Kim K & Kanye Attorney Unloads on Wack 100 There's No Sex Tape, He's Desperate for Attention!!!

6:39 PM PT -- Wack 100 is desperate for attention and simply trolling Kim and Kanye to claim he's in possession of an unreleased sex tape, so says Kim's attorney. Speaking on her behalf, legal pitbull Marty Singer just unloaded on Wack, telling us, "The claim that there is an unreleased sex tape is unequivocally false. It is unfortunate that people make these statements to try and get their 15 minutes of fame."

Singer is certainly not one to shy away from legal filings, so it's likely the last we hear from Wack on the matter, or else.

Wack 100 says he has an unreleased sex tape belonging to Kim Kardashian and her ex, Ray J, that's never been seen before -- and he's weirdly offering it to ... Kanye West.

RJ's former manager spilled the alleged tea to Bootleg Kev on his podcast this week ... saying there was a "part 2" to the infamous sex tape that put Kim on the map in the 2000s. Unclear if it's just a continuation of the tape that's already out there, or a new one entirely.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In any case ... Wack says it's longer and more graphic, and on a laptop somewhere that he has access to. The strangest part is that he wants Kim's estranged husband to have it.

As for why, Wack seems to think it's a sign of respect to Ye to let him take ownership -- as she's the mother of his kids, etc. But, in the same breath, he suggests Kanye turn it into an NFT 😬. Of course, the one person he forgets to extend his offer to is ... Kim herself.

BK asks an important question ... how does Ray J himself feel about all this??? Wack says the guy wouldn't just put it out on his own because he himself is a father now, and wouldn't stoop that low. He also makes clear -- the video won't see the light of day (on their watch).

It's a strange claim -- but who knows ... maybe it's true. Kim and Ray were together for at least a couple years, so it's not beyond the realm of possibility there's other sex tapes.

That said, something tells us Kim and co. aren't too happy to hear this might (still?) exist.

Seth Rogen In Character For 'Pam & Tommy' ... Filming on Hollywood Blvd

Here's Seth Rogen shooting scenes for the upcoming Hulu series on the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee romance ... and his role's got him rocking jean shorts and a mullet.

Ya gotta see Seth in character as Rand Gauthier, the guy who famously stole a safe from Pam and Tommy's house which contained their infamous sex tape ... Seth's got a long sleeve shirt tucked in his jorts, plus sideburns and dad sneakers.

Sonia Rockwell's also dressed up as "fake Pam" in the scene, which was being filmed Wednesday afternoon on Hollywood Blvd.

Willie Pena / ZTPR

Lily James's playing the "real Pam" in the streaming service limited series, but Sonia's got "fake Pam's" look-down pat with long blonde hair, a red one-piece swimsuit and a lifeguard rescue can.

We've also got video from the shoot too ... and you can see Seth and Sonia interacting before he walks off into a crowd, leaving Sonia with a puzzled look.

Seth's acting and working as an executive producer on "Pam & Tommy" ... and it looks like he's really into the project.

Pam Anderson's Ex Chuck Zito New Show on Tommy Lee Sex Tape??? Yeah, Probably a Bad Idea

idk about this one

Pamela Anderson's sex tape scandal with ex-hubby Tommy Lee is getting resurrected for the small screen ... something another ex of hers, Chuck Zito, is calling ... no bueno.

We ran into the actor and celeb boxing trainer -- who dated PA back in the 2000s -- and just had to ask about this new Hulu miniseries that's in the works ... in which Lily James and Sebastian Stan are portraying Pam and Tommy during their early years as a married couple.

More specifically, the series will focus on the period of their marriage when their infamous sex tape was stolen and peddled on the black market ... something they say they never saw a penny for, at first.

According to Chuck ... Hulu's probably doing wrong by Pam in revisiting a chapter that's more than 20 years old by now, and suggests making an entire show around those events is in bad taste -- especially if the couple themselves haven't signed off (which they haven't).

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He makes the point that the whole saga is ancient history -- adding Pam probably doesn't care very much about it ... even joking that she seems more interested in rings these days. Oof ...

Of course, some of her closest friends are taking a stronger stance ... including Courtney Love, who claims the show is making Pam relive the trauma she went through ... going on to say the tape "destroyed" Pam's life, and calling the show exploitative and disgusting.

Regardless of where people land on this issue, one thing everyone seems to agree with is ... Lily James is a dead ringer for the one and only. As for Seb ... eh, not so much.

