Former Disney Star Dan Benson Leaked Nudes Drove Me To OnlyFans

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"Wizards of Waverly Place" alum Dan Benson says a very specific issue led him down the road to OnlyFans ... his nudes were being leaked on the internet without him seeing a dime.

As Dan explains in our new documentary, "TMZ Presents: Famous & Naked," his nudes kept popping up on seedy websites ... and when he would get them taken down from one site, they would just appear in other spaces.

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Basically, Dan was playing a game of Whack-A-Mole.

Stormy Daniels Tries Hand at Stand-Up Comedy ... Trump Jokes, Money Woes


Stormy Daniels has gone from testifying in open court to speaking her truth onstage ... 'cause she's dived head-first into stand-up comedy -- and, TMZ's got the video.

The porn star-turned-key Trump trial witness took the stage in New Orleans Wednesday night for her show "Stormy Daniels' One-Night Stand" ... and it seems to have gone well based on the crowd reaction, who sounded psyched to see her.

SD got a rousing ovation at AllWays Lounge & Cabaret in the Big Easy -- much appreciated, 'cause she jokes she needs the love ... saying even though NOLA's one of the most dangerous U.S. cities, it's the first time she's gone bulletproof vest-free in public in months.

Jacob Elordi Targeted in X-Rated Deepfake Involving Minor

Jacob Elordi is the latest victim of the growing NSFW deepfake trend ... as the actor's likeness was used without his consent in pornographic content involving a minor.

Several posts have surfaced on X, which feature Jacob's face merged onto the body of a male OnlyFans creator ... with one post reportedly bringing in 3 million views.

Not only does the body in the footage not match Jacob's -- his distinctive birthmarks were not visible in the uploads -- the OnlyFans creator has reportedly spoken out ... condemning the footage as creepy, and noting he shot it when he was only 17 years old.

Maitland Ward Porn on X Is Great For Industry ... OnlyFans 2.0?!?


Maitland Ward's stoked X is formally allowing porn ... saying it provides legitimacy for the adult film industry, and, it has her wondering if XXX posts are about to dominate Elon Musk's playground.

We caught up with the sitcom actress turned porn star in L.A., and asked her about X's change in policy. While Ward admits people have put nudes on X for years, she feels the content's been shadowbanned -- a problem she hopes the new rules will solve.

MW applauds the clearly-defined rules Elon and co. have devised for the content too ... adding the porn industry is totally on board with only allowing 18+ individuals to watch.

Edmonton Oilers Fan Gets Porn Site Offer ... Show Your Boobs Again With Us!!!

If the Edmonton Oilers fan who flashed her boobs on camera wants another crack at the experience -- a super popular porn site tells TMZ Sports it'd be more than happy to give her the avenue!!

A rep for The Porn Dude -- an adult website that snares over 61 million views a month -- said after seeing the woman display her assets during the Oilers vs. Stars Western Conference finals series last month, they want her in front of a cam.


The spokesperson said they believe her boobs "were made for porn" -- and are offering her a place on their famous PornDudeCasting set.


X -- previously known as Twitter -- has tweaked its rules ... now, formally allowing NSFW content to be posted on the site, even though it's low-key always been on there.

People have been sharing explicit porn on Elon Musk's social media platform for a while now since there were no rules against it. But, over the weekend, the site officially announced X-rated content is now allowed -- but with a few caveats.

According to their updated Adult Content Policy, X states, "You may share consensually produced and distributed adult nudity or sexual behavior, provided it's properly labeled and not prominently displayed."

Donald Trump Guilty Verdict is BS ... I Really Wanted to Testify!!!

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Donald Trump is using his soapbox to decry the guilty verdict rendered against him in New York -- calling it a sham and corrupt, while also insisting ... he wanted to get on the stand.

The ex-Prez spoke to the media anew Friday at Trump Tower in NYC -- his first official press conference since he got convicted Thursday on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records ... something he says was absolutely ridiculous, with the deck stacked against him.

DT rattled off what he thinks he did in terms of Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels -- characterizing the alleged hush money payment as nothing more than a standard business expense that was on the up and up -- and went on to slam the judge ... while also laying the blame for this case being brought at Biden's feet.



Other than the man himself, no one's feeling the sting of Donald Trump's guilty verdict more than his fans -- especially those who gathered outside the NYC courthouse.

Check out these chaotic scenes of red-hat Trump supporters losing their minds after he was found guilty on all 34 felony counts in his hush money trial Thursday. They're relentlessly dropping expletive-ridden rants insisting Trump's innocent -- despite the outcome.

One man takes it a step further, wearing a "F*** Biden" flag around his body, declaring to everyone they're "all f***ing dead."

Donald Trump I'm a Political Prisoner!!! Show Me Your $$$ Support

Donald Trump and his people wasted no time, trying to turn his hush money problems into campaign money.

Trump clearly had a feeling he'd be found guilty in his hush money trial, because he had a memo ready to blast out, claiming he was a "political prisoner" ... calling the case "RIGGED" and a witch hunt.

