Gay Porn Star Knockout That 'Stevie J' Pic in Diddy Suit ... Is Actually Me, Guys!!!

Diddy was accused of sharing a sex tape that allegedly showed Stevie J with another man -- but a gay porn star is coming forward to say it's actually him seen in the now-viral image.

The photos that have been circulating online -- which show a Black man apparently having sex with another guy, and who was purported to be Stevie -- were included in Rodney Jones' lawsuit against Diddy that he filed Monday ... but adult film star Knockout is taking credit.

Knockout hopped on Twitter -- this amid mass sharing of the image and a lot of gossip/speculation about Stevie's name being invoked -- and he cleared the air definitively.

He wrote, "This is not him it's me yall really be trying it." Knockout has also been reposting/retweeting people responding to the images ... all of whom are pointing out this is from a well-known porno he was in from years ago, and which has been around for a while.

Knockout has also clarified that he was NOT at any of Diddy's parties -- as described in the lawsuit -- and he also adds that he doesn't appreciate Rodney using his image to make a salacious claim. He also retweeted someone who claims this image of Knockout has often been used to try and smear Stevie's name ... something Knockout appears to acknowledge.

Remember ... Rodney claimed in his suit that Diddy had shared this video with him and allegedly said it depicted Stevie -- with the whole point of this allegedly being Diddy attempting to "groom" Rodney ... something Diddy has come out and vehemently denied.

Stevie J, for his part, has also denied Rodney's allegations ... calling them false. He also seemed to allude to future legal action against him for roping him into this whole mess.

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Rodney hasn't addressed the fact that Knockout is saying that photo is of him, not Stevie.

porno gay ESA FOTO DE "STEVIE J" EN TRAJE DE DIDDY... ¡En realidad soy yo!

Diddy fue acusado de compartir un video sexual en el que supuestamente aparecía Stevie J con otro hombre, pero una estrella del porno gay ha salido a la palestra para afirmar que es él quien aparece en la imagen que ahora se ha hecho viral.

Las fotos que han estado circulando en línea -que muestran a un hombre supuestamente teniendo relaciones con Stevie- se incluyeron en la demanda que Rodney Jones presentó el lunes contra Diddy, pero la estrella de cine para adultos -Knockout- está tomando el crédito.

Knockout apareció en Tuiter luego de compartir la imagen y un montón de chismes y especulaciones sobre el nombre de Stevie, e hizo fuertes declaraciones.

Escribió: "Este no es él, soy yo probando de todo". Knockout también ha reposteado y retuiteado y la gente ha respondido a las imágenes. Señalando que se trata de un conocido video porno, bastante viejo por lo demás.

Knockout también ha aclarado que NO estuvo en ninguna de las fiestas de Diddy -como se describe en la demanda- y también añade que no le gusta que Rodney use su imagen para hacer una afirmación de ese calibre. También retuiteó a alguien que afirma que esta imagen de Knockout se ha utilizado a menudo para tratar de manchar el nombre de Stevie, algo que Knockout parece reconocer.

Recordemos que Rodney afirmó en su demanda que Diddy había compartido este video con él y supuestamente dijo que representaba a Stevie. El punto es que supuestamente Diddy trató de "novio" a Rodney, algo que Diddy ha negado con vehemencia.

Stevie J, por su parte, también ha negado las acusaciones de Rodney, llamandolas falsas. También parecía aludir a una futura acción legal en su contra por roping él en todo este lío.

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Rodney no ha abordado el hecho de que Knockout esté diciendo que la foto es de él, y no Stevie.

JUICE WRLD Ex-GF Puts Sex Tape on OF Ca$hing In Before Hackers Do!!!

Juice WRLD's ex is hawking some of his memorabilia fans wished she kept in the vault ... namely, an alleged sex tape of the 2 of them ... advertising it as explicit footage!!! 😲

Ally Lotti's been posting content on OnlyFans for a while now -- but recently told her subscribers they could unlock the vid of her and the late "Lucid Dreams" rapper ... which she says warrants a XXX rating.

Now, as for an explanation for this move -- best believe this is drumming up outrage among JW's fan base -- AL claims to be under pressure by would-be bad actors. She writes ... "F***ed by my famous ex. Hackers are trying to threaten me to leak my old sex tape with my ex fiance Juice WRLD."

