Harry Jowsey I Have a Sex Tape That's Way Too Hot to Handle!!!


Harry Jowsey is about to get too hot to handle all over again -- assuming he actually releases a sex tape he says he has ... which is apparently intense AF.

The reality TV star broke down his potential plan to us, explaining ... yes, he does have an XXX home movie in his vault ... and yes, he's gunning to perhaps get it out to the public in the near future. BTW -- he tells us this thing is high-octane bangin'. 😳

As for why even do this ... seems the dude may want to cash in on his OnlyFans fame, and maybe even dabble in porn, if there's a market there for him -- and we're sure there is.

But now for an even more pressing question ... who the heck did he do the nasty with, and on-camera no less??? Watch -- Harry rules out one person right off the bat, noting it is NOT a fellow 'THTH' costar.

He does, however, give a hint ... which may not be all that shocking to some, considering these two have been spotted out and about together of late ... sparking dating rumors.

In any case, we'll just have to wait and see who the lucky lady actually is -- or if this thing will ever see the light of day to begin with. He does say it's a one-off that he wouldn't necessarily recreate, but something tells us he could be back for more if people eat it up.

Adult Film Star Renee Gracie I Quit Driving Race Cars For Porn ... And Have No Regrets!!


Renee Gracie is rakin' in the cash from OnlyFans and porn ... but that wasn't always the case for the adult film star -- telling TMZ Sports her former career as a race car driver was so toxic it forced her to quit the sport altogether.

We talked to the 26-year-old Australian about her time as a driver down under ... and why she transitioned to porn.

"I left for many reasons. It was a toxic environment. Difficult for a female obviously. I got treated differently than everybody else," Gracie says ... "It was just an extremely taxing environment and industry to be in unfortunately for my mental health."

Gracie's story is amazing. She used to be a driver for Paul Morris Motorsport racing team ... where she raced for several years. In 2017, she jumped to another team, Dragon Motor Sport.

Renee eventually left the sport but admits she was down on her luck for a while before turning to OnlyFans.

"I had a bad year in between where I wasn’t racing. I wasn’t racing. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I was lucky enough when I left racing my fan base actually grew. I had more people following me. I wasn’t controlled by managers and sponsors and stuff."

Despite the stressful experience as a racer, Gracie tells us there are certain aspects she misses, saying "I really miss that exhilarating pressure and the push to always be better. That’s why I started racing."

But, despite sometimes pining for the speed and competition ... the adult film star says she's absolutely confident she made the right career decision.

And we bet there are a whole lot of fans out there who agree.

Maitland Ward I'm Blaming Billie's Parents ... For Bad Porn Experience


Maitland Ward would like a word with Billie Eilish's parents ... blaming the adults in the house for the singer's adult sex life being ruined by watching porn as a kid.

We got the former "Boy Meets World" star-turned porn star in Bev Hills and asked about Billie's bad experience with "violent" porn, which she says she started watching when she was only 11.

Maitland says the real issue here isn't pornography ... the problem, she says, is Billie's parents not staying on top of what their daughter was watching.


Remember ... retired XXX star Randy Spears says Billie is right about the lasting impact porn can have on a developing brain ... because the images are too much for kids to process.

The Howard Stern Show/SiriusXM

As we reported ... Billie says her early introduction to porn caused her to have bad experiences when she first started having sex ... she now calls porn "a disgrace."

Maitland begs to differ, saying everyone has bad sex the first couple of tries, so you can't blame porn.

It's an interesting conversation ... Maitland's confident the porn industry will weather the Billie storm.

Billie Eilish Retired Porn Star Defends Her ... Brave for Speaking Out!!!

Billie Eilish is brave for speaking out about how watching porn as a kid hurt her adult sex life ... at least according to a retired XXX star, who says she's on to something and young people should pay attention.

Randy Spears, who starred in and directed adult movies for decades tells TMZ ... Billie is absolutely right about the damage porn can inflict on the developing brain.


The way Randy sees it ... pornographic images and movies are way too much for children to understand, and he agrees with Billie that such experiences can have lasting negative effects.

The Howard Stern Show/SiriusXM

As we reported ... Billie says she was just 11 years old when she started watching "violent" porn and she thinks it caused her to have nightmares, sleep paralysis and bedroom troubles when she started having sex as she grew older.

