'Love Is Blind's Jessica Vestal Hints at New Romance w/ Costar ... Not Who You Expected!!!

The Viall Files

Jessica Vestal may have found love after all -- but it ain't with the dude who passed on her in the pods ... at least that's what she's saying now.

The 'Love Is Blind' star -- who exited after Jimmy Presnell chose Chelsea Blackwell (AKA the Megan Fox girl) over her -- gave an interesting update on her love life while appearing on Nick Viall's podcast this week ... namely, that she's dating someone from the show.

Though the single mom didn't name names ... she did say that she's "trying to sort things out" with her fellow cast members. She did hint that fans probably already know the identity of her new boo -- reminding viewers she "had another strong connection" in the pods.

This must have been something that happened off-camera ... because there was no other dude she was shown flirting with or connecting with in the pods. It was just Jimmy.

Love At LAX

The cat might be out of the bag at this point on who her new lover is.. We broke the story ... Jessica was spotted out in L.A. over the weekend, with one of her season 6 costars.

In our video, Jessica was seen walking shoulder to shoulder through an LAX terminal with castmate Johnny McIntyre. -- who she never appeared with on 'LiB.' Also, Jessica's airport outfit included the same pink top and jeans combo she wore for her 'Viall Files' interview.

Now before we jump to conclusions -- there is no definitive evidence Johnny is Jessica's new suitor. They didn't show PDA at the airport -- but based on her description of the type of dude she likes ... it's kinda adding up, Johnny fits the bill.

Of course, Johnny's current season 6 fiancée, Amy Cortés, whom he picked in the pods, was noticeably absent at the airport outing ... which is telling on how things may shake out.

All eyes are sure to be on the 'LIB' finale next week, as Johnny and Amy are heading to the wedding altar. It'll be interesting to see if Johnny and Amy actually say "I do" -- and what ends up happening at the reunion ... which won't air for another couple weeks.

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They wouldn't be the first couple to get cold feet, FWIW ... and this wouldn't be the first time a couple who didn't hook up on the show swapped and linked after cameras stopped rolling.

'Love Is Blind' Alleged 'Script' Spotted in the Pods ... It Ain't What You Think!!!

"Love Is Blind" is facing a conspiracy theory that the show is staged after a supposed script was spotted in a scene from season 6 -- but TMZ knows the truth ... and it's all live, baby!

A still shot of contestant Jessica Vestal from earlier this season is making the rounds online -- which shows the single mother with a notebook filled with printed-out text sitting on her lap during a pod date with Jimmy Presnell.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Since the notebook was presented like a regular ol' journal ... fans were quick to speculate that the Netflix reality series might be hiding something -- namely, that the whole thing is staged, to be exact, and that Jess wasn't taking notes but rather ... reading lines.

Despite the rampant speculation, a production source with direct knowledge tells TMZ ... the show is absolutely not scripted, and the printouts in question are merely questions the contestants are provided in case they need some ideas on topics to hit in conversation.

For example, we're told some of these questions seen in the journals could be something like ... "What’s your favorite color," or something else personal to keep the vibes flowing.

Our sources tell us that the prompts you see are simply meant to help the contestants get to know each other. Remember, the 'LIB' contestants initially meet with a wall between them -- so a little assistance isn't wildly unexpected, and that's exactly what this is.

Now, whether the contestants are overselling the notion these are just plain old notebooks to scribble things down in -- when there are clearly things written in there ahead of time for them -- is a different story ... because yes, they most certainly do seem to be playing it up.

The point is, though ... there's no scandal here, and there's no script either. We're told 'Love is Blind' is 100% live reality TV -- and what you see is what you get in terms of interactions.

BTW, this isn't the first time the notebooks have been questioned by viewers.

The journals were actually called out way back in season 3 -- when a similar photo ... this time featuring Cole Barnett -- was posted to X. At the time ... one fan declared they were left with "so many questions" over the journal.

TMZ Studios

We're glad to have shut the book on this conspiracy, FWIW.

'Stranger Things' Creator Ross Duffer's Wife Files For Divorce

"Stranger Things" creator Ross Duffer's movie director wife is dropping the curtain on their marriage … she just filed for divorce.

The Hollywood producer's writer/director spouse, Leigh Janiak, beelined it to court Friday and filed to divorce her husband after 9 years of marriage ... according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

In the docs, Leigh is going with the boilerplate "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for the split.

