'BACHELOR' STAR DEMARIO JACKSON I'm Losing Brand Deals, Money ... Over Sexual Assault Suit


DeMario Jackson, a former "Bachelor in Paradise" contestant, says the rape allegations against him are costing him six figures in brand deals ... and he's vowing to clear his name.

The reality TV star tells TMZ ... the day after he was sued for sexual assault by two women, he lost 10 deals worth $25,000 ... with brands he's worked with for years quickly severing ties.

DeMario straight up says it "sucks" to be dealing with another sex scandal -- back in 2017 'BIP' production shut down after he and Corinne Olympios hooked up in a swimming pool -- and he says his life's been a living hell since the lawsuit.

DJ tells us he feels like it's his 2017 nightmare all over again ... saying he hasn't been able to sleep and feels trapped in his home.

TMZ broke the story ... DeMario was sued Tuesday by two different women, who claim they went on dates with him that both ended with DeMario forcing them into nonconsensual sex.


DeMario's attorney, Walter Mosley Jr., says LAPD already investigated the alleged incidents and the investigations did not lead to criminal charges ... and he says DJ has evidence that will exonerate him in court.

For his part, DeMario claims he maintained a good relationship with his accusers over the years -- he says they even had plans to meet up the day after they went to the police with their allegations. His attorney characterizes the suit as a shakedown.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

DeMario's social media accounts are littered with paid partnership posts, but he's not spilling the beans on which brands are ducking for cover ... and he says his day job in staffing/recruiting is now looking dicey.

Adam Levine Will Perform with M5 in Vegas ... Despite DM Scandal

Adam Levine isn't putting down the mic while he's in hot water over a DM mess -- he's still stepping into the spotlight on stage ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us ... the singer is still scheduled to perform early next month with his band, Maroon 5, at The Shaquille O'Neal Foundation's annual fundraising gala, "The Event" in Vegas.

The gig is set to go down Oct. 1 at the MGM Grand, and we're told the show will go on -- even now, with Adam's relationship status in the headlines amid a DM scandal. Our sources tell us there will be no red carpet at the event, similar to last year, so Adam won't be grilled by reporters.

Not just that, but our sources tell us Adam is also going to forge ahead with other professional commitments he's already made -- and that would seem to include his M5 world tour, with stops all over Asia through the end of the year, as well as one final NYE show in Palm Springs.

It's interesting, considering the drama has now ballooned even beyond what was originally alleged. It all started with one woman claiming she had an affair with Adam, which he denied. She offered up DMs suggesting he wanted to name his unborn kid after her.

TikTok / @sumnerstroh

Although Adam denied being physically involved, he did cop to sending flirtatious messages and also expressed regret, while noting he's working it out with his wife, Behati Prinsloo.

More women have come forward with claims he was DM'ing them as well -- including some famous ladies alleging he attempted to DM them.

Tik Tok/@alysonrosef/Instagram/@mvrykv_

Adam and Behati were photographed together this week, but it's unclear where things stand between them.

At any rate, AL's plowing ahead with his frontman duties.


Montrezl Harrell Police Video NBAer Talked LaMelo Ball, Free Agency With Cops ... During Weed Stop


Montrezl Harrell chopped it up with cops for over half an hour about all kinds of NBA topics during his weed stop in May -- including LaMelo Ball and free agency -- and the entire conversation was captured on police video, obtained by TMZ Sports.

The traffic-stop-turned-round-ball-talk all happened in Richmond, Kentucky on May 12 ... after Kentucky State Police pulled over Harrell and his friend in a 2020 Honda Pilot after cops say they were following another car too closely on the road.

During the stop, cops said they smelled an odor of marijuana coming from the ride -- so they detained the basketball player and his friend to check everything out.

While probing the car and asking questions, video shows cops at the scene found out Harrell was an NBA player -- and then wanted to get all kinds of Association scoop from the former Hornets power forward.

At one point, a cop needed to know Harrell's opinion of Ball -- his famous teammate in Charlotte.

"How's LaMelo?" the cop asked.

"He's a cool person," Harrell responded. "I mean, regular kid. At the end of the day, people got to understand he's a kid."

The cop later told Harrell, "I think his dad messed him up."