Porn Star Richelle Ryan Chad Should've Leaked Sex Tape ... But I'll Play W/ His Johnson


Chad Johnson should've leaked a sex tape before getting into adult videos ... so says a world-famous porn star who is ready and willing to get a tryst going on camera!!!

Richelle Ryan -- star of over 200 XXX movies, including classics like "Dynamic Booty 5" and "Mom Knows Best" -- says the 'Bachelorette' bad boy is skipping some important steps in his quest for adult video superstardom ... but she has an idea on how to ensure Chad's porn career has a happy ending.


As you know ... Chad told us he's moving to Sin City to buy a house and build his own porn studio, and he's partnering up with the ex-GF he claimed tried ruining his life, Annalise Mishler.

Richelle has been in porn for decades, and she says Chad is already 10 years behind the rest of the bros in Sin City ... but she isn't ready to write him off.

Even though Chad never leaked a sex tape, Richelle thinks he can generate buzz with his 'Bachelorette' background ... and she tells us why she wants to shoot some porn with Mr. Johnson!!!

Chad Johnson From TV Jerk to Porn Star?!? Moving to Vegas Soon

Chad Johnson's ready to unleash his Johnson ... he says he's going into porn.

The 'Bachelorette' bad boy tells TMZ ... he's moving to Sin City soon to buy a house and build his own porn studio. As for who he's partnering up to do all this with ... the ex-GF he claimed last month tried ruining his life, Annalise Mishler.


Chad tells us he's moving to Vegas in a month or so as soon as he finds a huge house there. He says it's way easier and more affordable to fly people into Vegas where he'll have lots of bedrooms and a studio room for others looking to get into OnlyFans-style content.

Chad, as we told you last month, pimped his OnlyFans account when we wanted to get a straight answer whether he's back with Annalise or not after all their drama.


Before this news of Chad's new porn mansion was first reported by Daily Mail, you'll recall, Annalise claimed an argument in late February turned physical. Chad was arrested and charged with 6 misdemeanors stemming from his domestic violence arrest. Chad vehemently denied putting his hands on her.


But, it didn't end there. Cops made a welfare check at Chad's pad after he posted a disturbing picture hinting at suicide.

Cops determined during that visit he wasn't a danger to himself, but less than 24 hours later he was hospitalized and taken in for evaluation after posting some disturbing videos that included him telling someone, "I have no choice."

Joe Buck REJECTS $1 Mil Porn Play-By-Play Offer ... 'Stick to My Day Job'

Sorry perverts, Joe Buck has just shot down a $1 MILLION offer to narrate sex tapes ... but says, "I'm flattered."

Some backstory ... Buck and several other high profile sportscasters have been keeping their skills sharp by calling random non-sports videos for people stuck at home during the pandemic.

He's done everything from cooking to marble racing (and everything in between) in exchange for good cause donations to support worthy charities.

A few weeks ago, Buck also said he was getting some requests to add his voice to some adult videos ... but explained he wasn't ready to go down that road -- yet.

"Maybe later in life, but not now."

Now, one adult site is hoping $1 MILLION will change his mind -- with "ImLive" putting together a proposal for 6 weeks of work.

Basically, Buck would have to commentate 25 live cam shows per week through the end of May ... and in return, boom -- 7 figures.

And, get this ... the company says the audio work would all be for a good cause because it would help visually impaired people enjoy the site!!

But, bad news for the sex site ... Buck has considered the offer and says unlike the people in the videos, he won't take it.

"Depending on the site they could just be handing some of my money back to me," Buck joked.

"So I’ll hold out for a better offer and try to hold on to my day job. But I have to say I’m flattered."

Al Michaels, you're up!

Kevin Hart Toss This Sex Tape Lawsuit, Judge ... Like the Process Server Did!!!

Kevin Hart wants the judge to throw out his sex tape lawsuit ... just like he says the legal papers were thrown out of a car window and left on his driveway.

According to new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- the actor claims he was not properly served in the case filed against him by Montia Sabbag ... Hart's alleged sex tape partner who sued him for $60 million, claiming he and his friend conspired to tape their encounter.

Hart wants the suit dismissed because he claims the process server "simply threw a set of papers out of a car window in view of a security guard" outside the gate of his home.