Ross and Leigh, famous for directing horror projects like "Honeymoon" and "The Fear Street Trilogy," tied the knot in January 2015 ... and she says the date of separation is TBD.

They first met way back in 2006 at a Los Angeles production company, where Leigh was an assistant to the producer and Ross was an intern.

There won't be any child custody or child support issues to hash out ... because they did not have any kids. Leigh is asking for spousal support.

Ross and his twin brother, Matt Duffer, are best known for writing, directing, and producing the Netflix hit series "Stranger Things." The twins also wrote and directed a 2015 horror flick, "Hidden."

TMZ Studios

We reached out to reps for Ross and Leigh ... so far no word back.

'Love Is Blind' Sarah Ann Seems to Have Spoiled ... Jeramey's Whole Storyline!

Jeramey Lutinski might have found a real connection on "Love Is Blind" ... but, it doesn't seem to be with the woman he proposed to -- at least that's what the internet thinks.

Here's the deal ... while still in the pods on this season of 'LiB,' Lutinski forged a connection with two women -- Laura Dadisman and Sarah Ann. Ultimately, he chose to propose to Laura, and fans thought he and Sarah Ann were officially finito.


Fast forward to the latest episode of the Netflix show ... when Laura confronted Jeramey for being out ‘til 5 AM. Jeramey tried to argue he only saw Sarah Ann at a bar ... but Laura said she checked his location and he was nowhere near the bar.

Instead, he was hanging out way closer to Sarah Ann's house ... so, LD basically implied the two were doing a lot more than just having a drink at a bar together -- something Jeramey denied on the show.

Fast-forward to Thursday ... where, in real life, Sarah Ann posted to IG ... laughing off accusations that she and Jeramey hooked up while he was engaged to Laura and saying the world will soon know the truth.

But, eagle-eyed fans may have already uncovered what they believe to be the truth of the matter ... 'cause in another vid she posted, viewers noticed the tiniest sliver of a black and white picture hanging behind her in the clip.

Yes, it looks awfully familiar ... especially to people who've been following along.

Indeed, the room Sarah Ann posted from online looks to have incredibly similar decorations to the ones hanging in Jeramey's freakin' house -- something we've already seen on 'LiB,' as they've shown his room, and Laura in it ... rolling around on his bed and being flirty.

Now, we don't know for a fact that this is Jeramey's house ... but the similarities alone, combined with the recent bombshell allegations, make the whole thing seem pretty possible -- if not likely.

Bottom line ... people think Jeramey ended up with Sarah Ann after all -- which, if true, would mean he's about to break Laura's heart on the show ... which we'll see soon enough.

Of course, Netflix is probably pissed about Sarah Ann spilling a potential spoiler, even inadvertently -- they obviously want all this to be revealed on the finale (where they can snag eyeballs/ratings, etc.) but it looks like the contestants are screwing up by posting live!

TMZ Studios

Safe to say ... we're all in for a big reunion episode. But, everything might already be out by then. Whoops! 😅


"Love Is Blind" contestant Chelsea Blackwell is patching things up with the one person at the heart of her whole look-alike drama: Megan Fox.

IYDK, Chelsea's been getting roasted online for dropping the comparison between herself to the actress while getting to know Jimmy Presnall on the latest season of "Love Is Blind." But she's now owning up to it big time ... saying she totally regrets making that comment and she's gone as far as reaching out to Megan Fox herself to apologize.


"I did reach out to her [Fox], and I was like, 'I'm so sorry I did this to you,'" Chelsea told "Entertainment Tonight" ... adding she's waiting to hear back from Megan.

Amid all the online heat, she did see some solidarity from Julia Fox. The model/actress, came through with some support ... commenting, "don't worry sis. I see it," under Chelsea's TikTok video where she begged anyone who'd ever said she looked like Megan to fess up.

Some other folks have also cut Chelsea some slack, saying they can kinda squint and see the resemblance ... but the overwhelming online vote says she's not a Megan doppelgänger by a long shot. Tough crowd!

You'll remember ... on the show, Chelsea spilled the beans on how people compared her to Megan 'cause of her dark hair and blue eyes ... and Jimmy was totally hyped by the name drop.

However, he realized he hadn't exactly hit the jackpot when they came face-to-face, admitting to the cameras ... "She definitely lied to me about some, uh, how she looked."