Cops eventually got Harrell out of the car -- and claim they then found three pounds of marijuana in vacuum-sealed bags in a backpack in the back seat of the ride.

"Damn," Harrell said on the video. "Didn't know that was in there."

But the cops were calm with Harrell and his friend -- even at one point saying in the footage, "We are not the weed police."

As they continued to search the car -- the cops peppered Harrell with NBA questions ... asking him about the playoffs, his former teammates, "the biggest prick in the" league, and "the best big guy you ever had to play against."

At one point, Harrell was asked who had the worst facilities in the league -- and he said Philadelphia ... which was ironic, considering he went on to sign as a free agent with the 76ers earlier this month.

Eventually, cops issued a citation to Harrell and the other man, before letting them go.

Video shows one of the cops ultimately took the weed they found in Harrell's vehicle and put it into a squad car.

Harrell was charged with trafficking less than five pounds of marijuana -- a Class D felony -- over the stop ... but he cut a plea with prosecutors last month to close out the case.

As we reported, Harrell agreed to enter a guilty plea to a reduced charge of simple marijuana possession. In exchange, Harrell -- according to his attorney, Drew Findling -- received a conditional discharge at the end of 12 months.

Nicole Brown Simpson Sister Calls Out Chris Rock ... Lame Joke, Do Better

Chris Rock invoking the late Nicole Brown Simpson didn't land with the public, and it's definitely not landing with her family either -- 'cause he's getting dragged by them.

Tanya Brown, Nicole's sister, tells TMZ ... CR's crack wasn't just unfunny, it literally doesn't make sense. She says equating getting slapped at the Oscars to a gruesome double homicide is apples to oranges -- so, she thinks it's lacking in logic and a basic connection.

With that said, Tanya tells us his attempt at humor was distasteful to say the least, and offensive to the extended family ... especially since she believes it was totally gratuitous.

What TS wants Chris -- and anyone else who might want to invoke Nicole's murder in their bit -- to know is this ... there are still surviving family members who are still dealing with her loss to this day, and this type of stuff hits close to home and hurts people.


Tanya says she thinks Chris could've used any other analogy to make his point ... and didn't have to punch down to something that doesn't even relate -- coming off as tacky as a result. She believes comedians should be held accountable for what they say, including Chris.

Well, one could argue that's happening right now ... CR is certainly being called out by a lot of people online, who also thought the joke was cringe-worthy.

Some are so outraged by him name-dropping Nicole and likening her tragic situation to his ... that a select few are even suggesting maybe he deserved getting smacked by Will Smith. Remember, he said him going back to host the Oscars would be like NBS going back to the restaurant she was at before being killed to get her eyeglasses. Indeed ... grimace territory.

Tanya isn't going that far ... but she does agree, this was a complete misfire on his end.

Jon Gruden I Want To Coach In The NFL Again!! My Emails Were 'Shameful'

Jon Gruden says he still wants another NFL coaching gig -- despite being forced out of his Las Vegas Raiders job amid allegations he fired off emails containing racist language.

Gruden -- who spent two seasons at the helm with the Raiders -- said during an interview at the Little Rock Touchdown Club on Tuesday that he takes accountability for the email scandal that sullied his reputation and cost him his job.

"I'm ashamed about what has come about in these emails, and I'll make no excuses for it," Gruden said. "It's shameful, but I am a good person. I believe that. I go to church, I've been married for 31 years, [I] got three great boys."

"I still love football. I've made mistakes, but I don't think anybody in here hasn't, and I just ask for forgiveness, and hopefully, I get another shot."

In October, The Wall Street Journal reported Gruden sent an email to then-Washington Football Team exec Bruce Allen, commenting on NFLPA director DeMaurice Smith.

"Dumboriss Smith has lips the size of Michelin tires," Gruden wrote, according to the report.

Gruden became embroiled in even more controversy -- The New York Times reported he referred to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in emails as a "f*****" and "clueless anti-football p****."

Las Vegas Raiders

Jon apologized for sending the email about Smith's lips -- calling the comment "horrible" and insisting he "doesn't have an ounce of racism in me."

Shortly after, Gruden resigned as coach, saying ... "I love the Raiders and do not want to be a distraction. Thank you to all the players, coaches, staff, and fans of Raider Nation."

