Baker Mayfield Radio Host Suspended Called QB Derogatory Slur

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Well, this is one way to get kicked off the airwaves ...

ESPN Cleveland radio host Tony Grossi has been suspended indefinitely for using profanity when talking about Baker Mayfield ... calling the QB a "f**king m****t" (derogatory slur for a little person) on a hot mic during a livestream.

The talent on TheLandOnDemand were discussing quarterbacks on other teams during a break ... when Grossi chimed in with "Who do we got? A f**king m****t."


Grossi was immediately suspended for the comment ... and has since released a statement apologizing to Bake, the Browns and the little person community.

"There’s no excuse for using that language in any context," Grossi said. "It was said without malice but also without thought."

Of course, it's no secret Grossi and Mayfield ain't gucci -- they've had their fair share of spats in the QB's short time in Cleveland. Remember the "Jesus, Tony!" incident??


Grossi acknowledged the beef in his apology, saying "It is well known that Baker and I have had our differences, and in the course of this experience, I’ve had to question my role in the erosion of the relationship."

"I have always endeavored to report and comment on him and the team fairly, and am shaken by these events."

Browns Lineman Greg Robinson Busted For 157 Lbs. Of Weed Facing Up to 20 Yrs In Prison


9:24 AM PT -- 2/20 The Montreal Alouettes -- Quan Bray's CFL team -- released a statement saying they're aware of his arrest.

"We are in the process of gathering as much information as possible as we take this matter very seriously," the statement says. "We plan to make a definitive decision as soon as possible."

"The organization will issue no further comment."

4:45 PM PT -- TMZ Sports has learned that Greg Robinson was busted with 156.9 pounds of marijuana, according to law enforcement docs.

Robinson -- who was also with 26-year-old ex-NFL player Quan Bray -- was stopped around 7:15 PM on Monday evening after a Border Patrol drug-sniffing dog alerted to the rear cargo door of their 2020 Chevy Tahoe.

According to the docs, Robinson and Bray were NOT reentering the country from Mexico -- rather they were trying to get from Los Angeles to Louisiana and hit the checkpoint on the way.

The agents performed a follow-up search and located several vacuum-sealed black bags full of a green leafy substance.

Border Patrol tested the substance and it came back positive for marijuana.

BP says they also found 23 mason jars, a can sealing machine, an electronic scale, and $3,100 in cash in Bray's jeans.

There was a third person in the SUV -- who was not charged. During the stop, Robinson and Bray allegedly tried to get that person to take the fall for the weed.

BP says while in custody, agents observed a text notification on Robinson's cell phone from a contact listed as "Grow House Indoor."

Robinson and Bray are facing up to 20 years in prison, if convicted.

Robinson and Bray were teammates at Auburn. Bray -- a wide receiver -- played a few seasons with the Indianapolis Colts, but never really caught on in the NFL. He was most recently playing with the CFL's Montreal Alouettes.

Cleveland Browns lineman Greg Robinson -- the #2 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft -- is in custody after officials say he was found with A LOT of marijuana at a border patrol checkpoint.

We're told Robinson was stopped on Monday at the Sierra Blanca border checkpoint near the U.S., Mexico border. We're still working on the details surrounding the arrest.

Jail records show Robinson is still in custody and we're told he's facing a federal charge of possession with intent to distribute.

27-year-old Robinson was an absolute stud back in his college days -- making 1st Team All-SEC during his 2013 season at Auburn.

The NFL scouts drooled over Robinson -- he's 6'5", 332 pounds -- and when the Rams took him with the #2 pick in 2014, they signed him to a fully guaranteed 4-year $21 million contract.

The bad news for the Rams ... he didn't live up to the hype so they traded him to the Detroit Lions for a 6th round pick in 2017. The Browns signed Robinson in 2018 and re-signed him in 2019.

Sources tell us the Browns recently informed Robinson they would not be bringing him back for the 2020 season.

Robinson has reportedly made more than $29 million in contract money during his NFL career.

We reached out to Robinson's rep and the Cleveland Browns -- so far, no comment from either.

Originally published -- 2/19 7:32 AM PT

Myles Garrett Rudolph Called Me A 'Stupid N-Word' ... Before Brawl

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"He called me the n-word. He called me a stupid n-word."

