Elliot Page Comes Out as Trans Formerly Known as Ellen

"Juno" and "Umbrella Academy" star Elliot Page is coming out as trans ... he shared his truth Tuesday morning, saying he's finally loving himself enough to pursue his "authentic self."

Elliot says folks in the trans community inspired him to come out, and he's pledging to support them and try and make our society more loving and equal.

While Elliot, formerly known as Ellen, says he's happy to come out as trans, he says he's also scared ... because of the invasiveness, hate, jokes and violence that too often happen to the trans community.

Elliot addresses the threats facing the trans community head-on, saying he will do everything he can to take on the "harassment, self-loathing, abuse and threat of violence every day." He takes a pointed shot at "political leaders" who've attacked the trans community. Although Elliot doesn't name names ... in the past, he's been vocally critical of Vice President Mike Pence.

As you know ... he previously came out as gay when he was still going by Ellen back in 2014, but now he's going by Elliot and he says he loves being trans and queer.

'Kissing Booth' Star Joey King Sued Over Car Wreck ... You Busted My Car and My Shoulder!!!


Actress Joey King crashed into another car and is taking ZERO responsibility ... so claims a man now suing her.

Parviz Mohammady is suing the 'Kissing Booth' star, claiming he was driving in the L.A. area back on February 13 when Joey merged into his lane and collided with his car. According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Parviz sustained damage to the right side of his car and suffered injuries from the crash.

Parviz's attorney, Kamelia Jalilvand, tells TMZ ... Parviz was driving northbound when Joey -- who also earned critical acclaim for her role in the Hulu crime series "The Act" -- pulled out of a metered parking spot and plowed into Parviz's car. You can see the damages Joey's car suffered on the driver's side.

Kamelia tells us her client suffered a tear in his shoulder ... and says a preexisting condition made the shoulder injury even worse, requiring surgery. We're told after the collision, Parviz and Joey exchanged insurance info. No cops were called but Kamelia claims he still hasn't gotten compensated for the damage ... so now he's going after Joey in court.

Kamelia says, "Due to the collision, Mr. Mohammady sustained significant injuries, which necessitated surgical intervention. We hope that through the lawsuit, Ms. King will accept responsibility and compensate our client for his damages."

Parviz is suing for unspecified damages. We've reached out to Joey, so far no word back.

Netflix Yanks 'Chappelle's Show' ... At Dave's Request

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Dave Chappelle just flexed his industry muscles big time -- he asked Netflix to pull his old Comedy Central sketch show from their service ... and they actually did.

The comedian broke the news Tuesday in a new stand-up segment he posted called 'Unforgiven' -- where, in front of a live audience, he talked about how he recently called up Netflix and told 'em how displeased he was that they were streaming 'Chappelle's Show.'

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In his act, Dave recounts how it went down. Long story short, he says he has no say, rights or rights to revenue over the show -- it belongs to Comedy Central, which belongs to Viacom -- and that it's perfectly legal for Viacom to do what it wants with it since he signed a deal years ago. But, he also asks ... is that right?

Apparently, Dave posed that question to Netflix as well -- and the honchos either agreed with him, or just wanted to keep him happy. Either way, "Chappelle's Show" is off the platform ... something they didn't legally have to do.

It speaks to the relationship Dave shares with Netflix -- he's churned out special after special with them for a few years now ... which have been wildly successful.

Clearly, Netflix respects him enough to honor his wishes and to keep that partnership going. Dave forecasted his frustration about Netflix and HBO Max landing rights to stream 'Chappelle's Show' in his SNL monologue just earlier this month.

He made it clear then ... he didn't make a dime off the licensing deals, and worked the revelation into a bit about being bought and sold like a slave.

BTW, HBO Max is still streaming 'Chappelle's Show' right now. Unclear if they're planning to follow suit -- but based on Dave's history with the network ... he's probably not holding his breath.

Donald Trump Jr. I'm COVID-Positive and Quarantining ... But I Have My Netflix and My Guns


Donald Trump Jr. is occupying his time with 2 things while he nurses his coronavirus -- Netflix and guns.

The President's son tested positive for COVID and is self-quarantining at his upstate NY cabin. He acknowledged Friday night, "Apparently I got the 'rona." He didn't seem convinced, adding, "Maybe it's a false positive, maybe not." He wants more tests.