"I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt anyone."

The former Tampa Bay Bucs coach -- who won a Super Bowl with the team in 2003 -- expressed remorse and is passionate about someday coaching in the NFL again.

But, is it enough of an apology?? We'll see.

Cops: Marshawn Lynch Crashed Lambo In Las Vegas ... 6 Months Before DUI Arrest

Six months before he was arrested for DUI, Marshawn Lynch had another troubling incident on the roads of Las Vegas ... crashing his pricey Lambo at around 4 a.m. -- this according to cops.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Dept. officers said in police documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, that Lynch was driving a 2014 white Lamborghini Aventador on Feb. 22 when he struck a curb and eventually came to a stop in a landscape area.

Officers say in the docs a man claiming to be Lynch's cousin initially took responsibility for the crash at the scene. They claim the man told them he tried to make a U-turn and "lost it."

Cops, though, didn't seem to buy the story. They said in the docs they had seen a black van pull up to the scene and pick someone up from the disabled Lamborghini -- and when they asked the man about it, they say he told them, "No I came in the van."

They say the man "then changed his story to say the van came to pick up a passenger that was in the car."

Cops say they issued the man citations -- but they later voided them when they say they proved he was not the driver of the car.

Eventually, according to the docs, cops say they were able to get in contact with Lynch -- who came to the traffic bureau on Feb. 25 for an interview about the crash. The report states Lynch "took full responsibility for the collision" and blamed the wreck on being "unfamiliar with the area due to being a new resident."

Cops said in the documents when they asked Lynch why he left the scene, he told them people began to show up and video him and he didn't want to be filmed. Cops say Lynch told them he did not know the man claiming to be his cousin had attempted to take responsibility for the crash initially.

8 News obtained police video from the scene, and in it, you can see the Lamborghini was a complete mess.

Lynch was eventually cited over the crash, and court records show he cut a plea deal with prosecutors in April to close out the case. Records show he was ordered to pay $750 in fines and fees.

Lynch's attorneys, Richard Schonfeld and David Chesnoff, told 8 News "this is a non-story" ... adding, "Marshawn addressed this matter many months ago and was found responsible for a parking violation."


Lynch was later arrested in Vegas on Aug. 9, after cops say they found him asleep at the wheel of a banged-up 2020 Shelby GT500 near the strip. Officers say they smelled booze on him -- and after they claim he was uncooperative -- they arrested him and booked him on several charges, including DUI.

That case remains ongoing.

NFL's Marquise 'Hollywood' Brown Ticketed For Speeding Weeks Before Arrest ... Records Show

Marquise "Hollywood" Brown apparently has a need for speed ... 'cause TMZ Sports has learned the Cardinals star was ticketed for going 71 MPH in a 50 zone just weeks before he was arrested for allegedly going 126 MPH in a 65.

According to court documents, cops say Brown went roughly 21 MPH over the speed limit in a black Mercedes on June 9 in Maricopa County, Ariz. He was issued a ticket for the offense on July 11.

Per the docs, Brown is facing a fine of $350. Records show he's due in court for a hearing on the matter in October.

Of course, Brown was arrested back on Aug. 3 -- less than a month after his initial speeding ticket arrived in the mail -- following accusations that he went 61 MPH over the speed limit in a white Mercedes in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Records show he's due in court for a hearing in that case next month.

Brown apologized for the recent arrest earlier this week, vowing to be better going forward -- but he made no note of the earlier ticket in his chat with reporters.

Arizona Cardinals

As for his head coach, Kliff Kingsbury, he said following Brown's arrest that he was disappointed in his receiver ... adding, "he knows he's got to be better than that."

Brown and the Cardinals will kick off their first game of the season in Arizona on Sept. 11 against the Chiefs.

Ex-Cleveland GM Michael Lombardi Hey, Browns ... Get Jimmy G & 'Save Your Season!!!'


Deshaun Watson out ... Jimmy Garoppolo in?!

If Michael Lombardi was still the general manager in Cleveland ... he tells TMZ Sports that's exactly the move he'd make following Watson's newly announced 11-game suspension.

Lombardi, who was the GM in Berea, Ohio for one season back in 2013, said because of the new length of Watson's ban ... he isn't sure the QB will be ready for game action for at least a few weeks after his suspension concludes.

