Stipe Miocic I Trained with Myles Garrett 'He's an Absolute Beast!!!'


AFC North quarterbacks better watch out ... 'cause Cleveland Browns star Myles Garrett has been training with Stipe Miocic ... and the UFC heavyweight says he was blown away by his power!!!

Stipe and the Pro Bowl defensive end focused on power work and and combinations in the cage earlier this week ... and Miocic says Garrett was loving every second of it -- and was crushing it!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"He's an absolute beast," Miocic tells TMZ Sports. "Whatever that dude does, he's good at."

The Cleveland sports hero is a HUGE Browns fan ... so he says he's down to train Garrett's teammates like Baker Mayfield and OBJ to help out his beloved Brownies in any way.

We asked if Garrett would be able to hold his own in an MMA fight someday down the road ... and it's clear Stipe thinks he's got a legitimate shot.

"He's just gotta stand there and punch someone one time. That dude's got power. He's got a LOT of power."

Stipe has his own fight around the corner -- a rematch with Daniel Cormier at UFC 241 -- and he's got one message for DC.

"I'm coming."

Victor Cruz Defends Odell's Weird ESPYs Outfit ... 'That's Fire!'


Some people thought Odell Beckham looked like a human burlap sack at the ESPYs ... but NOT Victor Cruz -- he loved OBJ's outfit telling TMZ Sports, "That's fire!!!"

Odell got people talkin' by showing up to the awards with a special Prada top that's not for sale to the general public. In fact, the item was recently featured at the Prada Spring 2020 Fashion Show.


After the show, Odell's former New York Giants teammate, Victor Cruz, was all about the look -- telling us, "This is fire! Don't let anybody tell you that's otherwise! That's fire!"

High praise -- but it still hasn't stopped the Internet for clowning Beckham ... 

We're trying to find out just how much Odell's Prada threads will cost the general public -- but so far, we haven't heard back.

Later on that night, Odell actually busted out a clothing change to hit up Nice Guy with his girlfriend, Polyxeni Ferfeli, a Greek fashion model he's been linked to since 2018. 


The two pulled up in Odell's orange Rolls-Royce ... the car he had tricked out to show off his Cleveland Browns team spirit. 


Mark Wahlberg Doubles Down On Baker Prediction ... He's Tom Brady's Heir!


Mark Wahlberg is DOUBLING DOWN on his prediction that Baker Mayfield will be a New England Patriot, telling TMZ Sports, "He's the heir to the throne -- to Tom Brady!!"

Of course, Mark has been beating this drum for over a year ... it was June 2018 when he told us Mayfield would somehow end up on the Patriots' roster after TB12 retires.


But, since then, Mayfield has become the face of the Browns and the team's clear-cut franchise QB -- and if you're wondering if that's changed Mark's opinion at all -- spoiler alert, IT HASN'T!!!

Mark told us out in Bev Hills he STILL thinks Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft are going to find a way to make Baker their star QB after Brady decides to hang up his G.O.A.T. cleats.

It all begs the question, does Mark know something everybody else doesn't???

The legendary actor HAS been working out with Mayfield -- the two got in a lift together at Mark's F45 Training gym in L.A. just a few days ago ...

Time to start worrying in Cleveland?!?!

Kareem Hunt Video with Cops After 'Small Argument' with Friend


TMZ Sports has obtained video of NFL star Kareem Hunt talking with several police officers this weekend in Cleveland after a night of partying after an alleged "small argument" with a friend. 

Here's what we know so far ... the Cleveland Browns running back went to the Barley House party spot on Saturday night with a bunch of friends and stayed late into the evening. 

Right after he left, SOMETHING happened -- and several cops went over to speak with the 23-year-old. He wasn't arrested. Wasn't detained. He left without incident. 

But, a witness tells TMZ Sports ... Hunt was involved in a physical altercation with another man before the cops came over. The witness wasn't sure if it was a "real" fight or if he was just horsing around with a buddy. 

At one point, one of the officers can be heard on video telling Kareem, "I saw him push you."

Barley House owner Bobby George told WKYC3 that Hunt was involved in a "small argument with one of his friends ... People blew it out of proportion."

We reached out to the Cleveland PD but despite the video, they have no record of the interaction -- "There wasn't a police report or any calls that we have located."

Either way, it's notable considering Hunt had publicly stated he was seeking help for alcohol and anger management in the wake of TMZ Sports posting video showing him in a 2018 physical altercation with a woman. 

MAY 2019

We reached out to Hunt's rep for comment -- but so far, no word back. 

