and TMZ got a hold of a couple clips from the sit-down addressing two different times when Lionel felt he should've realized something was amiss with his kid.


First, Lionel tells about the time when Jeffrey was still living with his grandmother in Milwaukee -- a period during which he'd already started to kill people -- and how there was a mysterious wooden box Jeff kept that Lionel suspected had pornography inside.

When he tried opening it up, he says Jeffrey was able to buy himself a day ... and then sneak out a severed human head, which he replaced with porno magazines and the like. Lionel says he wishes he would've pressed the issue the day he wanted it open -- because if he did, he says Jeff told him post-arrest that the jig would've been up, potentially saving lives.

Lionel was also asked about what he thinks set Jeffrey down this dark path, and he discusses how when he was young and going through puberty -- he'd mutilate animals and apparently get a sexual thrill by playing with their innards. In hindsight, the signs were there.

BTW, these moments the real-life Lionel talks about are covered in the Netflix series as well ... but Phil's guests, and the victims' families at-large, aren't happy with how it was portrayed.

Dr. Phil Dahmer Victims Tell Me ... Netflix Painted Wrong Image of Serial Killer


2:56 PM PT -- Rita Isbell, Billy Capshaw and Preston Davis were featured on Dr. Phil sharing their experiences with Dahmer. The episode was very emotional.


Dr. Phil is uncovering a terrifying Jeffrey Dahmer tale -- 2 men raped, beaten and tortured by him who say the Dahmer in the Netflix series is not the "cold-blooded killer" they encountered.

Dr. Phil joined us Tuesday on "TMZ Live" ... telling us about several interviews he conducted for his 3-day series about Dahmer, his victims and their loved ones. He says many family members were hurt by Netflix's decision to create the show ... which has forced them to open up old wounds.

Case in point, the 2 men who knew Dahmer while he was in the army, and whose stories were not part of the 'Monster' series on Netflix.

Phil says they described their encounters ... which included getting drugged, and in one case, raped -- but according to them the military swept the attacks under the rug.

He's also featuring an interview with Dahmer's father, Lionel, where they dig into the killer's formative years ... and Phil says Lionel admitted missing several red flags.

As we've reported, the popularity of the Netflix series prompted ill-timed costume choices, pieces of Dahmer's ensemble going up for auction, and even a pizza special in "honor" of the mass murderer.

There's also been tremendous backlash, and Phil says his aim is to provide a platform for those most upset by Dahmer's macabre popularity.

His 3-day special, "In The Presence of Evil: Face to Face with Jeffrey Dahmer" begins airing today and continues through Thursday.

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

Lindsay Lohan has been known to plot a trap, but this go around she is giving you access to escape if necessary! Can you find the minor differences in these two shots before making your way to the emergency exit?

The "Parent Trap" star recently made a grand entrance and waved to a packed theater for the screening of her latest Netflix film "Falling For Christmas." Yes, fans are pumped she's back in action, but do you have what it takes to distinguish the changes in the two shots?

'What a bright time, it's the right time!'

**HINT: There are THREE differences in the above Lindsay Lohan photos!**

Joe Exotic This Prison Is the 'Bottom of Hell!!!'

Joe Exotic's had enough of his living conditions behind bars ... so he's putting the whole place on blast, basically saying Satan is his warden now.

The "Tiger King" star fired off on Instagram Thursday -- yes, while in a federal pen -- and wrote, "I have officially landed at the bottom of hell, at the Federal Prison in Atlanta GA."

He continued "Senator Ossoff, Warnock and Walker are all lying to you Black Voters of Georgia because the Animals at the Atlanta Zoo are living better then [sic] your loved ones are in here I promise. #fixthiss***".

As you know ... the documentary star is serving a 21-year sentence for trying to hire 2 men to murder his nemesis, Carole Baskin.