Randy is applauding Billie for publicly raising the topic. The reality is kids can be exposed to porn so easily now -- with smartphones and tablets -- and he tells us why the singer could be a beacon for young folks wrestling with the same issues she did.

Ron Jeremy Indicted For Rape, Sexual Assault ... Over 30 Charges, 21 Victims

Ron Jeremy has just been indicted on a slew of sexual assault and rape charges ... and prosecutors say there are now a staggering 21 alleged victims.

The famous porn star is now facing more than 30 sexual assault counts for alleged incidents dating back more than 20 years ... according to an announcement Wednesday from Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón.

Prosecutors say a grand jury returned the indictment Thursday and it's just now been unsealed.

Jeremy pleaded not guilty Wednesday to 12 counts of forcible rape, 7 counts of forcible oral copulation, 6 counts of sexual battery by restraint, 4 counts of sexual penetration by a foreign object, 2 counts of sexual penetration of an unconscious or asleep person and 1 count each of sodomy by the use of force, assault with intent to commit rape and lewd act upon a child under the age of 14 or 15.

Prosecutors are accusing Jeremy of sexually assaulting 21 women during a 23-year period dating all the way back to 1996 ... with the alleged victims ranging from 15 to 51.

Among the allegations, prosecutors say Jeremy stands accused of raping a 19-year-old woman during a photoshoot in the San Fernando Valley back in October 1996, raping a 26-year-old woman at a nightclub in 2000, and raping a 17-year-old girl at a home in Woodland Hills in 2008.

Jeremy's also accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in June 2004, a 38-year-old woman at a West Hollywood bar in January 2013 and a young woman at a strip club in the City of Industry sometime between 2002 and 2003.

Maitland Ward OnlyFans' Porn Ban a 'Cowardly' Move!!! They're Gonna Regret It


Maitland Ward's railing on OnlyFans for "cowardly" banning porn from its platform, but despite the impending move, she's still raking it in big time.

We got Maitland leaving The Maybourne Hotel in Bev. Hills Tuesday and she told us business is booming -- she's been making six figures a month since the subscription-based platform announced it's banning sexually explicit content October 1.

Fact is ... Maitland says her subscribers are willing to support her and others in her situation who are now wondering what they'll do to supplement the bulk of their income.

Maitland's advice ... stay put. She says while folks in situations like hers are exploring alternatives, the only move to make right now is ... don't.

Maitland's pissed at OnlyFans ... calling them cowards for caving to pressure from banking partners and payout providers. She, like many others, can't fathom how OnlyFans is now punting sex workers out of the platform built on their backs. Maitland is convinced ... OnlyFans will regret the move ... big time.

Goes without saying ... she's also got strong feelings about the financial institutions that basically forced OnlyFans' hands.

OnlyFans Star Courtney Tillia Porn Ban Sucks, But ... Ex-Teacher Won't Go Back to School


Courtney Tillia -- a former teacher-turned-OnlyFans star -- is expecting to take a financial hit when the platform bans porn in about a month, but even as a last resort, she won't go back to schooling kids.

Courtney tells TMZ ... she's befuddled the company that built its subscription-based success on the back of sex workers is now hanging them out to dry by removing porn on October 1.

In her short time on OnlyFans, the former special education teacher tells us she's earned a high 6-figure salary, raking in between $20k and $100k per month with around 18,000 subscribers.

Courtney says she's confused about what exactly will be banned, but she's sure it'll be bad news for her and other OnlyFans entrepreneurs like herself ... who make big money selling naked photos and porn.

She tells us money used to be tight when she was a teacher, but now she's been able to do much more than just make ends meet -- she's bought new cars, a new home and traveled extensively.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Courtney tells us she has other sources of income -- like her life coaching biz -- but isn't afraid to admit OnlyFans was the bulk of her income. That being said, she's dead set against returning to a classroom.

So, what's next? Courtney says she's got about a month to figure it out, but the clock's ticking ... for her and thousands in the same shoes.

'No Jumper' Host Adam 22 OF Nixing Porn is So 'Mainstream' ... NBD, We'll Go Elsewhere!!!


OnlyFans banning hardcore content will bite 'em in the ass, 'cause it's a tell-tale sign of selling out ... so says a guy whose porn star fiancee cleaned up there once upon a time.