That's Myles Garrett finally explaining the racial slur he claims he heard Mason Rudolph utter to him before the all-out Steelers-Browns brawl back in November.

"When he said it," Myles told ESPN in a sit-down interview this week, "it kinda sparked something."

As we previously reported ... Garrett was banned from the NFL indefinitely after he violently attacked Rudolph with the QB's own helmet on Nov. 14, 2019.


Garrett told NFL officials at the time he did it because Rudolph used a racial slur ... but he hadn't publicly revealed what he alleges Rudolph said until this week.

"I don't like it," Garrett said. "I don't say the n-word, whether it's 'a' or 'er.' To me, personally, I don't think it should be said."

Myles was reinstated by the NFL on Wednesday -- effectively making his suspension a 6-game ban -- and he told us out at LAX on Thursday he believed it was all a "blessing in disguise."


As for Rudolph ... he's consistently maintained he did NOT call Garrett a racial slur, saying back in November the allegation was "totally untrue."

For its part, the NFL says it investigated Garrett's accusations ... but claims it found no evidence that the racial slur was used.

When asked about that in his interview with ESPN, Garrett said, "Something was said. I know something was said. Now whether the NFL wants to acknowledge it, that’s up to them.''

Myles Garrett Helmet Attack Suspension Was A Blessing In Disguise


Myles Garrett tells TMZ Sports it "feels pretty nice" to be officially back in the NFL after his indefinite suspension ... and says he got better during his time away from the game.

As we previously reported ... the Cleveland Browns superstar was reinstated into the league on Wednesday after meeting with commish Roger Goodell and other NFL execs.

Garrett was suspended for 6 games for swinging a helmet at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph back in November ... and had to seek counseling before making a return.


The 24-year-old spent a lot of time in the gym during his suspension ... so we had to ask if the time away could have actually been a GOOD thing.

"Everything that happens to you is for a reason," Garrett told us at LAX.


"If you take the lesson and make the best out of it, everything a blessing in disguise."

One thing's for sure ... the Browns have gotta be happy to have their monster defensive end back on the sidelines for 2020.

Myles Garrett Reinstated By NFL After Suspension For Helmet Attack

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7:49 AM PT -- Garrett just gave his reaction to the decision ... channeling his inner John Wick.

Myles Garrett is officially BACK -- the NFL has decided to reinstate the Cleveland Browns superstar following his suspension for his helmet-swinging attack on Mason Rudolph.

The 24-year-old met with Roger Goodell and other league executives on Monday to discuss his punishment status ... and it must have gone well, 'cause Garrett's ban has been lifted.


Browns GM Andrew Berry commented on the decision, saying "We welcome Myles back to our organization with open arms."

"We know he is grateful to be reinstated, eager to put the past behind him and continue to evolve and grow as a leader."

"We look forward to having his strong, positive presence back as a teammate, player and person in our community."

Garrett's suspension lasted a total of 6 games ... after he swung a helmet at Mason Rudolph during the Browns' game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on November 15.

Despite the ban, Garrett was still able to rack up 10 sacks and 2 forced fumbles in 10 games.

As we previously reported ... Browns QB Baker Mayfield told us at UFC 246 back in January that Garrett was "in a good place" during the suspension.


"I sat next to him during the fight, he's good, man," Mayfield tells us. "He's in a good place right now, which is good for us as a team."

Originally published -- 7:35 AM PT

Myles Garrett Meets With Goodell For Reinstatement ... No Ruling Yet

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Myles Garrett is one step closer to getting back in the NFL -- the Cleveland Browns superstar met with commissioner Roger Goodell and other execs on Monday to discuss reinstatement.

Garrett was suspended indefinitely back in November after attacking Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph with a helmet. He appealed the decision, but it was eventually upheld.

TMZ Sports has confirmed ... the superstar met with the folks at the NFL to discuss his status with the league, but an official decision is still in the works.


According to Ian Rapoport, it's believed Garrett will make it back in time for the Browns' first game of the 2020 season ... as long as he held up his part of the deal and sought counseling.

Garrett has slowly started to return to the spotlight in the meantime ... showing face at a recent Lakers game alongside LeBron James' best friend and super agent, Rich Paul.