He then went in for the kill ... "YOUR SUPPORT IS THE ONLY THING STANDING BETWEEN US AND TOTAL TYRANNY! .. So I need 10 MILLION TRUE MAGA PATRIOTS to chip in and proudly shout: I STAND WITH TRUMP!:"

Madonna Fan Sues Over 'Celebration' Tour Way Too Sexual for Me!!!

Madonna is being sued by a dude who claims he was blindsided by all the sex stuff during her "Celebration" tour, claiming she should have given a heads-up to folks before they plunked down their hard-earned cash.

Justen Lipeles filed a class action lawsuit, alleging he and others did not get what they bargained for.

He has a litany of complaints ... her concert started more than an hour and a half late, she was lip-syncing during parts of the show, and she had the air conditioning turned off which resulted in sweltering conditions that caused him and others to become physically ill. He says Madonna blew off the heat complaint, telling people to just strip down.

Cardi B Defends Porn ... After Candace Owens Demands Ban

Cardi B doesn't want any WAP censored on her timeline -- 'cause she's sticking up for XXX content ... this after Candace Owens proposed it should be completely illegal.

Candace recently called for a pornography ban on her X account, arguing its true intentions were to psychologically control and weaken men -- and amid all the pushback, Cardi herself chimed in with her opinion ... and as it turns out, she's very pro-porn.

Cardi's thoughts on the subject came courtesy of an IG comment she left on a blog that published Candace's recent tweet about this ... and it's clear CB wants to keep porn around.

Kanye West & Bianca Censori Digging In at Denny's ... After Yeezy Mass Exodus

Kanye West and Bianca Censori chowing down at America's Diner isn't something you'd expect, but their affordable meal comes as a major shakeup goes down at Ye's company.

New video obtained by TMZ shows Kanye -- with a white hoodie tight around his face -- walking into a Santa Barbara Denny's behind Bianca, who was in one of those skintight nude-colored bodysuits she loves. They were keeping a somewhat low profile, but it's clearly them.


We're told they arrived at the restaurant around 8 PM Monday, and were very animated with each other during their meal. Plus, eyewitnesses say an issue with the food might have sparked an argument with their server.

Stormy Daniels Testifica en el juicio de Trump "Él y Melania duermen en habitaciones diferentes"


12:21 PM PT -- El ex fiscal federal Michael Zeldin estuvo en "TMZ Live" en martes para discutir por qué a Stormy Daniels se le permitió entrar en todos estos supuestos detalles acerca de su tiempo con Donald Trump si no es exactamente relevante para el delito que se ha alegado... y él tuvo una respuesta para nosotros.


Échale un vistazo... Zeldin dice que los fiscales de este caso quieren que el jurado crea que Stormy es confiable, y la única manera de hacerlo es poniendo al descubierto todo lo que ella dice que sabe. En otras palabras, todo es cuestión de credibilidad, y sacar estas cosas a la luz supuestamente le ayudará a hacer eso.

Stormy Daniels está testificando en el juicio de Donald Trump, y dice que él le dijo que él y su esposa -Melania Trump- en realidad no duermen juntos... y esto fue en 2006.

Stormy Daniels Testifies in Trump Trial ... Told Me He & Melania Sleep in Different Rooms


12:21 PM PT -- Former federal prosecutor Michael Zeldin came on "TMZ Live" Tuesday to discuss why Stormy Daniels was being allowed to get into all these alleged details about her time with Donald Trump if it isn't exactly relevant to the crime that's been alleged ... and he had an answer for us.


Take a look ... Zeldin says prosecutors for this case want the jury to believe Stormy is credible -- and the only way to do that is to lay bare everything she says she knows. In other words, it's all about believability ... and her spilling the alleged tea will help in doing that.

Stormy Daniels is testifying in Donald Trump's hush money trial -- and she says he told her he and his wife, Melania Trump, don't really sleep together ... and this was back in 2006.

Girthmasterr I'd Consider Doing Yeezy Porn ... For My Mom's Sake!!!

Kanye West's Yeezy Porn has at least one famous OnlyFans star ready to talk turkey ... 'cause Girthmasterr says he's a big fan -- and, if the star calls, he'll certainly listen.


The big-time porn star says Kanye's hit song, "Hey Mama," inspired him, because he wants to buy his mom a house. He says his mom has worked her whole life to support her children ... and, now Girthmasterr wants to pay her back by helping her retire, and a collab with Ye could help.

Speaking of his mom, we asked Girthmasterr how she feels about her son doing porn ... and based on the clip, sounds like she's totally on board!

Stormy Daniels' Ex Yeezy Porn Won't Be Same Ole Same Ole ... Like Nothing Ever Seen

Kanye West plans to flex his creative muscles in his latest venture, which means you can expect his usual creative genius to be on display in the porn industry ... according to Stormy Daniels' ex, Mike Moz.

Moz is a vet in adult films -- he currently oversees production for Vixen Media Group -- but as TMZ first reported, he's in talks to come on board with Yeezy Porn. However that turns out, he's already convinced Ye could totally change the industry.

Mike tells us, "I’ve been having discussions with Ye about a potential collab between Yeezy brand and my team at Vixen Media Group. While it’s too early to give any details I’m excited about where Ye’s vision takes this."

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