She adds, "IDGAF anymore. I’ll leak it myself. It’s a long time since I have been f***ed rough with some big black c**** like this. I am so mad that I am adding every nude I ever sent him. I know you will at least enjoy it. Can’t believe I am actually sending this but I can’t be threatened anymore."

While it remains to be seen if people are buying her rationale -- let's just say folks don't feel good about her throwing up Juice's private moments after his death ... it just feels gross.

Of course, Juice has been gone since 2019 ... and friends and fans weren't feeling Ally's excuse, hackers or not -- and demanded she have some dignity and take the post down.

One of the Juice WRLD's own collaborators, Denzel Curry, also weighed in ... and he thinks people (including Ally) should let him rest in peace.

We reached out to OnlyFans to see if this violates any policies of theirs ... so far, no word back.

U.S. Senate Cardin Staffer Ousted ... Sex Tape Filmed in Hearing Room Leaks

A U.S. Senate staffer who was filmed having sex in a high-profile space on Capitol Hill has lost his job after a tape showing the deed leaked -- and now cops are investigating.

The man depicted in the footage -- which was first published by The Daily Caller, and which has been making the rounds online since -- has been identified as 24-year-old Aidan Maese-Czeropski ... an aide to Democratic Maryland Senator Ben Cardin.

Unclear exactly when this sex tape was filmed, but TDC got its hands on it and threw it up on its site. Indeed, it shows Maese-Czeropski having anal sex with another man in a judiciary hearing room within the Hart Senate Office Building ... and reports indicate it's one where confirmations/grillings go down -- including for SCOTUS nominees, etc.

The camera is being held by the man who's doing the penetrating -- he films both Maese-Czeropski in front of him and the empty room that they're in ... capturing lots of angles.

It appears the two men are having sex where Senators themselves often sit ... perched up on the bench and looking down onto the table where witnesses/nominees would normally be.

Once the staffer in question was linked to Cardin ... a spokesman for his office confirmed the guy was no longer working for the lawmaker -- saying, "Aidan Maese-Czeropski is no longer employed by the U.S. Senate. We will have no further comment on this personnel matter."

Aidan himself appears to have also addressed the scandal -- a purported message from his since-scrubbed LinkedIn is being circulated ... and it reads in part, "This has been a difficult time for me, as I have been attacked for who I love to pursue a political agenda."


He adds, "While some of my actions in the past have shown poor judgment, I love my job and would never disrespect my workplace. Any attempts to characterize my actions otherwise are fabricated." Just about all of Aidan's social pages have now been wiped.

BTW, the Capitol Police say they're now looking into this to see if any laws were broken here. Aidan worked for Cardin since 2021 and was a Dianne Feinstein intern before that.

Lil Baby Dude in Male Fellatio Vid Ain't Me ... Stop Clout Chasing!!!

The Internet seems to think Lil Baby got caught in a sex act that would suggest he's into men -- but the dude's speaking up and calling BS ... while telling everyone to cool their jets.

The rapper is trending right now because of a viral video that's making the rounds -- which is sexually explicit and graphic ... depicting a man giving another man fellatio. It's one of those weird, fuzzy recordings of a recording type of clip ... the source of which is unknown.

The man who can be seen in the clip apparently bares a passing resemblance to Lil Baby -- at least that's what a lot of people believe, anyway ... a notion that's further fueled by a caption that's partially covering this guy's full face, which reads "Nah lil baby 😭."

In other words, some random clip of a guy giving oral sex to another man was screen recorded, someone attached Lil Baby's name to it ... and then tried passing it off as legit.

Of course, Twitter's having a field day with this right now ... with a ton mean-spirited and homophobic jokes flying at LB's expense -- but he's already pouring cold water on it all.

He took to his IG Stories and wrote quite clearly, "Y'all gotta stop using my name and likeness when y'all get bored , then the extremes mfs go to for clout is sick. Ain't no mystery in my history on NO LEVEL. This is my last time addressing any kind of dumb ass click bait."

So, there you have it ... Lil Baby's saying definitively it isn't him. Also, FWIW, the guy that's in this viral video could be anybody -- it doesn't even really look like LB based on what you can see, and considering his face is heavily obscured ... even more reason to be dubious.

In the age of deep fakes/AI ... it's easier than ever to spread misinformation. Be careful, folks.

Mariah The Scientist Ak Needs to Lay Off Sexyy Red ... She's Good, So Is Young Thug!!!


Mariah The Scientist has nothing but support for Sexyy Red as the dust settles on her sex tape controversy ... which includes defending her from the scope of Akademiks!!!

