'Joker' Fans Joking Up ... Odd Surge of Porn-Related Searches


Joaquin Phoenix is getting huge Oscar buzz for "Joker," but the movie's big opening weekend has some folks thinking about polishing a different kinda hardware.

For some reason, certain enthusiastic "Joker" fans decided to search for related content in the porn world. According to the good folks at Pornhub, they got a massive spike in such searches over the weekend ... just as director Todd Phillips' dark take on the Batman villain was breaking box office records.

According to Pornhub's metrics -- yes, they're tracking your fantasies -- there were more than 741,000 searches involving the word "joker" in the first 4 days following the film's release.

The biggest surge came Sunday when Pornhub saw 291,628 searches for a clown getting down.

Pornhub honchos tell us they've seen similar trends with comic book movies. For instance, when "Suicide Squad" dropped in 2016, it wasn't Jared Leto's version of the Joker that lit up adult film searches ... it was Joker's GF, Harley Quinn.

Bella Thorne I'm an Award Winner in Porn!!! Earns Directing Trophy


Bella Thorne is bringing home some hardware courtesy of Pornhub, which is honoring her for her debut in the adult industry ... as a director.

Pornhub honchos tell TMZ ... Bella is being recognized for her directing work on an adult film entitled, "Her & Him" ... and she'll receive the award next month at the 2nd Annual Pornhub Awards Show.

Bella's first foray into XXX directing features porn stars Abella Danger and Small Hands doing the dirty. The film's plot (yes, porn has those too) is about a guy who stumbles upon a surprise text in his girlfriend's phone ... which, SHOCKER, leads to a sexually charged encounter.


Interestingly, the porno includes music from Bella's ex, Mod Sun. Obviously, the collab went down before the former couple's nasty breakup.

Porn Star 'Bridget The Midget' Breaks Window, Berates Boyfriend ... Video Of Nasty Argument


Porn star Bridget Powers' short temper was on full display during the violent clash with her BF that got her arrested ... and TMZ got video of her smashing windows and cussing him out.

In this footage from outside Bridget's Las Vegas apartment, you see the little person adult actress screaming at her boyfriend. Her rage eventually boils over and she hurls a large object through the apartment's front window.

We broke the story ... cops say "Bridget The Midget" -- as she's known in the industry -- stabbed her BF, Jesse James, in the leg during their heated exchange, and she's been ordered to stay away from him.

Toward the end of the clip, cops show up on Bridget's doorstep, and you see her walking away from her residence with an officer. She was eventually placed in handcuffs and taken to jail.


You can hear more of the insults Bridget hurled in audio from the violent incident. At one point, she threatened, "I will f**k you up."

Bridget, who has performed in more than 50 adult films, was booked on charges of domestic battery with the use of a deadly weapon, assault with a deadly weapon and burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon ... all felonies.

49ers Nick Bosa Being Cougar-Hunted By Porn Star Richelle Ryan


Good news Nick Bosa ... a famous porn star wants to bang you!!!

The SF 49ers rookie sensation is being called out by adult film star Richelle Ryan -- who tells TMZ Sports, "He has a really nice butt."


Of course, porn stars and the 49ers seem to go hand in hand ... just ask QB Jimmy Garoppolo who famously took Kiara Mia on a date in Bev Hills back in 2018. Unfortunately, the relationship didn't last and Jimmy caught hell from prude critics who didn't approve of his lady friend.


As for Bosa, Ryan -- star of classics like "Seduced By a Cougar" -- tells us the 21-year-old ain't too young for her ... "I love 'em young. Young guys are fun. They have energy!"

Oh, and don't worry San Fran ... Ryan says she doesn't want to be a distraction or bring any negative energy toward the team.

"I promise I won't be the curse of the 49ers ... maybe I'll slide in his Instagram DMs."

Good luck, Nick.

Bosa and the 49ers are taking on the Bengals on Sunday in Cincinnati where Nick and his squad are looking to improve their record to 2-0.

Nick had a decent Week 1 performance, racking up 3 tackles and a sack against the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Porn Star Peter North Busted Twice for Domestic Violence Wife Gets Restraining Order


Peter North -- one of the biggest male performers in adult film history -- keeps getting arrested for beating the hell out of his wife, and now she's getting court ordered protection from him. 