The 24-year-old has also stayed in tip-top shape ... he recently posted a vid of himself deadlifting what looked to be an INSANE 465 pounds!!

Saquon Barkley Defends Baker's Bod He Doesn't Have to Be Shredded!!!


Saquon Barkley says Baker Mayfield body critics need to BACK OFF ... telling TMZ Sports the dude doesn't have to be shredded to be a good QB!!!

Bake and his closest friends let loose on a Caribbean vacay last week ... and naturally, the guys posted a few pics from the trip.

Of course, the writer of this post has literally ZERO grounds to criticize the Cleveland Browns star ... but some people pointed out Mayfield's physique was just a tad different from Saquon and Sterling Shepard's.

But, Saquon says all the haters need to chill ... 'cause Mayfield's just in R&R mode and has plenty of time to get right before next season.

"He's a quarterback, he's not supposed to be shredded," Barkley told us at the Sports Illustrated party in Miami over the weekend.

"We in off-season, he's gonna have time to get his body right. He can throw the ball 80 yards. That's the only thing that matters."

We also asked Barkley what his old teammate, Eli Manning, should do with all his free time in retirement ... and his answer is pretty surprising!!!

Browns Mascot Swagger Dead At 6 ... After Cancer Battle

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Tragic day for the Cleveland Browns ... the team's first-ever live mascot, Swagger, has passed away after a battle with cancer. He was 6 years old.

The 145-pound bullmastiff joined the Browns as a puppy at the beginning of the 2014 season ... and ran out with the players before every home game until Week 10 of the 2019 season.

The only home game Swagger missed was in 2017 ... when the Browns played in London.

Swagger's son, SJ, took over the mascot duties as the cancer progressed ... and the beloved dog served as "Dawg Pound Captain" during his final Browns game.

Swagger was a fan favorite at FirstEnergy Stadium ... and even got some one-on-one time with folks like UFC champ Stipe Miocic and Baker Mayfield.

According to Browns fans in our office ... the dog was a true bright spot during some of the Browns' worst years.

Mayfield posted a tribute to Swagger, saying "Doggy heaven got a good one today."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The team says SJ will continue to fill his dad's shoes for 2020 and beyond.


Myles Garrett Reps 450+ Lb. Deadlifts ... Shredded & Strong!!!

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Check this out, James Harrison ... there's a defensive lineman who's throwing around a ridiculous amount of weight in the gym ... and it's super impressive.

Myles Garrett did his best impression of the former Steelers superstar Thursday ... posting a video of himself deadlifting what appears to be about 465 pounds with a trap bar -- multiple times!!!

Oh ... and for some of the reps, he's wearing a big-ass weighted vest loaded with 100 pounds.

Now, Garrett lifting heavy weights ain't exactly breaking news ... the dude threw up 225 pounds 33 times at the NFL Combine in 2017.

FYI -- only 2 other guys in the entire draft completed more reps.

Back in January, the Browns star also posted video of himself benching 425 pounds.


MG's still indefinitely suspended for swinging a helmet at Mason Rudolph's head ... so seeing him get after it hard in the gym is a sight for sore eyed Cleveland Browns fans who want Myles back on the field.

Garrett looks shredded -- and is obviously crazy strong -- but he's still got work to do if he wants to match feats of strength with the dude who once benched 500 pounds and pushed around an 1,800-pound sled.

Good luck blocking this guy!!!

Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam Slams Kareem Hunt For Police Incident ... 'Not Acceptable'

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Turns out, getting pulled over for speeding with an open bottle of vodka in the car -- and admitting you'd fail a drug test -- does not go over well with your boss.

At least, that's the takeaway from Jimmy Haslam's comments about Kareem Hunt -- with the Cleveland Browns owner ripping his running back over that Jan. 21 police incident.

"What he did was not acceptable. He's got to do better," Haslam said Wednesday ... "It's not good. Kareem knows he's got to do better."

FYI, Hunt is now a restricted free agent -- and after watching the clip, you gotta wonder if the Browns are just gonna cut bait with the guy considering his controversial past.

Haslam said there's still a chance they keep Hunt around for one more season -- but even if they do, he's clearly on super-thin ice.

As we previously reported, Hunt was pulled over for speeding in Rocky River, Ohio -- and during the stop, cops say they found weed and an open bottle of vodka in his ride.