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with the "Spread Thin" singer at Dash Radio, and she advised Sexyy to consider taking legal action, if her XXX leak turns out to be an act of revenge porn.

Akademiks shared his concern for Sexyy in a different way -- advising her to quit dating and banging hood dudes, now that her celebrity stock is on the rise.

Mariah's currently in a long-distance relationship with Young Thug amid his RICO trial, and says Ak needs to shut his mouth and stay out of women's business for good ... something we're sure he's heard before.

She tells us Thug is actually in good spirits in his Fulton County jail lockup, and has become an avid Candy Crush player to pass the time.


Back to Sexyy, though ... not all the dudes weighing in are as abrasive as Akademiks. Fatboy SSE told us any guy with the privilege of making a sex tape with a woman has the responsibility to keep it underneath safe and key!!!

mariah the scientist defiende a sexxy red

mente de empresaria

¡Mariah The Scientist no tiene nada más que apoyo para Sexyy Red respecto a la controversia que a causado su video sexual. ¡Además de defenderla de los alcances de Akademiks!

TMZ Hip Hop se puso al día con la cantante de "Spread Thin" en Dash Radio, donde le aconsejó a Sexyy considerar la adopción de medidas legales si su filtración XXX resulta ser un acto de porno venganza.

Akademiks compartió su preocupación por Sexyy de una manera diferente, aconsejándole que deje de salir y tirarse a tíos de barrio ahora que su fama está en alza.

Mariah está actualmente en una relación a distancia con Young Thug en medio de su juicio y dice que Akademiks tiene que cerrar la boca y mantenerse alejado de los asuntos de las mujeres para siempre, algo que estamos seguros de que ha oído antes.

Ella nos dice que Thug está de buen humor en su encierro en la cárcel del condado de Fulton y se ha convertido en un ávido jugador de Candy Crush para pasar el tiempo.

pueden hacerlo mejor chicos

Volviendo a Sexyy, no todos los comentarios son tan duros. ¡Fatboy SSE nos dijo que cualquier hombre con el privilegio de hacer un video sexual con una mujer tiene la responsabilidad de mantenerlo bajo llave!

OHGEESY Sexyy Red apoya a Trump 👍🏼 PERO hace videos sexuales 👎🏼

ese es su estilo

OhGeesy cree que Sexyy Red tiene un punto cuando se trata de Donald Trump... ¡Obvio no le importaría recibir algunos de los cheques de "estímulo" denuevo!

Nos encontramos con el rapero Shoreline Mafia esta semana en Beverly Hills justo después de que Sexyy mostrara su apoyo a Donald Trump, hablara de su cinta sexual y su colaboración con Drake. Por lo tanto, tenemos su opinión sobre todos esos grandes titulares.

"me gusta trump"
This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

Al igual que Sexyy, OhGeesy nos dice que está a favor de que Trump regrese a la Casa Blanca, él respeta a su "gangsta", y por supuesto, dice el dinero gratis (en bonos) es música para sus oídos.

El ex presi tiene varios casos legales pendientes que podrían frenar su carrera presidencial, pero su apoyo público entre los raperos ha ido en aumento. Sexxy, Chief Keef, Benny The Butcher y ahora OhGeesy le han expresado su apoyo, y suponemos que Lil Wayne y Kodak Black también.

En cuanto a la filtración del vídeo sexual de Sexyy; ella ha negado toda responsabilidad y OhGeesy tiene una solución simple para evitar que vuelva a suceder: "¡No grabes lo que pasa en tu habitación!"

OhGeesy dice que Sexyy tiene las melodías perfectas para ponerle banda sonora al porno, así que su carrera irá bien.

Él debería saberlo, ya que ha estado realizando de dos a tres conciertos por noche para impulsar su álbum "Geezyworld 2".

OhGeesy Sexyy Red's Trump Support 👍🏼 ... But Making Sex Tapes 👎🏼


OhGeesy thinks Sexyy Red has a point when it comes to Donald Trump getting love from the trenches ... hell, he tells us he wouldn't mind getting some of those stimulus checks again!!!

We kicked it with the Shoreline Mafia rapper this week in Bev Hills ... on the heels of Sexyy's dropping her Donald Trump endorsement, her sex tape leak and Drake feature. So, we got his take on all her big headlines.

This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

Like Sexyy, OhGeesy tells us he's all for Trump returning to the White House ... he respects his gangsta, and, of course, that free money is music to his ears.