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the porn legend was arrested TWICE for domestic violence -- first on June 5 and again on the 15th -- after cops say he roughed up his wife in their Newport Beach, CA home.

North's wife filed for a restraining order and according to the docs ... he tossed her into a wall, leaving her with a concussion in the most recent alleged attack. He was arrested, but released after his bail was set at $50k. 

She claims he attacked again 10 days later ... throwing her to the ground, choking her and slamming her head against the floor.  

Sadly, this is nothing new according to North's spouse, who claims she's been the victim of approximately 20 instances of domestic violence -- suffering concussions, broken bones, cuts, memory loss and ongoing emotional and physical trauma.   

A judge signed off on a temporary restraining order to keep North away from her. We've reached out to him, but he had no comment.

Champions League Finals Hot Streaker Plugs Russian Porn Site ... Security Gives Chase

2:56 PM PT -- Guess who else was watching the Champions League final ... Daniel Kaluuya!!! We got the 'Get Out' actor -- who's British, BTW -- outside of the Village Idiot on Melrose, where he was rocking an Arsenal jersey and quickly gave us his take on the game.


Check it out -- sounds like he was rooting for anything but a Tottenham win. Ya know he's gotta be happy right about now.

The Champions League Finals just wrapped -- and while there was a lot of action ... the highlight might've been a model who risked it all to plug her BF's porn site on the field.

The streaker is suspected to be model Kinsey Wolanski, who's dating Vitaly Zdorovetskiy -- a guy who set up a Russian porn site that the two of 'em must really be passionate about ... 'cause she ran out onto the pitch in the first half in a skimpy one-piece with his site plastered in front.

Security was quick to give her a chase and escort her off the field, but not before everyone got a glimpse of her body-hugging outfit and some revealing shots ... from the front and back.

Gotta say as far as in-game interruptions go ... we don't really mind this one so much. Oh, and congrats to Liverpool for beating the Spurs -- heck of a game.

Originally Published -- 2:25 PM PT

Amber Heard Fighting Revenge Porn's a Bitch ... Help Us Out, Uncle Sam!!!


Amber Heard has gone from Queen of the Sea to a real-life superhero ... fighting to make revenge porn a federal crime.

We got Amber out Wednesday afternoon on Capitol Hill where she was advocating for the SHIELD Act ... a bill that would make sharing nude pics or videos of a person without their consent a crime, punishable by up to 5 years in prison.

Amber, of course, experienced a similar nightmare back in 2014 when hackers posted a topless pic of Amber that was clearly a message to her then-fiance, Johnny Depp. Check out the clip ... Amber makes a passionate plea about why she's speaking up to put a stop to revenge porn.

Jada Pinkett Smith I Was A Porn Addict ... Before Big Willie

Red Table Talk

Jada Pinkett Smith is coming clean about one of her past addictions ... she says she couldn't stop watching PORN before starting a relationship with Will Smith.

Jada made the stunning revelation in Monday's "Red Table Talk" episode ... opening up about her "unhealthy relationship" with porn and saying she couldn't get enough adult videos when she was single and trying to practice abstinence.

The 47-year-old actress started talking porn with her daughter, Willow, and mother, Adrienne Banfield Norris, at the start of the show as they were all getting ready together backstage ... gotta be an awkward convo for any family.

Willow asks her momma if her porn fixation came from an emotional place ... and Jada says that's exactly what happened. Jada, who's been married to Will for almost 22 years, says she was feeling an emptiness when she got hooked on porn.

Monday's talk was about the effects of porn on relationships ... and Jada says she used to watch some hardcore videos she says were "profoundly disturbed."

Farrah Abraham I'm with Penthouse Magazine Now ... Tackling Feminist Authors!!!


Farrah Abraham's got a new side hustle for Penthouse that has her taking on some amazing women ... including Presidential hopeful, Sen. Kamala Harris.

Take a breath. Farrah's new gig is a fully-clothed one -- she's the new book critic for Penthouse magazine and specifically, she'll be tackling feminist literature. We're told the former 'Teen Mom'/porn star was brought on board 'cause the racy mag wants to see if traditional heroes of female empowerment connect with the "average all-American girl."