The security guard's photos of the drive-by drop-off appear to show the legal papers lying on the ground outside the server's car. The security guard claims he doesn't live at Hart's residence, and wasn't authorized to accept service of a legal complaint.

Due to the improper service ... Hart wants the judge to dismiss the case.

We broke the story ... Sabbag sued Kevin back in September, alleging her 2017 encounter with him in a Vegas hotel room was all planned by Hart and J.T. Jackson -- his friend who was later charged for extortion.

Sabbag says Hart was motivated by publicity with an upcoming comedy tour. He's repeatedly denied having any knowledge of the recording ... claiming he, too, was a victim of Jackson's extortion attempts.

Kevin Hart Ex-Friend Skates on 2 More Charges ... 1 Left in Sex Tape Scandal

The guy Kevin Hart believes tried to extort him in the sex tape scandal ... is 2 more steps closer to getting off scot-free in the case after a new court order.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, J.T. Jackson scored in court Friday when the judge dropped 2 of the 3 remaining charges he was facing. The judge said there was insufficient evidence to move forward with prosecuting Kevin's ex-friend with attempted concealing and selling stolen property, and one count of unauthorized use of personal identifying information -- basically, identity theft.

Jackson is still facing an additional count of identity theft, a felony ... in connection with the sex tape. Prosecutors alleged Jackson tried to score money from Kevin in exchange for the 2017 video of Kevin with Montia Sabbag in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Remember, the stiffest charge Jackson was facing -- attempted extortion -- was dropped back in September. As we reported, prosecutors didn't think that charge would stick because Jackson never directly made a specific financial demand of Kevin or his people.

Jackson's attorney, Jacob Glucksman, tells us, "We’ve maintained innocence since day one and as things have unfolded our beliefs have been confirmed. We will continue to fight this until Mr. Jackson’s name is cleared.

He adds, "The D.A. is grasping at straws and is being pressured by Mr. Hart's team of lawyers and agents, but we will continue to prevail."

We've reached out to the D.A.'s office for comment. So far, no word back.

PayPal Pulls Out of Pornhub Business

PayPal's making a ton of adult performers moan, and not in a good way because it's putting an end to processing payments on Pornhub.

The devastating news for independent porn actors was announced late Wednesday night when PayPal decided to join several other banks and apps refusing to help them get paid for personal video clips posted on the porn site.

Pornhub allows independent performers to upload and sell their own videos, but they need a method to collect money from users. Financial institutions like JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Capital One, Square and Venmo have been out of the Pornhub biz for awhile ... so PayPal was one of the last remaining ways for performers to get paid.

Not anymore ... Pornhub says it's devastated by PayPal's decision to stop payouts "to over a hundred thousand performers who rely on them for their livelihoods." The platform is now scrambling to help performers who have pending PayPal payments.

PayPal hasn't said exactly why they're bailing, but the other financial institutions started making the same move after Congress passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act in 2018.

This is the latest blow for Pornhub, which just last month cut off all content from Girls Do Porn -- a separate company that was accused of coercing dozens of women into adult videos.

We've reached out to PayPal ... so far, no word back.

'Boy Meets World' Maitland Ward Doing Porn Won't Ruin My Career!!!


"Boy Meets World" star Maitland Ward doesn't believe the so-called stigma associated with doing porn ... insisting her move to the adult film industry is actually a savvy business move.

We got Maitland -- who rose to fame playing Rachel McGuire in the 90s ABC sitcom -- at Kings Road Cafe, and she tells us porn is opening the door to loads of new opportunities.

Maitland just appeared in her first porno that premiered on Friday, "Drive," at age 42 ... and she says her debut's been met with tons of support from her former "Boy Meets World" cast members, like Trina McGee.

Instead of being shunned, Maitland says she's getting pats on the back from Hollywood actresses ... who all tell her the same thing.

Kevin Hart Sex Tape Accuser Said Kevin Was a Victim ... Said She Didn't Want a Cent from Him

Kevin Hart's sex tape partner who just filed a $60 million lawsuit against him said back when the story first broke ... Kevin, like her, was a victim and she was not going to sue him.

Montia Sabbag stood by attorney Lisa Bloom's side as Bloom stated their case ... that Kevin had no idea their sexual liaison was being secretly filmed in a Las Vegas hotel suite. Bloom also made Sabbag's position clear ... she didn't want a cent from Kevin -- rather she wanted to hunt down the perpetrator and bring him to justice.