We got "No Jumper" podcaster/host Adam22 Friday in L.A. and asked for his thoughts on OF nixing explicit material going forward ... something his baby mama, Lena the Plug, was posting on her own page in recent months -- and who often features Adam in her shoots.

Adam says it's a shame OnlyFans is getting rid of their best feature ... he seems to think it might be the end of the platform as it once was -- while also speculating that another competitor can swoop in right now and pick up all the creators who might jump ship.

The dude also tells us it's a mainstream move to bow to their corporate partners ... calling it exploitative to have built a rep on sex content, but then turn it off on a dime when they feel pressure from up high.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He calls it soaking in the clout, only to pull the rug out from under-sex workers ... which he considers screwed up, to say the least. Bottom line -- Adam thinks OF will become just like any other premium content platform now ... like Patreon or any number of sites like it. And, he suggests that he and Lena (plus thousands of others) might take their business elsewhere.

Now, we should make a point of clarification -- because while straight banging won't be allowed on OF anymore ... it seems people can still get naked on there if they so please.

The updated terms are out, and it seems like OF will still cater to cam-girl/boy stuff ... but as soon as it starts getting too graphic (below the belt), that's where they're gonna cut ya off.

Mary Carey Pulls Out of CA Governor Race ... Deck Stacked Against Me!!!


Mary Carey's got a case of politico interruptus -- she's bailing on her latest attempt to become California's governor, and the ex-porn star's blaming the current Gov for screwing her.

Now-former candidate Carey tells TMZ ... she just didn't have enough time to get her affairs in order to officially enter the race ... something she feels was impossible because Gavin Newsom shortened the deadlines for recall candidates to complete their paperwork.

Mary says she only had 2 weeks to gather her docs -- including 5 years of tax returns -- and she says it just wasn't feasible, and she told us why she thinks Newsom wants to rush the recall election.

As we first told you ... Mary planned to hit up strip clubs across California, gathering voter signatures for her M.I.L.F. campaign, a grassroots movement short for Moderates and Independents for Liberation and Freedom.

Now that she's pulling out, Mary says the recall won't have a happy ending -- for her or Californians -- but she'll still be going to gentleman's clubs to spread her message.

Josh Duggar Child Porn Case Granted Jail Release Pending Trial ... But He Can't Live at Home

4:22 PM PT -- Josh is getting released from jail pending trial in his child porn case, but he's not going home. The judge agrees Josh is not a flight risk, but says Duggar will not be sent to his residence.

The US Attorney's Office for the Western District of Arkansas tells TMZ ... the judge turned Josh over to third-party custodians and Duggar will be fashioned with a GPS ankle monitor.

We're told Josh can't have any contact with minors or possess any internet devices, but he can visit with his own minor children as long as their mother is there.

Josh Duggar's friends and family told law enforcement he's dealing with a porn addiction ... according to the feds, who claim his computer was chock full of disturbing images.

The "19 Kids and Counting" star appeared over Zoom for a court hearing Wednesday in his child pornography case. During the hearing, an agent from the Dept. of Homeland Security said Josh's computer had more than 200 images involving naked minors and child sex abuse material. The agent said some of the children were as young as 5.

The feds say witnesses, including friends and family, brought up Josh's alleged addiction to porn in interviews with law enforcement.

However, Josh's defense asked the agent if there's evidence Duggar had looked at the alleged images, and the agent said he hadn't "directly" seen Josh checking out child porn.

TMZ broke the story ... Josh was hit with charges of receiving and possessing child porn following last month's arrest by federal agents in Arkansas. He's pled not guilty.

In Wednesday's court hearing, the feds claimed authorities identified a computer with videos and photos of child porn in May 2019 -- a few months later they claim they connected Josh to the computer using the IP address.

Remember, the Springdale, Arkansas car dealership where Josh works was raided by the feds in November 2019.

DHS agents seized a computer from Josh's office, plus his iPhone and a MacBook from inside an RV during that raid, and the feds say child porn was on the HP computer.

Josh, who is facing up to 20 years behind bars and fines of up to $250k on each count, wants to be released from jail, on bond, pending a trial ... claiming he's too famous to be a flight risk. The judge has yet to rule on that request.