TMZ Studios

Props to Jimmy for not calling her out on it directly, but the online crowd wasn't as forgiving ... and judging by her new damage control tour, it seems like Chelsea's swearing off ever mentioning that resemblance again!

'Love Is Blind' Jeramey Lutinski Alleged Ex-Fiancée Speaks Out ... He Responds to Clarify


2/23 -- 7:54 AM PT -- Jeramey hopped on IG to clarify this whole ex-fiancée thing -- and he noted he was NOT engaged when he joined the show ... nor was it a secret while they were filming.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He explained it all in a lengthy video ... apparently feeling the need to clear this up even before the reunion episode.

Jeramey Lutinski's looking for love on this season of "Love Is Blind" -- but a woman online has been blasting him as not being forthcoming ... claiming she's his ex-fiancée.

Here's the deal ... Jeramey hit viewers' TV screens on Valentine's Day, and while fans were watching the drama play out in the pods and beyond, it turns out JL might've been hiding some key details about his life -- at least that's what Brittani Mcliverty and her mom have been suggesting on social media.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Brittani's mother, Jenni, has been sounding off online over the past several days -- claiming Jeramey was previously engaged to her daughter, with whom she says he shared a home ... an alleged detail that hasn't come out in the 9 episodes of the show that have aired so far.

The supposed evidence she's putting out there ... a picture of Jeramey lookin' real cozy with a woman -- who Jenni says is Brittani -- sporting a big ol' rock on her ring finger. The implication here is that he was engaged to her ... and that the timeline for when he actually applied for 'LiB' might've bled into his time with Brittani.

It's unclear if what this Jenni woman claims is true -- Jeramey himself hasn't explicitly addressed her allegations ... and considering the show's currently airing, he probably won't.

Jenni has also gone on to claim that Jeramey and Brittani sold their home around the same time -- which lines up with a detail about his life that Jeramey actually did share on the show ... telling the woman he got engaged to, Laura, the exact same thing.

BTW ... the alleged fiancée here ain't sittin' on the sidelines either. She's dropped a few comments on one of Laura's IG posts, asking her point blank if Jeramey ever mentioned her -- and telling her and Sarah Ann, another contestant on the show, to DM her for more info.

Jeramey's sorta in the middle of a complicated situation on the show right now ... 'cause he ended things with Sarah Ann in the pods -- someone he seemed to have a connection with -- to propose to Laura ... basically dumping one for the other.

Now, Jeramey's made a cryptic statement in the past 24 hours. He took to Instagram to decry all the hate he and his castmates are getting this season.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

One noteworthy line ... "Everyone will get their chance to speak when the time is right. Until then we all get it." He might just be waiting for his opportunity to speak out ... but that won't happen until they film the reunion episode -- which won't be for a little while.

We should note ... Jenni and Brittani aren't saying Jeramy was engaged while on the show, but they are claiming he was engaged shortly before getting on there -- insisting he broke things off with Brittani at the end of 2022. If true, he's not technically doing anything wrong.

TMZ Studios

Anyway, the season finale's set for next Wednesday ... and we're sure all of this will be addressed then.

Originally Published -- 2/22 -- 2:56 PM PT

JOE EXOTIC ENLOQUECe CON EL NUEVO TATUAJE DE MGK Un tigre, metanfetamina y ¡es mío!

El nuevo tatuaje blackout de Machine Gun Kelly le ha encantado a Joe Exotic.

La estrella de Netflix abiertamente suspiró por MGK en X miércoles -desde su cuenta, nada menos- al compartir una instantánea del rapero mostrando su torso superior entintado junto con el coqueto mensaje: "Un tigre y un poco de metanfetamina y puedo hacer a MGK gay".

En el pie de foto, Joe escribió: "¿Alguien recuerda esa línea de Tiger King? @machinegunkelly". Como si su enamoramiento no fuera obvio, compartió otro meme de MGK, añadiendo: "Una vez que vayas a Tiger King te olvidarás de la Fox".

Sí, parece que Joe podría estar enamorado.

Joe -que actualmente está tras las rejas- ya parecía manifestar su amor, y personalmente le suplicó al creador de "Bad Things" que le ayudara a salir de la cárcel.

Añadió un texto extra sobre uno de los memes, escribiendo: "Ahora que somos prácticamente amigos, ayúdame a salir de aquí".

Es una especie de súplica a Kelly para ayudarlo a salir de la cárcel, algo que ha estado haciendo también con otras celebridades.

