Colin Kaepernick The Perks of Losing the Super Bowl ...

San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick may not have a Super Bowl ring, but he still managed to get one perk ... courtside seats at the Clippers game on Sunday.

The 25-year-old brought along a few of his burly pals to watch the Clippers destroy the Detroit Pistons, 129 -97.

It's also fun watching other people lose.

SF 49ers Player Chris Culliver All Smiles at Gay Support Org. [Photo]

TMZ has obtained a photo of San Francisco 49ers player Chris Culliver during his visit to The Trevor Project yesterday -- where he underwent sensitivity training after making homophobic comments before the Super Bowl.

Culliver vowed to educate himself about the challenges faced by the LGBT community after he said he would never welcome a gay football player in his team locker room.

A rep for The Trevor Project tells TMZ Culliver visited the L.A. center on Sunday and Monday ... explaining, "He learned about LGBT, gender identity and how that affects a young person."

The rep adds, "Chris is learning about LGBTQ youth [lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning] suicide prevention, and his role as a gatekeeper in helping to reduce risk and prevent suicide."

After his training, Chris told staff he had a "great experience" with the group and "learned a lot."

We're told the people Chris worked with also had "positive feedback" about the NFL player.

The rep says TTP is proud of Chris ... saying, "The first step is to reach out for help and Chris did that.”

Ray Lewis' Baby Mama Ended Nasty Legal War Days Before Super Bowl Win

Baltimore Ravens star Ray Lewis KILLED IT in the Super Bowl this year and now we totally (maybe) know why -- just days before the game ... his baby mama DROPPED her lawsuit against him.

As TMZ previously reported, Ray and baby mama Sharnika Kelly have been knee-deep in a NASTY child support battle for over TWO YEARS because Sharnika wanted more money ... and Ray refused.

According to Florida court records, Sharnika voluntarily dismissed the suit on February 1 ... two days before the NFL star suited up for one of the biggest games in his career.

It's unclear if the couple came to an agreement outside of court or if Sharnika simply dropped the case.

Calls to attorneys for both sides were not returned.

Colin Kaepernick BODY SHOTS With Hot Bikini Chicks

Know why it doesn't suck to be the quarterback who lost the Super Bowl? Because hot girls will drink alcohol out of your belly button no matter what.

The photos just surfaced ... showing 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick partying on board a cruise ship in Mexico last year ... letting girls do body shots off his six pack ... and they're so awesome, we couldn't resist posting them.

More impressive ... the pics were shot BEFORE Colin replaced starting QB Alex Smith.

One less teammate for Chris Culliver to worry about ...

Octomom Super Bowl Vandal Smashed My Window!!!

Octomom must live next to a bunch of 49ers fans -- because when she arrived home after watching the Super Bowl at a friend's house ... she discovered one of her windows had been SMASHED!

Sources close to Octomom -- real name Nadya Suleman -- tell TMZ, Octo and her 14 children had spent Super Bowl weekend at a friend's place ... and weren't home from Saturday afternoon to Sunday midnight, so the vandal(s) had nearly 36 hours to attack.

As soon as she noticed the damage, we're told Octo called Palmdale Police ... who showed up 15 minutes later to take pics of the damage ... and make sure no one was lurking inside (the place was empty).

As for whodunit ... sources close to Octo say she has a hunch it's the same person who's allegedly been harassing her and the kids for months now.

We're told this incident is the final straw -- and now, Octo's having an alarm installed ... soon as the window's fixed ... with stripper money.

Mayweather to Bar: You Lied About Me And Biebs

Floyd Mayweather says he's no winer ... and that's why he's suing a New Orleans wine bar that he claims used him and Justin Bieber to lure Super Bowl fans in for a pre-game blow-out.

According to the federal lawsuit -- obtained by TMZ -- Mayweather claims The Wine Bistro heavily advertised that Floyd and The Money Team would be hosting the February 1 bash. In case you don't know, The Money Team is a nickname for Floyd's posse, which includes Justin Bieber, Lil' Kim, 50 Cent and Miss Jackson.

Floyd -- who in the lawsuit calls himself "the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and one of the greatest technical fighters of all time" -- boasts he makes upwards of $100k for a club appearance.

But here's the deal ... Floyd says he never agreed to appear at The Wine Bistro -- nor did The Money Team -- and the bar went crazy advertising on Facebook, YouTube and flyers. Floyd is pissed that the bar profited off his name and worries his fans will be pissed because he was a no-show.

Floyd wants lots of money and wants the bar to stop using his name ... STAT!

Super Bowl Sign Language Guy I GOT HAND INSURANCE

Super Bowl sign language guy tells TMZ, his hands are JUST LIKE Dolly Parton's boobs ... J. Lo's butt ... or Tom Jones' chest hair -- so valuable they need their own freakin' insurance policy ... but there's a lot more to sign language than just hands.

John Maucere -- who signed "America the Beautiful" and the national anthem at the big game -- was out in L.A. yesterday with his interpreter when we asked how important it is to take care of your hands as a professional sign language-er.

John raised his hands, joking, "I have insurance."

He added, "Hands are important, but you should know American Sign Language isn't specific just for hands ... There's a lot happening on my face, with my mouth, with my body, the emotions, everything. That makes the entire language."

John also answers the ultimate question -- if he had to choose ... which finger would he chop off???

FYI -- Dolly reportedly had her breasts insured for $300,000 per boob, J. Lo $27 million for her butt, and Tom Jones $7,000,000 for his chest hair. It's not unusual.