As for how he's passing the time, he says he's looking for Netflix and e-book tips. He also is busy with his weapons, saying, "There are only so many guns I can clean before I get bored."

Trump Jr. says he's "totally asymptomatic" but would still follow protocols -- presumably, self-isolation.

He came at his online critics with this ... "I don't have the red eyes like they claimed I had for apparently using cocaine prior to my RNC speech," but then adding, "That is the world of the Internet. God knows I troll, and do my fair share of it, so I guess it comes back to me, in time, as well. That's the game.'"

Trump Jr. has shunned masks like his dad. As everyone knows, the President, First Lady, son Barron, have all tested positive, along with Trump Jr.'s GF, Kimberly Guilfoyle.

It's interesting ... the President has been downplaying the virus and saying the whole thing is overblown, yet much of his immediate family has been hit, and he may not have made it without the help of a dozen doctors and experimental therapies that were not available to the public.

'Selling Sunset' Stars Brett & Davina Back Despite Exiting Firm ... Netflix Green Lit Seasons 4 & 5!!!


The "thirsty bitches" are back!!! Netflix has given "Selling Sunset" the green light for seasons 4-5 ... and even though stars Brett Oppenheim and Davina Potratz left the brokerage firm for greener pastures, cameras will still be rolling on their pretty mugs.

Production sources tell TMZ ... Brett and Davina will be part of the hit series when season 4 filming gets underway in Spring 2021 despite Brett leaving the family biz to start his own shop and Davina bolting last month to rival Douglas Elliman in Beverly Hills.

It's unclear if cameras will be following them inside their new joints but one thing's for sure ... our sources say cameras will continue to follow their storylines, which is mostly tame when it comes to Brett but definitely fiery -- and even catty -- as it relates to Davina. For the newbies ... she's usually the center of the drama revolving the gorgeous real estate agents, but the drama -- and the fake drama alike -- is definitely NOT exclusive to Davina.

Speaking of the ladies ... Christine Quinn -- who back in September referred to the cast as "thirsty bitches" -- and the rest of the gang are all back. We're told Christine, Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Maya Vander, Heather Rae Young and Amanza Smith ... along with Jason Oppenheim and Mary's beau, Romain Bonnet, all finalized their deals last week.

Our sources say Netflix ordered a good chunk of episodes for the next 2 seasons ... though at this point filming will begin only once logistics can be figured out on how to safely film such a large cast/crew amid the coronavirus pandemic.

'Tiger King' Star Jeff Lowe Feds Claim Zoo Animals In Danger ... He Calls Total BS


Jeff Lowe is back under Uncle Sam's microscope -- the feds have more concerns about animals at his zoo, and want to check things out for themselves -- but Jeff says they can kick rocks.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the feds claim the 'Tiger King' star is displaying animals at Joe Exotic's former zoo in Oklahoma without the necessary licenses or care. Prosecutors believe the animals are in "serious danger" because they don't have an attending veterinarian, and are getting substandard care.

The feds paint a grisly picture of the scene on the ground, claiming some animals are malnourished, dehydrated and licking wounds from fights in their enclosures.

However, Jeff says it's impossible for the feds to know what condition the animals are in because no one outside of his team has seen them in 2 months! Jeff says, "How arrogant and ignorant of them to deduce that my animals are in anything but perfect health. Their filing doesn’t have a single factual accusation in the entire document."

Jeff also gave us a pic shot Thursday at the park, showing 2 very healthy looking tigers. He tells us all of his animals has a perfect body scale rating.

As we reported ... the USDA inspected the zoo this summer and found a bunch of problems -- including a razor-thin 16-week-old lion cub that could barely stand -- and suspended Lowe's license for 21 days.

Making matters worse, the feds claim Jeff's zoo doesn't keep good records of everything that's going on with the various animals.

The government wants an order declaring Lowe is in violation of federal law, and giving federal investigators immediate access to inspect the park ... to determine the condition of the animals.

Lowe calls the whole thing a sad attempt by the feds to grasp at any type of authority over him.

Joe Exotic Tiger Team Expecting Pardon ... Limo Ready For Celebration


Joe Exotic's team is so confident the 'Tiger King' star will be pardoned by President Trump, they've got a stretch limo waiting to scoop him up from prison!!!