Yes, someone's referring to Farrah as the average girl back next door.

BTW, she's already got one review under her belt -- Joan Didion's 1968 book, "Slouching Towards Bethlehem." If you're not in the know ... Didion's an iconic American writer and journalist. She even has her own Netflix documentary.

Anyway, Farrah's got quite a hot take on Joan's breakthrough book -- a collection of essays about her adventures in Cali -- which got rave reviews back in the '60s.

We got some excerpts of Farrah's review and she goes IN, calling it ... "a great book for people who abuse substances every day." She adds, "Without ever feeling the need to grow up, these baby boomers drink their way through life. They only think about drinking and drugs."

Guess Farrah's never heard of the '60s -- but it's clear she's not afraid to speak her mind. She summed up Joan's work like this ... "Was Didion even trying when she wrote this junk?"

Penthouse digs her, anyway ... calling Farrah, "bravely brazen." Oh, and we're told her next review will be one of Senator Harris' books.

Happy Women's History Month!!!

Chris D'Elia on Stormy Daniels Slams Her Stand-Up Gig 'She Got F***ed and She'll Get F***ed'


Chris D'Elia says making a sex tape doesn't make you a porn star, so Stormy Daniels should take the same advice into her comedy career ... you're not a comedian just cuz you've got a stand-up gig.

We got Chris out Monday night at Craig's in WeHo and asked his thoughts on Stormy's upcoming comedy tour. For starters, Chris suggests she change her "comedy tour" to a "speaking tour," saying it ain't easy to be funny ... just ask Charlie Sheen.

ICYMI ... Stormy's got a couple shows later this month at the Joke Joint Comedy Club in Houston. Her management team reportedly reached out to the club with the idea and they agreed to give her the stage to work the crowd.

But, check out the clip -- Chris says Stormy's reasons for this stunt are obvious -- and they definitely involve dollar signs.

Bombs away!!!

6ix9ine, Blac Chyna & Lil Xan You'll Love Our Pornhub Album ... It's a V-Day Banger!!!


Welcome to Valentine's Day 2019 -- where Pornhub wants to help you get lucky by getting some of your favorite artists together on one album for one theme ... love, baby!!!

Pornhub is releasing a 6-track album in partnership with Create Music Group, which features hip-hop acts like Tekashi69, Blac Chyna, Lil Xan, PnB Rock, Asian Doll, 24hrs, MadeinTYO and DJ Akademiks (who raps, apparently) as Lil AK.

The album kicks off with a seductive prelude from BC, who goes into graphic detail about what she wants to do this Valentine's Day. Her "song" is aptly titled "Pornhub Valentine."

Pornhub Records/Create Music Group

Next up, we got 6ix9ine -- who seems to have cut this before getting busted by the feds. Gotta say, this is a different side to Tekashi that a lot of folks probably haven't heard before ... auto-tune croonin' to the tune of "LANES."

Pornhub Records/Create Music Group

Lil Xan shows up here, too, for a song called "Shake It," but his is a little more trappy-friendly (and basic, TBH) than Tekashi's. He's got two consistent lines ... "She a bad h**," and "Shake it, whoa." It's a little dizzying after a while -- that's just our take, though.

Pornhub Records/Create Music Group

Keep in mind, this just a sneak peek of what's on the rest of the album. And, if you're so inclined ... you could also get one-day of free access to Pornhub's premium service on Thursday, in addition to this little number.


Stormy Daniels Stripping Could Help Pay Trump Bill$ ... But She's Not Interested


1:20 PM PT -- Stormy's publicist tells us there's no deal. She's declining the offer from Scores.

Stormy Daniels might be going to a familiar place to find the cash to help pay off her massive legal debt ... because we've learned she's been offered a deal with a big-time strip club.

The honchos at Scores Gentlemen's Club tell TMZ ... they're sympathetic to Stormy's plight and are currently in talks with her reps to get the porn star in their clubs for upscale performances.

As you know, Stormy has been ordered to cough up about $293,000 for attorney's fees and another $1,000 in sanctions after her defamation suit against Donald Trump was dismissed by a federal judge.