So, he tells us his solution to the problem is simple -- go trade for Jimmy G.

"I know this is a little bit of a disruption," Lombardi said, "but you can go get Garoppolo and save your season."

Browns execs say the move isn't happening -- they're content to have Jacoby Brissett fill in for Watson for the next few months -- but Lombardi clearly believes that's a mistake.

"The offense being run in Cleveland is the same terminology as the offense in San Francisco," Lombardi said. "Garoppolo could walk into Cleveland tomorrow, and within about a week he would be able to execute their offense."

With Garoppolo set to become a free agent at the end of the year -- Lombardi described the move as a "no-lose situation."

"Look," he said, "this notion that Deshaun is just going to come back in Week 12 and all of the sudden magically score, throw four touchdown passes and dominate the NFL, that's unrealistic. That's not even remotely accurate."

Season starts in just a couple weeks ... could a trade actually go down? Stay tuned.

Cardinals WR Marquise Brown My Arrest Was 'Very Disappointing' ... 'I Want To Learn From It'

Arizona Cardinals

Cardinals wide receiver Marquise "Hollywood" Brown spoke about his speeding arrest for the first time on Wednesday ... saying it was a mistake he wants to learn from and vowing to be better moving forward.

The 25-year-old -- who was acquired in the offseason from the Baltimore Ravens -- was asked at Wednesday's practice if he had a message for his teammates following his arrest earlier this month, when he was allegedly driving 126 MPH in a 65 zone.

"I want to learn from it," Brown said. "I'm not a guy who gets into trouble, so I want to put in my past and make sure I'm always doing the right things at all times."

Brown says he wasn't late to practice the morning he was speeding, but he did call his decision that day "very disappointing" ... adding that he feels a responsibility to conduct himself in a better manner because the younger generation looks up to him.

"I have a lot of kids that look up to me, so I want to set the right example at all times," Brown said.

As we previously reported, Brown missed his team's training camp practice two weeks ago because he was arrested for criminal speeding.

The Cardinals addressed the arrest at the time, saying "We are aware of the situation regarding Hollywood Brown and have reported it to the NFL office as required. We will comment further as appropriate."

Kliff Kingsbury also addressed the arrest ... saying Brown has "got to be better."

Brown has been nursing a hamstring injury all offseason, so this was his first full week of practice.

Brown's Cards play his former team, the Ravens, in Week 2 of the preseason.

Rick Ross Company Hit w/ Huge Fines Labor Violations at Wingstop Locations


1:00 PM PT -- 8/17 -- Rick addressed the drama on his Instagram, saying he'll use the mistake as a time to learn and to make improvements ... then he put on some music and took a sip of booze, doesn't appear the Boss is all that worried, and things will sort themselves out.

Instagram / @richforever

Rick Ross and his family are under fire in Mississippi for allegedly skimming money from the wages of their Wingstop workers -- and now they've been hit with fines.

The U.S. Department of Labor says they hit Boss Wings Enterprises LLC -- Rick Ross's company -- with a $114,427 fine for back wages and other penalties after the agency determined their franchises were violating labor laws.

Unclear what period of time this covers exactly, but the DOL claims that after an investigation into 5 locations -- all owned and operated by Boss Wings -- they found many of the employees were taking home less than $7.25/hour after factoring in all the deductions --  a big no-no under the minimum wage laws on the books.

The reason ... DOL alleges the owners of these specific franchises were forcing workers to pay for uniforms, basic safety training, background checks and cash register shortages.

The department also claims the bosses at these 5 restaurants were, in many instances, working their employees to the bone ... making them work overtime without properly compensating them and not keeping clean time records on hand.

Not just this, but DOL claims they found one instance when a 15-year-old employee worked past 10 PM several times in June 2021 -- which the agency claims ran afoul of a law prohibiting workers that young from working past 7 PM.

All in all, the DOL hit Boss Wings with $51,674 in back wages/damages for 244 workers -- and additional fines of nearly $63,000.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

A labor official says, "Restaurant industry employees work hard, often for low wages, and many depend on every dollar earned to make ends meet. The law prevents Boss Wing Enterprises LLC from shifting operating costs to workers by deducting the costs of uniforms, cash register shortages or training expenses, or to allow a worker’s pay to fall below the minimum wage rate."