The Tiger Team leader, Eric Love, tells TMZ ... Joe's legal team received several calls from Washington D.C. Tuesday regarding his pardon, and the team is feeling really good about Joe's chances of getting out from behind bars.

In fact, Eric tells us the Tiger Team already entered an agreement with a limo company out of Dallas, and they're keeping a Dodge Ram pickup truck stretch limo on standby 24/7 so it's ready just in case Joe gets sprung from prison.

Check out the gallery ... the stretch limo comes with all the bells and whistles, and it looks like it's ready for a massive celebration. Yeah, this would make for one helluva ride home from prison.

TMZ broke the story ... Joe's 257-page case argues several reasons why Trump should pardon him from his 22-year murder-for-hire sentence, even claiming Joe was sexually assaulted behind bars.

Joe and the Tiger Team are up against the clock though ... Trump doesn't have much time left in office.

Keep the champagne on ice, and the limo fueled up!!!

PETA to USDA Y'all See Lil Pump's Dangerous Stunt?! Pushes for Doc Antle Probe


PETA's making a strong effort to get Doc Antle in the USDA's crosshairs ... filing a complaint and asking the department to investigate him over Lil Pump's recent visit.

The animal rights org fired off a letter to the U.S. Department of Agriculture formally requesting it investigate the 'Tiger King' star for apparent violations of the Animal Welfare Act at his Myrtle Beach Safari.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ ... Debbie Metzler, associate director of captive animal law enforcement, cited Lil Pump's trip there this week, and a video that shows him make "direct physical contact with a juvenile tiger."

She claims it violates the law requiring that “dangerous animals such as… tigers… or elephants must be under the direct control and supervision of a knowledgeable and experienced animal handler."

Then there's the Lil Pump encounter with the elephant, Bubbles. Metzler calls the stunt exceptionally dangerous because it could have spooked the elephant and triggered the elephant to bolt and potentially injure people. PETA wants the USDA to hold Antle accountable for any and all violations it discovers during its investigation.

As we reported ... Pump and his boys took a trip to South Carolina and had one helluva close encounter with Bubbles. Video shows Pump getting picked up by the elephant's trunk. The rapper damn near fell off before safely landing on his feet.

Myrtle Beach Safari

As you know by now ... federal prosecutors recently indicted Antle for wildlife trafficking and animal cruelty. He's denied the allegations and said he looks forward to clearing his name.

'Tiger King' Star Jeff Lowe Sex Tape Offers Rolling In ... Threesomes Galore!!!


Jeff and Lauren Lowe ain't nothing but mammals ... the 'Tiger King' stars are gonna get paid to do it on camera, but not for the Discovery Channel.

Sources close to the 'Tiger King' stars tell TMZ ... two of the biggest adult entertainment companies have reached out to Jeff and Lauren to offer them big money for a sex tape with lots of intercourse.

Our sources say Jeff and Lauren are being offered around $300,000 per video to shoot 3 videos.

We're told the XXX companies want one video of Jeff and Lauren banging together, another with them getting down with their nanny, and a third video with them and another guy of Lauren's choosing.

So, that's a couple's sex tape, a ménage à trois and a devil's threeway!!!

Our sources tell us Jeff and Lauren are definitely going to ink a sex tape deal, but they're still deciding on which company to sign with. We're told a deal is likely to be completed by the weekend, so it's coming down to the wire.

Jeff and Lauren are getting ready for lots of camera time ... sources say they're about to start filming 'Tiger King 2' and it's gonna cover the sex tape saga.

Lauren's already warming up for her first sex tape ... she just started an OnlyFans account.

Carole Baskin Kim Played Me Better Than Me ... Costume's So Flattering!!!


Kim Kardashian's Halloween costume blew Carole Baskin away ... Carole tells us after seeing Kim dress up like her, she just can't live up to her own image anymore.

As you know, Kim dressed to the nines with her Carole Baskin costume, complete with animal print, a flower crown and her kids dressed as tigers ... and Carole tells us Kim's look is a "beautiful version" of herself.

Kim's best friend, Jonathan Cheban, also dressed as Joe Exotic.