Now, Scores is stepping in to provide Stormy with a revenue stream that's right up her ally ... we're told the clubs will charge a $30 entry fee on nights she performs, and they're offering Stormy 30 to 40 percent of the gate. The proposed deal is still being negotiated.

Sounds like Stormy could soon be barnstorming around the country, because Scores has locations in 11 cities, including Atlantic City, NYC and Vegas.

Originally Published 1:00 AM PT

Kiara Mia People Think I Ruined Garoppolo? ... 'I'm Flattered!'


Kiara Mia says there's no way in hell her date with Jimmy Garoppolo cursed the Niners QB ... but the porn star doesn't exactly mind the take, saying, "I'm flattered!"

Of course, Jimmy's season came to a catastrophic end just a few weeks after his famous night out with Kiara ... and some fans pegged her as the bad juju that caused his ACL tear.

But, Kiara says, for as much as she's honored that people think she has that kinda power -- she tells TMZ Sports it's just not possible.

"I'm impressed that people look at me as a God," Kiara says.

"Like, only God has the power to, like, control someone's journey in life. So, I'm flattered people think I have that much power in my life to control somebody's life!"


Kiara tells us she really hasn't been keeping up with Jimmy or his team -- we had to break the news to her that the Niners really suck -- but she says she's already moving on to a new squad.

"I'm Mexican and I'm from L.A., so I have to say the Raiders!"

Sooo ... Derek Carr, WYD???

U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge Trump Didn't Pay Stormy to Keep Affair from Melania ... She Knew His Game


President Trump didn't fork over hush money to Stormy Daniels to keep their sexual liaison from his wife, because Melania knows his "history" with women ... so says U.S. Rep. Marcia Fudge.

The Ohio congresswoman scoffed at the notion Trump might argue his motivation for the Stormy pact was saving his marriage. As for whether it was a cover-up for election purposes ... Fudge says it's not definitive one way or the other.

For the record ... Trump has denied all of the affairs alleged by women since he was elected.

Our camera guy misspoke and said a court of law will ultimately decide whether Trump broke the law ... that decision, at least for now, rests with Congress.

Stormy Daniels This Stripper Age Requirement is BS ... After Court Upholds LA Law


Stormy Daniels went back to her home state to protest a law setting minimum age requirements on strippers, which she calls an illegal attack on women and a bad precedent.

The former porn star was in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Sunday, standing in front of the steps to a courthouse, where she and a bunch of other protesters decried an appeals court's recent decision to uphold the controversial L.A. law after it was challenged by 3 women.

The bill was originally called SB 468, and it stated that strip clubs couldn't employ dancers under the age of 21 (aka no 18, 19 or 20-year-old strippers allowed). It got signed into law in 2016, but will be reinforced again this month ... which is why Stormy is pissed.

She definitely didn't miss the opportunity to bash the legislation, calling it "f***ing sexist" ... and claiming it targets female dancers and not males. We checked the language of the law, and while it doesn't flat out say it's aimed just at women, many have interpreted that way.

Check out Stormy's take on why the law isn't actually a good tool to help fight human trafficking -- like it was pushed as when first introduced -- and what folks should do about it.

Oh, and apparently it was pretty freakin' cold out there in Louisiana. Wait 'til the end ...

Mary Carey Doctor Hubby Arrested at LAX With Illegal Weapon


Ex-porn star Mary Carey's new husband got put into handcuffs for carrying a beating stick -- which might sound kinda kinky -- but get your head outta the gutter.

Dr. Joseph Brownfield was busted Monday night at LAX as he and Mary were going through TSA. We're told agents pulled the good doc aside when they noticed a potential weapon in his carry-on ... which turned out to be a collapsible baton.

Unfortunately for Dr. B., it's illegal in California to carry one of those if you aren't law enforcement or a licensed security guard. He was booked for misdemeanor control of a deadly weapon. He was released form jail after posting a $5,000 bond the next day.

Sources close to the newly hitched couple tell TMZ ... Mary and her Mister are in the middle of moving from Cali to Florida, and he sometimes carries the baton for protection.