Odell Beckham Hits L.A. Bar Scene ... In $350k Browns-Themed Car


It ain't just for show ... Odell Beckham is actually USING that crazy $350,000 Browns-themed Rolls-Royce to get around L.A. ... and TMZ Sports has the footage.

Remember, Beckham recently tricked out his 2019 Rolls-Royce Cullinan to show off his team spirit -- with a custom Browns paint job, custom wheels and pimped out sound system.

Oh, and don't forget that custom hood ornament of HIMSELF making that iconic 1-handed catch!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

But, OBJ didn't get the whip to collect dust in his garage ... 'cause when he hit up SHOREbar in Santa Monica over the weekend, he used the OBJ Mobile to get there.

There's a reason Odell wanted to make a statement when he arrived at the bar ... there were a TON of huge stars at the party including Drake, Lonzo Ball, Russell Westbrook and Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert.

By the way, the car was tricked out by Dreamworks Motorsports in Roxboro, North Carolina -- and after the work was done, Beckham obviously had the car shipped out west.

Question is ... will he move it to Cleveland when the season starts too? Has to, right?!

Jarvis Landry Daughter Befriends Baby Deer ... Most Adorable Video Ever

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Here's the cutest video EVER ... Jarvis Landry introduced his daughter to a baby deer Monday -- and they became best friends!!!

Unclear where or how the Cleveland Browns star encountered the fawn ... but we're all thankful he broke out his camera when the baby deer walked up to his daughter -- because the video is awesome.

The deer strolls up to Jarvis' baby ... and it allows her to pet it -- "it's soft," she says -- and then she wants to bring it into the house!!!

Landry tells her they just can't do that ... but they CAN try to find it some food -- and that's when the deer follows the little girl up to the porch.

The vid ends before we see if Jarvis fed the deer ... but either way -- ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Myles Garrett Cell Phone Hero Can't Afford It? I'll Pay!

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Myles Garrett came to the rescue at an Apple store in Ohio this week ... busting out his wallet to help out a guy who couldn't afford an iPhone -- and it almost brought a grown man to tears.

The Browns superstar happened to be shopping at the Summit Mall in Fairlawn, Ohio on Wednesday ... where 27-year-old JJ Remmy was trying to replace a cell phone that crapped out on him.

The problem for Remmy ... he was told it would cost $116 bucks to replace the device -- and he simply doesn't have that kind of cash.

So, as Remmy was getting ready to sadly walk out of the store without a phone ... Garrett -- who overheard the situation -- stepped up and offered to cover the bill.

"I literally almost broke down man," Remmy said ... "I had no cash...spent the rest of my money getting my title for my car."


Look, Garrett is in the middle of a 4-year, $30 MILLION contract -- so it ain't no skin off his back ... but it's still pretty cool for a guy like Myles to step in and help out when he didn't have to.

And, to top it off, Garrett also posed for a pic with Remmy! Awesome, right?!!

"Myles is a Great guy and he changed my whole entire day yesterday," JJ says ... "Just had to share my story... GO BROWNS!!!!"

[H/T Ben Axelrod]

Victor Cruz Predicts Huge Season For Odell ... 'He's Going To Ball'


Odell Beckham's going to KILL IT with the Browns this season ... so says his former NY teammate, Victor Cruz, who tells TMZ Sports, "He's going to ball."

Odell was just traded from the Giants to Cleveland a few months ago ... and Victor has no doubts the superstar wideout is going to find big success with the Dawg Pound.

In fact ... Cruz is predicting DOUBLE-DIGIT wins for Cleveland now that OBJ is wearing a Browns jersey -- telling us he's confident Baker Mayfield "has got all the tools" to feed the wideout.

Whatever happens with Odell and Baker this season ... Beckham is going to be doing it in style. He just got this insane Rolls Royce customized with his own figurine as the car's emblem!!!


There's more ... we also asked Cruz about Donovan McNabb's bold claim that he's a for sure Hall of Famer -- and Cruz agreed!!

By the way, Victor also doubled down on a hot Eli Manning take he gave us back in November.

Kareem Hunt Wants to Apologize to Victim 'Haven't Had the Chance'

Breaking News MAY 2019

Kareem Hunt says he has NOT directly apologized to the victim in the 2018 hotel hallway attack -- but he wants to.

"I have not, but if I was to see her, I would apologize to her face," the Cleveland Browns running back told the media Wednesday.

"But, I have not had the chance to do that. I don't know any ways of contacting her. I have not."


Hunt was asked a bunch of questions about the incident -- and how he's been trying to improve as a person since TMZ Sports published the video of the attack.

Hunt says he's been going to counseling and has leaned into religion -- he's being baptized this Sunday and looks forward to the feeling of "being reborn."