Carole's getting the Halloween treatment for the first time this year ... and she says it's weird to see total strangers wearing flower crowns, cat prints and gaudy jewelry to channel their inner Carole Baskin.

You know you've made it when Kim K is dressing up like you for Halloween and not the other way around!!!

'Tiger King' is a huge hit with costumes this year -- Kelly Ripa dressed as Joe Exotic and Ryan Seacrest went as a tiger -- and Carole says Joe's the perfect icon for Halloween because he represents "pure evil."

Carole also tells us she's been so flattered by all the "clever renditions" of her look, she started a costume contest on her Big Cat Rescue Facebook page. Good luck looking better than Kim!

Colin Kaepernick 'Get Down' Star To Play Teen Kap ... In Netflix Series

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Colin Kaepernick has found his younger self ... with "The Get Down" star Jaden Michael landing the role of teen Kap in the upcoming Netflix series based on the QB's early life.

Kap and Emmy winner Ava DuVernay have teamed up to create a 6-episode limited series based on the QB/social activist's early experiences  ... titled "Colin In Black & White."

The project just announced it has added 17-year-old Michael -- a rising star in Hollywood -- to play the role of Kap in his high school days in Turlock, CA.

You may have seen Michael's work in the past -- he's starred in projects like Todd Haynes' "Wonderstruck" and Lorne Michaels' "Vampires Vs. The Bronx."

The show will focus on Kap's childhood -- growing up as a black man in an adopted white family, and how his life shaped him to become one of the most important activists of our time ... as well as an NFL quarterback.

32-year-old Kap (the real one) will also be personally involved in the project as the narrator.

Kaepernick tweeted about the news ... saying, "I never thought I would be casting a young me in a show about my life. I can’t wait for the world to see @ItsJadenMichael be an all-star on @netflix"

A release date for the series has not been announced yet -- but seems the project is moving along pretty quickly.

'Unsolved Mysteries' Lester Eubanks Leads Pouring In ... Authorities & Victim's Family Optimistic


"Unsolved Mysteries" is once again bringing about renewed interest in an old case gone cold, but more importantly ... it might lead to the capture of a killer on the run for 47 years.

Volume 2 of Netflix's revival of the show features an episode called "Death Row Fugitive," which focuses on the escape of convicted child killer, Lester Eubanks, in Ohio in 1973. He's been on the lam ever since.

The creator of the series, Terry Dunn Meurer, tells TMZ ... they've received hundreds of leads on Eubanks' whereabouts since the episode aired Oct. 19, and have passed any that seem even slightly credible to law enforcement.

The U.S. Marshal Service has concurrently announced that they believe Eubanks is alive and they are getting closer to tracking him down. They've also doubled the reward for information leading to his capture from $25,000 to $50,000.

Eubanks was convicted in the '60s for the rape and murder of 14-year-old Mary Ellen Deener. Though he was sentenced to death, it was later changed to life in prison ... but he escaped in December 1973, near Columbus, while out on an honor assignment.

Deener's sister, Myrtle Carter, tells us she hopes the episode leads to Eubanks' arrest so her family can finally have some closure once and for all.

She says all she can do is be hopeful, but like the U.S. Marshals ... she's encouraged by the response and support from "Unsolved Mysteries" so far.

As you may recall ... the show sparked a similar reaction this summer with its episode about the 2004 death of Alonzo Brooks in Kansas. Tips flooded in, and a couple weeks later his body was exhumed and his case was reopened.

The investigation is ongoing.

Joe Exotic Carole's Boxer Beef With 'Casket Baskin' Briefs


Joe Exotic's still managing to piss off Carole Baskin even from behind bars ... she's got beef over her old nemesis' new underwear line.

Here's the deal ... Joe's selling limited-edition "Casket Baskin Briefs" as part of the men's underwear line of his "REVENGE" fashion collection with Odaingerous streetwear ... but Carole's not feeling it.

Carole's legal team fired off a cease and desist letter to Joe and the folks at Odaingerous, obtained by TMZ, claiming Joe and the brand have no right to make money off her name.

She's threatening legal action if Odaingerous doesn't pull the merch. Carole is also demanding a full accounting of any sales they've made off merch featuring or referring to her name or likeness.