Even before his transfer to ATL -- he was previously in a Texas federal prison -- Joe's had a rough go of it behind bars ... battling an aggressive cancer. In fact, he's moved a few times in order to get better medical attention.

The Atlanta facility he's in has reportedly been at the center of a monthslong investigation over allegations of drug abuse, violence and unsanitary conditions.

Sounds like Joe would love to testify.

Christina Applegate I Gained 40 Pounds & Walk With Cane ... As A Result Of MS

Christina Applegate is opening up about her struggles with multiple sclerosis, ahead of her first appearance on the big screen ... revealing she put on 40 pounds and can't walk without a cane.

The "Married... with Children" star got candid with the New York Times ... saying the upcoming season of "Dead to Me" would be "the first time anyone’s going to see me the way I am."

Christina said she had been struggling to accept the weight gain and her impaired mobility ... saying she's aware of all the changes but says, "I'm never going to accept this."

She took it a step further, saying she felt she had to "process the loss of [her] life" ... and was forced to accept a new normal.

As we reported, the actress revealed she'd been diagnosed with MS back in August, 2021. At the time she said, "It's been a strange journey. But, I have been so supported by people that I know who also have this condition."

She continued, "It's been a tough road. But, as we all know, the road keeps going. Unless some asshole blocks it."

The "Dead to Me" series is returning to Netflix November 17.

'Stranger Things' Creel House For Sale!!! Just Like the Show

"Stranger Things" fans can now live out their worst nightmares -- the infamous Creel House in the hit series has hit the market.

The iconic haunted house, which is home to the Creel family and Vecna's lair in the Upside Down in Season 4, is now up for grabs in Rome, GA ... and it's listed for $1.5 million.

The home was purchased in 2019 for a mere $350k, but it's been restored to its original form and it has quite the history ... from the show and in real life.

The main house is 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms and was originally built in 1882 ... that alone makes it a landmark. The estate was once a very successful bed and breakfast. There's a separate guest house in the backyard of the one-acre lot.

We're told producers of the show were looking for a Victorian-style "haunted house," and reached out to the owner in July 2019 to seal the deal for filming there.

They used exterior shots of the home and some of the interior ... but the house was also recreated on a sound stage near Atlanta.

We are told the owners of the home love it, but wanted to test the market for interest, considering all of the "Stranger Things" hype.

Jeb Arp, Katie Gettis Edwards and Mimi Richards of Toles, Temple & Wright Inc. hold the listing.

'Unsolved Mysteries' Flooded with Tips On '18 Murder Suspect's Location

The producers of Netflix's "Unsolved Mysteries" might be able to close a grisly case soon -- we're told the tips are pouring in about the whereabouts of the suspect in a now 4-year-old murder.

Terry Dunn Meurer, executive producer of the popular series, tells TMZ her team's handed over 90 tips to law enforcement regarding Tammy Williams -- the prime suspect in a particularly gruesome murder case recently featured on 'UM.'

Since 3 new episodes dropped on October 18, we're told the majority of the tips they're getting have been regarding the unsolved slaying of David Carter.

ICYMI, David ... who was Tammy's ex-boyfriend, was found dismembered along an Ohio highway in 2018 with a single gunshot wound to the head. He was last seen with her at his son's football game before he went missing.

Williams was arrested in Michigan back in 2018, but was released a few days later when authorities said there wasn't enough evidence to press charges. She promptly left the state, and has been missing ever since.

U.S. Marshals Supervisory Deputy Jimmy Allen confirms they've gotten "quite a lot of tips"... and all of them claim Williams is still on U.S. soil.

Allen says her past experience as a travel agent might be why it's so difficult to find Williams -- noting she'd know exactly how to flee the country without being detected.

We're told she's still the prime suspect in the case, and it's possible she is using an alias or has changed her appearance.

The marshals are currently combing through the tips, and offering a $10K reward to anyone with information on Williams' location. Both "Unsolved Mysteries" and the U.S. Marshals are accepting tips online.

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