The ex-Prez has several legal cases pending that might slow his presidential run, but his public support amongst rappers has been mounting. Sexxy, Chief Keef, Benny The Butcher and now OhGeesy have all voiced their support -- and we're assuming Lil Wayne and Kodak Black still have his back too.

As for Sexyy's sex tape leak ... she's denied all responsibility and OhGeesy has a simple solution to keep it from happening again: Don't film your bedroom capers!!!

OhGeesy says Sexyy has the perfect tunes to soundtrack porn, so her career will be fine.

He should know ... he's been doing 2-3 shows a night in support of his "Geezyworld 2" album to stay competitive -- until some of that economic relief swoops in!!!


Sexyy Red niega ser la responsable de publicar su propio video sexual en las redes sociales.

El video fue publicado en su Instagram el miércoles, y el jueves la rapera se refirió la filtración como "goofy shit" ("mierda tonta"), y dijo que sus amigos cercanos saben que es algo que ella jamás haría.

Sexyy es probablemente uno de los mayores libros abiertos en el Hip Hop. Su canción "Pound Town" fue un hit y creó una "ola de sexo-positivo."

Las redes sociales de Sexyy se han centrado últimamente en la polémica. Recientemente, se descubrió que ella estaba saliendo con un rapero local de Atlanta luego de que él hiciera publicaciones en las que aparecían juntos... muchos especulan que se hizo sin su permiso.

No está claro si es el mismo tipo del video filtrado.

Sexyy Red I Didn't Leak My Own Sex Tape 'I’m So 💔!!!'

Sexyy Red is denying she's the one responsible for posting her own sex tape to social media.

The video was posted to SR's Instagram Wednesday, and on Thursday the rapper dismissed the leak as "goofy sh*t" and said her close friends would know the move wasn't in her character.

She may be one of Hip Hop's biggest open books to date -- her breakout song "Pound Town" dropped at the top of the year and created a sex-positive wave.

Sexyy's social media has been centered around controversy as of late. It was recently discovered she was hanging with a local Atlanta rapper after he posted them together ... many speculating it was done without her permission.

It's unclear if he's the same dude in the leaked video.

Adam22 Threesome With Jason Luv Off Table ... Can't Keep Mouth Shut!!!


Adam22 says the porn star who banged his wife in camera is on time-out after giving an interview on the sex tape ... telling us a potential threesome is now off-limits.

We got the popular podcaster in Los Angeles and asked about his souring relationship with Jason Luv, and where it all started going downhill.

Adam22 says he's super pissed over Jason's sex tape interview, where he bragged about being better in bed and more well-endowed than Lena The Plug's husband.

The way Adam22 sees things ... Jason broke a code among porn stars by comparing penis sizes and opening up about other bedroom details ... telling us Lena's seen the interview in question and is upset with Jason as well.

Adam22 says he'd been talking with Lena about filming a threesome with Jason ... but he tells us that's all out the window now.


And, get this ... Adam22 feels Jason is showing insecurities now that the sex tape is shining a spotlight on all three of them. In fact, he tells us he's even considered a celeb boxing match with Jason to settle their differences ... but says the money he'd make from the event just wouldn't even be worth his time.

It's a fun and interesting conversation ... and Adam22 explains why it's unfair to compare his package to Jason's ... and he tells us how his sex life with Lena is improving.

Jimmie Allen Countersues Sexual Assault Accuser ... Filming Sex Was Consensual

Jimmie Allen is countersuing the woman accusing him of sexually assaulting her ... claiming their encounter was consensual, and she even agreed to do it on camera.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the country music star says during their Las Vegas tryst, the woman told him she was "fine" with him setting up his phone to record their romp.

Jimmie is being sued by a Jane Doe who claims they met on a flight to Nashville in May 2022, started messaging each other for the next few months, and ultimately met up at his Sin City hotel ... where she claims he sexually assaulted her and secretly recorded the encounter.

In his countersuit, Jimmie cops to everything she says about how and where they met and eventually ended up in the Vegas hotel room. As for the encounter, he says they were kissing on the room's balcony, when he asked her if he could set up his camera ... and he claims she agreed.

He says they went inside and had consensual, unprotected sex, and the camera was always in plain view on a shelving unit at the foot of the bed.

He says he fell asleep after they had sex, and when he woke up, the woman and his phone were gone. Jimmie believes the woman took the phone, and mailed it to police and he still doesn't have it back ... so he's going after her for damages.