Originally Published -- 2:27 PM PT

Larry Flynt Strippers & Booze for Wild Sendoff!!!

Larry Flynt's "Celebration of Life" will amount to one big happy ending -- a fitting homegoing for the man who built a porn empire.

Flynt's famed Hustler Club in Las Vegas is planning to honor its founder with one helluva sendoff next weekend that will mirror Larry's lifestyle. The club's popular dance group, "Sexxy After Dark," will perform during the ceremony.

There will also be an on-stage memorial presentation followed by a rooftop balloon release. We're told bartenders will be serving up a signature vodka drink called the Flynt Goldfinger.

The good news? You're all invited!!! Well, if you're at least 21, it's open to the public. Tickets start at $50 and maximum party size is 4. Social distancing and other COVID-19 regulations will be enforced too.

TMZ broke the story ... Flynt, who launched Hustler magazine in 1974, died Wednesday in L.A. from heart failure -- but no better place to toast him than Sin City

Giuliani's 'Four Seasons' Presser Porn Shop Next Door is Pissed ... You Cost Us Good $$$!!!

Rudy Giuliani's impromptu Philly news conference at the Four Seasons -- the landscaping company, not the hotel -- gave an adjacent sex shop a raw deal ... and it's none too pleased.

An employee named Jacob at Fantasy Island Book Store -- an adult entertainment shop a couple of buildings over from Four Seasons -- tells TMZ ... Giuliani's Saturday event cost him and his partners some good cash.

He says they opened at 9 AM and by 10:30 AM, their parking lot was swarmed by Giuliani and his posse ... plus all the media/security tagging along to see what he was going to say about President Trump and the election.

With all the hubbub and cameras, Jacob says customers were spooked and couldn't get to Fantasy Island's front door.

Right Side Broadcasting Network

He says they didn't get any warning about Rudy's plans, and it sounds like Four Seasons wasn't given notice either ... although it's reaped some benefit, selling out merchandise after becoming Giuliani's backdrop.

No such luck for Fantasy Island.

Jacob says all they got was a flood of phone calls from reporters asking if Giuliani swung by the adult store. That's a "no" ... BTW.

He adds ... a check from Giuliani for a few hundred bucks would make things right. Let's just hope he's not holding his breath for that.

Joe Biden Possible Assassination Plot ... By N.C. Man Arrested with Guns, Explosives

A North Carolina man may have been plotting the assassination of Joe Biden and showed an alarming fascination with domestic terrorism ... this according to the FBI.

The feds filed legal docs detailing why Alexander Hillel Treisman -- who was originally arrested back in May on child pornography charges -- should remain locked up pending trial. Among the reasons the FBI wants to keep him behind bars ... a possible plot to assassinate the Democratic Presidential nominee.

The feds claim Treisman posted a meme on social media -- asking if he should kill Biden. The feds say he had planned on traveling to a Wendy's that's 4 miles from Biden's home. The feds claim they also found a checklist that ended with the word "execute."

And, then there's this ... in docs, obtained by TMZ, the feds say back in May they found Treisman's van filled with guns and explosives ... from an AR-15 style rifle and a Taurus .380 caliber handgun to a canister of the explosive material Tannerite. What's more ... the feds say Treisman had $509k in U.S. currency, books about survival and bomb-making and drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings.

The feds also say they uncovered driver's licenses from 3 different states. According to docs ... Treisman's Internet searches between March and May 2020 also included information about Biden's home address and night-vision goggles, among other things.

And, if that's not terrifying enough ... the feds allege they found an October 2019 note created on Treisman's Samsung cell phone about a plan to carry out a mass shooting at a mall food court on Christmas Day or Black Friday.

The feds filed the order as reasons why Treisman should remain behind bars pending his trial on child pornography charges.

'Love Island' Noah Purvis Porn Past Bites Him in the ... Confirms Why He's Off the Show


"Love Island" cast member Noah Purvis was suddenly no longer a resident, and it's because of some of his old racy videos and photos ... he confirms with TMZ.

The rumors began to swirl when viewers noticed Noah was absent from the villa a couple weeks back, and CBS later addressed it, claiming he "provided false information on his application ... which violates his contestant agreement."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Noah explains the situation in more detail though, telling us the producers informed him they learned about an alias he used in the past while shooting adult videos and photos ... and at that point, he knew he was screwed.