Rick has been growing his Wingstop empire for years now, and even recently gifted his teenage daughter her own franchise. His sister, Tawanda, is listed as the registered agent of Boss Wings. We've reached out to her and Rick for comment ... so far, no word back.

Deshaun Watson 'Truly Sorry To All The Women' Amid NFL's Sexual Misconduct Investigation

Cleveland Browns

Deshaun Watson is showing regret for his actions as his NFL future remains in limbo ... saying he's "truly sorry to all the women" he impacted.

Watson is facing a massive suspension after being accused of sexual misconduct with more than 20 women ... and before the Cleveland Browns' preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, he spoke about the claims made against him.

"Look, I wanna say that I'm truly sorry to all the women that I impacted in this situation," Watson said.

"The decisions that I made in my life that put me in this position I would definitely like to have back but I want to continue to move forward and grow and learn and show that I am a true person of character and I am going to keep pushing forward."

Watson was initially handed a 6-game ban for his alleged misconduct ... but the NFL is trying like hell to extend the punishment.

He is currently playing for the Browns as he awaits the NFL's decision.

"I know I have a lot of work to put in, especially on the field to be able to make sure I'm ready to play whenever that time comes, whenever I can step back on the field." he added.

"But also, the biggest thing is I want to continue counseling and I want to make sure that I'm growing as a person, as an individual for my decision-making on and off the field. I want to make sure that I'm just evolving in the community as much as possible, and that's for the Cleveland community, that's the NFL community, and beyond."

Fernando Tatis Jr. MLB Superstar Suspended 80 Games ... Over Positive PED Test

Shocking news in the baseball world ... Fernando Tatis Jr. -- one of the best players in the MLB -- has just been suspended 80 games!

Commissioner Rob Manfred announced the ban on Friday afternoon -- after he and the league say the San Diego Padres' all-world shortstop tested positive for Clostebol, a performance-enhancing substance.

According to the MLB, Tatis' suspension will begin immediately.

The Padres, meanwhile, said in a statement that they were "surprised and extremely disappointed" to learn of the positive test.

The team added that they "fully support" MLB's joint drug prevention and treatment program and "are hopeful that Fernando will learn from this experience."

After sitting out all of this season with a wrist injury, Tatis Jr. was just about to return to the Padres within the next few days.

And, everyone in the org. was stoked for it -- because the team just added stars Juan Soto and Josh Bell at the trade deadline ... and figured the duo, plus Tatis Jr., Manny Machado and the rest of the roster, would then push for a World Series run.

Tatis Jr. will now be ineligible to compete in the postseason this year -- and due to the length of the ban, he'll have to serve part of the suspension in the 2023 season as well.

The Padres are currently 16 games behind the Dodgers in the NL West -- but currently hold one of the National League's available Wild Card spots.

Donald Trump FBI Searched For Docs On Nukes ... In Raid at Mar-a-Lago

The classified documents Donald Trump allegedly took from the White House to Mar-a-Lago include information on nuclear weapons ... according to a new report on the FBI raid.

FBI agents tore though Trump's Florida resort looking for classified info on nukes, the Washington Post reports, with the feds concerned the documents might be in danger of being seen by the wrong eyes.

It's unclear if the docs contain info on United States nuclear capabilities, or a foreign nation ... or if these alleged docs were even recovered from Trump's Florida home in Monday's raid.

If Trump did have material on nukes at Mar-a-Lago, it would be unprecedented ... those documents are super sensitive and typically only a small number of government officials have access ... and former Presidents aren't in that privileged group.

As you know ... the FBI executed a search warrant at Trump's resort Monday, with Trump grousing that agents broke into his safe and turned out Melania's wardrobe.

In a Thursday news conference, Attorney General Merrick Garland said he personally approved the decision to seek the search warrant.

Polo G & G Herbo Catch $300K Lawsuit ...You Took Our Concert Money And Ran To Another Show!!!

Chicago rap friends Polo G and G Herbo are being sued by a concert promoter for allegedly double booking concert dates in Tampa and Atlanta ... and now, the promoter is looking for $300K in damages.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, Polo and Herbo signed contracts with concert promoter Charles Potter of NoNaNi Entertainment to perform at a festival in Tampa.