Our sources say a subsequent lawyer for Sabbag -- her third -- recently made a secret financial demand to Kevin ... asking for "low six figures," and Kevin's lawyer rejected it and didn't offer a penny.

TMZ broke the story ... that lawyer who now reps Sabbag has filed a $60 million lawsuit against Hart and J.T. Jackson -- Kevin's former friend who was arrested for and charged with extortion.

So, now Sabbag has turned on Kevin, saying he was in on it so he could get more publicity -- strange, since even back then Kevin was one of the biggest movie stars in the world and the last thing he needed was media attention over cheating.

What's more ... sources with first-hand knowledge tell TMZ, Kevin has been working with the District Attorney for 2 years on the case. It seems odd he'd be so involved if he was secretly one of the perpetrators. As one source put it, "Kevin is working with the D.A. a lot because J.T. f**ked him over."

We're told Kevin, who is recovering from horrific injuries as a result of his car crash, will not pay Sabbag a penny. There will be no settlement.

Kevin Hart Sued by Sex Tape Partner for $60 Million ... Claiming Kevin Was in On Recording Liaison

Kevin Hart's sex tape partner claims Hart conspired with a friend to secretly record their encounter, and now she's suing him for $60 million.

Montia Sabbag claims in a new lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, her 2017 encounter with Hart in a Vegas hotel room was all planned by Hart and J.T. Jackson -- his friend who later was arrested for extortion. She says Hart was motivated by publicity ... the need to get more -- especially with an upcoming comedy tour -- and that's why he and JT allegedly hid the camera.

The suit claims Hart allowed Jackson into the Cosmopolitan Hotel suite so he could set up hidden video recording devices to capture the liaison. Jackson was later charged with 2 counts of extortion relating to alleged efforts to get money out of Hart to keep the tape under wraps. Jackson denied ever extorting the comedian.

Hart has repeatedly denied having any knowledge of the recording ... claiming he, too, was a victim of Jackson's extortion attempts. You'll recall Hart later apologized for his infidelity and was adamant nobody should profit off his mistake.


TMZ broke the story ... Kevin and Sabbag got up close and personal while partying at Marquee nightclub in Vegas. Sabbag, who back in September 2017 said she's a crime victim herself, is suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress and invasion of privacy.

We reached out to Hart's rep ... so far, no word back.

Todd Chrisley Feds Investigating Sex Tape Extortion ... 'Bachelorette' Star Submits Evidence

Todd Chrisley is in the crosshairs of the feds for allegedly extorting his daughter with a sex tape, but the big plot twist -- ex-'Bachelorette' contestant Robby Hayes claims to have damning evidence against Chrisley.

As you know, Lindsie Chrisley accused her estranged father and brother, Chase Chrisley, of extorting her. Robby is the other person with her on the alleged sex tape, and sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... he submitted a slew of evidence Thursday to the U.S. Attorney's Office. We're told he turned over text messages and other correspondence from Chase and believes they prove Todd's son -- and possibly Todd -- were coercing Lindsie and Robby.

Our sources say FBI agents now want to speak to the season 12 'Bachelorette' star. Robby tells TMZ ... he submitted an affidavit and answered all questions from federal prosecutors. He adds, "At this point, this is all frustrating and this sex tape situation has been held over my head before. Hopefully all wrongdoings come to light."

As we first reported ... Lindsie filed a police report earlier this month dropping the bombshell extortion claim against her family members. She claims they wanted her to lie under oath about her estranged parents' tax mess.

We're told Lindsie's team has also been in contact with the feds ... submitting their own evidence, including a 2-year-old tweet from Todd with the hashtag #thxgodforpuppycams. That's significant because Robby has publicly claimed, "We did not make a sex tape. I'm not sitting there with a camera ... like, we got caught on the security camera, basically. It was a puppy camera in her friend's living room."

However, our sources say the feds got a hold of the owner of that puppy cam ...who told them no tape exists.

Chase's rep says the same -- there is NO sex tape, and adds ... "Chase has never made any extortion threats to Robbie. Moreover, they are friends."

A spokesperson for Todd tells TMZ, the Chrisley patriarch will cooperate with the investigation and adds he has "nothing to hide."

As we reported ... Lindsie had recently said she would be open to repairing her relationship with the family, but recently hired armed security over fears they would retaliate against her for going to the police.