Desafortunadamente para Joe, MGK probablemente no estará dispuesto a explorar nada romántico, como todos sabemos, él está en una relación bastante comprometida con Megan Fox.

Además, MGK explicó en Insta que su nuevo tatuaje tenía fines espirituales, y que quería alejarse del caos de su vida, lo cual probablemente no encajará bien con el estilo colorido y salvajes de Joe.

Joe podría tener que seguir buscando a  un buen compañero de andanzas, pero MGK probablemente no está interesado.

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

Aguanta, Joe.

JOE EXOTIC Going WILD OVER MGK'S NEW Body Tat Tiger, Meth & He's Mine!!!

Machine Gun Kelly's new blackout tattoo has really done it for Joe Exotic ... 'cause the 'Tiger King' star is apparently pretty into it ... and pretty into him too.

The Netflix star openly pined for MGK on X Wednesday -- from his account, no less -- by sharing a snap of the rapper showing off his upper torso inking along with the flirtatious message ... "A tiger and a bit of meth, I can make MGK gay."

In the pic's caption, Joe wrote: "Anyone remember that line from Tiger King? @machinegunkelly." As if his head-over-heels infatuation wasn't obvious, he shared another MGK snap meme, adding ... "Once you go Tiger King you'll forget about the Fox."

Yup, looks like Joe might have a bit of a crush here.

Joe -- who's currently behind bars -- already appeared to manifest their relationship and personally pleaded with the "Bad Things" hitmaker to help him get the hell outta prison.

He added an extra text caption over one of the memes, writing ... "Now that we're practically a new item. Help me get the hell out of here."

So ... he's kinda begging Kelly for prison help too now, something he's been throwing out there lately with certain celebs.

Unfortunately for Joe, MGK most likely won't be down to explore anything romantic -- as we all know, he's in a pretty committed relationship with Megan Fox.

Also, MGK explained on IG that his new tat was for spiritual purposes, and he wanted to steer clear of chaos from his life -- which probably won't mesh well with Joe's colorful and wild ways.

Joe might have to keep looking for his partner in crime ... MGK probably ain't interested.

TMZ Studios

Hang in there, JE ...

Kelly Rowland en "Today" Se fue por los camerinos, no por Beyoncé

Nuevos informes sugieren que la verdadera razón por la que Kelly Rowland abandonó el set de "Today" fue porque habría sido bombardeada con preguntas sobre Beyoncé, pero eso es mentira, según dicen fuentes bien informadas sobre el tema.

Fuentes con conocimiento directo le dicen a TMZ que Kelly llegó el pasado viernes justo antes de las 8 AM, en pleno glamour, y ella y su equipo comenzaron a quejarse de su camerino desde el comienzo. Nos dicen que el personal de "Today" le explicó que sus camerinos estaban notoriamente "glorificados".

Sigamos adelante

Las fuentes continúan diciendo que Kelly y su equipo estaban "bastante molestos" y preguntaron quién tenía el camerino de arriba. Les dijeron que había sido tomada por J Lo, y les ofrecieron otras opciones. Nos dicen que a Kelly y a su equipo no les gustaron ninguna de ellas y 7 minutos antes de salir al aire les dijeron: "Nos vamos" y se fueron rápidamente.

Las fuentes dicen que no es cierto que el punto de quiebre fueran las repetidas preguntas de Savannah Guthrie sobre Beyoncé durante la segunda hora del show.

Regresa KElly

Esos informes afirman que Kelly tiene una estipulación para las entrevistas y es que Beyoncé y Destiny's Child están fuera de los límites. Si eso es cierto o no, nos han dicho claramente que no es el motivo por el que Kelly se fue.

Eso coincide con lo que han dicho los principales involucrados en el último par de días, incluyendo la propia Hoda, quien hizo una alusión explícita a los camerinos mientras intentaba hacer las pases con Kelly este lunes.

Kelly está aquí!!!

Sherri Shepherd también se inclinó por el tema de los vestuarios, mientras le dio la bienvenida a Kelly en su propio programa. También mostraron imágenes y mencionaron que el vestuario que consiguió era mucho mejor que lo que "Today" le había ofrecido.