In police footage, obtained by TMZ Sports, you can see the pullover was not the best look for Hunt ... who straight-up admitted he would have failed an NFL drug test at the time of the stop.


Hunt was issued a citation for speeding ... but he was NOT cited for the pot -- and was sent on his way by the officer.

Haslam was asked about the incident during a press conference announcing the team's new GM ... and his disappointment in the 24-year-old was palpable.

"We have and will continue to work closely with Kareem," Haslam said. "But he knows our expectations are higher than what he showed a week or two ago."

For his part, Kareem has yet to publicly comment on the incident.

NFL's Maurkice Pouncey Rips Aaron Hernandez Doc ... 'It's All Bulls**t'


NFL star Maurkice Pouncey was one of Aaron Hernandez's closest friends -- and tells TMZ Sports the Netflix documentary about the troubled NFL star is "all bulls**t."

The documentary -- "Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez" -- has made headlines for several claims about Aaron ... from gay sexual relationships to prison fights to alleged gun violence.

Both Maurkice and his NFL star brother Mike Pouncey were super close with Aaron for years -- and even visited him in prison -- and it's clear they don't believe ANY of the claims from the documentary.

When asked specifically about the gay claims, Maurkice echoed the comments from Aaron's fiancee ... who said they NEVER knew about that side of Aaron but would have loved him the same if it was true.

"What I know there ain't no truth to it," Pouncey says ... "We know nothing about that."

There's more in the clip ... including Pouncey's feelings about Cleveland Browns star Myles Garrett.

Remember, it was Pouncey who first attacked Garrett after Myles swung a helmet at Pittsburgh Steelers QB Mason Rudolph during a game back in November.


Pouncey was suspended for 2 games and fined for going after Garrett -- while Myles was suspended indefinitely.

Maurkice tells TMZ Sports he doesn't think Garrett's suspension will bleed into the 2020 season -- and says the beef between the two is over ... "No hard feelings."

NFL's Kareem Hunt Cited for Speeding ... Cops Seize Weed

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More trouble for Kareem Hunt ... the Cleveland Browns running back was pulled over Tuesday for speeding in Ohio -- and cops say they found weed in his car.

Cops initially pulled over the 24-year-old around noon when they saw him speeding in Rocky River, OH ... just outside of Cleveland.

During the stop, the officer smelled weed coming from Hunt's car and conducted a search that turned up "small amounts of marijuana" in a backpack on the back seat.

The weed was seized as evidence -- but he was NOT cited for the pot. Hunt WAS cited for speeding and sent on his way.

Hunt was NOT formally arrested -- no mug shot. But, he was placed in a cop car during the search.

Of course, Hunt is on thin ice with the Browns due to his violent history -- which includes roughing up a woman at an Ohio hotel ... and other allegations of violence against men during his time with the Kansas City Chiefs.

We reached out to Hunt's rep for comment -- so far, no word back.

Hunt signed a 1-year contract with the Browns after he was cut by the Chiefs -- which means he becomes a restricted free agent after the current season wraps up.

The question ... will this latest incident affect his future with the team???

Odell Beckham Breathe Easy, Baker ... Core Muscle Injury That Sparked Beef Is Fixed!!!

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Baker Mayfield can finally relax ... Odell Beckham's core muscle injury that kicked off a rift between the Browns QB and the team's training staff has finally been fixed!!!

Remember, Bake went after Cleveland's trainers following a game earlier this season when he said they weren't handling an Odell core muscle injury properly.

"I would say that it was not handled right," Baker said. "He is not able to run as well as he should be able to as well as he knows ... It was not handled the right way in our training room."

Baker later had to apologize for those statements, saying, "My intentions were not to throw our medical staff under the bus. No, I don’t know all the facts about Odell’s injury."

"It was emotionally answered because I can sense his frustration and I care about my team and putting us in the best position to win."

But, good news for all involved ... the Cleveland Browns said in a statement Tuesday the issue has been resolved once and for all!

"Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. underwent successful surgery Tuesday to repair a core muscle injury," the team said in a statement.

"The surgery was performed by Dr. Bill Meyers in Philadelphia, and a full recovery is expected."