Michael Phelps CRYFEST at the Super Bowl

How do we know Michael Phelps is secure in his manhood? 'Cause he cried in public at the Super Bowl ... WITH HIS MOM ... and TMZ has the pics.

The greatest Olympian of all time -- who happens to be a die-hard Baltimore Ravens fan -- unleashed the waterworks at The Superdome in New Orleans on Sunday ... where he and his mother were cheering on their hometown squad.

The pics were taken right at the end of the game ... as the Ravens wrapped up their victory against the San Francisco 49ers ... and judging from the pics, Michael couldn't quite control his emotions.

Somewhere, Ray Lewis is smiling (and also probably crying).

Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders Super Hot and Ready to Party

Here's video of the smokin' hot ... super flexible ... Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders on their way to party their faces off last night ... while wearing really short skirts. You're welcome.

Right after the Ravens trampled the 49ers and took home a Super Bowl championship ... the scantily-clad girls arrived at the Hilton Hotel for a post-game celebration ... and everyone with eyes was grateful.

And to prove we're not sexist, we also talked with the 1 male cheerleader ... which was also fun.

As for the chicks, they talked about some stuff ... but really ... that's not what this is about.

Super Bowl XLVII Starring Flacco, Reed and a Donkey!! Or a Goat

Baltimore Ravens stars Joe Flacco and Ed Reed dominated on the field to win the Super Bowl -- but somehow they got upstaged by livestock! In Harvey's mind, anyway.

Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local listings!

Bar Refaeli Makeout Nerd I'm a Sex Symbol Now

Bar Refaeli's mouth has the power to turn a regular man into a bona fide Casanova ... 'cause that geek she sucked face with in the Go Daddy commercial says chicks have been all over his jock ever since the spot aired.

The lucky sonofabitch in the commercial is Jesse Heiman who tells TMZ his life has completely changed in the past week ... and obviously, all for the better.

"I’ve actually had guys tweet me that they wish they were me, and girls tweet me saying they wish they were Bar.”

But the interest from the ladies isn't just from the cyber variety -- Jesse explains, "I have girls run up to me and take pictures with me, tweet me for dates.”

Jesse tells us his career has also exploded ... saying, "There are lots of inquiries coming in to my agent and manager, their phone has been ringing off the hook, but they are really letting me enjoy the moment right now.”

So what's the lesson here? If you're a struggling actor who wants to bang more chicks ... just make out with a supermodel. Works every time.

Takeru Kobayashi INHALES Whole Pizza At Super Bowl Party

Know why your Super Bowl party sucked? Because competitive eating champ Takeru Kobayashi wasn't there ... eating an ENTIRE PIZZA in one minute flat.

Kobayashi's rep tells TMZ, some guy on Long Island paid the human garbage disposal to make an appearance at his 40-person Super Bowl party last night ... and perform an eating challenge.

Kobayashi decided to attempt to break his world record for scarfing a 12-inch pizza (1 minute 9.36 seconds). In the clip, Kobay downs the 12-incher in 60 seconds flat ... but it wasn't an official event, so it doesn't count as a new record.

His rep wouldn't comment on how much he was paid -- but Kobay's publicized rate for lunch or dinner appearances is $1,500.

Kobayashi also accepted a beer chugging challenge from a random party goer yesterday ... but we were a little disappointed with TK's performance.

Baltimore Ravens Star Ed Reed The Clown Car Celebration

Ed Reed just won the Super Bowl ... he tied the RECORD for postseason interceptions ... so why couldn't anyone give the guy a damn seat in the SUV on the way to the victory party???

TMZ shot some funny video of the Baltimore Ravens superstar leaving his hotel after the big game last night with a big cigar in his hand ... getting ready to celebrate like the CHAMP he is.

But when the whip rolled up, there weren't enough seats for his entire entourage, so Ed graciously offered to sardine himself into some open space so everyone could fit ... winding up completely hunched over and BACKWARDS. Meanwhile, one of Ed's boys sat comfortably in the front seat.

Ed couldn't have been nicer though ... 'cause even while he was folded over in the back, he was shaking hands with fans and being his usual awesome self.

Super Bowl Sign Language Guy Little Munster

Here is the sign language guy from last night's Super Bowl (left) ... and TV's Eddie Munster from the iconic 1960s TV show (right).

Only one of them is in character.

We're just sayin' ...

Police to Joe Flacco Don't Worry ... We Got Your Back!!

Joe Flacco got some pretty solid protection in New Orleans last night -- both on and off the field -- 'cause after he won the game, the cops made sure no one laid a hand on the Baltimore Ravens QB.

Flacco got the Super Bowl MVP treatment from police following his big win ... 'cause the boys in blue made sure Joe and his lady friend were as safe as they could be when they got into a waiting car outside of the team hotel to head to the post-game festivities.

We asked Joe where he was headed -- but as everyone knows ... there's only one destination for the Super Bowl MVP ... and let's just say he'll be greeted by an oversized rat.

Soulja Boy I Won $200k on the Super Bowl!!!

Soulja Boy HIT IT BIG last night ... coming up victorious on a $200k Super Bowl bet thanks to the Baltimore Ravens ... and the rapper says he already has a plan to spend the money.

Soulja was hanging out with Sean Kingston in L.A. last night after the game ... and explained why he felt so confident bettin' on the birds. It's pretty solid logic.

So what's he gonna do with his winnings? The 22-year-old says he plans on dividing the money between his retirement account and a low-risk mutual fund ... JUST KIDDING HE'S GONNA BLOW IT ON SOMETHING REALLY EXPENSIVE!!!!

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