Ahora, puede haber algo de verdad en que se molestara con las preguntas sobre Beyoncé y Destiny's Child. Lucía un poco molesta con Savannah al igual que en otras entrevistas de esta semana.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Dicho esto, no es por eso que dejó "Today" el viernes. Fue, de hecho, por problemas de vestuario. Ahora eso no quiere decir que Kelly no sea bienvenida de nuevo en el programa, porque lo es. Nos han dicho que la puerta está abierta para que vuelva como presentadora o como invitada cuando quiera.

Kelly Rowland on 'Today' She Left Over Dressing Room, Not Beyoncé

New reports suggest the real reason Kelly Rowland walked off the set of "Today" was because of being peppered with Beyoncé questions -- but that's BS ... so say well-placed sources.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Kelly arrived last Friday just before 8 AM -- already in full glam -- and she and her team began complaining about her dressing room from the jump. We're told "Today" staffers explained their dressing rooms were notoriously "dumpy, glorified closets."


The sources go on to say Kelly and her team were "quite upset," and asked who had the dressing room upstairs. They were told that room was taken by J Lo, but they were then offered a few options. We're told Kelly and her team liked none of them, and 7 minutes before air, they said, "We're gonna leave," and they booked it.

The sources say there's no truth to the notion Kelly's breaking point was Savannah Guthrie repeatedly asked KR about Beyoncé during her sit-down in the second hour of the show.

Kelly Come Back!

These reports claim Kelly has a stipulation for interviews that Beyoncé and Destiny's Child questions were off limits. Whether that's true or not ... we've been told squarely that's not why Kelly left.

That jibes with what the main characters have said over the last couple of days ... including Hoda herself, who explicitly mentioned dressing rooms Monday while extending an olive branch to Kelly.


Also ... Sherri Shepherd leaned into the dressing room dust-up while welcoming Kelly on her own show ... and they played it up further with BTS footage, showing the dressing room Kelly got -- and telegraphing it was way better than what "Today" offered.

Now, on the issue of Kelly being peeved about questions regarding Beyoncé/DC -- there may actually be some truth to that ... as she did come across as a bit annoyed with Savannah, and she proved to be annoyed in other interviews this week too.

TMZ Studios

With that said ... that's not why she left "Today" on Friday. It was, indeed, dressing room problems. Now, that's not to say Kelly isn't welcomed back to "Today" -- 'cause she is.

We're told the door's open for Kelly to return as a host or a guest anytime she wants.

Donnell Rawlings Goes Ballistic on Corey Holcomb ... Laugh Factory Showdown


Donnell Rawlings lost it on fellow comic Corey Holcomb at a comedy club this weekend -- and it all seems to have stemmed from an insult the latter hurled at DR.

This wild scene unfolded Sunday night at the Laugh Factory here in Los Angeles -- where Donnell went up to do a set ... and Corey went on after him when we're told he started hurling wild claims and barbs at Donnell and Dave Chappelle's expense.

"I'M A BEAST!!!"

Donnell tells TMZ he wasn't going to let Corey torch his close friend -- the two of them were on "Chappelle's Show" together back in the day -- so he confronted him over it.

That argument is what you see here on video, obtained by TMZ, with Donnell going absolutely ballistic on Corey -- whom you can hear calling DR "mild" and a lame funny man.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

You can also hear Corey questioning Donnell's street cred ... and Donnell was ready to defend himself and his rep -- which he did from the audience level, right in front of everybody. Indeed, it must've been pretty surreal to see play out live.

Now, Donnell claims another inflammatory comment that Corey made played into how angry he got -- namely, Corey allegedly saying that anyone in comedy who has 3 movies or more under their belt has had to perform fellatio on someone in the biz.

Corey Holcomb 5150 Show

The reason Donnell says he got as fired up -- in addition to feeling insulted and hearing his friends get insulted -- is because he has 3 movies, and he insists he's never done anything like that in his career.


BTW, this beef between Donnell, Corey and Dave runs pretty deep -- Corey recently did a podcast where he trashed DC ... and suggested he simply wasn't funny, let alone a legend.

In terms of how this ended, Donnell tells us he ended up walking away from the situation before things escalated further. However, he says he'd still like to hash things out with Corey in a more calm setting and hopefully put their differences aside.

TMZ Studios

We've reached out to Corey's camp for comment ... so far, no word back.

'Love Is Blind' Contestant People Say I Look Like Megan Fox ... Internet, Fiancé Disagree!!!

A contestant on "Love Is Blind" is getting dragged for saying she looks like Megan Fox ... 'cause the internet doesn't see the resemblance, and neither does her TV fiancé.