NoNaNi claims Polo got $105K and Herbo got around $43K in deposits.

NoNaNi claims to have dropped nearly $200K to pay for the venue, soundstage, lighting, advertising, promotion, and hosts such as Million Dollarz Worth Of Game hosts Gillie Da Kid & Wallo, Tonio Skits and Glo Jenna.

According to the lawsuit -- Polo G then booked and promoted an entirely different event in Tampa around the same time as the NoNaNi gig ... and G Herbo booked a different event in Atlanta that directly conflicted with the date of the NoNaNi show in Tampa.

NoNaNi claims both Chicago rappers also failed to promote the NoNaNi event on their social media, even though they agreed to do so in their contracts.

Eventually, NoNaNi claims it had to cancel the event and is now suing the rappers for $300K in damages.

Marshawn Lynch Arrest Video Cops Forcibly Removed Ex-NFL Star From Car ... 'No More Games Today'


2:08 PM PT -- More police video from the arrest shows Lynch did tell an officer at the scene that he stole the car, though he chuckled while he said it.


Lynch also did appear to be nodding in and out of sleep while he was being asked questions.

Marshawn Lynch was dragged out of his car by the hood of his sweatshirt and forcibly thrown to the ground during his DUI arrest earlier this week ... new police video shows.

In the footage, which was captured shortly after cops had begun questioning the former NFL star on Aug. 9 in Las Vegas, you can see Lynch was leaned back in the driver's seat of a 2020 Shelby GT500 -- appearing to be uncooperative with cops who were asking him to get out of the ride.

The officers can be heard in the video asking Lynch repeatedly to step out of the car -- but Lynch refused continuously, asking over and over again why he had to leave the vehicle.

After officers told him he was "obstructing an investigation," one of the cops reached in and grabbed him by the orange sweatshirt he was wearing.

The cop then threw the ex-Seattle Seahawks running back on the ground ... and told him, "Roll over. Hands behind your back. No more games today."

Officers then can be heard on the video saying he smelled like alcohol.

In police documents, obtained by TMZ Sports, cops say when they got Lynch back to the station, he was uncooperative there -- and said they "had to use a restraint chair" to draw blood from him after obtaining a search warrant.

Lynch was ultimately booked on several charges, including DUI. He's due in court for a hearing on the matter in December.

The 36-year-old's attorneys, Richard A. Schonfeld and David Z. Chesnoff, released a statement on the matter Thursday afternoon ... saying, "Marshawn was not pulled over for a DUI. Rather the vehicle was safely parked and not in operation. We are confident that when all evidence is presented, this will not be a DUI under Nevada law. Marshawn appreciates and is thankful for everyone’s concern and support."

Originally Published -- 1:23 PM PT

Andrew Yang Trump Raid Better Turn Up The Goods ... Or Else It's A Stain on FBI


Andrew Yang is questioning the FBI raid on Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort ... he says the feds better find some compelling dirt on the former President, or it's a horrible look.

The former Presidential and NYC Mayoral candidate joined us on "TMZ Live" Wednesday and we asked him what we makes of the FBI's unprecedented move against Trump.

Andrew says the only way this turns out well for the FBI is if agents seized some really strong evidence against Trump, who is under investigation for allegedly removing boxes of classified documents from the White House and taking them down to Florida.

Yang says if the FBI raid turns out to be a big nothing burger, it looks like a political attack on Trump ... and he thinks most Americans agree it would create some really bad optics.

TMZ broke the story ... the feds waited until Trump was away from Mar-a-Lago to raid the place. In the aftermath, Trump has ripped the FBI, claiming agents ransacked Melania's closet while looking for the docs.

Andrew, who is leading the charge to create a new political party called the Forward Party, says the FBI raid might even help Trump become the GOP nominee in a 2024 rematch against Joe Biden, an outcome he says most Americans do NOT want.

The way Andrew and the Forward Party sees it ... a Trump vs. Biden sequel would push even more voters away from the two-party system in search of other choices, to the Forward Party and others.

Just who those other 2024 candidates are remains to be seen, Forward Party or otherwise ... but Andrew tells us why voters will be excited about the alternatives.

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