In a statement announcing his countersuit, Jimmie once again denies the sexual assault allegation and adds ... "As the son and brother of rape victims, and the father of daughters, these false claims are extremely hurtful to me and everyone around me."

Moriah Mills Hoops Players Are Blowing Me Up!!! ... After Zion Drama


If things don't work out with Zion Williamson, Moriah Mills will have plenty of other options ... so says the XXX model herself, who tells TMZ Sports basketball players are hitting her up after going public about her alleged relationship with the Pelicans star.

MM has made headlines for some bombshell allegations recently ... claiming she was intimate with the former #1 overall pick while he's expecting a baby with another woman.

We spoke with Mills out in Beverly Hills on Monday ... and she says despite the backlash she's been getting from Zion's die-hard supporters, the hoops community has shown a lot of interest in the weeks following the scandal.

In fact, Mills says going viral with her allegations has resulted in a ton of inquiries for basketball-themed adult content ... as well as some DMs from other pros.

As for her public threats to release a sex tape with Zion, Moriah tells us she hasn't heard a peep from the star's legal team ... and she's confident he'd never actually follow through with a lawsuit.

Mills even says through the public ambush, the two are on "chill" terms ... but when we asked about her own alleged pregnancy, she played coy.

Moriah also addressed Zion's baby on the way ... to which she replied, "All I can say is, sometimes you make mistakes, or whatever."

Zion Williamson Alleged Fling Suspended From Twitter ... After Sex Tape Threat

Zion Williamson can breathe a sigh of relief for now -- his alleged former fling just had her Twitter account suspended after threatening to release a sex tape involving the NBA star.

As we previously reported, an adult model named Moriah Mills has gone scorched earth on the New Orleans Pelicans forward ever since he revealed he was having a baby with his girlfriend earlier this month ... claiming she, too, was in an intimate relationship with him at the same time -- and she was blindsided by the news.

Moriah aired out her frustrations with the 22-year-old on social media ... spilling tea about alleged wire transfers and moving plans ... as well as some other REALLY X-rated claims.

The whole Twitter spat lasted two weeks before Elon Musk's company pulled the plug on Tuesday ... with her page that sports more than a million followers getting scrubbed from the platform.

Moriah previously claimed Zion was begging her to stop posting ... which she didn't until she literally could not anymore.

Zion has yet to address the whole ordeal himself ... but his stepdad spoke out in support of the hooper during a community event, saying, "Believe half of what you see and nothing you hear."

Kim Kardashian Drags Kanye for Drake Hookup Claims ... Sex Tape Talk, Too!!!


Kim Kardashian is clearly seein' red, at times, when it comes to her ex-husband Kanye West ... ripping into him for publicly talking about her sex tape, and cooking up rumors she was hooking up with Drake behind his back.

KK went off about Ye during the season 3 premiere of "The Kardashians," telling Kris Jenner how "exhausted" she's been with her ex-hubby's behavior ... saying he spread the rumor she was having an extramarital affair with Drake -- with whom Kanye's had beef.

Remember, Kanye put Kim, their family and friends through hell for weeks on social media. Not only did he attack Pete Davidson, but he also took racist shots at Trevor Noah -- eventually getting him suspended from Instagram.

Instagram / @kanyewest

At the time, it seemed like Kanye found a new victim almost daily, but Kim remained his most sought-after target. Something that understandably was weighing on the mother of 4. He also posted videos accusing Kim of keeping the kids from him -- something that just wasn't true.

As Kim sees it ... Ye, who once bragged he's her ultimate protector, is doing the opposite these days, which she says includes uncomfortably bringing up her sex tape with Ray J all those years ago.

Kim goes on to say his "insane" narratives are a common occurrence, but believes all the stuff he's been spewing will mess up their kids more than her tape ever could. She even says Ye wants to approve what she says about him on the show ... which, obviously, didn't go his way.

As we reported, Kim and Ye called it quits in 2021 and finalized their divorce the following year. Since the split, we've seen him call out his ex-wife quite a bit over co-parenting -- especially when she was at the heat of her relationship with Pete Davidson.

Angie Martinez IRL Podcast

Back in December, Kim said she tries her best to keep the parental drama away from her 4 kids' eyes ... jumping to great lengths to keep the noise to a minimum around them.

She also recently revealed she's cried herself to sleep over the many challenges she faces taking care of their kiddos.

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