In the latest season of the hit Netflix dating show ... Chelsea Blackwell -- one of the ladies featured as moving out of the pods -- casually reveals Megan is her celeb doppelgänger ... which piques the interest of the man she's conversing with through a wall, Jimmy Presnell.

Of course, Chelsea and Jimmy can't see each other as they converse at first -- that's the whole premise behind 'LiB' -- and at one point, they start talking about their appearances when Chelsea asks Jimmy if he ever gets told he looks like a celebrity.

Jimmy says, "Yeah, I do" ... before Chelsea tells him she often gets compared to "one person" during her job as a flight attendant.

Chelsea made sure to note she doesn't see the resemblance beyond sharing dark hair and blue eyes, warning Jimmy not to get excited before saying ... "It's uh, I don't even know if it's MGK's wife or his girlfriend."

Jimmy perks up and asks ... "Megan Fox? You're saying you look like Megan Fox?" He smiles and asks Chelsea, "I mean ... can we get married?"

However, when Chelsea and Jimmy finally come face-to-face for the first time after getting engaged in their pods, he admits to the cameras ... "She definitely lied to me about some, uh, how she looked."

Now, the internet is having a field day at the couple's expense ... blasting Chelsea for bringing up the Fox comparison and ripping Jimmy for seemingly popping the question based off that alone.

Some folks are giving Chelsea the benefit of the doubt and twisting themselves into knots saying there is some resemblance -- but the general consensus online seems to be ... there's no way Chelsea is a Megan Fox look-alike, not by a long shot.

For his part, Jimmy says on the show ... "At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. I am very attracted to her. I can work with that."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Chelsea told Access Hollywood that producers cut out Jimmy's celeb doppelgänger ... she says he told her he looks like NFL star Christian McCaffrey.

Meanwhile, the girl Jimbo ended up passing on in picking Chelsea is an absolute smoke show -- Ms. Jessica Vestal.

They're already teasing bringing her back to show Jimmy what he missed out on.

Of course, Megan Fox's name is once again being thrown around in the looks department -- only this time, people are using her as the gold standard for hotness. She hasn't said anything about the viral moment just yet ... but there's a lot of 'LiB' left to go!

critican a una concursante de "Love Is Blind" por decir que se parece A Megan Fox

Una concursante de "Love Is Blind" está siendo criticada por decir que se parece a Megan Fox, porque en Internet no le ven el parecido, y tampoco su prometido televisivo.

En la última temporada del exitoso programa de citas de Netflix, Chelsea Blackwell -una de las damas que está en competencia- reveló que Megan es su doppelgänger famoso, lo cual despiertó el interés del hombre con el que está conversando, Jimmy Presnell.

Chelsea y Jimmy no pueden verse mientras conversan al-esa es toda la premisa- y en un momento dado, empezaron a hablar de sus apariencias cuando Chelsea le pregunta a Jimmy si alguna vez le han dicho que se parece a una celebridad.

Jimmy responde: "Sí, claro", junto antes de que Chelsea le diga que a menudo la comparan con "una persona" durante su trabajo como azafata de vuelo.

Chelsea se aseguró de señalar que no ve el parecido más allá de compartir el pelo oscuro y los ojos azules, advirtiéndole a Jimmy que no se emocionara antes de decir: "Ni siquiera sé si es la esposa de Machine Gun Kelly o su novia".

Jimmy se anima y pregunta: "¿Megan Fox? ¿Estás diciendo que te pareces a Megan Fox?". Él sonríe y le pregunta a Chelsea, "Quiero decir, ¿podemos casarnos?"

Sin embargo, cuando Chelsea y Jimmy finalmente se encontraron cara a cara por primera vez después de comprometerse, él admite frente a las cámaras: "Ella definitivamente me mintió acerca de, eh, cómo se veía".

Ahora, el Internet está teniendo un día de campo a expensas de la pareja, arremetiendo contra Chelsea por traer a colación la comparación Fox y criticando a Jimmy por comportarse de manera superflua.

Algunas personas le están dando a Chelsea el beneficio de la duda y se retuercen en nudos diciendo que hay algún parecido, pero el consenso general en línea parece ser que no hay manera de que Chelsea y Megan Fox se parezcan en algo.

Por su parte, Jimmy dice: "Al final del día, realmente no importa. Me siento muy atraído por ella. Puedo trabajar con eso".