As we first told you ... Joe's underwear line is selling like hotcakes, and the top seller is the 'Casket Baskin' boxer briefs, which are going for $29 a pop. So, there could be a lot of money at stake here.

You had to know it was only a matter of time before Carole pounced.

Carole Baskin I Had a 'Wife' ... But It Wasn't Sexual!!!


Carole Baskin's not only had 3 husbands, but also a wife ... but she says there's been one big difference between her male and female partners.

The 'Tiger King' star, who just this week came out as bisexual, tells TMZ ... she's had lovers from both sexes, and even had a "nonsexual wife" back in the day. Carole's said she could just as easily have married the woman in her life as she did Don Lewis, and then Howard Baskin.

However, we know Carole often sees things differently than most ... and marriage is no exception. First off, she says her "wife" was heterosexual, and that boundary was always respected.

So, with sex off the table ... Carole says they loved each other in a platonic way, and her partner did all the cooking, took care of their home and was even a secretary for Carole's real estate biz. BTW, she doesn't want to reveal the woman's identity to protect her from the media, but it seems they were together sometime in the mid to late '80s ... when same sex marriage was illegal, anyway.

As for Carole's rules of attraction -- she says for her it's more about who you are on the inside, and she doesn't have a preference for physical characteristics ... male or female. Of course, she takes it even deeper ... telling us human connection isn't about sex, gender, race or nationality because humans are ALL of those things.

Carole's also clearing up some statements about her sexuality ... telling us she doesn't identify as a transgender male despite telling PinkNews she feels she was born in the wrong body.

The Big Cat Rescue owner, who clearly believes in reincarnation, says you won't know why you were born as you were ... until you are between lives.

Sounds like a 9 lives thing to us, cats and kittens.

Kim Kardashian Stands by Prison Reform Work with Trump ... Letterman Can't Crack Her

Kim Kardashian West took David Letterman's best shot, but even he couldn't get her to say anything bad about President Trump ... her ally in prison reform.

Kim's the premiere guest on the third season of Dave's "My Next Guest Needs No Introduction" on Netflix, and their one-on-one interview hits on some really personal topics ... especially when he grills her about working with Trump.

After the talk show host lauds her many accomplishments in business and entertainment, the topic moved to Kim working with The White House on clemencies -- most notably, Alice Marie Johnson's.

Kim says she hopes to continue to work with future administrations on prison sentencing reform, and that's when Letterman presses ... telling her he's grateful for her work but adding, "It doesn’t make me feel any better about the current administration."

Kim says she understands but refuses to criticize POTUS about anything while also refusing to answer Dave on who she's voting for this election. Instead, she pivots to her controversial White House visit in 2018 that preceded Johnson's prison release.

She tells Letterman, "Trust me, everyone called me and said, ‘Don’t you dare step foot in that White House or your reputation is done.'"

Kim says it was worth it, and in the end, even Letterman concedes that her work is a "positive force that diminishes what I consider to be unacceptable behavior by the President."

Once again, Kardashian doesn't touch on the "unacceptable behavior" and sticks with simply being grateful for the Trump administration partnering with her on criminal justice reform.

The interview was filmed in early 2020, before coronavirus and before Kim's husband, Kanye West, was in the presidential race ... but there was still plenty more to talk about.

Season 3 premieres Wednesday.

Michael Blackson Wish 'Coming 2 America' Was In Theaters ... But Shout-out Jeff Bezos!!!


Michael Blackson's bummed the "Coming To America" sequel won't premiere on the big screen this holiday season ... but he thinks Amazon is making a savvy business move.

We got the comedian outside Catch in WeHo and our camera guy asked about Amazon Studios cutting a $125 million deal to stream "Coming 2 America."

Michael, who stars in the sequel, tells us he would prefer a big-screen premiere ... but he knows it just couldn't happen in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The movie's slated for its streaming debut the week before Christmas, and Michael says that's perfect timing ... theaters will likely remain shuttered, and folks will be home for the holidays and ready to watch something new.

Michael thinks Jeff Bezos' company just put Netflix on notice with this massive deal ... he says it's definitely going to bring extra eyeballs Amazon's way and it's all part of a bigger showdown with Netflix.

We also ask Michael if he thinks the deal signals the end of going to the movies as we know it ... and his answer might make you feel better about the future.

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