The 23-year-old says he understands he's on thin ice with the Browns and feels grateful for his 2nd chance ... and vows to make the most of the opportunity.

Hunt insists he's grown as a person and has learned how to deal with his anger in a better way -- and will NOT make the same mistakes that got him in trouble in the first place.


Colin Cowherd Yo, Baker Mayfield ... Let's Just Be Friends!


FS1 star Colin Cowherd desperately wants Baker Mayfield to know he doesn't hate him ... telling TMZ Sports, "Baker thinks I don't like him. I love Baker."

Of course, the two have had a rocky relationship over the past few years -- and the beef flared up again on Friday when Baker attacked Colin on Twitter.

Colin posted a video clip from 'The Herd' explaining why he thinks Baker and Browns GM John Dorsey are the perfect couple for Cleveland ... and that's when Mayfield responded, "you’re a donkey man."

Cowherd fired back saying, "I wish you would LISTEN before ruining my weekend" ... which prompted Baker to write, "Why would I listen to you instead of just reading the quote?"

"That’s exactly what you do when you go on air... skip all the details and important stuff, then go for the irrational opinion for clicks."

But, when we got Cowherd out at LAX just hours after the spat ... he told us he has NO beef with Baker -- and says he just wants to be friends!!!

"Send my best to Baker," Colin says ... "Baker thinks I don't like him, I love Baker."

As for Mayfield's side of the feud ... doesn't seem like the feeling's mutual -- 'cause he's gone after Colin SEVERAL times in the last couple years.

But, will Mayfield finally accept this new olive branch from Cowherd? Stay tuned.

Kareem Hunt Advising Kids 'Not to Make Mistakes I Did' ... Browns Say

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Kareem Hunt has been visiting kids at local Cleveland schools ... imploring them to learn from the mistakes he's made, Browns GM John Dorsey says.

The former Chiefs superstar was picked up by the Browns after Kansas City released him following the TMZ Sports video showing the 23-year-old shoving and kicking a female at an Ohio hotel last year.

Now, Dorsey is saying the running back is doing everything possible to show remorse for the incident ... including visiting kids after work to advise them to learn from his issues.

"What people don’t realize is once he’s off the field, he's doing things unannounced," Dorsey said to Bull and Fox on 92.3 The Fan on Tuesday.

"He's actually going out and talking to young kids and working behind the scenes to teach young kids, 'Don’t make the same mistake I made.'"

The Browns have confirmed to The News-Herald that Hunt has visited several high school students from the Elyria and Lorain area -- cities on the outskirts of Cleveland.

Browns reps tell The News-Herald they've been trying to keep his visits low key, because, "Hunt doesn’t want any attention to distract from his message."

For his part, Hunt released a statement after his Browns signing in February saying, "What I did was wrong and inexcusable."

"That is not the man I was raised to be, and I’ve learned a great deal from that experience and certainly should have been more truthful about it after the fact."

Joe Haden I Can't Wait to Cover Odell ... in Cleveland


Joe Haden ain't pissed the Browns got stacked after he got traded to the Steelers ... matter of fact, he's HAPPY for the city -- telling TMZ Sports he CAN'T WAIT to line up against OBJ!!

We spoke with the NFL star about his ex-team's newest addition ... and he's stoked for several reasons -- one being the fans having something to be excited about again. (After all, the Browns were awful in Haden's 7 years in Ohio).

"I'm happy for Cleveland. That's a great football city," Haden tells us. "They deserve everything. Odell, that's one of my good friends ... he's gonna bring a lot of flash and flare there."

The other big reason -- Haden can now line up against his good friend, Odell Beckham, twice a year ... and it's got some extra sauce to it, considering Pittsburgh's huge rivalry with CLE.

"I can't wait. You gotta go against the best to be the best."

Of course, the Browns officially introduced OBJ on Monday ... and there's a lot of talk about Cleveland being serious contenders with guys like Baker Mayfield, Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt and Jarvis Landry on offense.

Meanwhile, the Stillers traded away Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell jetted off to New York. Haden says it'll be tough to replace those guys, but they're ready for the challenge.

We also asked Haden about his QB, Ben Roethlisberger's leadership skills ... and he's got nothing but praise for the signal caller, despite what AB may say.

Chanel Iman Odell Beckham Is Family ... Giants Or No Giants


Odell Beckham might be with the Browns, but he's still invited over for NY Giants thanksgiving ... that's as long as it's at Chanel Iman and Sterling Shepard's house, cause they love the guy.