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Chelsea le dijo a Access Hollywood que los productores cortaron el doppelgänger famoso de Jimmy, ella dice que él le dijo que se parece a la estrella de la NFL Christian McCaffrey.

Mientras tanto, la chica terminó eligiendo Jimmy fue la señorita Jessica Vestal.

Ya están bromeando con traerla de vuelta para mostrarle a Jimmy lo que se perdió.

Por supuesto, el nombre de Megan Fox vuelve a sonar en el departamento de belleza, solo que esta vez, la gente la está utilizando como el estándar máximo de sensualidad. Ella no ha dicho nada sobre este momento viral...

Charlamagne Tha God Fui un burro contigo, Mo'Nique...

Charlamagne Tha God está lamiendo sus heridas a raíz de la entrevista de Mo'Nique con "Club Shay Shay" y pidiéndole disculpas por su papel en el declive de su carrera.

El jueves, CTG se llamó a sí mismo el "Burro del Día", 6 años después de que hiciera lo mismo con Mo'Nique por burlarse de su cruzada contra Netflix por no pagarle lo mismo que a sus compañeros como Chris Rock y Amy Schumer.

Mo'Nique demandó a Netflix en 2019 por discriminación. Luego el caso se resolvió fuera de los tribunales en 2022, y también consiguió que su especial se emitiera al año siguiente.

A instancias de DJ Envy y Jess Hilarious, Charlamagne admitió que debería haberse metido en sus asuntos y se disculpó con Mo y su esposo Sidney por sus comentarios.

Mo'Nique mencionó "Donkey Of The Day" en su especial de Netflix y en "Club Shay Shay", por lo que el desaire claramente estuvo presente en su mente todo este tiempo.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Mientras Charlamagne está aligerando las cosas con Mo'Nique, D.L. Hughley no le está dando tregua y la destrozó en un largo despotrique por su cuenta.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

D.L. y Mo'Nique han estado enfrentados durante años y ahora él está refutando la afirmación de que él y su equipo de podcast fueran despectivos cuando ella fue invitada.

Charlamagne Tha God I Was a Jackass to You, Mo'Nique ... This Donkey's On Me!!!

Charlamagne Tha God is licking his wounds in the wake of Mo'Nique's "Club Shay Shay" interview ... and apologizing for his role in fueling her career downslide.

On Thursday, CTG gave himself "Donkey of the Day" -- 6 years after he did the same to Mo'Nique for scoffing at her crusade against Netflix for not paying her what it paid her peers like Chris Rock and Amy Schumer.

Mo'Nique sued Netflix in 2019 for discrimination, and ultimately the case settled out of court in 2022 ... and also got her special aired the following year.

At the behest of DJ Envy and Jess Hilarious, Charlamagne admitted he should've minded his business, and apologized to Mo and her husband Sidney for his meddling ways.

Mo'Nique mentioned 'DOTD' in her Netflix special, and her "Club Shay Shay" convo ... so the dishonor was clearly weighing on her brain all this time.

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While Charlamagne's easing up on Mo'Nique, D.L. Hughley isn't cutting her any slack and ripped her in a lengthy rant off of his own.

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D.L. and Mo'Nique have been at each other's throats for years, and now he's disputing her claim he and his podcast team were dismissive when she was a guest.

Steph Curry le regala una camiseta de Lindsay Lohan A su ahijado Luai

Steph Curry hizo el sábado por la noche algo que sólo ha hecho una vez en su vida: anotar 60 puntos durante un partido, y Lindsay Lohan fue la beneficiaria de su hazaña.

Los Warriors de Steph perdieron ante los Hawks 134-141, pero Steph hizo historia, es solo es el 10º jugador en la historia de la NBA en anotar 60 puntos al menos dos veces.

En cuanto a Lindsay, ella y su marido estaban en la cancha viendo el partido. Luego, Steph firmó su camiseta y se la dio a Lindsay, escribió: "¡Tus padrinos te quieren! Para Luai. Warriors" El niño de un año de LiLo se llama Luai.

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Por si no lo sabías, Steph y Ayesha son efectivamente las madrinas de Luai. En cuanto a la conexión, Lindsay y Ayesha protagonizaron juntas "Irish Wish", que se estrenará el 15 de marzo en Netflix.

Siento la pérdida Steph, felicidades por los 60 puntos, y qué manera de anotar Luai.

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