Noah says he'd forgotten about the porn and even told producers he was promised it would never surface, but it did ... and "Love Island" didn't love it and gave him the ax.

As for why he chose to dabble in porn ... Noah says it was mostly for the money, but he also hoped it would gain him some exposure with producers.

Ironically it did ... but not in the way he hoped.

'90 Day Fiance' Larissa Lima I'm Done with '90DF' Franchise for Good CamSoda Was Last Straw!!!

Larissa Lima says she's out of the '90 Day Fiance' universe for good -- but it's not because she wanted to leave ... it sounds like she's accusing the network of giving her the boot.

The Brazilian reality star made the announcement Saturday, which seemed to tie up a rocky week-and-a-half-plus she and her current boyfriend, Eric, have gone through ... ever since she raised a boatload of cash with a camgirl sesh, with a Kylie-esque makeover to show off.

Of course, shortly after that good fortune ... Larissa and Eric tried getting outta Dodge for the Rocky Mountains -- they said they were leaving Las Vegas and moving to Colorado Springs, presumably to start fresh. Their plans for '90 Day' were a bit unclear at the time.

Now, they're crystal clear ... because Larissa says she's out, and supposedly -- it's because TLC, which airs the series as well as its spinoffs, released her from her contract.

Larissa writes, "Dear Friends and Followers, I want to make a statement for you, I am no longer a cast member of the show '90 Day Fiance.'" She goes on to say, "Because of my show with CamSoda, I was released from my contract with TLC by phone the day before ICE arrested me." Larissa says she'll continue producing her own content on her own platforms.

As we reported ... Larissa dropped a small fortune -- upwards of $72k -- for a handful of cosmetic surgeries, all with the goal of looking as close to Kylie Jenner as possible. It would appear the investment paid off -- because we've heard her cam show raked in more than $100k for the one hour it was on. Assuming Larissa received anywhere north of half of that in her agreement with the porn company, she likely made her money back, and maybe some.

That might all be for naught, however, because we also learned ICE might be gunning to deport her after her brief detainment a week ago.

Welp ... hopefully, '90 Day' wasn't the end-all, be-all for her. We've reached out to TLC to confirm Larissa's account ... so far, no word back.

Netflix 'Cheer' Star Jerry Harris Arrested for Child Porn

2:48 PM PT -- Honchos at Netflix tell TMZ ... the company is "shocked" by the allegations against Jerry and "any abuse of minors is a terrible crime and we respect the legal process."

1:27 PM PT -- Harris has been ordered to be detained until his next court hearing on Monday ... Fitzpatrick tells TMZ. He was not required to enter a plea at his Thursday hearing.

Jerry Harris -- one of the stars of Netflix's cheerleading docuseries "Cheer" -- has been arrested for child pornography.

Jerry was arrested Thursday morning in Illinois and is being hit with a charge of production of child pornography ... according to Assistant U.S. Attorney, Joseph D. Fitzpatrick.

As we reported ... Harris was under investigation by the FBI for allegedly soliciting minors for sex back in May 2019. However, according to the criminal complaint, we're told he's been arrested because he allegedly asked teens for photos, which they sent to him.

According to the feds … the parent of 2 male children, both 14, claims Harris had contacted both of the boys online and “repeatedly solicited child pornography images and videos.” Harris allegedly began contacting the boys in December 2018.

The minors provided law enforcement with multiple screenshots of communications with Harris via Snapchat and text messages, along with evidence of apparent FaceTime calls with Harris.

According to the complaint, Harris was 19 at the time and the boys were 13.

The feds allege Harris also attempted to solicit sex with the boys on multiple occasions, including at cheerleading events.

The criminal complaint says Harris was interviewed on September 14 and admitted to engaging in continuous social media conversations with the minors that were sexual in nature, attempting to entice them into performing sex acts with him in person, and to soliciting and receiving child pornography on Snapchat from at least between 10 to 15 other individuals he knew were minors.

On top of that, Jerry's 2 alleged victims have sued him ... claiming he groomed them into sending the nude photos -- and they also claim he demanded sexual acts.

Jerry is scheduled to appear in federal court in Chicago Thursday afternoon for the child porn charge.

Originally published -- 10:54 AM PT

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