It's unclear how much offseason work OBJ will miss because of the injury ... but everyone in Cleveland is hoping it'll help him improve on a year in which he only scored 4 TDs in 16 games.

Myles Garrett Training Like Beast Despite Ban ... Benches 425 Pounds!!!

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Myles Garrett clearly believes he'll play football again ... 'cause the dude is still hitting the weights HARD -- benching 425 POUNDS in a workout this week!!!

Of course, Garrett's NFL future is up in the air ... the Browns star is still serving out an indefinite suspension for attacking Steelers QB Mason Rudolph with his helmet in November.


But, Myles apparently ain't concerned the ban will last too much longer ... he's lifting weights like he's going to be facing 300-pound O-linemen in the very near future.

Ya gotta watch the clip ... Garrett -- with internet fitness superstar Bradley Martyn spotting -- hits 425 pounds TWICE, and it's impressive as hell!!!

He also makes 100-pound dumbbells look like 45s in an upper chest workout, hits dips with ease and showed off with some weighted rows as well.

Yeah, guy's a beast!!

Garrett's training is just the latest sign his suspension might coming to an end ... remember, he didn't try to hide his face at all at a Los Angeles Lakers game earlier this month.

If Roger Goodell does happen to be close to lifting the ban ... how's that for a housewarming present for new Cleveland coach Kevin Stefanski?!?

Joe Burrow OBJ Gave Me REAL Cash After Natty LSU Self-Reports To NCAA

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"Pardon My Take"

3:08 PM PT -- LSU just released a statement on Cashgate ... saying they now believe the money was real and have contacted the NCAA, SEC and the players involved to "rectify the situation."

"We are aware of the situation regarding Odell Beckham Jr. interacting with LSU student-athletes and others unaffiliated with the team following the championship game Monday night," the statement reads.

"Initial information suggested bills that were exchanged were novelty bills. Information and footage reviewed since shows apparent cash may have also been given to LSU student-athletes."

"We were in contact with the NCAA and the SEC immediately upon learning of this situation in which some of our student athletes may have been placed in a compromising position."

Joe Burrow says Odell Beckham gave him REAL cash after LSU won the national championship ... and there's NOTHING the NCAA can do about it.

OBJ was passin' out cash like candy at the Superdome after the Tigers beat Clemson in the natty on Monday ... and the video got so much attention that LSU released a statement claiming the money was fake.

But, now ... A TWIST!!!

The star QB appeared on Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take" podcast and told the guys Beckham WAS handing out real money that night.

"I'm not a student-athlete anymore, so I can say yeah," Burrow revealed.

The only thing that's unclear is if Odell handed the real money to Burrow on the field or at the bars afterward ... not that it would make that big of a difference.

There's more ... the Heisman winner says he's been partying his face off since the victory and has only slept for about 45 minutes!

But, the real party may come Saturday when the championship parade goes down in Baton Rouge ... and Burrow says he's planning to channel his inner Rob Gronkowski.

"I might have to save up so I can Gronk that parade."

CBS / Fox News

Big Cat points out that college championship parades are usually a lot less boozy than the pros ... but Burrow says he's the exception, not the rule!

"I'm graduating and I'm 23 years old, so I can do whatever the hell I want."

Well said, champ.

Originally Published -- 8:56 AM PT

Myles Garrett Sits Courtside With LeBron's Buddies ... At Laker Game

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Hey, look everybody!! Myles Garrett!!

The suspended Cleveland Browns superstar made a rare public appearance at the L.A. Lakers game at Staples Center on Sunday ... and he was pretty easy to spot -- wearing a bright orange jacket.

Of course, Garrett has been almost completely MIA since his infamous helmet-throwing attack on Mason Rudolph back in November ... and aside from a charity appearance for Thanksgiving, the dude's been keepin' it lowkey.


But, the hiding came to an end Sunday ... with the 24-year-old posting up with LeBron James' best friends and business partners, Rich Paul and Maverick Carter, as the Lake Show put up a dub against the Detroit Pistons.

Was it a business meeting?? Possibly ... with Myles being one of the biggest stars in Cleveland now that King James is in L.A., anything is on the table.

As for the game, the Lakers won again, 106-99, and Anthony Davis and LeBron combined for 45 points ... making their record 29-7 on the season.

Yeah, they're good.

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