Todd Chrisley Daughter Claims He Extorted her Over Sex Tape

Todd Chrisley has more drama on his plate -- his daughter ran to cops a month before he was indicted on tax fraud charges, claiming he tried extorting her with a sex tape to get her to lie ... but Todd claims BS.

Here's the situation ... Todd's daughter, Lindsie  -- who's estranged from the fam -- filed a police report last month in Georgia, alleging her brother, Chase, and her father were harassing her and threatening her with a sex tape of hers she believed Chase purchased.

In the police report, obtained by TMZ, Lindsie claimed Todd and Chase threatened to release the sex tape if she didn't lie about a certain "incident." Sources close to Lindsie say the lie was related to her testimony about the tax mess.

As we reported ... Todd and his wife, Julie, were indicted Tuesday on multiple federal charges ... including tax evasion, bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracy. They pled not guilty in court Wednesday after turning themselves in, and have denied any wrongdoing.

As for Lindsie's allegation that Todd and Chase were in cahoots, Todd is denying it flat-out ... saying there's no truth to it and Lindsie's lying. Todd says he and Chase didn't purchase Lindsie's sex tape ... which allegedly includes a 'Bachelor' star. He tells us, "Although our hearts are broken, Lindsie is our daughter and we will always love her."

Dennis Byron/Hip Hop Enquirer

That said, sources connected to Todd tell TMZ he has a suspicion Lindsie might be part of the reason he and Julie got indicted in the first place, although it's unclear why. However, Lindsie's attorney, Musa Ghanayem, tells us that's absurd ... saying any report of Lindsie squealing on her fam is untrue, and that she didn't leak a damn thing.

For the record ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ that Lindsie's case in GA has been officially dismissed, because the alleged threat and harassment occurred in Tennessee.

No word on whether she plans to refile there.

Kevin Hart Alleged Extortionist Denies the Crime ... I Thought it was Legit Sex Tape Bizness!!!

Kevin Hart's alleged sex tape extortionist says he didn't do anything wrong -- he was just trying to make some money and happened to have a "newsworthy celebrity sex tape" worth selling.

According to new legal docs ... Hart's former friend, Jonathan Jackson -- who's facing 2 felony counts for attempted extortion and extortion by threatening letter -- denies ever contacting Kevin about the sex tape or threatening him in any way.

Instead, Jackson claims he was contacted by a man who said he was a "Hollywood sex tape broker" and offered him $10k for the video. Jackson says he declined but began negotiation for a higher price ... but they never struck a deal.

According to the docs ... Jackson believes this sex tape broker was actually someone working on Hart's behalf to obtain the video and keep it under wraps. When the attempt failed, Jackson says Kevin "likely felt embarrassed and ashamed of his behavior" and came up with the extortion angle to make himself a victim.

Jackson claims the truth is there was never any extortion attempt or threat ... just a guy with a sex tape trying to "lawfully and legally engage in the sale of information to news outlets."

On that note ... Jackson also wants all of his electronic data obtained by a search warrant tossed from the criminal case. He claims law enforcement made up facts -- like saying he asked for $5 million from Hart -- to establish probable cause ... so the warrant was improperly authorized.

As we reported ... Jackson was an actor and a close friend of Hart's for more than 15 years. After it was revealed he was the alleged extortionist, Kevin tweeted ...  "Mind blown ... Hurt ... at a loss for words and simply in complete disbelief at the moment. WOW."

2019 MTV Awards Stars Shine, Princess Love Squirms ... During Zachary Levi's Kim K Sex Tape Joke

Zachary Levi didn't waste time firing zingers during his opening monologue at the MTV Movie & TV Awards ... most laughed sans Princess Love.

The star-studded affair was taped Saturday at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica but aired Monday night. Jada Pinkett Smith (Trailblazer Award) and The Rock (Generation Award) were just some of the honorees. Hollywood's heavyweights rolled through ... from Tiffany Haddish and Tessa Thompson to Elisabeth Moss and Melissa McCarthy.


But, things got off to an awkward start during Zachary's opener when he decided to go there. As Princess Love and Ray J sat side by side ... Zachary delivered a Kim Kardashian sex tape joke.

Check out the clip ... Ray J stands up when he hears his name but moments later is reduced to sitting with a blank stare on his face after Zachary's punch line. Princess Love was none too amused ... giving cameras the double bird.

See, awk. Guessing a great time was still had by mostly all.

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