We got Chanel out in L.A. shopping ... and after learning she has no clue who Rob Gronkowski is -- seriously, that's not a joke -- we asked how she and her husband Sterling felt about Odell being moved.

"Odell is family, so I mean it was really sad to hear he's leaving. He's always gonna be very close to us and we're gonna see him all the time."

Here's the thing ... Shepard will probably benefit on the field from Odell's absence, 'cause he's the number one guy now, but it still must hurt not to have your boating buddy around.

Oh, by the way ... Chanel is beautiful. Has nothing really to do with this post, but hard not to say when you see her out on the streets of L.A., so we'll say it and disregard your judgments.

You continue to shine Sterling Shepard ... we see you brother.

Johnny Manziel's Wife Wipes QB From Social Media ... Broken Up?!

Johnny Manziel's wife, Bre Tiesi, has DELETED all traces of the QB from her Instagram page -- and removed "Manziel" from her last name ... and all signs point to a breakup.

Unclear what triggered the move -- we're working on the story right now.

Bre just came back from a girls' trip to Bali while Johnny has been working on getting his football career back on track by signing with a team in the AAF league.

Obviously, SOMETHING happened ... we're trying to figure out what.

Bre and Johnny had been going strong for years ... the two hooked up back in 2016 -- and it only took about a year for Johnny to ask her to marry him.

In fact, Manziel was so head over heels for Bre -- he gave her all the credit for pulling him out of his downward spiral that started with him being cut by the Browns after the 2015 season.

"When you find a girl as amazing as I did that saved me from where I was in my life, you absolutely put a ring on it."

But now, it seems the relationship could be over.

It's just another rough time for the embattled QB ... remember, it was just a few weeks ago when he was cut from the entire Canadian Football League for violating the terms of his contract.

Things had started looking up for Johnny, though ... he just signed on with the Memphis Express in the AAF and could get some playing time.


For her part, Bre's been in Bali the last few days -- clearly trying to booty shake the pain of a breakup away.

Barry Sanders Jim Brown & Emmitt BATTLE OF THE BACKS

Breaking News

Here's an amazing photo ...

Jim Brown, Emmitt Smith and Barry Sanders all got together at a massive autograph signing event over the weekend -- and it begs the question, how do you rank these guys!?

All 3 have routinely been brought up in the age-old "Who's the greatest running back of all time?" debate. They're all in the Hall of Fame. They're all legends.

So, when they got together for a pic at the Chicago Sports Spectacular, it forced us to do some real debating in the office.

Barry Sanders ... 15,269 yards on the ground in just 10 NFL seasons. 10 Pro Bowl selections. 6-time All-Pro. All this without a great offensive line.

Emmitt Smith ... 18,355 yards rushing in 15 seasons. 164 rushing TDs. 1993 MVP, 3 Super Bowls, 8 Pro Bowls, 4-time All-Pro.

Jim Brown ... 12,312 yards rushing in 9 seasons, 106 rushing TDs, 8-time NFL All-Pro, 9 Pro Bowls, 3 NFL MVPs.

We looked at the autograph prices this weekend ... here's how they stack up in terms of value.

Barry Sanders ... autographs start at $135, photo ops are $135.

Emmitt Smith ... autographs start at $235, photo ops are $200.

Jim Brown ... autographs start at $150, photo ops are $150.

So, go ahead ... rank 'em.

*Shout-out Walter Payton.

Odell Beckham Thanks Giants 'I Gave U My All'

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Odell Beckham is NOT going scorched earth on the Giants now that he's leaving NY -- in fact, he's killing his old fans with kindness on the way out.

"So many mixed emotions and feelings," Beckham said in a statement Thursday morning ... "This is all, a lot to process but it is reality."

Of course, Beckham was traded from the Giants to the Cleveland Browns where he'll be reunited with his close friend and former college teammate, Jarvis Landry.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"I want to thank the NY giants organization for giving me an opportunity to do what God put me on this earth to do," Odell said.

"I want to thank the organization and the owners for everything and especially giving me my first chance to be a part of the NFL."

"I gave u my all every Sunday."

Beckham also had this note to his fans and haters -- "I just wanna thank u guys for making my experience in NY SOMETHIN ILL NEVER FORGET!"

"To the New Yorkers and REAL NYG fans... you guys will always have a place in my heart, a beautiful city .. a beautiful place Thank You for every last moment and experience. Without them, I wouldn’t be exactly who I am today ! LUV"

Beckham was drafted by the Giants in 2014. He just signed a monster 5-year, $95 MILLION contract extension with the Giants in August 2018.

There are reports he's seeking to redo his deal so he can get more money in Cleveland -- but so far, that hasn't happened yet.